Jason Gets a Job

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Jason raced into the employment office fifteen minutes late and sweating bullets. It was bad enough that he was twenty-four years old, still living with his mother and hadn’t had a job since graduating from high school. But to make matters worst, his mother had threatened that if he didn’t get a job by the end of the week she was going to throw him out. He ignored the closed sign and headed for the main office. He was scheduled to meet Susanne Johansson. Quickly locating her office, he peaked inside and noticed her coat lying on top of the desk.

“Great she’s still here.” He thought to himself and quickly took a seat, hoping it would look as though he’d been here for a while.

As he sat there listening to her humming inside the bathroom, feeling a bit uncomfortable he decided to make his presence known.

“Hello, Hello Ms. Johansson?”

Suddenly a middle-aged woman stuck her head out from the bathroom door.

“Uhh hello, my name’s Jason Sinclair, my mother told me you could help me get a job. I’m sorry I’m late, but my train had some delays and I had to take another route. Listen Miss, I know this doesn’t look good, but I promise, I’m willing to do anything, I need a job so bad.”

The young dark brown skinned man nearly lost his breath as the woman stepped from the bathroom with her blouse open and her bra exposed. Her breasts were huge golden brown mounds and surprisingly round for her age, which Jason figured, she had to be at least 55.

“Who let you in here young man?” She questioned.

“Oh, the door was open, so….so I just walked in. I knew I was late so I was just hoping I could catch you before you left for the day.”

“Can’t you see that I’m getting dressed?”

Jason’s eyes couldn’t help but observed the woman’s tight figure, especially her thick thighs and fat ass inside the taut skirt that clung to her as if painted on.

“I’m sorry ma’am, but czech couples porno I really need a job, please can you help me?”

He stood up allowing his eyes to journey along the lines of her saggy but sexy body. Her face was a bit hard, made more evident with her salt and pepper hair pulled back in a bun. Maybe it was the perfume she wore, maybe it was how tight her skrit fit, may be it was her thick red lips, but more than likely it was because he was just horny as hell. Nevertheless, the older woman appealed to Jason and the sight of her tits bobbing up and down in her battle ship like bra turned him on. He could feel his manhood rising slowly in his pants, a sight that did not go unnoticed by the elderly woman. It had been quite some time since she’d had a good bone’en.

“Well Mr. what did you say your name was?”

“Oh my name’s Jason Sinclair, so do you think you can help me? I really need a job, I’ll do anything.”

“Hmm, sounds like you’re pretty desperate Mr. Sinclair.” She stated coyly prancing away from the door, allowing the young man to feast his eyes on her body. She casually took a seat in the swivel chair behind the desk.

“Well tell me Jason, exactly what can you do?” She asked staring at the bugle in his pants.

“Well, to tell you the truth ma’am, I really don’ have much experience at any thing, but I promise you, I’m a quite learner and I’ll work long and hard.”

“Oh I’m sure you will. I could use someone to help me clean up around here. Do you think you could handle that?” She said watching his eyes glued to her breast.

“Oh yes ma’am, make this place spic and span.” He answered glancing about the room.

“Can you start right now?”

“Well uhh, uhh, I guess so. Where do I start?”

“You can start right here.” She answered pushing away from the desk while she spread her legs apart, pulling up her skirt, revealing her czech estrogenolit porno hairy pussy.”

“Uh, uh, but I thought you said you wanted me to clean up?”

“That’s right young man and right here is the perfect place to start and remember, I want it spic and span.” She ordered.

Jason walks around the desk, never taking his eyes off the beautiful tempting love entrance, slowly sunk to his knees and slid in between her legs, when the fishy funky odor invaded his nostrils.


“What’s the matter boy, I thought you wanted a job?”

I do ma’am but….”

“No buts boy, pussy, and I want it cleaned now!” She commanded.

The young man took a deep breath and plunged in headfirst. The second his moist tongue touched her clit she immediately began squirming in the chair.

“Ooooh, ooh, oh yes, clean it, clean it goood!” She cried.

Despite the rancid smell, Jason enjoyed hearing the woman moan in ecstasy, and his raging hard on was proof of it.

His tongue danced along her clit, tickling and wiggling it about, until she reached forward, forcing his head deeper in between her legs, imbedding his nose in her rough pubic hair that felt like a Brillo pad. Giving in to his primitive sexual nature, the handsome African American man let go of his inhibitions and began assaulting her aching pussy with his tongue. He probed, stabbed and pricked it furiously, sending waves of hot passion through his willing captive.

“Oh…Oh Gard, I’m gonna, I’m gonna cum, Ooooh!” She screamed. She frantically pushed him away.

“Take off your pants fuck me, fuck me now!” She ordered.

Jason was all too happy to comply. The sign of his massive member made the woman shiver with pure delight. Jason might’ve been lacking in a great many things, but a cock wasn’t one of them.

Her pussy was still slippery and wet from the head czech first video porno job, making it an easy entry, however the deeper he penetrated the more she lost control.

“Ohh, ohh no, ohh Gard, ohh Lord, wooo!”

Jason started slowly but soon picked up the pace and intensity. Soon he was plowing into her pussy like a well-oiled machine. For the next several minutes they went at it like wild animals, she hollered for more and he did just that. They became so engrossed with their sexual activity that the chair tilted sending them both to the floor. Once there she wrapped her legs around him and attempted to kiss him, but the offensive odor of her breath and the sight of her yellow teeth repelled the intrusion. Finally he pulled out spraying his love juice all over her stomach. He was about to climb to his feet, but the hot-blooded woman would have none of that.

“Good, now finish the job, lick me clean.” She commanded.

“You’re kidding right?”

“You made a mess now clean it up!”

Once again Jason sank to his knees, licking and sticking until both their love juices covered his mustache and beard. Ohh, oooh, that’s right baby, lick it clean, spic and span.” She moaned.

Finally she pushed him away, with tears in her eyes.

“Oh thank you young man, you sure know how to make an old woman feel young again.” She exclaimed as she grabbed her clothes and headed back into the bathroom.

“But ma’am, do I get the job?” He waited patiently as the funk from her pussy continued to make his nose twitch. After several nonresponsive seconds went by he asked once more.

Ma’am, I’m sorry to rush you but did I get the job?”

“Oh the job, well you have to see Ms. Johansson about that.”

“Ms. Johansson, but I thought you were…then who are you?”

Jason’s mouth dropped to the floor as he saw the woman exit the bathroom.

“Oh I’m just the cleaning lady. She answered adjusting her uniform.

Before the stunned young man could utter another word, the office door swung open.

“That’s Ms. Johansson.” She smiled leaving the office and Jason standing there with his pants down around his ankles and Ms Johansson standing there in shock.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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