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Caught Naked

Chapter 6

The week leading up to Baby Gaby”s fifth birthday went fast, at least for me. We kept good and busy, we swam and ran and worked out well, the boys did all their schoolwork while I did other work around the house and property, and pretty near every afternoon we worked in the shop together, and we finished all the serving boards. Baby Gaby and Alex”s second attempts at hand carving really did not turn out all that much better, but I thought they were good, and so, I told Alex to finish his for his daddy, and that I wanted Baby Gaby”s for us, they both thought that was a great idea.

Friday after the boys were done their schoolwork for the day, we loaded all the woodworking pieces into the truck, we all hopped in as well, of course we are only in single diapers and properly dressed, and then headed into town. The funny thing is, the store that we are going to is actually one of the larger stores in the area, other than places like Walmart, Canadian Tire, the ranch store, and a couple others, but they sell all sorts of hand made, locally made items, many things of which I buy from there. We took everything in, far more than just the serving boards of course, and the lady who runs the store was very happy. She looked over everything, made her offer, and we accepted it, I usually do, she offers fair prices, and marks them up reasonably.

As soon as that was done, we looked around at everything else there, it is rare that I leave without buying something. I bought another couple packs of the knitted dish cloths and scrubbies, another couple packs of the knitted face cloths, more of the biodegradable soaps that someone makes that work shockingly well, and has no chemicals in it, a couple more bottles of the locally made maple syrup, which actually tastes a bit different than the stuff from back east, but is still very good, a really nice copper wind chime, and a few other things.

Each of the boys also picked out a few things that they each wanted, they had known we were coming, so they had been encouraged to bring their wallets, even Baby Gaby has his own wallet and own money to buy things that he likes. I think it is important to teach kids this early, so this is something that I have been teaching him since he was just over three.

I also made sure to check out my area of the store to see what all has sold, so that I know what more to make. The small tables and bookshelves that I make always seem to sell very well, and once more, I need more. The larger pieces always sell, just more slowly. It looks though as if she has sold out of almost all the larger pieces now too. I make a list of what all I will make, stop and talk to the owner and tell her this, and she is happy to hear that. As always, she says that she has several woodworkers who do things for the store, but that I am the only one who routinely brings in quality pieces.

Most of the stuff I make for the store is easy, I had just created patterns for them, and just use that and a hand held router and copy each piece, I figure each bookshelf takes me maybe half an hour to actually make, because I buy laminated pine panels already glued up for just this sort of thing, and same with the tables, I just have the templates and copy each piece. Sure, sometimes I will glue up my own hardwood panels and make them out of the that, but, believe it or not, they sell way more slowly, most people just want simple and inexpensive pine furniture around here, cheap, easy, and really quite nice.

Once we are all set, we head out. We have probably close to a dozen other stops to make as well, and so, we go down the line, making sure that the groceries are last, for probably rather obvious reasons. The lumber yard was easily the most expensive stop of the day, though, I have to replenish so much stock, it is not even funny. I decided to get another full lift of the pine panels I buy, since they have a full one in the size I like, and they had an amazing deal on some walnut and sapele lumber shorts, so of course I asked what extra deal I could get if I bought all that they had, and he gave me a buck a board foot off extra, so I said sold, and so he calculated that as well and added it to our bill. Glues, screws, nails, stains, finishes, epoxy and tint, bits and blades, and all sorts of other hardware I added as well. The boys all picked out a few other things themselves, and paid for them on their own. It took a bit for the guys to calculate all the lumber, then pull and band it all, and then it was loaded on the trailer, which gave me way too much time to wander the store and spend even more than I had anticipated, but I have lots more beautiful lumber.

Our final stop is groceries of course, and here too it hurt, but not near as bad as the lumber yard. Our other stops would have been expensive had I not compared them to what we just spent, but, that is okay too. We are finally on our way home, and will probably be just in time for Alex to be picked up, and then Jasper is also supposed to go home.

I was right, because Alex”s dad was there almost half way through us offloading the truck and trailer, but they had to get going, and so, headed out shortly after arriving. Jasper stayed and helped us to finish offloading, and then asked me to take him in to change his diaper, which I happen to know for a fact is not the only thing he wants, and I was right, because damn near half an hour later, we stumbled from the bedroom, both very much drained and satisfied.

