Janet’s Cruise

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The cruise ship was only three days out of port when Janet had an accident. She wasn’t paying attention as she went down the stairs and her foot slipped and she tumbled down a few steps and bruised her legs and hurt her back. A trip to the ship’s doctor showed that she had no broken bones and just needed some physiotherapy. The physiotherapist was a nice young woman who gave her a short session and told her to come back tomorrow.

Janet went back to her cabin and lay down to rest. She was comfortable for quite a while and able to go to dinner but after dinner the pain started again. The physiotherapist had closed for the day but one of the other ladies in her cabin thought she had met somebody who had one of those large electric vibrators with infra-red rays. Martin turned out to be somebody who had been a physio before he came on the cruise. He was a few cabins away and she asked him to come round to see what he could do for Janet. Martin was a physio who had picked up some of the jargon and procedures from his own visits to a physio for a sore back. Janet lay down and he applied the vibrator and heat to the spots that she pointed out. The vibrator operated through her clothing and after a 10 minute session she felt terrific. Martin said that if she wanted to have some more treatment she should come to his cabin tomorrow and he would get some liniment as well.

Not even the other women in her cabin knew that Janet had been a nun up until a year ago when her mother had developed a long-term illness and asked Janet to come home and look after her. The request had not fallen on deaf ears as Janet had been thinking for some time to go back to civilian life. A few months later she had died and left Janet the house and a tidy sum of money. Her mother’s dying wish was that Janet should find a partner and not live her final years alone like she had. Janet had no real ambition except to live a quiet suburban life. Everything changed on the day that she was cleaning up the garage and came across some cardboard boxes full of Playboy magazines and others which were even more explicit. They must be long to her father and Janet guessed that he had kept them hidden from her mother.

As she opened one magazine after another she was confronted with photographs of beautiful ladies with large breasts and dark hairy triangles between their legs. At first Janet was disgusted but soon became interested and made mental notes of how she compared with these beauties. In the breast department it was a no contest but she thought to herself that she shared the hairy triangle bit. Obviously men wanted to look at naked ladies and see their breasts and hairy bits. She wondered whether any man would want to look at her. She had never thought like this before but now began to wonder whether some of the men at the church were looking at her in this way. She looked in vain through the Playboy magazines to see the male equivalent bits but there weren’t any. There were other magazines which were more explicit and she set eyes on penises of all shapes and sizes, soft and hard, long and short. She was fascinated with what she was looking at. Who could have imagined that Janet the ex-nun was looking at these naughty photos? Janet didn’t tell anybody what she had found but kept returning to the garage to look through the magazines again and again.

The other ladies at the church who had befriended Janet suggested that she take a world cruise and here she was – 58, not bad looking, sagging breasts, slightly plumpish and anxious to learn about the world. It was with some hesitation that she let Martin near her body, but she felt relaxed because there was another woman in the cabin.

Janet slept that night very well but woke up in the morning a bit stiff and decided she would see Martin later on. The thought of Martin touching her skin gave her a frisson. While the other women in the cabin were enjoying some of the activities arranged for them on the boat, she went to Martin’s cabin and lay down on his spare bunk face down. Martin applied the vibrator through her clothing in the same spots as the previous night and then took out some liniment that he had bought. He lifted her blouse and rubbed the liniment in with his fingers onto those spots on her back that bothered her. He rubbed some on to the back of her legs and told her she was done.

He gave her his number and told her she could come back if it started to hurt again. A It was only a few months since his wife had left Martin and he was hoping against hope to get a bit of nookie on the boat. After all it was for over 50s and a lot of them were women supposedly looking for men and sex. He was trim for his age and well-spoken and well groomed. In all his life he had never met anyone like Janet. She seemed totally ill at ease talking with him and he wondered whether she had had much contact with males. She said she was a teacher but something didn’t add up.

