Jack and Jackie

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This story is a longer, single chapter, stand-alone tale. I wrote it over a weekend when I was in the middle of writing ‘The Professor’s Women and had encountered writers block. Although it may appear to have autobiographical elements, this is a work of fiction and fantasy, and is only partially inspired by actual events.


Jack and Jackie

The story of a photographer and his model.

Jack Mason was roused from deep slumber by the pleasant sensation of something moist and warm surrounding his manhood. As he became more alert, he opened his eyes and saw the blur of a large mass of curly blonde hair bouncing up and down over his midsection. He reclosed his eyes and let out a satisfied moan because he knew that his beloved was fellating his morning wood as she had done every morning since moving into his home. He lost all sense of time and space and just went along for the ride until all of a sudden he felt that familiar burning in his loins. He erupted like Vesuvius and she drank his seed like a hungry baby at its mother’s breast.

When Jack finally came out of his orgasmic bliss, he opened his eyes again to see the beautiful face of his gorgeous Jacquelyn. When she saw his eyes fully open, she pounced on him and they met in an embrace of tangled limbs, mouths and tongues. After what seemed like an eternity, which was probably less than a few minutes, Jack rolled the two of them over so that he was on top and started kissing, nibbling, and caressing his way down her body. He started under her chin and worked his way down to her collar bone and then down to her small perky breasts where he began to nibble and suck on her small but very hard pointy nipples.

Jackie let out a loud moaning “Oh Yea” as he continued further south and as he started tickling her navel with his tongue, she started giggling like a little girl.

He moved down to the little tuft of curly blonde hair that sat atop her mound where he gave it a little kiss before sliding down to her ankles. As he started kissing and nibbling his way up the inside of her calves and then her very sensitive thighs, she started moaning loudly “Oh Yes Yes Yes, take me to heaven lover.”

When he reached her nearly hairless vulva, he stuck out his tongue and gave her on long slow lick from her perineum to her now engorged clitoris that was now peeking out from under its hood.

She moaned loudly as she raised her lower body a foot off the bed before settling back down and spreading her legs like a gymnast doing the splits. He spread her labia with his fingers and dove tongue first into her now very wet honey pot. He stuck his tongue as far into her vagina as it would reach, and licked, nibbled, and sucked like a hungry hog at the trough.

She started shaking, squirming, and losing control, so he had to hang on to her with both arms as he struggled to keep her from bucking him off of her. Just when he thought he would not be able to hold on, she wrapped her legs around his head and started squeezing.

As she started doing this, he moved up slightly and started licking and sucking on her clitoris while inserting two fingers into her vagina, curling slightly until he found that ‘special spot.’

This sent her over the edge and she started screaming unintelligible gibberish as she thrashed about. Jack held on continuing his ministrations and was soon rewarded with a gush of her sweet tasting nectar.

He drank in her juices like a parched man finding a waterhole in the desert. When she stopped moving and relaxed, she let out a long “Aaaahhhh.”

When she released him from her death grip, he slowly crawled up her totally relaxed body, kissing his way back to her lips. They lay in each other’s arms and kissed each other tenderly for so long they lost track of time.

Jackie was the first to speak saying “Wow, I really do taste good, don’t I.”

Jack smiled and answered her, “That’s why I love breakfast in bed.”

She then said “I really hate to break this spell, but I need for you to get off of me because I have to pee!”

He rolled onto his side and she leaped from the bed and ran for the master bath. He realized that he had the urge as well, so he strolled into the bath and saw her ensconced on the toilet.

He walked over to in front of her saying, “Scoot back darling, I need to go too.”

She did, and casually reaching up, she grasped his member ever so gently, and pointed it to the gap between her vulva and the front of the bowl. She smiled as she watched his stream pour into the gap between her legs as it comingled with hers, and together splashed into the bowl. When he finished, she licked off the last few drops and let go of it.

“I know we both just had breakfast, but would you like some coffee?” he asked, knowing she seldom ate anything before noon.

“I would love some,” she said, “could you please bring it to me in the bedroom.”