Baby Gaby had had to change himself, but he had happily quadruple diapered himself, then made himself a baby bottle, and started a large pot of tea for the two of us. As soon as Jasper was gone, Baby Gaby pointed to the bottle he had also made for me, and then the tea once I was done that. We had a quiet night in, and then an equally quiet weekend.

Monday morning the boys were back, and we had a really good day, and then Tuesday morning dawned bright and early, and appears to be an absolutely beautiful day for Baby Gaby”s fifth birthday.

“Happy Birthday my beautiful baby boy. I trust the fact that you two are getting up at least a full hour later than you normally do, that Alex decided to give you a nice private birthday gift?” I said and hugged my baby tightly, cupping his cute and seriously soggy triple diapered baby bum.

“Oh yeah, we sucked and finger fucked each other real good, man that feels so amazing.”

“Yeah, know how you feel Baby. Hop down, we have breakfast almost ready for us.”

“Goody, I”m totally starving this morning, though I have no idea why.” He grinned cheekily to me.

“Yeah, I”m absolutely certain you have no idea why it might be that you”re a wee bit hungry.” I snorted.

“Nope, not a single clue at all. So, what are you making then Daddy?”

“Your favorite waffles with blueberries and blueberry yogurt, spicy Italian sausage, and cheesy scrambled eggs.”

“Oh goody, we”re totally gonna haveta go for a run later to burn all that off, and it”s gonna be so worth it.” He groaned from deep within.

“Definitely.” The other three of us said together, though Alex and Jasper have never had this before, it just sounds amazing.

As soon as everything was ready, we dished up and pigged out, and all three boys enjoyed it a great deal, as did I.

Baby Gaby pushed back his chair, pushed out his tight little tummy, patted it, and said, “Oh yeah, that”s what a birthday breakfast should be like. Man, that was so good, and even I ate way too much. Was so worth it though.”

“Mmmhmm.” We all said again.

“Now, would you liketa do gifts now or later Baby?”

“We should do our schoolwork first Daddy, and then maybe go for a run, “cause there”s no way I could run right now, I”d totally trip and roll all the way down the hill, and maybe even land in the lake, and end up with leeches on me.”

“That”s funny Baby Gaby, but no schoolwork today, today”s just fun.”

“Really, we don”t haveta do that just “cause it”s my birthday.”

“I know, but you boys are already so far ahead it”s not even funny, so you can afford to have a day off school for your birthday. Now, no more on that, no schoolwork today. So, gifts, now or later?”

“Okay, thanks Daddy. I guess now please.” He said, and then Alex, Jasper, and I all hopped up to go grab our gifts for Baby Gaby.

I told Alex to go first, and he did, and when Baby Gaby opened it to reveal what is inside, Baby Gaby was happy to find a really nice wooden model kit. He thanked Alex, and even kissed him fully and properly in front of us. I then told Jasper to go next, and he did, and Baby Gaby opened his gift to reveal a different wooden model, so clearly the boys had collaborated on this. I then passed Baby Gaby my gift, and though he already knows what it is, he is likely not expecting the wood burning kit I had found for him. I had had to order it in, nowhere in town carried anything of the sort, because this is a true professionals kit. It has twenty different tips, including one that I had custom made that says Handmade by Gabriel. I had had them make ones for Alex, Jasper, and myself at the same time, so that we can use it as well for that, so that it will get plenty of good use. He was speechless, which is actually hard to do to Baby Gaby, he talks incredibly well for his age, I may have mentioned before, and he almost always has something to say.

“Thanks so much Daddy, this is awesome.”

“You”re very welcome. Check out the special tip I had them make for you, but I also had them make ones for Alex, Jasper, and me as well at the same time.”

“That”s awesome Daddy, thanks. I can”t wait to try it out now. Can we go to the shop and play now then Daddy?”

“Absolutely. We can go for a run later, so for now we play.”

