Jasmine’s Pleasures Ch. 02

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Terrence was pounding Jasmine’s anus hard right before he shot his sperm in her. He left his dick in her and gave her a couple more strokes, rubbing the thick cum in her walls.

“You were a good girl tonight Jazzy,” he said, pulling out.

“Let’s do this again next week,” she said, getting off of her hands and knees and sitting on the bed, not caring about the sperm leaking out of her ass. “I’m free on Friday night. My daughter can take care of herself.”

Jasmine got off the bed and picked up her clothes from the floor.

“I really want you to stay,” said Terrence.

“You know I can’t tonight. I told Kathy I’ll be back before twelve.”

“Kids,” he said, sighing.

Terrence put on a pair of boxers and they walked downstairs to the front door.

“Can I have a kiss?” he said.

“I told you what my intentions were.”

“It can change, honey.”

“I’ll see about that.

He grabbed her ass while she walked out the door. The firmness of his hand got her wet again.

Kathy was asleep when she checked on her. It was almost 12:30. Jasmine walked into the master bedroom and took off her clothes again. Her anus ached a little, but she was satisfied with the fucking he gave her. She thought of his big beautiful dick and the stamina he showed, and then she realized she was fondling her breasts. Now her clit ached too, and she wished she could have stayed longer.

The sex was great, but there was a problem: he wanted more from her. He wanted a date, a lover. She was hoping he would eventually get tired of her just so she won’t have to keep letting him down.

Friday came. Jasmine’s alarm went off at 6:30. She went into Kathy’s room to wake her up for school, then she went downstairs to pack the girl’s lunch. Kathy usually faked being sick on a Friday so she could get a three day weekend, but Jasmine knew she had a test that day and couldn’t afford to miss it.

“You don’t have a fever,” said Jasmine, after hearing Kathy’s complaints and feeling the temperature on her forehead. “Make sure and drink the orange juice I packed for you.”

After breakfast Jasmine watched Kathy board the school bus and then went back inside.

She looked at Terrence’s house from her kitchen window. It was across the street, directly opposite from hers.

It was two stories, quite large, modern and sophisticated. There were two new Mercedes Benz cars parked next to the neatly trimmed lawn, one black and the other white. She looked at the window of the bedroom where they fucked the week before. She bit her lip while thinking about the power of his thrusting.

She checked her phone and saw a message from him.

“Are we still on tonight Jazzy?” it said.

“Yes, anal again,” she typed, smiling.

He replied five minutes later with a grinning emoji.

At 10pm she called Terrence and said she was coming over. She walked out the front door and into the cool, breezy, starry night. She walked across the street to Terrence’s front gate. She rang the doorbell and the automatic gate opened for her to pass. While cumlouder porno walking to the front door she saw Terrence was already opening it.

He was shirtless, and the only piece of clothing on him was a pair of boxers.

“I see you’ve already started stripping,” said Jasmine.

He chuckled. “Now it’s your turn.”

He closed the door behind her and then dropped his boxers to the floor, revealing his erect seven inch dick, indicating that he wanted to start right there in the foyer.

Jasmine lay her purse on the floor and started unbuttoning her jeans. She was frantic to get her pants off, she could feel her anus aching in desire.

Terrence could see she hadn’t bothered to put on underwear and he smiled. He cupped her pussy with one hand and gently rubbed.

“Let me eat you out,” he said, turning his head toward the staircase. “Sit, spread your legs and let me do the rest.”

Jasmine did as she was told. Terrence placed himself between her legs and his mouth dived straight to her vaginal opening. He massaged the folds with his tongue, and then eased his way deeper. The wetness ran on to his tongue as he penetrated her.

Jasmine gasped and moaned, her hand on the wall. The wet invasion made her squirm. She felt she was getting wetter by the second while Terrence moved his tongue around and explored.

When he released himself a line of wetness clung to his tongue, refusing to let him go.

He sat up and stared into her eyes while he placed two fingers over her vaginal opening, scooped the fluid and put his fingers in his mouth. He slowly released the fingers and then smiled at her.

“Ready for the lube honey?” he asked.

“Oh yes.”

She walked over to her purse and took out the water-based lube. They walked upstairs to his bedroom. The room was violet. The bedsheets and pillows, the thick curtains, the carpet, even the walls.

She handed him the bottle of lube. He poured some on his dick in the form of a line and massaged it until it was shiny.

Jasmine got her hands and knees on his violet bed and spread her legs apart. He poured some into her gaping hole and then dipped two fingers inside, massaging the walls. Jasmine bit her lips while he massaged. He was doing well so far.

“Good boy Terry.”

“Assess me when I’m finished. I have a lot more in store for you. Then you can rate me out of ten.”

“I hope you’re as good as last week.”

Terrence started fingering her ass hard. There was the squelching noise of the lube while he pounded her, and some of it had even escaped the tunnel.

Terrence slid his fingers out and placed the tip of his dick over her hole. He eased the head in and then slowly slid in the rest of his thick dick. He pushed all the way in, until his balls almost touched her hole.

He was slow at first, then slowly progressed to quicker speeds. Jasmine was moaning and staring at the violet curtains, relishing in the movement of his dick in her ass. Her face was heating up and she was ready for him to go faster.

