Jenna Presents a Different Story

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Jenna presents a different story

Jenna’s a well-known and acclaimed foreign correspondent. The Practice’s serene ambience is far removed from the pressures of international media and the often-distressing content of her reporting. Doctor Love’s therapy is her salvation, restoring peace and tranquillity in her life and fulfilling a discreet and intimate need. But is there something more to it?


Enjoying the ambience of the Sitting Room and the wine, my mind began to wander from the dramas of work to the session with Doctor Love. I smiled to myself recalling when we first met, sitting in his suite like a horny teenager drinking in his warm sensual eyes and charming smile. Attending the Practice for sexual therapy has to be the wildest thing I’ve ever done. Even a media personality needs a little fun and I know my naughty secret won’t go any further.

It was cold and miserable outside and I started to warm up in front of the fire. I glanced around the Sitting Room admiring the elegant furnishings and fine period furniture. The Practice is a double-story terrace house beautifully renovated as an exclusive medical centre for women. Being in a prestigious residential area made attending all the more discreet. My career just couldn’t afford a scandal or even the complication of a partner. Our patient doctor relationship was purely for pleasure, filling that intimate need perfectly.

‘I thought you may like some cheese and fruit with your drink Jenna,’ Maddisyn smiled placing a silver tray on the coffee table.

Maddisyn manages the Practice and looks after the Guests. ‘Thank you. You think of everything,’ returning her infectious smile.

I soon realised how lovely Maddisyn was when she provided a tour of the Practice before registering as a Guest. I’ve got to know her well over the last 6 months. She’s pretty with an attractive body and in her mid-twenties. Maddisyn spoke in a soft and gentle tone with an almost angelic nature, adding to the tranquil ambience of the Practice. It’s that sort of place.

I always schedule a session with Doctor Love when I’m back home from an assignment. My work as a foreign correspondent is exciting, taking me to wonderful locations and meeting some interesting people. You get use to the stress of international media and the frequently distressing stories. I always look forward to visiting the Practice. It helps me cope and Doctor Love is just gorgeous. Not many women could say that about their doctor!

Doctor Love must be late 50s but still a striking man, a handsome silver fox if I was a younger woman. He’s a wonderful therapist and it’s enjoyable when he gazes at you and flashes that lovely smile. Doctor Love is just so charming and I love his immaculate grooming and gentlemanly manner. An attractive muscular build that a younger man would be proud of makes him just perfect.

I finished my drink and Maddisyn came over to take the tray. ‘Would you like anything before you see Doctor Love?’ Interrupting my dreamy thoughts.

‘That was lovely. I’ll just use the Guest Lounge and then go through to his suite,’ I smiled, feeling the stirring of arousal.

I watched as Maddisyn returned to the kitchenette behind her desk at the other end of the Sitting Room. I admired the swing of her hips and how her mid-thigh skirt swung to the rhythm of her steps. Her high-heels added to her sexy walk, drawing my attention to her long sensual legs and tight little backside. My pussy throbbed at some of the images that entertained my mind on those long lonely nights when away.

I wondered if there was something going on between Doctor Love and Maddisyn. It may be my investigative mind or just a fertile imagination. Were they just work colleagues or lovers? I wouldn’t be surprised. What young woman wouldn’t want their silver fox to be a sex therapist? The thought of them being intimate was adding to the wetness.

I had a final gaze around the beautiful room before going to the Lounge. I sighed, basking in the surreal feeling of being at the Practice after a particularly dramatic trip. It seems so far removed for the dramas in the world with natural disasters, civil unrest, terrorism and conflicts that are constants in my busy life. Last month I reported on young female tourists who were kidnapped and used as sex slaves. Another story was on the luxurious lifestyle of wealthy drug cartels. I was wonderful being at the Practice again.

The Lounge is off the Sitting Room and I felt a little thrill of excitement as I went to prepare for Doctor Love. Even the pressures of work were fading with the flow of arousal. A dressing table with a large mirror has a selection of perfumes and cosmetics. I smiled to myself knowing why most Guests probably liked looking their best as I tidied up my makeup and dark shoulder length curls.

I was pleased with my figure as I checked out my outfit in the mirror, even if I was the wrong side of forty. With a firm and full breast and a cleavage that melted away into a low-cut button-down dress, a petite Antalya Escort waist and legs that looked great in high-heels, I still considered myself a beautiful woman. It helps in my work if you’re attractive in front of the camera.