We all went and changed our soggy baby diapers, this time going only double thick, got dressed in appropriate clothes for working in the shop, then headed to the shop to play. I showed Baby Gaby how to attach the tips, how to turn it on, how to adjust the temperature, and everything else about it. I had already gone through the manual, but I know that Baby Gaby will later as well.

As soon as the boys were playing, doing whatever they wanted to do, I started by cutting all the pieces for the book başakşehir escort shelves that I make. I rough cut them first, I can stack three pieces together for cutting on the band saw, and then drilling out where the mortises are, and I do this until I have all the sides made for twelve bookshelves. I then do the same for all four shelves that make up each of the twelve units, but these are faster, because I do not have to drill them for mortises as well, they only get one hole near the ends of their tenons. Each piece then gets the template attached to it, and I use the router to do all this. It is messy, and it is loud, but it is the fastest and easiest way. Sure, I really could do it on the CNC router, but I am not entirely convinced it would be fast enough to make it worth it, because I still have to do so much hand work after as well with the CNC, and less when I do it by hand. I usually use that for things that take way more time and are harder to do any other way, and even then, only on production pieces.

By the time lunch time rolled around, I have all the pieces fully ready to be assembled, they only need final sanding, and their pins made to lock them together, because I make these as a knock down, locking mortise and tenon design, they are simple to make, simple to build, and customers love them, and because I can knock twelve out in a little better than four hours, I can make them cheap.

We headed upstairs to the house, made, ate, and cleaned up from lunch, had lots to drink, went for soggy baby bum changes, once more going double, and then got dressed for a run. We all got our packs ready to go and loaded up, water filled, and then we were out. Today the little boys did even better again, and we managed the entire twenty kilometers in just a hair over three and a half hours, so damn near six kilometers an hour maintained speed, not bad, but I know we actually ran faster than that, because we took three close to ten minute breaks, so if I am correct, we were a little better than six and a half kilometers per hour maintained speed instead.

Ever since the doctor told us that we really could not hurt Baby Gaby in doing this, he has taken it on himself to catch up to the rest of us, and I feel that before too long, he will be easily able to outrun Alex, then catch up to me in another year or so, and then start working on Jasper, but, I think that he will never be able to outrun Jasper, Jasper”s legs are long and incredibly muscular, and his ass is hard as granite, that boy was simply built to run. Unless Baby Gaby”s legs grow lots more over the next few years, I doubt that he will be able to outrun Jasper, but, I have no doubt that he will be able to keep up, and might just be able to outrun him in overall distance, because, at five, he can run that entire distance, and he is taking less and less naps afterward.

Of course, Baby Gaby still has the occasional nap, which is good, but once he goes to bed, he is almost always out like a light instantly, and he sleeps like a log for sometimes as much as twelve hours, though his normal is ten. That means that we are working him well, and he is always so bright and chipper in the morning that I know he is getting more than enough sleep.

We still have another hour or so until we need to start making dinner, so, we changed, had more to drink, all taking a baby bottle, the little boys with formula, and then a large cup of tea, and then headed back down to the shop once we are ready to do so, to continue our playing. I got all the panels all sanded, which with my thickness sander is easy, and then started making the pins. I usually make these out of whatever scrap hardwoods I have kicking around, and today I ended up four different species, because I need one hundred and ninety two pins, but this is one of the things I use the CNC router for, because it would take way too long otherwise. I would load a piece up, run the program, and sand while I waited. The only thing I have to do each time I reset, is enter the size of the piece I am working on, then drag and drop as many pins onto the blank as I can, then secure the piece, zero out the router, and hit start, and it takes care of the rest. I needed one hundred and ninety two, so I made sure that I made several extras, and filled each piece with as many pins as I possibly could, and ended up with two hundred and twenty five. They then all need sanding, but it is reasonably fast and easy with my sanding machines to do this.

I felt that now was a good time to stop, so I told the boys that it is dinner time. I once more asked Baby Gaby if I could see the piece he is working on, and he said, no, not yet, so, I did not look. He had been working over at the side table by himself, so I could not see what he was working on, and he had asked that none of us look until it is ready, so we did not.

