Jake 03: Matinee

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Female Ejaculation

Two loud knocks followed by a creaking noise forced Jake to wake up from his slumber. The expansive guest room in Giselle’s house was flooded with sunlight. How early was it? And who was the guy who had just waltzed into the room, wearing some kind of black and yellow work uniform, complete with a company logo-printed baseball cap? He looked very young, probably the same age as Jake, with short brown hair and a matching full but short beard. The guy startled when he noticed Jake moving around in the bed.

“Oh, hey! Sorry, dude. Didn’t mean to wake you. Wasn’t expecting this room to be occupied,” he said, fiddling around with a broom that he held in his hands. “Do you mind if I do a quick sweep?”

Jake was trying to get his bearings, doing basic morning stuff like, remembering his name and figuring out where he was. Suddenly, he became acutely aware of the dried up cum that was sticking his belly to the sheets from last night’s jerk off session, not to mention his rock hard morning wood that was making a tent out of the duvet. Right now, it was a matter of answering this stranger’s question. Did he mind a quick sweep? Probably not, as long as he managed to hide his aroused state. Objecting to such an offer would be rude, at best. “Not at all dude,” he said as casually as he could manage. “Do your thing.”

“Alright!” the strange young guy said, with a bit too much excitement. Somewhat recklessly, he pulled a cart around the corner and through the half-open doorway, filled to the brim with cleaning supplies, a giant plastic sack in the middle of the thing. “Guess, you’re the new guy, huh?”

Jake wasn’t sure, but that sounded about right. He was, indeed, the new guy. And last night, he had done his job as befitting that strange role. But who was this guy, and what did it mean to him? No need to be rude, he thought. “I guess I am,” Jake responded. “The new guy, huh.”

The strange custodian started laughing heartily while sweeping his oversized broom across the floor. “Good for you, dude,” he said in between fits of laughter. “Enjoy the gig, as long as you last.”

Jake sat upright in the oversized bed, duvet covers painfully sticking to his erect morning wood and belly by way of his coagulated load from last night. He was completely naked underneath, trying to think of a way to get out of this weird situation. “Cool, man,” he tried to respond casually. This guy couldn’t possibly be older than himself. “Listen, I’m gonna leave this room to you while I go take a shower, alright?”

The stranger responded with another hearty laugh as he switched up his broom for a combination of a disinfectant spray and a cloth. As he turned to the windows and begun wiping them down, Jake saw the opportunity to get up and sneak away. And this, he did.

He found himself in a hallway, holding the duvet cover around his waist to give himself a pretense of modesty. His morning wood was sticking through it like a painful tent pole. Luckily, the hallway was empty. To his right was a halfway-opened door, showing a messy room with clothes and debris strewn all about. Another guest room, perhaps? Could this be where Katherine, Giselle’s assistant, spent her nights?

Before spending too much time thinking about that, Jake saw an open door in front of him on the right, leading into a bathroom. He tip-toed inside, carefully holding up the duvet cover around his naked body, and locked the door behind him with a sigh of relief. What had he managed to get himself into? At least there was a shower in here, so he could rid himself of the stickiness on his belly.

He turned on the water, and grabbed his erect cock while waiting for the shower to warm up. He started stroking himself, hoping for some early morning relief, but there was no response from within him. No pleasant arousal, no good feelings rhythmically pulsing from his cock. Morning wood can be like that sometimes, he thought, and stepped into the now lukewarm shower with a painfully unbeatable erection.


Jake finished buttoning up his shirt, and was now fully dressed again, in the same outfit he had arrived in the day before. A black dress shirt, slim blue jeans, and leather shoes. He had lingered in the shower until he had heard the cleaning guy pack his stuff up and leave, and his painful morning erection was finally starting to subside, squeezed tightly by the narrow-waisted pants that it was trapped in.

Slowly and carefully, Jake exited the guest room he had slept in and wandered out into the awe imposing manor. The grandiose hallway outside the room ended in a large staircase that split into a Y-shape halfway up. At the split was a panoramic window giving a view of the sunny green garden outside. Jake took in the view as he wandered down the stairs to the ground floor.

He found his way to the grand dining room, where Giselle and her assistant Katherine were sitting at the end of a long table. Giselle, the lady of the manor, was a small-statured woman with hazel brown hair set up in a pony tail, and matching Escort Haramidere hazel eyes behind a large pair of glasses. She appeared to be ready for a day of work, wearing a modest black blouse, a pair of dark grey wide-brimmed women’s business slacks, and black close-toed stiletto heels.

