It Takes Two

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“My husband’s a cheating bastard.” That’s what I keep saying out loud to myself as I maneuver past the primer colored cars and king cab pickups that litter the parking lot of Hank’s Tavern on East 23; a mile or two the other side of Corbett. It has become my mantra. That cheating sonofabitch. I’m sure that I’ve always known that Paul was having an affair or affairs. I just chose not to recognize the signs. Hair on the suit. Working late at the office. It becomes easy to turn a blind eye to those sorts of things when you practice. “That fucker!” The cusswords feel good in my mouth. Paul didn’t like me to swear, so I’m out of practice. But the words feel good now. They roll around on my tongue before spilling out. Each one carrying it’s own distinction like marbles.

I’ve been driving for a few hours. Ever since I picked up the phone after going out for a jog this morning and heard her voice. “Is Paul there?” The sugar dripping from her words.

“No, he’s not you fucking bitch,” I wanted to reply right back – spice on top of sugar. But I didn’t. Lost the nerve – again. “No.” I said. “May I take a message for him.” That’s right, I’ll just play his fuckin’ secretary. The dutiful little wife in this life he’s constructed for himself; while he’s just out fucking.

“Just tell him Darla called,” she said. Although it wasn’t Darla. It was Dar-la with the accent on the kiss-my-sister southern twang. I could just see her now. Fake tits, blonde air straight from the bottle and teased to the moon.

So I snapped. As soon as the bitch hung up, I absofuckinlutely lost it. The phone was easy. That came out of the wall with one solid tug. Actually it was a lot less satisfying than I thought it would be. I wanted to have to really yank the thing and have to cover my face from a shower of sparks and plaster. But it wasn’t like that. Nope. A little tink maybe as the little plastic dohicky pulled free of the wall jack and that was it. Almost landed on my ass for the effort though.

Now the plate glass window in the front room. That was much better. Oh yeah. Talk about satisfaction. The sound that window made after I flung the phone through it was like the primordial moan of a virgin having her first orgasm. Not that I would know on either account. I am obviously not a virgin and it had been so long since my last orgasm, I’d forgotten what it sounded like. The initial loud pop from the phone actually going through the window was good, but then right after that, so quick I almost missed it was a crinkle sound like wrapping paper on Christmas as the glass cracked into a tangle of spider webs. Then a half second of silence. The silence was exquisite. The lull before the grand finale of the fire works display down on Shoals Beach. The bewildered window gathering its strength for a final encore and then exploding. Pieces of glass flew everywhere inside the house and out. I stepped gingerly, over the jagged shards of glass that still clung gamely to their place in the window, into the flower bed that had been so meticulously groomed the other day by Holman’s Yard and Lawn Care. Bits of glass glinted like diamonds against the fresh orange barkdust.

Old Mrs. Tuttweiler, that fat bitch from across the street, was watching as usual. Nothing happened up or down our street without her supervision. Filling her own front window with her flabby frame, her hands fixed firmly on either side of her wide hips, Mrs. Tuttweiler’s mouth hung open in a curious mixture of disbelief and joy. Her mind was already street blowjobs porno working on who she was going to call first and share this gem of neighborhood gossip. I waved to her happily. She hesitated for a moment retreating a step back into the shadow of her living room. I could tell she was uncertain whether or not to become a participant in this delicious drama. I continued waving madly now. My whole arm pivoting from the shoulder frantically as if my life depended on pulling her back to the front window. A witness. If even an annoying feeble minded one, I needed to have a fucking witness to my freedom.

After a moment, Mrs. Tuttweiler lifted her arm weakly. I wanted to give her an exclamation point. Something to wrap up this little episode with pizzazz. The cherry on top of the sundae. Give her the finger, I thought. That will keep the old bitch’s phone line humming for a month. No, too easy. Anybody could come up with that. This was my great escape and it needed to be done right. I spun around and in one smooth movement pulled down my shorts, bent over and gave Mrs. Tuttweiler a shot of my black lace thong and creamy white ass. Slapping my right cheek with a tingling crack from my hand, I kicked off my shorts, sending them into a perfect arc to the waiting branches of the rose bushes and stepped back through the window and into the house.

