Jessica’s Dream Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 The Responses are Coming

It was a couple weeks later and it was getting closer to Christmas. Celebrations were reaching a fevered pitch with people coming and going, busy shopping for gifts and dinner, and going to various parties at the office and with friends. Jessica and Lilly did their Christmas shopping already and they helped each bake for Christmas and the special New Year’s Bang event. New Year’s would be special this year and it would be celebrated with a different kind of bang and some new surprises for Jessica. Instead of fireworks outdoors, Jessica’s body would experience a kind of banging she had never ever felt before. She is hoping for great things next year.

Jessica was glad she and Lilly did all the shopping and baking early. This week, she was mostly in bed when she was home. This was her time of the month when nature intervened and she began menstruating. She hated this time of the month, not so much because of the flow, but of terrible pain, bloating and listlessness she felt. It was unusually bad this month. She wondered why she had to suffer so each month. She often wondered how many other women have similar symptoms every month. Lilly mentioned that hers are usually light and she doesn’t notice them much, other than the regular blood flow.

She called Lilly one afternoon and asked her, “Lilly, how do you do it? Why do you not suffer much from these monthly periods?”

“Yes, mine are light. I exercise a lot; maybe that helps a lot.” she said over the phone. “Why do we not go exercising and running together one day? I know not today, but after you stop menstruating this month. The regular exercise helps make the flow less and the pain less severe. Perhaps your next menstrual period will be less painful.”

She continued to say, “You know what else helps?” She started to recount what she and her boyfriend do a few times each month.

Jessica was frankly quite surprised at Lilly. She thought she knew Lilly quite well; after all, they are very good friends for many years and do a lot together. She helped Jessica a lot through the years, ever since university. Yet, there were some things she did not know about Lilly. That was what she loved about her. She is not only smart, exciting and interesting to be with, there is a mystic about her.

“Lilly! Frankly, I never knew your are that kinky.” Jessica said.

Lilly proceeded to tell Jessica how she and her boyfriend play this game a few times each month. In a corner of her bedroom she has a heavy-duty hook in the ceiling from which she hangs a rope and pulley system, she designed. It can easily be hung, when needed, and later stored in the closet when not used. She has a plant, which she hangs on the hook when they don’t play the game. Afterall, it would require some explaining when friends and family come for a visit and see this pulley. The hook in the ceiling she can readily explain when people see a plant hanging.

When they play the sex games, she hangs the pulley system on the hook and the fun begins. Often, she ties her feet to an end of the rope. Then, she gets her boyfriend to pull on the other end of the rope, causing Jessica to be suspended, by her feet, in the air about 2 feet from the floor. She likes doing this for many reasons. It gives her a feeling of euphoria when the blood flows to her head. It also helps her when she has her period.

Suspending herself, this way, makes her high enough for her face to be roughly at her boyfriend’s waist height when he stands next to her. This is ideal for them both. When walks up and approaches her in his beautiful birthday suit, his long member is at same level as her mouth. He merely walks up to her, while she is suspended upside down, and he just puts the whole sausage in her mouth. Lilly merely sucks on his cock, sucks him dry, and gives him his most incredible blowjob he has ever experienced. She is amazed how she can put the entire shaft of the penis, right up to the base, in her mouth without gagging.

One time, when Lilly was hanging upside down, he surprised her in very special way when he came into the bedroom, in his birthday suit.

“Hi honey! I thought you might be hungry. I brought you a sausage. You will find this one quite delicious, I am sure.” he said to her girlfriend.

This time, his thin and long penis was wrapped in a long sausage bun, completely topped with garnishes that included sauerkraut, mustard, relish, sliced black olives and onions. What an incredible sight and it looked delicious enough to eat. Lilly tried hard not to bite too hard into condiments and the bun. She pretended to bite into his sausage while eating the bun and the garnishes. She devoured all of the bun and toppings; then, she licked off his penis. Jessica liked the idea of this delicious snack.

“Lilly! We would have to try this delicious snack sometime. I am absolutely excited by this.” Jessica told Lilly.

Another time, Lilly was suspended by her feet, just 2 feet off the floor. At this level, her vagina was at an ideal height for her boyfriend to lick her there. He ate her out as she quivered pendik sınırsız escort with ecstasy. She was shaking with absolute joy and electrical surges up her spine until he nearly blew her mind. She let out a big sigh and then exploded with wetness all over her pussy and onto the floor.

Other times he would suspend Lilly, by her feet, high enough so that her legs would be pointing up in the air, but her head and shoulders would just be slightly off the floor. At this level, her vagina would be high enough for him to easily insert his downward pointing penis into her throbbing and eager vagina, which is ready to accept his dick. He would then thrust his long meat in and out of her warm vagina while she moans ever so lovingly.