I used the door to the passageway that conveniently and discreetly led to Doctor Love’s suite but I’d be surprised if Maddisyn didn’t know what was going on. I made my way along the passageway with its polished Baltic Pine flooring towards the back of the building. I felt my nipple tighten and my pussy moistened with the memories of our last sexual therapy session. Finding the door open, I entered and shut it behind me.

Doctor Love got up from his desk to greet me. ‘Hello Jenna. What a lovely dress and it looks absolutely gorgeous on you. Please take a seat.’

I never tire of his flattery and I knew he’d like my outfit. ‘Thank you,’ a generous smile filling my face at the other reason I chose the dress.

You wouldn’t recognised Doctor Love’s suite as a consulting room with its high ornate ceilings, decorative cornices and a lovely chandelier suspended from a ceiling rosette. An impressive white marble fireplace dominates the room and a fire was burning brightly, consuming a freshly placed log. A bedroom and its ensuite are off the suite and so convenient for sexual therapy. But something different I’d planned had me excited.

‘What a lovely fire,’ I sighed, making my way to one of the luxurious couches nestled in front of the fireplace.

There was a silver tray on the large matching covered footstool between the couches with two glass of wine and an opened bottle. Maddisyn had also added two delightfully looking hand-made chocolates.

Doctor Love sat opposite and I seductively crossed my legs, the dress parting and riding up my leg to display my smooth and toned thigh. My skin prickled as his sensual warm gazed started blatantly wandering, taking in more than the lovely dress. I patiently waited, listening to my pounding heart and enjoying the moist wet heat forming in my panties as his eyes roamed. It was just as arousing as any caress.

His eyes finally lifted to mine and I melted as a gorgeous smile slowly formed. ‘I thought you’d enjoy another wine in front of the fire.’

I smiled back in appreciation. ‘You must know all my vices by now,’ my voice turning a couple of shades sensual.

I could tell by his knowing smile that the innuendo wasn’t wasted. ‘How was your trip?’ He asked leaning forward to pick up a glass and offering it to me.

I felt compelled to answer, if only to be polite. ‘The area we covered had been in drought for years and now devastated with flooding. The situation is horrendous and the people desperate for help.’

Doctor Love’s eyes narrowed. ‘I saw your report on the television, a terrible situation. The graft and corruption by authorities was even more appalling,’ he replied.

My mouth dry, I nervously licked my lips and took a sip of wine. ‘Yes, but let’s not talk about it. I’ve something more interesting to share,’ I smiled, gazing at Doctor Love from over the rim of my glass.

Doctor Love settled back on the couch and the soft lines of his face displayed his interest. ‘Another one of your favourite stories?’ His velvet inquiring tone a definite invitation to continue.

My heart was racing and a warm wetness between my legs at the thought of exciting Doctor Love. ‘A pretty young woman couldn’t pay her rent and went to her landlord’s apartment,’ I commenced with a wicked smile.

It was porn that entertained my mind and body during this long and lonely nights away. I discussed my fetish with Doctor Love during some of my earlier sessions and discovered describing my favourite video was such a turn on. It’s debatable who enjoyed them more. One thing led to another and I’ve been enjoying our sexual therapy ever since.

‘Could you describe her?’ He inquired with more than a hint of eagerness in his voice.

‘Latin American I think, given her voice and skin complexion. She’d be mid-twenties with an attractive slender body. Her dress was like mine, button down and displaying her large breasts,’ my hand mindlessly lifting to played with the top button of my dress.

Doctor Love drew a long slow breath of arousal. ‘And the landlord?’ He simply prompted.

I paused, giving a huff of disapproval. ‘American, white and quite a bit older. Maybe . . . late 40s. A bit of a jerk and certainly hadn’t looked after himself. Nothing like you Doctor Love,’ I added, smiling teasingly.

Doctor Love’s eyes narrowed thoughtfully. ‘Please continue.’

I placed my glass on the silver tray. The curly-haired brunette didn’t have any money and the landlord wasn’t interested in hearing her excuses and hard-luck stories. It was obvious he wanted to take advantage of her situation.

My teasing fingers release the top button as I held Doctor Love’s gaze. ‘She was desperate and reluctantly agreed to let him fuck her for the rent,’ the crudeness sending a hit of adrenaline through Antalya Escort Bayan me.

A trembling desire consumed my body as I undid another button, exposing my heaving breasts in a low-cut white lacey bra. ‘He got what he wanted. People like that always do,’ I frowned a little circumspectly.