He leaned down and gently kissed her full on the lips as he tweaked both of her still hard nipples. türkçe altyazı porno She shivered when he did that and she said, “Ooh, you know that always gives me the chills.”

As he walked into the kitchen he saw Louie the cat patiently waiting for his breakfast. As soon as he started the coffee maker, he picked up Louie’s food bowl, put a scoop of dry cat food into it, and filled his water bowl with fresh water from the tap.

Louie was Jackie’s cat, but he took to Jack like an old pal. Even though Jack was allergic to cats, the monthly shots he got from the clinic kept his symptoms at bay without the side effects he got from taking antihistamine pills.

As Jack waited for the coffee to brew, he thought back over the last five years of his life and how fortunate he had been to have connected with his amazingly beautiful and talented Jacquelyn Anne Benoit.

Jack and his bride had met in high school, dated in junior college, and married when they were both 21. Margaret Mary Stuart was the most beautiful girl in Bloomington high school (at least he thought so) and he was smitten the first time he laid eyes on her. He was too shy to ask her out in high school, but when he saw her the first day of Community College, he knew he had to act.

He got in line with the six other guys who were vying for her attention, and when he kissed her on their second date, they both felt ‘sparks’. When she asked him, “What took you so long?” he answered her with a toe curling kiss. He didn’t have a good answer, but he knew they were fated to be together.

He asked her to marry him at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s, and gave her an engagement ring on Valentine’s Day.

They were inseparable, and got married in June right after they both got their Associate Degrees, and took a honeymoon in New Orleans, just before he started his apprenticeship as a maintenance technician at the local auto plant.

He did well and was promoted to foreman six years later. Maggie got pregnant two years to the day, after the wedding, and over the next years they had two daughters as his career advanced as well.

The only ‘fly in the ointment’ were the health issues that showed up after their second daughter was born. Maggie was found to have a rare congenital heart defect that had remained undiagnosed until she was recovering from a hysterectomy after a miscarriage of twin boys, two years after their youngest was born. They really wanted another child, but they were content with their two daughters, and knew their family was complete.

When Maggie reached her middle forties she started having more health problems, but they had great insurance through Jack’s employer and everything worked out in the long run. He had a good pension and he had invested well in funds that were solid even after the crash of ’09, so life seemed good.

Jack decided to take early retirement at sixty so he could spend more time with his bride and make her life more pleasant. Their girls were both married and had given them six grandchildren, so they were looking forward to enjoying their golden years.

Three years later his Maggie started feeling unwell and he took her to the doctor. They were told she had developed congestive heart failure that was quite advanced. She had kept her health problems from him because she ‘didn’t want to worry him’. Within six months she was in the ICU and her condition was grave. Maggie’s cousin Sheila was the head nurse in that section of the hospital and she gave them the bad news.

She told them that there were two the ways to treat her illness. They could treat it aggressively or they could make her comfortable in palliative care. Sheila said that, because of the advanced stage of the disease, and the weakening of the heart muscle, aggressive treatment would only allow her to live three more years. Unfortunately, this would not cure her and she would be connected to machines at the end of her life, and in agonizing pain most of the time. By treating her in a less aggressive way, she would be comfortable and at home until the very end. That way Sheila said she would live about two and a half years.

When she was stabilized, the hospital sent her home and Jack and the girls sat down with Maggie to decide what to do. Maggie decided she was tired of the pain so they all agreed on the second option. Two years and seven months later, He took her into the hospital for the last time. He sat with her for two days and was holding her in his arms when she passed. Since all of the arrangements for the mortuary, the funeral and the burial had been made ahead of time, there was little for Jack to do, and the following months were a blur.

He had no idea what to do next until one day, six months later, he got out DSLR Maggie had bought him for his birthday just two years before he retired. He had joined a local photographers club several years before, but only restarted going on shoots with the group recently.

Two months vivid porno later he was invited to a group shoot with a local artist and model. He showed up at her loft, a grungy looking place in the attic of an old warehouse near the Illinois State University campus. He carried his camera backpack up the long stairway and what he saw when he reached the top took what wind he had left out of him. In the center of a huge room lit by the light from the South facing floor to ceiling windows was a vision.