Kat had changed up her outfit from yesterday, when she had worn just about the same one as Jake was wearing right now. Today, she had on a pair of blue jeans and white sneakers, and a white t-shirt with some jumbled company logo printed across her small, modest breasts. She was sitting with her long legs crossed, typing away at a laptop as she had done yesterday when Jake had been introduced to his new job as Giselle’s… toy?

The long dining table was made out of a dark and sturdy type of wood, and was set with a lavish breakfast. In the middle of the setup was a steaming kettle that filled the room with a scent of freshly brewed coffee. Around it was different types of breads and spreads, including butter and several types of marmalade… Jake’s stomach started rumbling.

“Good morning,” he said sheepishly, standing in the doorway. The two women looked up at him. Kat couldn’t help but smirk a bit, while Giselle’s face remained serious. “Breakfast, huh? Can I have some?”

“Good morning, Jake,” Giselle said. “Of course, please, have a seat.” She motioned towards a sturdy chair made out of the same wood as the table, with a fancily embroidered seat cushion. Jake moved into the room and sat down.

He was seated across the table from Kat, or rather her laptop which she was focused on. Giselle was between them on Jake’s right, sitting at the end of the table. She was sipping on a cup of coffee, and occasionally nibbling on a piece of bread with butter and marmalade. Jake started to cut up a couple of slices of bread for himself. The room was silent, except for Katherine’s typing. This kind of silence would typically make Jake feel very awkward, and he noticed the absence of any such feelings at this moment. What was there to feel awkward about? What Jake and Giselle had done the previous day hung like a glaring, open secret in the air.

“You did a very good job yesterday,” Giselle said to him, breaking the air of silence. “I hope you are free today as well?”

“Uh, yeah, I should be,” Jake answered. A good job yesterday. The memories came flashing, of Giselle’s petite naked body. Her squirting pussy with the giant clit, that sprayed like a waterfall when she came. His cock started growing again, this time with a definite feeling of arousal.

“Great. Until, shall we say, late afternoon? Katherine?” Giselle said and turned towards her assistant.

Kat’s fingers smattered across the laptop keyboard. “That is fine,” she said. “Remember, you have that… client meeting this evening. And of course, lunch with Mr. Rosiak.”

“Jake will join for that,” Giselle said. Jake felt somewhat weirded out by that. Would he? He supposed that he would. At least he would be getting paid. And who knows, maybe Mr. Rosiak was an amicable fellow.

“Afterwards, I have a fantasy I would like to try,” she continued matter-of-factly. “Katherine, would you please find the matinee time table for that quaint little theater.” She turned back to face Jake. “After yesterday’s work, I trust in your ability to bring me to orgasm. I would like you to do it again, in a movie theater. I hope that is not too… Unseemly for you, Jake?”

Jake’s eyes glazed over. Kat typed away at her computer, completely unfazed by the conversation. “Sure. No, not at all. That should be fine,” he stammered out, looking at Giselle’s cute little face. He was expecting her to blush, or at least be embarrassed somehow, but she maintained a stern expression, and her skin remained pale. It was all business to her, apparently.

Kat turned the laptop towards Giselle, who started scrolling eagerly. “Hmm, yes. Yes, that will be fine,” she said, and returned the laptop to Katherine. “Looks like we have our day planned out.” She turned towards Jake again. “Please, feel free to relax and enjoy the breakfast. We leave in 45 minutes for our appointment with Mr. Rosiak.”


The traffic light ahead turned yellow, and Jake hit the brakes to stop the car. A big, polished, blue sedan, imported from overseas. As they had left the manor to go to their lunch appointment, Giselle had taken one look at Jake’s old clunker, and quickly led him to her garage while shaking her head. “We’ll be using my vehicles for transport,” she had decided. Giselle was sitting in the front passenger seat, still wearing her slick business outfit, with a big black leather purse in her lap. She had been quiet for the duration of the ride, mostly looking down at her phone.

“I don’t mean to be that guy,” Jake blurted out. Giselle perked up, almost startled. “But, I don’t know if I can do lunch, you know. We just had breakfast. A really good one, might I add.”

“Mr. Rosiak would prefer it if you participated İkitelli escort in the lunch meeting,” Giselle said in her usual dry tone. “You should have an appetizer, at least.”

“Yeah, I can probably do an appetizer,” Jake said.

“I should mention that the meeting with Mr. Rosiak is to discuss plans for an upcoming conference trip. It will last three days, starting next week. Will you be available for that?”