The rough exterior of Hank’s Tavern is exactly what I’m looking for. I want to get fucked and I want to get fucked hard. I was through being the demure little woman. I was on a journey to take back control of my life and my desires and this seemed like the ideal place to start.

The lot was packed and I had to circle a couple of times before wedging Paul’s black BMW next to a dumpster. Two black cooks, wearing stained white aprons and sitting on plastic crates sharing a joint, eye my car suspiciously. I don’t think Hank’s caters to the foreign automobile set very often.

“Well, hello Ladybird,” smiles the older of the two. The younger one has just taken a deep drag, his lungs filled with the sweet smoke. “What can we do for you?” He asks with a leer.

“Just a potty break, I’m afraid,” and try to smile as sweetly as possible.

“Well, that’s too bad, but if you need anything else, you just give Johnny and me a holler,” the man stands up and wipes his hand on the front of the apron before offering it to me. “I’m Hank, owner of this establishment.” He smiles.

“Well, I could use a little of that,” I say indicating the almost completely smoked joint held tightly between Johnny’s thumb and forefinger. “You wouldn’t know where I could score some pot do you?”

“Well, I’ll tell you what, Ladybird. You go on in and take care of your business and we’ll see what we can do for you.”

Just as I turn to walk away, a breeze comes up and catches the hem of my short skirt. The light fabric billows up revealing to both men that I’m not wearing any underwear. As I continue walking, I hear Hank call out, “Ohhh, Ladybird, I think we can definitely work out something for you. My cheeks redden as both men erupt in laughter.

Inside, I locate the women’s restroom on the other side of two pool tables. It is a tight fit as I walk around squeezing the past the players apologizing the entire way for interrupting their game. Instead of being afraid, I realize that I’m quite aroused when the men make no effort to disguise their lustful appraisal of the outline of hardened nipples student sex parties porno and bare legs.

After using the restroom, I checked my appearance in the mirror. It was decision time. I could either slip quietly out the door or go for it. Unbuttoning my blouse another button, I decided to see what kind of a stir I could make.

I was greeted outside the restroom door immediately by the still sullen Johnny from the parking lot. “Hank wants to see you in the office,” he said. I followed Johnny up a narrow set of stairs. The office was sparsely furnished; which was good because with the metal, government surplus desk, a file cabinet, and an office chair that was leaking stuffing from a rip along the left side of the seat, there was barely enough room for the three of us. Johnny closed the door behind me and leaned his back up against it, blocking my exit if I had wanted to leave. Under normal circumstances, I would have been screaming bloody murder, but tonight I wanted to play this thing out.

“Well Ladybird,” Hank smiled broadly. “You sure do freshen up nice.” Hank’s eyes never made it past my neck.

“Thank you,” I said.

“I’d offer you a seat, but as you can see we ain’t got none. But I got something better for you.” Hank reached into a drawer of the desk and pulled out what had to be a half pound of pot.

“How much is all that going to cost me?” I smiled. I think I left my checkbook in my other purse.”

“Well Ladybird,” Hank said while getting up from behind the desk and coming around to the front. “I thought we’d be able to work something out.” Hank leaned back against the desk and winked at Johnny who still remained at the door. Taking my cue, I knelt down on my knees in front of Hank and unzipped the fly of his pants. Reaching inside I pulled out his cock which was rapidly hardening.

“Oh my God,” I gasped. I had never seen a black cock before and this one was magnificent. It was so thick, my small hands were barely able to fit around it. I stroked it a couple of times working the drops of precum into the dark skin. Hank spread his legs a little more and groaned in pleasure. Putting the cock to my mouth, I ran my tongue along the underside. The skin was soft and salty. Opening my mouth as wide as I could I let Hank feed me his meat. With his cock in his hand, he began moving in and out of my mouth. At first, as he thrust his cock in too deep and I gagged. Embarrassed, I pulled away.