Standing on a small round platform was an incredibly beautiful woman. She had her back to him but he estimated that she was about 5′ 5″ and very slender, perhaps weighing about 110 pounds. She had alabaster skin and curves in all the right places, and all of this was topped off with a huge mass of curly blonde hair that reached the small of her back. As he stared at the angel in front of him, a mere ten feet away, it finally dawned on him the she was also completely nude! Just then, he lost his grip on his backpack and it hit the ground with a thud.

His throat went dry and his face turned beet red as she slowly turned around and smiled so sweetly at him he nearly fainted. He realized the front view was more beautiful than the rear. She had eyes as blue as the sky, a face that ‘would launch a thousand ships’, and small firm breasts that were topped with small pale pink areolas and erect pink nipples the size of pencil erasers. As he scanned down the rest of her, he saw a tiny waist, a small blonde tuft at the top of her mound, and at the bottom of her long shapely legs, were small elegant feet. He guessed that she was somewhere in her thirties so that made her half his age.

When he looked back up at her sky blue eyes, she said “Hi, I’m Jacquelyn Benoit,” as she began walking over to him. She reached out her small hand to him and said, “You must be Jack. I’ve heard so much about you from Jeremy, and I’ve seen your work. You have a great eye for details. I’m sorry, does me being nude bother you? I’ll go put on some clothes if you like.”

Finally he found his voice and said, “No that’s fine, I just thought there would be other photographers here. I knew this would be a nude shoot, but it’s my first one so I’m a little nervous that’s all.”

She walked up to him and wrapped her arms around him and gave him a hug, kissing him on his cheek and said “You are so cute, and handsome too. What are you 6′ 2″? I really love tall men.”

“Thank you Jacquelyn, it’s just that your beauty takes my breath away. So where are the rest of the photographers?” he replied like a nervous teenager on his first date.

“You are the only one here today, evidently everyone else cancelled and I was getting really angry until you showed up. I will make sure I treat you very special, and please call me Jackie.” She said in a voice that was so sweet it almost melted in her mouth. “So tell me about yourself Jack.”

“Well Jackie, I’m kind of new at this. I’ve only started working with live models recently. I’ve mostly done landscapes and classic cars.” He said meekly.

“Well from what I’ve seen from your portraits and the models you shot at the Rt66 Cruise-In last year, you have a real flair for photographing pretty ladies and sexy cars,” she replied.

“Oh yea, I shot those last year before my…, I’m sorry I’m a little uncomfortable about those.” He said very quietly.

“Jeremy told me about your wife Jack. I know you are a widower and it has been very hard on you. Please, go sit down at that table over there and I will be right back. Let me get a robe so we can talk and you will feel more comfortable,” she said and walked to a wardrobe in the corner of the room.

Jack picked up his equipment and walked over to the small wrought iron bistro table with two matching chairs and sat down. Shortly Jackie returned wearing a multicolored silk robe and carrying two bottles of water. She sat down in the chair across from him and handed one of the bottles to him. He opened the bottle, took a long drink and then started, “I really don’t know what I’m doing here. I mean you are young enough to be my daughter and it makes me feel like a pervert or something.”

She got the biggest smile on her face and said, “My goodness Jack, you really are a charmer and know how to make a girl feel good about herself. I’m forty nine years old and have four adult children. My husband ran off with a stripper right after my baby girl Audrey was born and she just turned nineteen. She is an honor student with a sports scholarship at Indiana State. I have been working my ass off teaching art, dancing, and modeling on the side for the last twenty-five years and you, you dear sweet man have just made my day. Right now I would do anything in the world for you.”

With that she stood up, whipped off her robe and strutted over to the little round platform in the middle of the room. She turned around and told him, “Get your shit together and start taking pictures. I’m going to make you into a woodman casting porno better photographer than you’ve ever dreamed of. I’ve worked with the best from New York to LA and I know all of their secrets. OK?”

