It Never Happened

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Mark never had luck with the ladies all throughout his life… As a matter of opinion Mark was pretty much just clueless when it came to reading the signals of the opposite sex… He described himself as that guy who always took that wrong turn into the friend zone when it came to women.

Tracy was outgoing and always ready to party and on top of that she was also the life of the party. When Mark had first met Tracy, 12 years earlier, it was when he had first started dating his current wife Amy. Tracy was and still is Amy’s best friend. Mark had thought Tracy to be the most beautiful woman he had ever seen chalking her up to unattainable as not only was he involved with Amy but Tracy’s husband had certainly landed her first.

Whenever the 2 couples had gone out Mark had always stolen glances toward Tracy and marveled at the extreme sensuality that just would seem to exude from her skin. Soon Tracy was feeling down on herself because she had always had a small chest. With money saved she went out and got herself a set of perky C’s and marveled that they still gave milk to her children.

As Mark’s wife got pregnant sex for Mark was an obsession that border lined for him as an addiction… Even as a young adult Mark masturbated everyday and that pattern never really went away. When he was first married masturbation was not needed, however it seemed his wife slowly drifted away from the enjoyment of sex. It always seemed like a chore.

The jokester in Mark emboldened him to give Tracy a fun little present for her 30th birthday, a giant vibrator. The look on Tracy’s face as she opened it in front of her family was priceless… Even Tracy’s dad had laughed very openly about it. The following year when it was Mark’s turn to enter the age of 30, Tracy returned the joke by purchasing Mark a vibrating sheath with lips.

As the years went on Mark never stopped looking at Tracy with wishful thoughts he thought would ever come true. He had heard Tracy had once strayed from her marriage and the strain had almost torn that marriage apart. A part of Mark had wished he was the one she was straying with but he had figured it was never to be.

On a Hot 4th of July, Tracy had convinced her husband to host a party. Many friends had volunteered to bring objects and food to make the party a grand event. Mark’s wife had a turkey that Mark’s best friend Colin would cook on his grill and that he would bring for the occasion. Music was set-up around the pool.

Mark liked to party as much as anyone else… However he always felt awkward at pool parties. Mark never felt he had the greatest body. In high school he was a skinny tall dork. At 32 a paunch had developed and he liked to consider the rest of his body at the very least a nice “wiry build.”

So with t-shirt on and swimsuit Mark sat and watched the kids swim in the pool sipping his cold beer. It was then Tracy came strolling out with a platter full of hotdogs and hamburgers for the kids. Mark watched as she fiddled with the controls of her old grill. It was then Mark decided maybe he should be the gentleman and go help her.

Even after all the kids, Mark could not help but look at Tracy. Sure she had 5 kids and a few stretch marks here and there, But God she still looked good. Mark being a pretty fair cook on the grill, took over as Tracy helped out by keeping the buns and cheese in supply, and a full beer at hand for Mark.

They talked about the weather, the kids, and suddenly Mark commented about some moist meat. Tracy looked at Mark with a killer little grin and asked: “You like moist meat? Well, I like hard meat!”

“Oh not mine, Tracy…” Mark nervously said but getting braver he blurted: “But I sure do love licking a good moist piece of female meat though.”

“Really!?!?” Tracy said conspiratorially

“Oh sure Tracy I could do it for hours…” Mark said as he flipped some burgers.

“Hours?!?!” God, your wife is so lucky…”

“Yeah, Well my wife doesn’t let me do that very often ever since she got pregnant.” Mark said with obvious disappointment.

“Wow, Really?” Tracy asked. “Oh my God Mark I better get these burgers Antalya Escort to the kids before I turn even redder or we have a kid’s riot”

Nothing else was said. Mark really did not think much about it. It was not until much later that Mark learned that the same could not be said about Tracy.

It was a sunny hot Wednesday afternoon. Mark was working re-coding the job section of his company’s small website. The HR director wanted it done that day so Mark was looking at, at least a half hours worth of overtime. Mark’s wife Amy called: “Tracy has invited us over for burgers and hotdogs by the pool tonight Mark.”

“I’m gonna be a little late honey so why don’t you bring the boy over and I will meet you guys there.” Mark said with a little disappointment.

“Ok honey call us if you are going to be any later.” as she quickly hung up.

Mark showed up at about a quarter to seven. The kids were all hungry so Mark arrived just in time to cook burgers and dogs again. All the kids expressed gratefulness that Mark was cooking them again as apparently he did a real good job at the 4th of July party.

The Beer came out and Mark quickly caught up getting a nice buzz. As he went inside to go to the bathroom he bumped into Tracy as she was wrapping up some leftovers. It was just her and Mark.

