It’s Too Darn Hot – Day 05 (night)

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Ellen hadn’t had a chance to speak with Greg alone all day, so she was more than a little nervous by the time bedtime came along. Just as he had been the night before, Greg was already in bed when she came out of the shower. Tonight she squirmed into her panties under the towel and then stopped, sitting on her bed and facing him. “About this morning…” she began.

“What about it?”

“I know you saw me.”

“I did, yeah.”

“Did you like it? Tell me the truth.”

“Hell, yeah. Is that okay?”

“I didn’t mean for you too see me like that.”

“Your shirt worked its way off you in your sleep, like what happened to Gail and Cathy Monday night?” Greg was willing to pretend to believe that if Ellen really wanted him to.

“No, that would be kind of impossible. I took off my top and I guess I got so comfortable, I fell asleep that way.”

Thinking about Ellen taking off her shirt was giving Greg the beginnings of a massive erection — especially since he hadn’t had a chance to take care of the one he had this morning. he turned his body to the side, in attempt to hide it somewhat, and waited for her to continue.

“I had to take it off because of what we were talking about last night,” she said. “It made me… warm.”

“Me too,” Greg said in a whisper.



“You got a pretty good look, huh?”

He smiled. “Yeah.”

She stood up, dropped the robe on the floor, and dropped herself onto her bed, lying on her back wearing just her panties. “Then what the hell, right? I might as well be comfortable.”

Greg was speechless.

“Hey,” Ellen said, “no fair tricky masseur porno lying on your side like that. If my boobies are going to be pointing up in the air, you have to be pointing up in the air too. Unless you want me to turn onto my stomach.”

“No, I wouldn’t want you to have to do that,” Greg said, rolling onto his back. He kept his eyes gazed on Ellen’s breasts, trying to ignore the fact that his cock was tenting up under his boxers.

“Let me ask you something,” she said.


“What were you doing when we were talking last night?”

“Nothing,” he said too quickly.

“Liar. Where was your hand? In your underwear?”


“I can’t hear you.” She casually brushed her own hand against her left nipple, just to encourage him.

“I had my hand on my cock,” he said.

“Mmm. And what was it doing there?”

“I was stroking myself. Very lightly.”

“I know. I could see your arm moving. That was so hot. So was thinking about being in a field, with my shirt off, having my nipples played with and kissed and sucked.” She touched her left nipple again, this time without realizing it.

“Tell me what you were doing,” Greg said.

“Nothing,” Ellen said with a smile.


“Greg, you look so uncomfortable there. I’m afraid if I tell you while your cock is trapped in there, you’ll hurt yourself.”

Greg slid his boxers down his legs and dropped them to the floor.

“That’s nice,” Ellen said. “Last night, when you were talking about removing my shirt and sucking my nipples, and me reaching into your shorts to türbanlı porno play with your cock, I had my hand in my panties and I was rubbing my clit. It was hard as a button, and I was making it slick from the wetness from my pussy. In my imagination, it was you rubbing it, after you made my nipples to sensitive I could hardly stand it.”

Greg could have sworn all the blood in his body had moved into his cock. It was throbbing, and he wondered whether it was possible to cum without any physical stimulation, just from watching a girl and listening to her. “Did you cum?” he asked her hoarsely.

“No you’d have heard me, believe me. That’s why, once I knew you were asleep, I had to take off my shirt for a while: my nipples really did feel that sensitive. Did you cum?”

“No,” he said, “I was afraid you’d hear me.”

“Have you come at all since last night?”


“I bet it wouldn’t take much more than a touch right now, huh?”


“I’ve never seen a boy cum.”

“You haven’t?”

“You know I haven’t.” she put both hands to her breasts and rubbed them. “I wouldn’t even let my boyfriend touch me like this.”

“Oh God,” Greg said.

She swept her right hand over her panty-covered pussy. She couldn’t remember ever being this wet. “I did let him do this,” she said. Then she slipped her hand inside her panties and let her middle finger enter her pussy. “Oh! But.. but not this. Never this.” She started rubbing her clit. “This is what I was doing last night. It feels much better tonight, though.”

Greg watch entranced as Ellen slid her panties down her legs türk porno and off, then went back to playing with her pussy and clit. “Do you… want… to see me cum?” she asked, feeling suddenly unable to catch her breath.

“God, yes.”

“Not until.. you come first. I meant… what I said the other night, we’re not having sex… but I want to see you cum. Show… me what you were doing last night, but… keep on doing it until… you cum.”

Greg brushed his hand along his cock very gently. He knew he could come in a matter of seconds, and he wanted to prolong the show for Ellen. He wrapped his hand around it, intending to pump it slowly, but as soon as palm met shaft, he felt the semen bubbling up from his balls. Slow was no longer an option, so he started pumping himself hard and fast and with a soft groan, shot his load straight up in the air, spraying semen onto the bed’s headboard, and the floor, and even onto Ellen’s leg on the next bed. Ellen thrust two fingers deep into her pussy and with a loud gasp, she came too.

“Wow,” Greg said, trying to catch his breath.

“Yeah,” Ellen said. “Wow.”

“I can’t imagine how much fun sex is, if NOT having sex can be that hot.”

Ellen scooped up some of Greg’s cum from her leg, and massaged it into her breasts. “Mmmm,” she purred. “Well, there’s a lot more not-sex we can have before we have to start worrying about that.”


The story continues, but not where you’d expect: The next chapter of “It’s Too Darn Hot” is listed as “Ryan Family Part 5,” because it’s a crossover between characters from both series, and Literotica would only allow me to submit it under one name. If you’re enjoying this series, please check out that chapter because it’s kind of hot. One of my personal favorites, if I’m allowed to show favoritism among my own works.

Then please return here for “It’s Too Darn Hot Days 7+,” for some interesting plot twists.

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