Janet came for another session and his vibrator wandered further than last time, and the liniment on the backs poker oyna of her legs migrated to the inside of her legs, each time the closer to her pussy. Janet was aware of the fact that the vibrator and his hands were getting closer and closer to her private parts and she enjoyed the sensations that they brought with them. She calculated that at the present rate it would take another five days before he actually touched her pussy. Martin continued this massaging every day and was getting closer and closer to her pussy. Finally curiosity got the better of him.

“Janet, you said you were a teacher. Where did you teach?”

“It was a large country school with boarders and day pupils. I taught seven-year-old boys and girls.”

“You just don’t sound like a a teacher. Are you sure you weren’t a nun?”

“How did you guess? Yes I was a nun for 40 years.”

“So how come you are here.”

“About a year ago I found out my mother was dying and she asked me to come home and look after her and I did and when she died I inherited the house and some money. Some of my friends at the church suggested that I take a world cruise trip and enjoy myself – here I am.”

“Well that only explains part of you. I think you are faking your injuries now and that you are actually enjoying me massaging you.”

“You’re right. I am enjoying your massage. It feels nice to have a man’s hands on my body.”

“I find it strange that a nun should allow man to massage her like I am doing to you. It just seems so out of character.”

“Well, I spent 40 years away from male company and when I left the convent and heard the women at the church talking about their husbands, it made me curious as to what it was like to be married. They all agreed that it was nice to have a ‘cuddle’ as they put it. Then I had my accident and you came along and I saw my opportunity. The more you touched me, the more I enjoyed it.”

“I can tell. Tomorrow I will probably touch you somewhere naughty. “

“I know. I am enjoying it. I’m looking forward to it.”

The next day Janet turned up and lay down for her massage. Martin began the vibrator on her back and legs. The vibrations could be felt through her bones by her pussy even though the vibrator wasn’t touching it and she was getting a little more excited.

“I won’t use liniment today. It might sting.” Janet couldn’t wait. Nobody had ever touched her there before – she had been very reluctant to touch herself there because she thought it was so wicked but she knew that the other church ladies liked it.

His fingers moved closer and closer to her pussy until they were on the outside of her panties. With his hand he gestured that Janet should open her legs a little and he slipped her panties off and ran his hands over her cheeks and then his finger ran up and down the outside of her slit. He put a bit of oil on his finger and ran it up and down her slit again and this time it slid in and touched Janet’s clitoris. Janet jumped a little with surprise and then let Martin continue. Martin’s finger ran up and down her slit and finally he gestured for her to turn over. She had a nice dark hairy triangle in the middle of her pale thighs. Janet immediately covered her pussy with her hand but Martin gently lifted it and resumed twiddling her clitoris. It was taking time to come to life but eventually it did and he could feel it getting harder. He gripped it between his thumb and forefinger and moved on a regular motion up and down, up and down. Janet smiled.

“Do you like it?”

“Yes. I never touched it myself. Some of the other nuns did but I never did. I just wanted to see what it felt like.”

“You want me to keep going?”

“Yes. It’s nice. I’m beginning to feel funny. I’ve never felt like this before.”

“It’ll get better and better. Just relax.”

It took quite a while but eventually Janet had an orgasm. She looked bewildered as if she had just had an out of world experience. There was no romance in her expression. There was no tenderness. This was purely an intellectual exercise to experience something that she knew nothing about.

“I liked that. Can I come again tomorrow?”

“Of course.”

Janet came every morning for a week and sometimes in the afternoon too. It was obvious that she enjoyed her massage and orgasm. A week before the ship came back to homeport Janet said to Martin, “Some of the ladies in my church group want me to find a man and get married. I’m still not sure whether I want to do that. If I asked you, would you make love to me so that I could know what it would be like if I got married. You don’t have to do it. Only do it if you want to.”

“Of course I’d be happy to do it. I thought you had made a vow of chastity and couldn’t do that sort of thing.”

“Now that I’m not a nun anymore, I’m just an ordinary woman and I can do what I like. That’s what I tell myself anyway. “

“Do you want to do it now?”

“Why not?”

“You have never seen a naked man have you?”