We now need soggy baby bum changes once again, and so, we quadruple diapered each other, just all on mine and Jasper”s bed again, then we made an extra large pot of tea, had another baby bottle of milk, and made dinner at the same time. We enjoyed dinner and our tea, and then I pulled four cupcakes out of the fridge, put candles on them, and then in a harmony that sounded like a clowder of angry cats, we sang to Baby Gaby, and he blew out his candles. We enjoyed our cupcakes, which is probably my entire monthly allotment of actual processed sugar, if not more, but it is a good treat every so often.

It was decided that since we all still had work that we wanted to finish in the shop, that we would go down and continue playing for about another hour or so, before coming in and relaxing for the night. I finished the last of the sanding, and then started putting them all together to ensure that they all fit well. I purposely make the pieces a tight fit as I machine them, because during the rest of the routing and sanding, it usually takes away enough to make them a nice slip fit, but, occasionally I will find a joint that is still too tight, so requires further sanding. Tonight is not one of those nights, and they all fit together almost perfectly. The joy of perfect templates.

“Those are really cool shelving units, they pack down to almost nothing, yet are still made of solid wood.” Jasper said.

“Thanks. Took me a while to develop the templates to make these, ended up with several that ended up in the wood stove until I perfected it, now I think I have probably made a thousand of these over the years. What”s amazing, is that there”s maybe forty dollars of raw material cost in these, it takes me four hours or so to make twelve, and if I bill out at a slim sixty an hour, I figure it costs me sixty to make them. I sell them for one twenty a piece, so I make a pretty damn good profit on these, and you know, they always sell out. These twelve will likely be gone in just a couple to a few weeks, and for such a small town, that”s huge. Granted, we”re one of the main shopping hubs for hundreds of kilometers around, which makes this area far busier for shopping than our population says it should be. Then there”s summer time when we have thousands of tourists through here. Hell, even our little lake here sees hundreds of tourists a week during the summer.”

“Yeah, my mom says the same about the shopping, but that”s good for us. It”s awesome that you do so well selling those though. So, now what do you do with them?”

“Now I print out the instruction sheet, which is stupidly simple, pack it and all the pins into a bag, and then wrap each one up.”

“Cool. I just finished what I was working on, so, want help?”


I went and printed out the instruction pages, they really are so simple that I can fit three onto one actual page, so print the four pages I need, cut them all at the same time, and then we put one sheet, and sixteen matching pegs into a bag, and then we start packing them all up.

“That”s kinda simple, really.” Jasper said.

“Yeah, but effective.”

I asked the little baby boys if they are ready to go up yet, and Baby Gaby asked for five more minutes, and Alex said he is just finishing up. Alex had been working on more serving boards, since he likes them, because they are simple, yet he can be really creative, and he had spent a fair bit of time on the CNC router with the ones he is working on, and I know that he has been using the epoxy since coming down after dinner, so he is filling all the defects and artwork.

Alex joined us first, and so, we went and looked at the ones that he just filled, and they look good. I asked Jasper what he was working on, so he took me and showed me that he was working mostly on the computer, working on a design for a really cool wooden puzzle that he could cut out on the CNC later, once he has it all done, but claims that he still has more work. Finally we were called over, and Baby Gaby showed us what he has been working on. I must say, I am impressed.

“You did really well Baby Gaby, this looks amazing already, now all you haveta do is put whatever clear coat you want on it, and it”ll be perfect.”

“You think so Daddy?”

“Of course I do. It”s still not absolutely perfect, but artwork doesn”t always haveta be, and you”re still learning after all. You”re gonna get shockingly good very soon if you keep it up, but then, you”re already good with your pencil crayons and paints too. Where are you gonna put this?”

“Thanks Daddy. I was hoping I could put it on my bedroom door.”

“Sounds good to me Baby.”

He made a sign, and I figured that that was where he was going to ask to put it. It has Baby Gaby written in the centre, and then all around it he has little pictures of baby bottles, baby soothers, and of course baby diapers. It is really cute.

“Well, now that you”re done, let”s head upstairs and watch a movie or two before bed.”

“I think I”m good for just one Daddy, I”m getting pooped.”

“Better than poopy.”

“Yep.” He grinned.