“Hi honey” Tracy said with a mild slur and a smile. Then her face took on a serious look. “God Mark, can I just tell you? Ever since you told me you could lick for hours I had a dream about you…. And let me tell you, in my dream, you were really good…” She said with a laugh…

“Oh…. Ahhhhh Really? Huh….” Mark became suddenly dry and nervous. He had no response. I mean really he thought to himself how do you respond to that?

With a shrug he went into the bathroom and as he came out Tracy was leaning on the doorway to the kitchen waiting for him… “Really good Mark! A little piece of heaven was in that dream…”

“Oh…. Uhhhh well…. Huh….” Words failed him so he walked outside got a fresh beer and watched the kids swim. As he sat looking he noticed the pool area was very messy… Candy wrappers from all the kids, pool toys scattered all over. As Mark’s wife approached with their 2 year old son she announced that they should get him into bed.

“You go on home honey. I’ll stay and help clean up this place… It’s a shambles”

“Oh you’re a dear. I was just a little worried about how messy it was and was just feeling a little guilty about it. Good you help Tracy out I’ll get the boy into bed.” Mark’s wife turned and left Mark to clean up the place.

Picking up garbage, then toys, then dishes, Mark went inside with armful of dishes and leftovers and looked at a much harried Tracy as she wrestled to get the kids to bed and settled down. It was really not until this moment that Mark realized that Tracy’s husband was not home since he worked 3rd shift on the weekdays.

Mark put the trash out and put the dishes in the dishwasher and was about to leave when Tracy stopped him and said “Don’t you want another beer?”

Many thoughts wrestled about in Mark’s head; his wife, his child, and then the look of a gorgeous red head in a bikini offering him a beer. “Oh Ok sure I’ll have a beer.” Mark nervously sipped his beer as Tracy fought with getting her kids to bed. The youngest needed a bottle so Mark helped with getting a bottle. The oldest went into the living room to watch TV, the middle one went up to take a shower and then it was the 2 youngest ones both with bottles and watching children’s videos and then Mark called his wife to tell her he was helping to get Tracy’s kids to bed.. “No problem honey I thought that’s what happened” His wife said with a laugh.

“Yeah and she’s forcing me to have a beer” Mark chuckled into the phone.

“Well, ok be careful I’m going to bed.” And she hung up before Mark could even say I love you.

As he held his beer looking out across the kitchen it was then he noticed as Tracy sauntered up next to him. Both leaned onto the island in the kitchen letting out a big sigh.

Tracy nudged her butt into Mark’s side and asked: “Want Antalya Escort Bayan another beer?”

“Nah, I’m having enough trouble finishing this one” He said looking into the hole of the can…

Many thoughts raced through Mark’s head: Is she giving me the look? What does she want? God I wish I knew how to read women. He sighed out loud and said:

“Well I should get going.”

“Oh, Ok yeah you should get back to the wifey.” She said with a grin.

They faced each other and even though Mark had given hugs to Tracy before it had never really been alone. So they embraced in a hug and it was very evident to Mark that this hug was very different than any hug he had received from Tracy before. He felt a pubic bone hunching up against him…

“Oh boy… well…. I should go…” Mark said but they continued to hug. Mark looked up and in the reflection of the glass on the window he could see one of Tracy’s kids coming in to the kitchen. They somehow pulled apart before the child noticed and Tracy rushed away to take care of the child.

Mark nervously sat looking into his beer can wondering if he should just leave or wait till Tracy finished with her kid… as he sat and wondered it was not long when Tracy returned…

“So where were we?” she asked with a giggle

“Yeah, uhh I was leaving…” Mark squeaked out.

“Oh yeah” and she reached for him and they began the hug all over again.

As Mark contemplated what to do it was without knowledge or his own will, but his hands started to drift onto Tracy’s very soft upturned butt.

“Uhm Mark, I’m not sure but maybe you should not be putting your hands on my ass…,” She said with a big laugh on the end.

Mark was sure he was turning really red. “I’m so sorry.. I didn’t.. oh God Tracy I’m sorry We…”

“We shouldn’t be doing this” You’re the husband of my best friend and I love her so much, and I love my husband so much… But I know that you also want to kiss me”

Was that the signal? Mark franticly thought.. Oh god is she giving me permission to kiss her? And his hand rested on her buttock again…

“Oh Mark, she sighed you should not be doing that. Her head tilted a little and finally it was like a signal flare went up.

“Oh well… Uh… I guess I should not do this then either” as he went in for a kiss.

He lightly placed his lips upon hers and just as he was thinking if maybe he should open up he felt her tongue reaching in as she whimpered an affirmative.

”Oh no, should not do this!” she said softly and quickly but just as quickly she placed her lips upon his again.