With that, Jack jumped up like the chair was on fire. He got out his D810 Nikon and put his 85mm f2.8 lens on it. He pulled out his Seconic light meter and walked around her taking readings of the available light in the room and set the camera accordingly. “Are you ready Slick?” she yelled. He nodded and she started posing and telling him when to shoot. About five minutes later they both got into the same groove and not a word passed between them.

Three hours later and twelve bottles of water between them, Jack looked at the frame count on his camera and was surprised that he had 1080 images. As he scrolled through the shots using the screen on the back of the camera, he realized that these unedited images were better than anything he had done before, and perhaps better than any he had seen in any publication or online site.

When he looked up from his camera, he saw Jackie sitting at the table with her robe on. “You got your laptop?” She asked. He nodded. “Bring it over here and let’s have a look,” she said.

He grabbed it out of his backpack, and carried it over to the table. He removed the memory card from the camera while the laptop was booting up. As soon as it was ready, he put it in the card reader slot and started the download. While it was loading, Jackie scooted her chair next to his and patiently waited for the files to load. When the first one opened, they were both amazed at how good it looked. The more they looked, the more they liked, and when they were finished they realized there were better than 80% ‘keepers’.

She got so excited that she jumped up and down and then crawled on his lap, wrapped her arms around him and gave him a deep soul kiss. Jack totally forgot everything and started kissing her back. In the midst of all of this Jackie noticed that his erection was growing in his jeans and started grinding her exposed soaking wet vulva against him. Without even thinking, Jack grabbed her ass and started pulling her onto him more. She responded to this by shoving her tongue into his mouth and he met her tongue with hers.

All of a sudden, he stopped kissing her, pulled back and with a red face said, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I never should have done that. This is so wrong, I’m so embarrassed.”

Jackie held his face in her hands and stared into his eyes saying “Jack you have nothing to be sorry for. You have done nothing wrong and have nothing to be ashamed about. We are both single adults and your body tells me that you’ve enjoyed this as much as I did.”

As she climbed off of his lap, she noticed the huge wet spot her arousal had left on the front of his jeans, and said, “Pardon me for being crude, but that is one fine cock you’ve got there, and I really want it inside of me.”

“Jackie, I don’t know what to say. It has been a long time since I’ve had feelings like this and I don’t know what I should do next” Jack said so embarrassed he could hardly speak.

She could feel his embarrassment so she said “OK Jack, tell you what, let’s take it slow and try to find out what way this is going. Its 4PM now, so why don’t you take your stuff home, change your clothes, and take me to dinner.” She handed him her card and finished “pick me up at the address on the back of this card at 7 and we will have dinner at a nice quiet place I know, so we can figure out where this is going, and what both of us want to do next.”

“OK, see you at 7.” He said as he stood up and packed up his camera and laptop. As he bent over and kissed her on the cheek, Jackie used all of the self-control she had to keep from attacking him right then. After he walked out the door and started down the stairway, she realized that her vulva and the insides of her thighs were coated in the juices that were oozing from her vagina. ‘Holy Shit’ she thought, ‘I haven’t been this hot for a man in twenty years.’

When Jack parked in front of his house, he sat in the cab of his truck and tried to process what had just happened. Looking down at his lap, he saw the huge wet spot she had left on his jeans and realized that his cock was still hard. He was an emotional mess, and didn’t know what to do. It had been since he was dating his Maggie a whole lifetime ago that he had felt this way about a woman.

She had gotten him hard by just kissing him and he wondered “It has been so long, what if I can’t perform any more? I’m and old man and she is a young vibrant sensual woman. What if I embarrass myself and can’t follow through when she wants me to?” He tried to put his apprehension out of his mind as he went into the house, stripped off his clothes and jumped into the shower.

When he finished his shower, he finished grooming, put on clean underwear and socks and dressed in tan chinos and a light blue long sleeve sport shirt. He decided to put on a navy blazer just in case Jackie had chosen a classier joint. If the place was more casual he would just leave the jacket in his car. He added a pair of brown penny loafers and looked in the bedroom mirror. “You still look good ‘Old Man’,” he lied to himself, trying to build his confidence.

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