Jacking for Sylvia

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The afternoon was hot and calm, no sounds coming from the outside, just distant voices and car noises from the streets right away. My room was completely sunk in half-light, the scorching and blinding sun trying to filter through the shutters, the door safely key-locked. I was standing in front of my desk, feeling dazes and over-heated. I had unzipped and opened the jacket of my tracksuit, I wasn’t wearing anything under it: my sculptured torso was naked, glistering with tiny drops of sweat that were slowly dripping along my muscles, skimming my hard nipples. I felt horny again, so needy for hot pleasure. Sexual desire was driving me crazy, I got my cock out, almost completely hard, eager to find release inside a woman’s warm and wet pussy. My eyes were fixed on a picture of my impossible Sylvia, a German girl I was desperately in love with, but who had pulled me back. This was a special picture her boyfriend shot, that I managed to get for myself without them knowing about it: the blond beauty was bahis firmaları laying on the floor, her head backwards, the long, golden hair loose all around. She was topless. Her beautiful, round breasts exposed, with the small nipples standing hard.

There was no way I could resist to such a vision. Soon, I surrendered to my desire for masturbation, for sexual pleasure: being sure that no one would have interrupted me, I started to touch myself… my young cock was hard, pulsating with desire. Eager to find release, I closed my hand around my shaft, and moved it slowly downwards, uncovering the head… it was all reddish, wet with precum. I caressed it with my middle finger, feeling a sudden, aching sensation in my legs and my balls. The wank started immediately after… soon enough, I found myself moaning, enjoying undisturbed hot waves of sexual pleasure that were leaving me dazed. With my eyes half-closed, I was trying to imagine Sylvia’s naked body in front of me, ready to satisfy all my desires. kaçak iddaa The atmosphere in the room had become scorching, the air was dump, soaked with the smell of sweat and sex, while drops were dripping on my forehead and my nude torso.

Knowing that nobody could hear me, I started to moan loud, calling the name of the girl who, more than any other, was turning me on. I kept stroking my cock hard, dreaming about touching Sylvia’s soft breasts, licking her nipples… I wanted so bad to have sex with her, so, while contemplating her picture, I imagined her legs spread apart, her sweet pussy open and wet, waiting for my prick. Instinctively, I took a bit of my precum with my left thumb and touched my own nipples with it… the feeling was awesome, like having the tongue of a woman playing with them. I was about to cum, I wanted more pleasure, I wanted to release my load all around. But, I didn’t want it to end that soon, I wanted to enjoy that sweet torture a bit longer. I managed to hold my kaçak bahis sperm inside the head of my cock, getting and incredible aching pleasure for it.

My eyes couldn’t move away from Sylvia’s naked breasts, from her hard nipples… I was trying to imagine the heat and softness of her pussy, dripping all wet and spread open while taking me in. I couldn’t hold myself anymore, I started to wank again, faster and faster, moaning my beautiful blond’s name several times, trying to imagine my sweaty body pressed against hers, my cock sliding in and out of her cunt… finally, I let myself loose and I came: with a deep and loud groan, I started to shoot my hot and sticky seed all around, enjoying a long and intense orgasm. A plentiful ejaculation gave me an incredibly strong sexual pleasure, squirting my cum on the desk, on the floor, on Sylvia’s picture. I was feeling almost unconscious as I leaned against the table with my knees, the last drops of sperm granting me the final moments of carnal ecstasy. When the fulfilling release was over, I moved slowly and let my tired body fall on the armchair nearby, breathing heavily, half-naked, sweaty and wet with cum. All this I did once again for Sylvia, my sweet impossible love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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