I loosened another two buttons and moistened my lips before continuing. The landlord made her drop to her knees in front of him and the fat slob started to unbuckled his belt and unclip his trousers. The poor girl caressed his cock while nervously looking up at him. Finally unzipping his fly, she drew a deep breath before pulling them down to his ankles.

My nipples hardened and my pussy moistened in anticipation as I released the last button. ‘His cock was straining against the fabric of his underpants, the brut wanted to fuck her so bad,’ I described, an anxious expression on my face.

‘I can imagine,’ Doctor Love softly laughed, almost to himself.

I smiled back before returning to my story. The young desperate girl pulled his cock from his pants and wrapping her lips around its head and sucked it into her mouth. Her landlord moaned and gloated as she bobbed her head back and forth, forced to take as much cock as she could down her throat.

I moistened my lips, constantly dry with arousal. ‘He told her to suck for her rent and called her a good slut.’

I uncrossed my thighs, flashing more than my long sensual legs as my hand slipped over my mound. ‘The landlord fucked her pretty face and finally came. He told her to opened her mouth to show him his cum before making her swallow,’ I managed, almost breathless.

My fingers slipped inside my sodden panties, running through the pooled moisture between my folds before stroking my swollen clit. I couldn’t help but whimper as I inserting a finger deep inside the wet pink flesh and used the pad of my thumb to tease my aroused bud. The moist sound of my slowly thrusting finger added to the sensation.

I raised my heavy lust filled eyes to Doctor Love. ‘I love it when you watch me,’ I sensually moaned.

My heart pounded like a drum in the silence of the suite as Doctor Love gazed thoughtfully. ‘Did you masturbate?’

I feigned a moment’s hesitation. ‘Yes. Oh . . . yes,’ I sighed heavily with the thrill of sharing the intimate pleasure.

What started as a trickle became a flood as I fingered myself. The sound of self-pleasure filled the suite and the juices of arousal seeped around my hand and down my inner thighs.

A shiver ran through me as a slow smile filled Doctor Love’s face. ‘Was there more to the story?’ He softly asked, standing up.

My eyes following Doctor Love’s every move as he undressed. ‘She sat on the couch and the old guy started eating her out.’

She gasped and squealed as he raised and parted her legs to thrust his face down between her thighs. Her hips were soon bucking wildly as his tongue and lips assaulted her pussy. She was grimacing and moaning with the torturous pleasure as he feasted, roughly sucking and nipping at her intimate wet folds. Parting her lips and exposing her sensitive pink flesh, he forced his tongue deep inside while strumming her clit as she shrieked and loudly moaned.

My hand raised to cup a breast over the silky fabric of my bra. ‘I noticed her thighs trembling, she came so violently,’ I gasped, kneading into the soft yielding flesh.

Doctor Love draped his jacket, waistcoat and tie over the back of the couch as he watched me pleasure. I’d become use to his careful and meticulous removal of clothing to prevent creasing. I rolled my lower lip and bit down as his muscular athletic chest and shoulders and lean toned stomach were revealed.

I worked my hand under my bra and rolled a nipple as I fingered my pussy. ‘Then he roughly fucked her,’ I continued.

The landlord grabbed the young girl’s thighs and dragged her pussy to the edge of the couch. He had her whimpering and grimacing as his cock thrusted into her sensitive flesh with his groans and her desperate whining filling the room.

‘Her tits were swirling around wildly and her navel pendant swung as he pounded her pussy,’ I managed before continuing.

The old guy ordered her on all fours and he was soon bucking into the poor girl, her large breasts hanging from her chest and swinging violently. She was moaned uncontrollably and desperately trying to take a breath as he fucked her relentlessly.

I moistened my lips while panting with the self-pleasure. ‘He groaned loudly as he came again and even joked about her paying the rent in full,’ I muttered.

Doctor Love finally unleashed his belt and removed his trousers. ‘Some sexual therapy will help,’ he smiled, folding the garment carefully.

‘God, I need you to make love to me,’ I moaned at the sight of his erection in his tight-fitting shorts.

Doctor Love approached and I leant forward to grip his erection through the fabric. It hardened and grew as I caressed the bulging outline with my fingertips. Escort Antalya I lifted my gaze to his face and eased his pants over his hips, allowing his cock to spring to attention.

It felt large in my palm, warm and fully erect while throbbing for action. ‘Your cock feel so lovely,’ I smiled, my grip caressing its length.

I felt the smoothness of Doctor’s Love’s flesh and pulsating veins beneath the skin as his cock passed over my lips and into my mouth. I moaned tasting the salty pre-cum with my tongue. I raised my eyes to Doctor Love’s face and smiled around his cock finding his eyes closed and slowly drawing breath through his mouth paused open, lost in the moment as I gently sucked.