“I’ve canlı poker oyna never done this before. I’m trying to think what’s the best way. I’ll tell you what. You get undressed and go into the shower and I will come in after you and we will shower together. Better still I think the bath is big enough for both of us. You go in and turn on the bath and make sure it is nice and warm and hop in and I’ll come in in a few minutes. You have to get used to a man’s body. I mean, do you know what making love means?”

“I sort of know what making love means but not really. You can be my teacher.”

The bath was a nice big one and Janet was waiting for Martin to come in. Her body was stretched out and her breasts floated on the surface and her wet hairy bush was prominent. She had her legs tightly together. She wanted to see his penis and her eyes were focused on it as he put one leg over the side of the bath and then the other and slowly lowered himself into the water. Janet’s mind was racing. The piece of flesh between his legs is going to be inserted into my body somehow. I hope he knows how. His toe is playing with my pussy. Am I supposed to get my toe to play with his penis? I’ll do it anyway. He seems to like it. I’ll use my other foot too. Oh goodness, his penis is growing. Oh goodness, it’s really getting big. His big toe is in my crack and I’m enjoying that. This is fun. Who could have imagined it? Oh my goodness, his penis is really standing up now.

They stayed in the water for quite a while playing with each other until the water got cool and they had to get out.It was only when Janet stood up that Martin could really appreciate her figure and he began to dry her. Up until this point he had never played with her breasts and as he dried them his fingers tweaked her nipples and he could feel them getting harder and beginning to stand out. He dried her back and then her front and then between her legs and her legs and toes. Janet purred.

“Now it’s your turn.”

This was totally new territory for Janet – she had no idea where to start but it seemed to her that his penis was a good place to start. She wanted to feel it. She wanted to touch it. She wanted to know more about this thing that was going to make love to her soon. She gently dried his balls and then the rest of his body until they were both completely dried and she gave him a big hug.

“Martin, be gentle. I’ve never done anything like this before. Take it slowly. I’m a bit nervous. Tell me what to do.”

“Just lie down on the bed and put your bottom on this pillow. Now lift your knees and open them and I will kneel between them.”

“That means you’ll be able to see my bottom. I don’t like that. Is that the only way we can make love?”

“No it is not the only way we can make love but it’s really the best way to start. I’ll tell you what. How about I turn the lights off and we can do it in the dark and then I won’t be able to see you.”

“What a good idea.”

Martin turned the lights off and began playing with Janet’s breasts and then lifted her knees up and separated her thighs. He knew that she would be expecting him to try and insert his penis into her vagina but took the opportunity to do what he thought she would never have agreed to – his lips descended unerringly onto her clitoris and began sucking and nibbling. To say that Janet got a surprise would be the understatement of the year.

“Oh no. You’re not licking me down there are you? It’s so nice. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe that people do things like this. Is this normal? Do other women do this? It’s so nice. Now you are licking me and it’s so good. Oh God. I can’t believe this.”

Martin continued without stopping until Janet had an orgasm and was gasping for air. At that moment he positioned his penis at the entrance of her vagina. He was ready to put some oil on his dick if she was dry but she was really wet and he was able to slip in easily until there was no more. He would have liked to have seen Janet’s eyes but he couldn’t. She didn’t make a sound as he penetrated her and started moving in and out.

“If you want to, you can move your bottom up and down in time with me. You will probably enjoy it more that way.”

“I can feel you moving. It’s nice. I can feel twitching. What’s happening?”

“I just came inside you.”

“I am glad I can’t get pregnant. What happens now?”

“My dick will get soft and will slip out. If you wait a little while my dick will get hard and we can do it again. Did you like it? Do you want to do it again?”

“It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. I enjoyed it much more when you were licking.”

“It takes time for a woman to get used to having sex. The first time is rarely any good but after that you get used to and it gets better and better. Practice makes perfect.”

“That’s enough for one day. I can’t believe I’ve done this. It’s nice but I’m not sure I want to do it again.”

“Just imagine I’m Jesus and you’re Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene internet casino would have done it again.”

“You’re crazy. Okay I’ll do it again.”