“That’s ok, Ladybird. He laughed gently. “Let’s just take it a bit slower.” Putting the head of his cock to my lips, I sucked softly. Slowly he slid further into my mouth. “That’s it Ladybird,” he encouraged. “Breath through your nose and let your throat relax.” I was so turned on having my mouth completely filled with his hot member that I didn’t even realize how deep he had penetrated until I felt my throat open up just enough for me to completely swallow his rigid dick. “Oh, yeah Ladybird” he moaned. “That feels good.” Now that I had shown the ability to accommodate his size, Hand began fucking my face in earnest. Holding onto my head with both hands, Hank drove his cock deep into my mouth. The feeling of his balls slapping against my chin was driving me wild.

Suddenly, another pair of hands lifted my skirt. I had been so focused on satisfying Hank’s gorgeous manhood. That I had forgotten about Johnny standing guard at the door. But he hadn’t forgotten about me. His long fingers explored the wetness of submissive cuckolds porno my pussy while Hank continued to pump away at my face. Spreading my legs a little wider, I encouraged him to probe the depths of my pussy with his fingers. I so wanted to be filled by both men, I could hardly stand it.

From the corner of my eye, I could see Johnny stepping out of his pants, and I knew my wildest fantasy was about to be filled. Two black hunks were going to take this little white girl for the ride of her life!

“Let’s make this a little easier,” Hank suggested as he withdrew his cock from my mouth. I was irritated by the sudden emptiness of my mouth and quickly complied with Hank’s direction in order to go back to work on him again. “Get on all fours,” Hank suggested while he slid his pants to the floor. Meanwhile, Johnny stood behind me silently stroking his own cock and rubbing his balls in anticipation. Although not as well endowed as Hank, Johnny was quite impressive himself. Pulling a metal folding chair out from behind the desk, Hank sat down. His cock jutting out at a forty-five degree angle, looked unbelievable. His balls were completely shaven, so I took this opportunity to suckle and test their weight with my mouth. Running my tongue beneath his balls, Hank groaned with pleasure and slid further down on the chair, allowing my tongue to explore deeper into that sweet area between his balls and anus.

Johnny had now positioned himself behind and I felt him guiding his dick into my soaking wet pussy. “Oh,” I moaned. “That feels so fucking good.”

Johnny’s hands tightened around my hips as he pounded himself into my cunt. “Ohhh,” I moaned. “Fuck me harder!” The sound of Johnny’s groin slapping against my ass was echoing so loudly in this tiny room that I was almost afraid that the other men downstairs would hear. Johnny’s breaths started to come in short bursts and I knew he was near climax. “C’mon baby,” I implored. “Cum on my white ass! I want that hot cum all over my ass!” Johnny groaned loudly and pulled himself out of my pussy just as a spurt of cum released from his cock, coating my back. “Oh, that’s it. Get my ass, baby.” Jerking himself viciously, Johnny didn’t disappoint as he soon coated my exposed anus with his seed.

Turning my attention back to Hank, I reached beneath his balls with my left hand while continuing to jerk him off into my mouth with my right. Tentatively, I circled his tight hole with my finger. “Damn, Ladybird.” He said in surprise. Taking this as encouragement, I pushed my finger just a little ways into ass. “Ohhh,” he moaned quietly. His head tilted back against the wall. As I slid my finger deeper into his anus, I felt his balls tighten. “Ohhh, shit!” He moaned more loudly. Knowing that he was close to exploding, I started fucking his ass with my finger while pumping away on his cock. “Fuck!” He shouted and I felt his cock spasm in my mouth and a stream of hot cum shot down my throat. Withdrawing my finger from his ass, I took Hank’s cock in both hands and continued to masturbate him into my mouth eagerly lapping up all of his juice. Even after Hank was finished, I selfishly squeezed his cock until I had savored every last drop.

“Well, Ladybird.” Hank said, affectionately stroking my hair. “You certainly earned this. He grabbed the bag of pot from the desk.

“Why don’t you keep it for me.” I said while straightening my skirt. “I think I’ll remember where to find it.”

“You sure are welcome to come back anytime you like,” Hank offered.

“I think I will definitely have to take you up on that.” I said as I stepped over the prone figure of Johnny who was slumped up against the side of the desk. Going down the stairs, I felt the hot stares of the men at the bar, and realized that having cheating bastard of a husband might not be so bad after all.

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