We stripped down to our diapers, cleaned up, got a pot of chamomile tea going, and we each ended up with a very large, very full cup of it, and then sat back and watched a movie, clearly it was Baby Gaby”s pick, since it is his birthday and all.

As soon as the movie ended, the little boys both admitted that they are definitely getting tired, so halkalı escort I picked up my beautiful baby boy, held him by his mega thickly diapered bum, and gave him really nice birthday hugs and kisses goodnight. What is funny, since he and Alex got together, he has not once attempted to slip me the tongue. I whispered into his ear, “Happy birthday Baby, I hope you had a good day, goodnight, and I love you more than life itself.”

“Thanks Daddy, I love you that much and more, and I had a great day. Goodnight.”

As soon as I set my baby boy down, he grasped Alex”s small hand in his smaller hand, and they headed to their bedroom, where I am certain that neither boy is so tired that they will not be playing for at least a little while. Given how thickly diapered they are, and with how well they are taped on, my guess is they will do no more than Jasper and I will also be doing shortly, and that is just kissing and stroking each other.

Jasper and I stayed up for almost an hour more, before we too headed to bed, to kiss and stroke until we are satisfied. As per usual, we slip our hands out after every orgasm, suck our seed, and then press our lips together and share the wealth in amazing cum kisses. After three very nice baby boygasms, we both feel that we are ready to sleep now, and so, we curl up, whisper to each other how much we love each other, and then pass out.

The next few weeks pass us by far too quickly to be at all healthy, it is now mid October, and the boys are doing shockingly well. They love the weeks when we are all together, but miss each other dearly when we are apart. I too miss my baby when he must go home to spend the weekend with his mom, but I am a big boy, and can handle myself. The frost had started to creep down lower and lower the past few days, and then it stayed for longer every morning before disappearing, and then finally we woke with snow on the ground.

That first snow day was the first time we got to run our track with snow on it, but of course, in the forest like that, there was not much yet, there will be times when it will be almost impassable because of the snow, but that will not stop us. Really, the only thing the snow will do to us is slow us down, because we will have to run with more clothes, and of course navigate the actual snow too. There will more than likely come a time when we cannot go for a run though, I will not run, nor will I let the boys, when it is lower than negative twenty degrees, that is dangerous, but now we have the pool, so that is good, and we can still easily do martial arts workouts whenever we want.

As always, the boys have done well in not only their running and swimming, but also spectacularly well in their schoolwork, and even in the shop as well. At least every other day we spend at least a few hours in the shop, and they are loving it. Baby Gaby has taken to his wood burning kit very well, and is now drawing even better than before, truly enjoying himself, and doing incredibly at it as well. Jasper and Alex make whatever they desire any given day, and they too are both getting very good. A few days I even had Jasper with me to make a bunch of dressers and desks, and we had a good time.

I know that the little baby boys are enjoying each other a considerable amount still, every day they play, and late last week, I know for a fact that they finally became full on boyfriends and made love to each other. I never asked, they never said, but both Jasper and I saw it instantly the following morning. They are so in love, it is so adorable, something that most people think that children their age cannot even hope to understand, and I think that they understand it far more than most adults do.

Jasper and I of course still make love to each other every day, still most often by hand, but often enough by mouth, and at least once a week anally, and it is always amazing. To feel my baby slip his hot hard teen baby erection deep inside me and make love to me as slow and gentle and tender as he always does, there is simply nothing on this planet that can make me feel better, including when I get to make love to him, that is a close second in my opinion. Jasper is of the same mind on that though, he says he loves making love to me, no doubt there, but to be made love to by me is far superior.

Today was not a running day, and I found out that the little baby boys had decided that it most certainly will not be a swim day either, with just how thickly diapered they are. I took one look at them when they walked out, though waddled is more accurate, and burst out laughing, and when Jasper saw them, he too did likewise.

“Good grief Babies, what are you wearing?”

“We decided to be diaper champs today. I think we have on as many diapers as we could possibly fit. We”ve each got one of my awesome Pampers baby diapers with a doubler in it, then one of Alex”s baby diapers with a doubler in it, and of course lotsa holes poked in them. Then we each have two of Jasper”s diapers, each with doublers in them and holes of course. Then we each have one of yours Daddy, but with two doublers in it. It”s so awesomely thick.” Baby Gaby grinned brightly.