The next day Janet turned up again and said,

“I’ve been thinking about it. I want you to turn off the lights. I think you can do it from behind and that way you won’t be looking at my private parts.”

“Yes I can. Okay, I’ll turn off the lights. Bend over. It’ll take a bit of fiddling around because you’re shorter than me. I think you better kneel on the bed. That’ll be better. I’ll put some oil on. How does that feel? I am nearly all the way in.”

“I can’t really feel much at all actually, even when you move. It’s much better when you licked me. That really turned me on. Can we do that?”

“Wait till I come inside you and then I can lick you.”

“Don’t just lick me. Suck me with your lips like you did yesterday. Oh, that’s so much better. I’m starting to feel funny again. It’s happening again. It’s wonderful when you do that.”

For two days Janet didn’t visit Martin. She wanted to see if she could do without seeing Martin and the attention of a man. It was part of her self-doubt and lack of confidence with this new activity that was giving her so much pleasure. It was hard to get rid of the idea that it was in some ways a sin. Then while she was in the cabin with the other three women who shared it, she listened in to their conversation. Clearly they had come on the cruise expecting to have sex and began talking about their experiences in great detail. Janet had no real reason not to participate in the discussion except that she felt embarrassed. None of them knew of her previous background but she just didn’t feel comfortable discussing those sorts of things. The way they discussed what happened with different men on the boat changed Janet’s perception of what was normal. The longer they talked, the more excited she got. She could feel herself getting wet, especially when they began discussing giving head to the fellows and the size of the penises. She realised that she had been silly and couldn’t wait for them to finish so that she could go to Martin.

She rang Martin and arranged to meet him in five minutes. Martin was waiting for her. She opened his cabin door and said, “I’ve been silly. I’ve been listening to the other women in my cabin and now I know what is normal. Stand up.”

Janet began undressing him and he began undressing her. Their hands were all over each other and Janet reached to hold his erect penis and his finger reached inside her slit for her button.

Janet lay down on the bed with her knees up and wide apart exposing what she formally had wanted to keep hidden.

“This time I’m going to leave the lights on. I can’t believe I was so silly. I have nothing to be ashamed of. I’ve got a pussy just like the other women and they are proud of what they look like. I want you to lick me like you did last time and then I’m going to lick you.”

Absence makes the part grow fonder and those two days absence somehow increased her pleasure just a little bit more. Then she rolled Martin over and began to pay attention to his penis and tried to compare it with the explicit descriptions that the women in her cabin had made of their partners. Janet decided that Martin must be pretty much average except that he’d been circumcised. That made her feel a little bit better because she knew that Jesus had been circumcised. Her lips descended on his tip and then went lower and lower until she had most of it in her mouth and with a combination of hand movements and sucking could feel Martin getting ready to come. She lifted her body up and squatted over his penis and lowered herself gently down. God that felt good. She wanted to enjoy the feeling and didn’t move and just looked appealingly at Martin’s eyes. It was hard not to have some emotional feeling towards this man who was involved in the most intimate of human actions with her but she knew that they would separate after the boat and probably never see each other again. It was Martin who started the rhythmic penetration of her vagina until she felt those tell-tale signs that he had come inside her. Thank goodness she had passed menopause. She felt him getting softer and reluctantly lifted herself off and went to the bathroom to clean herself up.

“In two days we will be back to homeport. I’m going to spend the last night with you and have a wild night of non-stop sex. What do you think?”

“I think that’s a great idea. You’ve really changed a lot.”

“Yes I have, thanks to you. Thank you, Martin.”

When Janet came back home and told her friends about the trip, she never mentioned Martin. She only talked about the places that they visited and what they did on board the boat and her injury and recovery. Her friends took her to church functions where they introduced her to various possible partners but nobody really interested Janet until her friend Nicole introduced to her sister’s widowed husband with encouraging words. Nicole said that her sister had told her that Frank was a lovely bloke and a great lover. He was a good cook and took care of the house. What more could Janet want? Nothing. They went out a few times together and Janet became attracted to him.

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