As if he read her mind, czech amateurs porno he suddenly started pounding her ass in lightning speed and she screamed in pleasure. Her ass cheeks trembled with the knocking of his pelvis and his hanging balls was slapping her vaginal opening. The bed rocked with the pressure and seemed to resonate with her howling.

She felt his dick get even thicker and was beginning to throb. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she felt the onslaught of thick, warm sperm flooding her rectum. With the ejaculation he moaned and his pace slowed, but he kept his dick wedged as deep as he could when he stopped.

The bed stopped making noise and so did she.

“Oh my God,” she whispered, her face beginning to cool. “What a good boy you are,” she said enthusiastically, turning her head.

He kneaded her ass with his fingers and then gave her a couple of slow strokes like the week before. He pulled out and spread her ass apart so he could see his seed escape.

It came running out as she pushed, and dripped on to his violet quilt.

“I like when you stain my sheets. I like everything about you, Jazzy,” he said, bending over her to kiss her cheek.

When she felt his lips she said “Alright, cut it, little boy.” He was thirty, six years younger than her.

“I’m not that skinny,” he said. He looked at the digital alarm clock next to his bed. It was 12. “Can you stay with me longer?”

“Yes, actually.”


She got out of position and lay on her back with her head resting on a pillow.

He was staring into her eyes wistfully.

“I want to suck you,” she said, looking at his penis and knocking him out of his trance.

“Oh,” he said, surprised and smiling.

“It’s not gonna hurt is it?” She licked her lips and gave him a seductive smile.

“Oh no I can go on for a long time,” he said, rather quickly.

“Teabag me.”

“Whatever you want Jazzy,” he said obediently.

He walked over to her naked body and got in position, slowly lowering his dick into her mouth. He lowered half of it, not knowing how much she wanted to take.

She loved the feeling of having a man’s penis fill her mouth. She wanted all of it, but he wasn’t moving further.

She released herself and slapped his ass saying “Come on. Fuck me.”

“I didn’t want to make you choke too much Jazzy.”

“I got past gagging with Nelson. Yours is a little longer but I can take it.”

He lowered his dick into her again until his balls almost touched her nose. She kneaded his ass in approval.

He slid out his full length out and then back in, and each time his head rubbed against the walls of her throat she moaned in pleasure.

Then he started keeping his full length in her and only sliding in a little. Eventually he stopped sliding and let his dick sit warm and cozy. She squeezed and massaged his ball sack with her hand. When she moved her hand she waited a couple of seconds before she gave his ball sack a hard pinch with her long nails.

“Ooh,” he said sharply. czech casting porno It hurt but he was turned on.

He continued with his sliding, going back to the full length movements.

Jasmine felt it wasn’t enough for her. She released herself and told him to go as hard as he could on her, and not to stop until he ejaculated. He did as he was told.

He went as fast as he could. Jasmine felt the flow of wetness escape her pussy as she got what she believed was a good throat fucking. She thought he wasn’t as good as Nelson, but he was good enough in her book. She might just give him the date he wanted as a reward for all the pleasure he gave her.

She felt him grow harder as he was thrusting. At the same time her clit grew hard and was pulsing.

Then came his sighs, and his dick started pulsing in unison with her clit. She felt him shoot his semen at the back of her throat. There was the first shot, and then the second. When he released himself she swallowed his semen. He sat up on the bed to face her.

“You definitely taste better than him,” she said. “You eat a lot of fruits don’t you?”

“I try to stay healthy.”

“Good boy.”

“Will you sleep with me?”

“No, but I’ll give you that date you wanted.”

His eyes widened in surprise. “I want to take you to one of my favorite restaurants. It’s Italian.”

“I’m fine with it. Anyways, I’ll be going home now. We’ll organize this date.” She got up from the bed and started putting her clothes back on.

He sat on the bed with his legs folded, his light blue eyes glistening as he watched her pull the t-shirt over her C cup breasts and toned stomach.

She turned to him. “You sure do love to stare at me, don’t you?”

“Is it bothering you?”

“No, it’s cute.”

“Do I really look that young to you?”

“You look like you just turned eighteen.”

“Thank you.”

She chuckled. “Well, unlock the door for me downstairs.”

He put on the pair of boxers he wore earlier and walked her to the front door.

When they got to the front door he said “I’m so glad you decided to go on a date with me.”

“I’m just rewarding you. I’m not going to guarantee it will turn into something more.”

He opened the door for her and she stepped outside into the night again.

She walked past the gate and headed to her house. She saw Kathy’s light was on from her window. Jasmine was sure it was close to 1am. The girl was ten, she should be sleeping.

Jasmine walked upstairs and opened the girl’s door. She raised her eyebrow. “What’s the meaning of this young lady?”

Kathy was watching tv. “I couldn’t sleep.”

“Well you really shouldn’t be watching tv at this hour.” Jasmine walked towards her and took the remote from her hand. She switched off the tv and said “You know, chamomile tea helps.”

“Ew, tea.”

“Just close your eyes and focus on something you like, and you’ll be asleep in no time.”

Jasmine gave her daughter a reassuring pat on the shoulder and went to switch off the light.

Back in her own room, Jasmine removed her clothes and then went into the bathroom to wash herself.

He was great, she thought. Great in bed and a great person otherwise. Should she really give him a chance? She told herself she would make up her mind after the date.

End of Part Two

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