“Fuck, that”s eleven diapers, I think that just might count as diaper champ, not even I”ve ever done that before. The problem, though, is that even taped on like it is, there”s zero chance that”s gonna stay on either of your skinny little hips once they start getting full.” I said, and I am reasonably certain I groaned.

“Yeah, we thought the same thing, so we were kinda hoping you might have an idea for that.”

“If we had suspenders, that”d probably work, but we don”t, and I have nothing that I could easily make some with. I”d say your diaper shirts, but, not even sure they”d fit over those gigantic baby diapers. I suppose we could just go down to the shop and staple them on you boys real well. That”d surely do it.” I said, perfectly straight faced, at least I think so.

“Yeah, that”d certainly do it Daddy, but, I think I”m gonna haveta go with no on that one.” Baby Gaby giggled.

“Good choice.” Jasper snorted.

“No kidding. No, maybe try your cute little shortall jammies, they”re still just a little big on you, and I know you have a pair here somewhere as well Alex, so you can do the same. Now, just so you know, there”s to be no wasting of thick thirsty baby diapers in this house, so, until either you or it is bursting, you don”t get to take that baby diaper off. Now, if you”ll excuse Jasper and I, we”re so fucking going and doing the same, that”s wicked awesome.”

“Oh hell yeah.” Jasper said, and then proceeded to nearly drag me to our bedroom.

The little baby boys followed us and headed to theirs as well. Jasper got exactly what the little boys had gotten, but because neither of the little baby boys” diapers would even wrap around my hips in the least, I just used Jasper”s diapers instead, but, by the time we are done, we have the exact same quantity, and approximately the same thickness of diapers. Even though we know that it will not hold the diapers up, they do still need to be taped up extra well, to hold them together, so do so to each other. Jasper and I also have the same pajamas as the little baby boys do, so we too dig them out and put them onto each other.

“Fuck, that”s hot.” Jasper groans when he finally finishes getting me into my pajamas, I have already helped him into his.

“You too Baby. It looks like you”re wearing a pair of pillows inside those cute baby jammies.”

“Yeah, you too. Now, for some strange reason, I”m super mega thirsty and feel like I need lots and lots to drink.”

“You know, now that you mention it, I think I feel the same way too.”


When we made it to the kitchen, we find that the little baby boys have already made it, and they must have felt the same way, because they are already sucking on baby bottles, and there are already two filled and ready for Jasper and me, as well they are already making an entire four litre jug of tea, and have all the thermal mugs we have out and ready. There is also a pair of our largest cups filled with water, so, I am assuming that they too are for us, and I would likely be safe in guessing that the two little baby boys have downed at the very least one of them. Jasper and I drank our water first, refilled them twice more and drained them, and then started on our baby bottles as well. Just as we finished them, the tea was ready.

“Thanks Babies, that”s exactly what we needed as well.” I smiled happily.

“Yeah, we were real thirsty as well, and we had three large glasses of water too before our baby bottles.”

“Very good.” I said, and Jasper nodded.

Now that we are all properly diapered, and we have had and are taking in all the liquid we possibly can, we need breakfast, and so, we all help to make it, and then sit down to eat. As soon as we have breakfast all cleaned up, we go and play games until lunch, make more tea, have another bottle and another couple glasses of water, and eat a good lunch. We repeated again until dinner, then the exact same drinks as we were making that too. After dinner we decided to watch movies, and so, we each had a couple baby bottles, some popcorn, and enjoyed two movies. The little baby boys were very nearly passing out by the end of the second one, but they had managed to make it.

“So, how are your diapers Baby”s?”

“Good.” All three of them said together.

“Same. I”m so fucking full already, but I doubt I”ll start leaking any time soon, so, let”s get you baby boys to bed.”

I took Alex, Jasper took Baby Gaby, and we carried them to their bedroom, laid them down, covered them up, kissed their foreheads, wished them a good sleep, and then we shut off their light, closed their door, and decided to head to our bedroom to lay down and read until bedtime.