The light turned green, and Jake hit the gas while thinking about the proposal. He had no idea what that would entail, but he knew exactly what he was hired and getting paid for. “Hmmm…” he said, after some deliberation.

“You will, of course, be compensated doubly for any assignments involving travel.”

“Well… Of course. Of course, I’m in, I mean,” Jake said. Double compensation! He was already making a shitload, and twice a shitload was a fuckton. Whatever this Mr. Rosiak wants couldn’t possibly be that bad, could it?


Jake parked the car, and he and Giselle stepped out. He was not familiar with this neighborhood. Before him was a restaurant with a large patio, where sparse tables with pearly white tablecloths were arranged. The guests at the tables definitely looked like the wealthy types.

“Valet, sir?” A young man in a dress shirt and a bow tie approached him.

“What?” Jake responded.

“Give him the car keys, Jake,” Giselle said.

“Ah yes, of course. Here you go,” Jake said, and did as Giselle ordered. The young man got in the car and drove off. Jake knew about valet services, but had never actually been to any place that offered them. Did rich people just give their cars to any fancy dressed boy or girl who said the word “valet?” It certainly seemed so.

The pair walked up to the entrance, where a very large man in a black suit was glaring at them. “Mr. Rosiak’s guests,” Giselle told him, and he opened the door for them without saying a word.

They stepped inside. If the patio was fancy, then the interior of the restaurant was almost majestic. The tables all had the same perfectly clean pearly white cloths, and the sparse clientele did not look like they struggled to pay the bills. The staff, who all wore matching suits, were bustling about as Jake and Giselle made their way to the back of the venue.

About halfway inside, Giselle stopped abruptly and gestured for Jake to do the same. “I forgot to mention, please be compliant and answer only in the affirmative when talking to Mr. Rosiak. This is very important. If you have any questions or concerns, take them up with me afterwards.” She paused for a few seconds before continuing on. Jake didn’t respond, not that he knew how he should have.

In the far back of the restaurant was a table surrounded by three leather couches, forming a fancier sort of booth. A portly fellow with greying black hair and a maroon polo shirt rose up from the end of the table with a big smile, and started approaching Giselle. “Giselle! It’s been too long. How have you been?” he said jovially, giving Giselle a peck on each cheek as a greeting. He kept her tiny hand clasped between his big, sweaty bear claws, but she didn’t seem to mind. Or have any sort of discernible reaction, for that matter.

“Just fine, Mr. Rosiak,” she said. “It is good to see you too. This is Jake, he is my new employee.”

The stout man, who was covered in a sheen of glistening sweat, was a few inches shorter than Jake. “Aha! It’s good to meet you, son,” he said as he turned to face Jake, and reached out a large, sweaty hand.

Jake shook a bit too enthusiastically, trying to compensate for, and hide, his reluctance. “It is nice to meet you, Mr. Rosiak,” he lied.

“Hah! Dave will do fine, boy,” Mr. Rosiak responded, and released his clammy grip on Jake’s hand. “Young, tall, dark, and handsome. You certainly have a type, Giselle.”

Giselle giggled at that, and Jake perked up before realizing that she was just faking it to please this man. She was definitely not the giggling type. “You got me there, Mr. Rosiak,” she said, and Jake noticed how Mr. Rosiak didn’t correct her name usage.

“Well, let’s not waste time. Have a seat, please. I’m a busy man, heh heh heh.” Mr. Rosiak motioned for them to take their places at one of the couches on the side of the table, before sitting down in his original seat in the middle. “I’m thinking… Champagne and oysters for the lady, port wine and t-bone steak for the fella! How about it?”

“No thanks, I’m driving. And, we just…” Jake’s rejection of the offer was interrupted by a sharp stiletto heel digging into his calf from the left, where Giselle was sitting. Wrong answer, apparently. “I mean… Sure, why not.”

“That sounds great, Mr. Rosiak,” Giselle said, seemingly satisfied.

“Hah, it’s fine, son, eat and drink as much as you can stand. I don’t care. Hey!” Mr. Rosiak got up and snapped his fingers, and mere seconds later, a suited up waiter appeared at the table. “Get us two t-bone steaks, a plate of oysters, Çapa escort bayan and drinks. We want champagne and port wine, the best you got. We are short on time here.”

The waiter simply nodded and disappeared without saying a word. Jake suppressed the urge to point out the rudeness of the order. He was in a different world now, and he didn’t know the rules at play here.