They parted a little both eyes closed and when they both opened they both whispered at the same time. “We can’t do this”

“No we can’t” Mark said. As they separated, “I better go.” And it was then he saw the first tear flow from Tracy’s eye.

“Oh God honey, what’s the matter?” he said as he held both her arms.

“Oh Mark, I love you so much!”

It was like a bomb had gone off for Mark. Mark had not felt love from his wife in some time. Hell, she never kisses him anymore even during sex. In fact it was not until this moment that he realized how much he missed kissing a woman. When they do hold each other it’s a very awkward feeling as his wife usually spends the time picking at his blemishes and poking him in uncomfortable ways, driving him away and then making him feel guilty cause he is not holding her…

And here he was staring at the woman of his dreams. His wife’s’ best friend, His son’s godmother, as she had tears streaming in her eyes as she confesses her love to him… Nobody ever confessed love to him it had always been him doing it awkwardly and poorly and here he was with his mouth on the floor…

“I love you so much but I love your wife too and I also love my husband and my kids… and oh god I love my godson too and we just can do this and it hurts so much…”

Mark franticly tried to calm her down as to not draw her daughter in the other room from watching TV.

“Look Tracy, I love you too. I always have, but if you feel bad about this then fine it never happened… I’ll go home Escort Antalya and we’ll carry on as usual…”

She composed herself and repeated “It never happened.”

Mark made his way to the door and as he turned he saw her begin to lose it again. He rushed over and held her feeling horrible because he had made the move and forced her into this mood… “I should have ignored the signal” he franticly thought to himself.

They embraced in a hug again and the hug gradually turned into a kiss again without either of them knowing it. As they separated for air Tracy was whispering “It never happened it never happened.” She repeated it like a mantra and then searched Mark’s lips again and it was then that Tracy reached for Mark’s hand and placed it upon her burning crotch.

Mark pulled his hand up and away but Tracy then forced his hand down through the waistband of her bikini bottoms and Mark searched her wet vagina. Relishing in the feel of her wetness it was then he remembered how long it had been since he had tasted this kind of sweet nectar from even his wife. He brought his hand up and licked her wetness from his finger and Tracy grabbed his hand and began licking the remainder of her own juices off…

His senses momentarily returned and he said “Oh God Tracy we cannot do this we have to stop. I have to go.” And they both chuckled and at the same time echoed “It never happened.”

So Mark went for the door and Tracy followed him… They walked to his car and they hugged one more time. And without thinking Mark went in for a kiss again… Tracy protested because of the neighbors but it was dark and all the houses appeared dark so she relented. Their kiss became more fervent, more passionate and it was then that Mark lost it…

All care left his body; he had never had someone who seemed so willing even if just a little reluctant, he pulled her to the side of the house behind a few bushes on a grassy spot next to the house. They kissed and fell to the ground franticly kissing each other like their life depended on each other to keep their lips fervently locked in passion.

Mark then feverishly pulled her bikini bottoms off and slid his mouth down upon her shaved nether region. Mark was momentarily lost inhaling her womanly sweet scent plunging his tongue into her vagina with violent abandon lapping at her entire crotch desperately trying to taste her glorious nectar.

Her hips were violently meeting up with his chin trying to get him in deeper and deeper and he came up and kissed her and said once more: “I better go.”

“Oh god Mark,”

And they melded into another kiss as he suddenly felt Tracy fighting with his pants and she grabbed his cock and they kissed and he kneeled up and she came up and engulfed is swollen member into her mouth and he said. “Oh God Tracy I got to go…” and he closed his eyes…

She pulled his throbbing cock out of her mouth and looked up and said: “Oh God yeah you better go…” She sighed and they kissed franticly again. “You better go” She whispered and as they sat holding each other Tracy was wetting her hand stroking his member ever so lightly…

Mark chuckled and said “Well, Uh I would love too but ahhhh you’re holding my cock…”

They both giggled and resumed kissing moaning into each others mouth. Mark fell on top of her and he realized his cock was poised at the opening of her hot lower lips.

He grunted that they could not have sex and yet Tracy was franticly moving her crotch up to get him in and it was like diving into a refreshing pool of water as his cock slid home inside her warm hot velvet sleeve.

As he gently thrust into her Tracy was moaning incoherently. And was meeting his thrusts, with her own more powerful strokes… Mark stopped himself as he felt himself on the brink but Tracy thrust herself even more violently. He prayed to god he would not cum inside her as he was pretty sure she was not on the pill…

With all the force of will he could muster he pulled himself out. “Oh God Tracy I cannot cum in you!” He whispered hoarsely.

She leaned up and as he was trying to fumble and get his cock into his pants he sprayed his seed all over her stomach moaning as each spurt left the head of his cock.

They quickly put themselves together and as they hugged one more time they whispered their new mantra.

“It never happened…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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