It was almost four the next day when our diapers were so full that they could no longer contain it all, and I sprung a leak first. With that being said, though, even had our diapers lasted longer, there was no way I was going to be able to, my bowels had been screaming at me for nearly two hours before I finally peed enough, and the other three all said much the same thing. Since we had to get naked anyway, şirinevler escort and we had had no exercise the day before or that day so far, I told the boys to stay naked and that we would go swimming. We all need a good shower anyway, as well we should cool down our groins, because it was certainly very hot, in more ways than one of course. As soon as we were all well cleaned out, we headed to the pool, where I ran the boys through an entire hour of water aerobics that pushed them every bit as hard as I usually do, and as always, they manage just fine.

After exercising really well, we stayed and played for almost an hour more, as well we rested in the hot tub and sauna, and then cooled down again. By now it is after six, and we are all getting real close to starving, so, we head in, get diapered, just double this time, and go and make and eat dinner.

At bedtime, I know for a fact that Jasper and I are not the only ones making love to each other, because we even hear the little baby boys a few times, but I was more concerned with having my baby deep inside me where he belongs.

As the days went by, the snow got deeper and deeper, the temperature kept getting lower, but still, every other day we still went for our run. Inside the forest it rarely got that bad, but we still ended up running on a lot of packed snow.

Christmas came and went, Alex and Jasper of course spent a few days at home with their parents, but then they were back to our place where we all had an amazing Christmas together, in fact, almost as soon as they walked in, we were in our bedrooms, where Jasper and I spent just shy of three hours making sweet tender gay baby diaper love to each other, and Baby Gaby and Alex spent just over three hours, and from the soft glow emanating from them as they exit their bedroom, I can only assume that so had they.

It is very nice, I must say.

It was mid January when the temperature got too low for us to run any more, so we just stayed in. There had been plenty of days prior to that when the weather was just too bad, the winter storms in our area have been known to be rather bad, so we had to cancel our runs a few times, but now, we know that for pretty close to a month we will not be able to really go out too much. We did go and join several of the others out on the lake a few times and skated and played hockey and whatnot, of course we stayed well away from the holes that the ice fishers had made, but they prefer the middle, whereas the skating rink was made pretty close to shore.

Before we knew it, winter started slipping away, and here we found that running was also sometimes extra challenging, because of the runoff and mud. We had made our trail really well, we tried our best to account for that, but considering that we do not get a lot of rain, and usually not a lot at one time, we were truly unable to fully account for all of it. Where we could tell that the land would push water into certain areas, we had made sure to put in pipes and whatnot, but still, there were three areas that got completely washed out, and so, we decided to build bridges there instead, and one of the areas had been where we had already put in a pretty large pipe. Oh well, we knew going in that that sort of thing could and probably would happen, and we enjoyed it. There had also been no less than twenty trees that had come down from the weight of the snow and the winds, I think it was twenty three, but I lost count, so, we pulled them down, cut them up, and added them to our firewood, all except the large maple that I only cut into large chunks to dry for woodworking.

As soon as the snow was gone enough to start doing so, we started working the gardens to get them ready. All the compost was added to the truck loads of both dried chicken and cow shit that I had ordered, as well the three loads of mushroom compost, and Jasper and I mixed it all together really well with the tractors, since I had bought another one recently, and then we all spread it out. All the old vegetation had just been mowed over and left to rot in place, and now with another half a centimeter of really good fertilizer added over top of it all, it is now ready to plant, as soon as we can guarantee that it will not freeze, because it is still getting to as low as negative five every night, that will still last almost a month to a month and a half.

As soon as all the snow had melted from the roof and from the area where I store it to collect its waters, I checked all the tanks to see how full they are, and they are all completely full, so that is good, that should hopefully water the gardens for the entire summer, and whatever rain we get over the next month or two will keep them topped up, but, come summer, they will only get used, since we almost never get rain during the summer, maybe a total of two centimeters.

Shortly after summer started, I got permission from Alex and Jasper”s parents to take the boys on a trip to Vancouver. We would be gone a total of two weeks, we are going to fly, because I actually detest driving, and detest it even further doing so in cities, and I thought that the boys would enjoy that experience as well. I booked everything, and it was all arranged. The flight was great, it is just a small plane, capable of holding only ten people, plus pilots, and we were the only ones on it.