Mr. Rosiak and Giselle kept on talking, while Jake tuned out their conversation, trying to get his bearings. What had he gotten himself into? What did this Mr. Rosiak want with him? Within minutes, a different waiter arrived with a cart carrying their order. Two plates of t-bone steak with some assorted greens, and a plate of oysters, all appearing to be freshly made. Next to them was two very expensive looking bottles, along with glasses and utensils. The waiter rapidly set the table for them, and disappeared.

Jake decided to stay away from the alcohol as long as he could, and it seemed like that wouldn’t be an issue. Mr. Rosiak poured himself a hearty glass of port wine, and kept on refilling it after each swig. Jake decided to take a bite of the steak, at least. It would be rude not to touch anything at all. He grabbed the steak knife and fork that were placed before him, and cut himself a piece.

It was the most delicious steak he had ever tasted. Juicy, slightly smoky, grilled to perfection. Who were these people who lived like this? Jake felt like he was an alien being allowed to briefly visit a world that was not made for him. The meat melted in his mouth, and his thoughts began to drift, wondering what else these people did that he would never be allowed to know about.

His daydreaming was interrupted by Giselle. “You will be accompanying me to the conference, Jake, will you not?” she asked him. Jake once again felt a high heel against his leg, this time touching it gently but firmly. A reminder, to be compliant.

“Yes, of course,” Jake said.

“Tremendous!” Mr. Rosiak said, lighting up. “And what about the equipment?”

“I will have it shipped. It’s already taken care of,” Giselle answered.

“Great! Then we will see each other again soon! I can’t wait!” Mr. Rosiak said, taking a big gulp of port wine. “How’s the food, Jake?”

“It’s great, like amazingly so. I just ate too recently,” Jake said nervously. “My mistake, Mr. Rosiak. Dave?”

Mr. Rosiak chuckled. “Don’t worry about it, kid. You’re not here for your skills as a gourmet or anything, you know what I’m saying?”

Jake forced himself to smile at the increasingly sweaty man. His grey-speckled black hair looked positively shiny now. What were they going to do? What had he signed up for? The unknowns made him anxious and worried. Could they leave soon, please?

“Mr. Rosiak, as much as I would love to stay, you know that I am a busy woman,” Giselle said, and Jake felt a wave of relief. Did she just read his mind? No. There was no way. “I have another appointment coming up, and must be leaving soon.”

“Ah. What kind of appointment?” Mr. Rosiak asked.

“The non-disclosable kind,” Giselle said.

“No problem. Hey, you know me!” Mr. Rosiak got up, stumbled, and leaned over the table to give Giselle a kiss. She got up quickly and gave him a robotic peck on the lips, then sat back down and gathered her purse. Mr. Rosiak stretched out a moist hand towards Jake, who briefly considered high-fiving him to minimize the amount of time spent touching it, but ended up shaking it firmly.

When Mr. Rosiak looked away, Jake wiped his hand on the tablecloth, and him and Giselle got up. “Until next time,” Giselle said, turning back to give Mr. Rosiak a dainty little wave. She was a good actress.


The valet dropped off the car, and handed the keys over to Jake with a quick “have a good rest of your day, sir,” before moving on to the next vehicle. Jake got into the driver’s seat, and waited for Giselle to get in on the other side. He was almost shaking with anxiety now. What was happening? He demanded answers. Giselle got into her seat.

“Can you please tell me what that was all about?” Jake asked without hesitation. “Sorry if that was… abrupt. I know I’m new here and all, but I would just really like to know what’s happening.”

“Of course,” Giselle said. “I will explain everything, and I apologize for my lack of transparency. I forget how important it can be to my staff at times. You see, I generally prefer to maintain an air of secrecy. Anyway… You said you were available for my trip to Holiday Island, correct?”

“Is that where we’re going?” Jake said. “Sure, I said that I was. But what are we going to do there?”

“Well, aside from the usual services I ask of you, we will be meeting with some of my clients and colleagues. Mr. Rosiak is… one of them. He wants to shoot a pornographic video with his wife.”

Jake let out a chuckle. “Really? Wow.”

“Yes. I hope that is not too much to ask? You can, of course, back out whenever you wish, or simply stop an activity if you feel too uncomfortable.”

Jake wondered what that meant. Could he really? He wondered what would happen if he told Mr. Rosiak to fuck off for getting too handsy, among other things. Then he remembered the pay, and quickly decided that it was worth risking whatever consequences may come.

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