I stroked his cock while sucking at the head and the other hand gently fondled his swollen balls. ‘Ooh . . . yeah. That’s so wonderful,’ Doctor Love sighed.

Doctor Love softly moaned, combing his fingers through my hair as I took as much of his cock as I could. His moans became louder as I bobbed up and down, his cock now coated in salvia.

I felt his fingers locking onto my black curls. ‘Oh yes. That’s it,’ he excitedly moaned, encouraging me to suck harder and faster to milk him of his cum.

I squeezed his sack and my fingertips caressed his balls, urging him to shoot his load as I sucked. Suddenly I felt his balls pulsating and his cock throbbed as he shot his cum into my mouth. I raised my eyes and saw the look of pure joy etched on Doctor Love’s face.

Slipping my lips off his cock, I didn’t spill a drop and then swallowed. ‘Oh yeah, that tasted so good,’ I grinned, licking my lips while holding his gaze.

Doctor Love dropped to his knees and I leant back on the couch. Hooking my fingers in the waistband of my white panties and sharing a lusty gaze, I eased them down under my backside. I felt the skin on my neck bristle as a smile filled Doctor Love’s face as a small tuff of trimmed dark hair above my pussy can into view. He assisted as my panties glided down my silky-smooth legs and then caringly placed them on the armrest.

His hands on my thighs, Doctor Love lowered his mouth to place tender kisses along an inside thigh. ‘I’ve been dreaming of this since I watched the video,’ I sighed.

He delicately sucked at the soft skin and progressively parted my legs as I sighed and softly moaned. My breathing quickened in anticipation, knowing how masterful his tongue and lips could be. Doctor Love liked to tease and I loved being teased. My eyes fluttered closed as he gently lifted my thighs and his lips kissed towards their final destination.

I felt a bead of wet arousal seeping from me as Doctor Love’s mouth approached my mound. ‘Oh God, I’m so wet,’ I gasped, my chest rising and falling with deep aroused breaths.

Doctor Love’s fingertips revealed my swollen and pink moist flesh and his tongue lapped at the pooled moisture. I purred like a kitten as his mouth made love to my pussy. His exploring tongue worked the moist pink folds, sometimes snaking deep into the internal flesh. I softly moaned and thrust into his mouth, wanting more of his massaging tongue and sucking lips.

‘Please suck my clit, I moaned. I need it so bad, please,’ I finally begged. His tongue circled my clitoris before drawing it into his mouth and finally sucking on the sensitive flesh, bringing the pleasure I so desperately desired.

A more urgent need was building with the torturous pleasure. ‘Make me cum,’ I breathed, combing my fingers through his short grey hair as he worked his magic.

Doctor Love’s lips locked onto the swollen nub and his tongue teased its tormented prey. I was suddenly gasping for air, my heart pounding in my chest as his mouth and tongue pushed me to the edge. I couldn’t breath, my body possessed as spasm after spasm surged through my convulsing body as I clutched Doctor Love’s face against my pussy.

‘Yes, yes, yes!’ I cried out in pleasure as I rode out the orgasm, squeezing his head between my thighs before they dropped lifeless to the couch.

It left my body humming, savouring the wonderful warm afterglow of a satisfied need as Doctor Love tenderly sucked and lapped at my slick nectar.

Doctor Love raised his eyes to gaze at mine. ‘I love it when you do that,’ I smiled, causing a broad contented smile to fill his face.

Doctor Love stood and I parted my legs. ‘I can’t pay for the session,’ I smiled wickedly while fluttering my eyelashes, leaving him in no doubt what I was proposing.

There was that gorgeous smile again. The sensation of his soft warm hand lifting my legs caused my pussy to swell and open in anticipation. Doctor Love placed a knee on the couch and straddled me with the other, leaning forward until my knees were at my chest and ankles resting on his shoulder.

‘I feel like a porn star,’ I softly laughed, wiggling my high-heels around his ears.

I felt Doctor Love’s cock eagerly twitching as it caressed my intimate opening. ‘Oh yeah,’ I gasped, feeling my pussy lips parting.

We softly moaned in unison as his erection slowly worked into the moist sensitive flesh. Each long, slow and deep thrust of Doctor Love’s cock soon had me to sighing and moaning with pleasure. I was desperate for more, burrowing my hand between us to strum my fingers across my clit above his stroking cock.

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