We got a hotel right on the beach by Stanley Park, what a beautiful area for a city, I must say. I only got just the one room with two beds, of course telling the boys that I know what we will all want and need, but that we could just keep it to in the showers in the mornings. They were okay with this.

We started our stay by going to Science world for the first full day, then the Zoo for the second, then we rested on the beach for two days, and then spent three days at Playland. We rested another couple days on the beach, and then toured the city. We found every other tourist trap we could find, and had lots of fun there as well. Then we left that hotel, hopped on the ferry to head to Vancouver Island, and spent the last few days of our vacation in a hotel there, where we also toured all the tourist traps. The castles are stunning, the Butchart Gardens and the Butterfly Gardens were equally as stunning, and their park is one of the nicest I have ever seen.

What was nice, was that we pretty much double diapered each other each and every day, and given what clothes we chose to wear most of the time, it was easily seen. We got some shocked looks, and some very admiring looks, but, most of all, no one said or did anything. I guess it really is true, in a city, everything”s weird, so nothing is, and so, no one really cares.

We flew from the local airport on the island, and headed back home. A different plane this time, but still pretty near exactly the same size, and had another amazing flight. I asked the boys if they had had a good time, and they all claimed that they absolutely did. I asked them how they felt about our humble little town now, and they all said it seems so tiny now. No matter where we went, no matter what we did, there had always been hundreds or thousands of others right there with us, there was no peace, no quiet, no elbow room, just endless people. Even the two hotels we had stayed in, we all figured correctly that each of those hotels held more people than all the hotels and motels in our little home town did combined.

Finally we make it back home, and get to fully relax and be ourselves. Of course we were diapered the entire time, but we could not be in only diapers all that much, and we were unable to truly wear our diapers as thick and prominent as we had wanted to, even though I sort of think that we probably could have without too much problem, but why cause problems, there are already enough. So, our first day back, we quadruple diapered each other, put on our smallest shorts, and went for a good long run.

From then on, we spent a lot of time together, as we always do, we diapered each other as thick as we cared to as we always do, we loved our partners to our absolute fullest, every meaning possible there fully intended, and we went on at least one vacation per year together and toured many interesting places.

I had feared, deep down, that over the years, Jasper would fall out of love with me, or that Baby Gaby and Alex would drift apart, but, we never did, and still, twenty years later, we are all still going strong. We still all live together, why would we not, really. Jasper went into competitive running when he was sixteen, took gold in pretty near every race he entered, but chose not to go to the Olpics, and then retired. Baby Gaby and Alex both did the same, but they did not get gold every time, just half the time, and they too chose not to go to the Olpics.

We still farm our land, we still do lots of woodworking and art, we live a pretty simple life actually, but we all love each other a great deal, and really, can anyone ever ask for more.

The end.

****So, the end of yet another tale. I truly hope that you enjoyed, should you have made it this far that is. As always, I would love to hear your feedback on this, or any of my other stories, email me at erich5748 at ail. So, this story was actually inspired by a couple separate things while I was on vacation this summer. First, I was at a family reunion at a small lake in the small town I mentioned, and the property that I mention in this story was right across the street from the lake. I hiked up to the top of the hill, and looked out over the lake and the valley, and fell in love with it. It was not until I got home, and was curious, and found that it was for sale. That much land, for sale for less than half what my current house cost me. If I could, I would have bought it then and there, but sadly I cannot. All three boys that made up my characters, I saw while I was on vacation, sadly only the boy who became Baby Gaby was actually diapered, and boy was he a cutie. The boy who became Jasper, fuck, he was hot, I don”t think I was able to fully describe just how hot he was, and if he had have been diapered, there may have been nothing I could have done to stop myself from offering him anything to make baby diaper love to him. Then the boy who became Alex, he was cute, and like mentioned, the most brilliantly orange hair I have ever actually seen in my life. Now for something that I have never actually done before, a request from my readers; let me know any and all gay diaper websites that you know of, they are getting harder to find, and I would like more. Thanks. So, yeah, there you have it. Thanks for reading, see you on the next.****

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