“So, you see my friend, Jessica. With these games you would likely forget you have any pain and that you are on your period.” she concluded.

“Wow! That is quite kinky.” Jessica responded.

“See what you are missing. Maybe the three of us can play these games. I will definitely have to initiate you one day? I can have my boyfriend do you as you are suspended and swinging in the air.” Lilly said.

“What? Your boyfriend do me?” Jessica said.

“Yes, he could do you. I would not mind. He has actually mentioned his fantasy of a threesome. Would that not be wonderful for him to do both me and my best friend? I am sure that he would be quite pleased.” Lilly said.

“Yes, but he is your boyfriend!” Jessica stated.

“Yes, he is. Remember I was willing to offer him as one of those fuck guys, or to have him impregnate you, so that you would not have to go through with the orgy.” Lilly answered.

“Yes, you are right! It might be fun! But still, I am a little worried that I would ruin our friendship.” Jessica said.

“No, I don’t believe it will destroy our relationship; however, it would change it, perhaps make it better. Frankly, I dreamt or fantasized about doing something sexual with you. He is my boyfriend, but I do not own him. We love each other very much, and I hope to marry him one day. Yet, I would be very willing to share him with you. You would not be taking him from me, not when I approve of it. He has asked about you and why you can not bag a man. He and I would like to experiment. You have heard of couples swapping wives. Well, here we would be swapping girls. Frankly, I think that would be a lot of fun.” Lilly told Jessica.

“This might be something we could try. It would certainly take your mind off the pain, especially when you are on your period. Perhaps, the pain would not be so severe.” Lilly continued.

“Really now, would he like to screw a woman who is on her period and bleeding so profusely?” Jessica asked Lilly.

“Yes, it certainly would. He does me often when I am on my period. He does not mind the blood at all, in fact, he finds a bit sexy.” Lilly answered.

“Frankly, I am still surprised at this girl swapping idea. It fascinates me but worries me also.” Jessica said.

“Really, he would be quite interested. He would like to do a threesome, especially with 2 girls that are safe and he knows. I told him about you and your woes about not finding a man. He said that he could easily take your woes away and help you feel like a woman. Don’t worry! He will not leave me for you. He loves me dearly; he has told me that often. Just think! He would have 2 beautiful women to please him. What would he say? What man would say anything against that?” Lilly told Jessica.

With that, Jessica said good night as Lilly left Jessica’s place. Jessica sat on the couch for a few minutes and thought about the conversation they just had. It was quite interesting; definitely, one she would not forget too quickly and would likely fantasize about for a while.

It might actually be fun to be porked by her friend’s boyfriend, she thought to herself. He would definitely be clean and safe. He would definitely not want to take advantage of her or abuse her in any way. However, she was still worried about seeing her best friend naked, and more importantly, destroying their special friendship they have for so many years. She liked Lilly a lot and they have a lot of fun together; however, she never thought of Lilly as a sexual being. They were like sisters; their bond was so strong. What would she later think of Lilly? What would Lilly think of Jessica? Also, what if he takes a fancy toward Jessica? What would Lilly do and how would the friendship survive?

And yet, she found the thought exciting and continued to fantasize about it, as she rose from the couch and walked over to the desk with the computer on it. She checked the email. There were a few more emails, mixed in with the regular stuff and the junk mail, from men who were interested in doing her at this event. The total now jumped to 80 men. She now had 80 men interested in banging her. She called Lilly and left a message on her voicemail.

“Lilly, 80 men have agreed to bong me. Is that not great?” Jessica said in the message.

Jessica took some medication for the menstrual pains. pendik yeni escort The pains were still quite strong. The thoughts came back about the conversations she had with Lilly. She was thinking, at this time, that sex, the suspended hook or the girl swapping might just be the thing she needed to relieve the pain or take her mind off the pain. Something had to be done, because she was no longer willing and able to endure the enormous pain each month for the next couple decades of her life. She was only in her 20’s. She would still be menstruating for another 20 years at least. What was she going to do? She often asked her doctors for advice. They said that there was little, other than medication. It just could not continue to ruin her life for 20 years or more to come.

She thought about it for about a year now. She wanted it to be over. No, she was not going to commit suicide. She was not that type of woman. She absolutely loves life and wants to experience everything that life could provide. She often told herself that she wanted to travel a lot and meet many friends. She wanted to experience different kinds of hobbies and use her talents in different ways. There was just no room for ending her life. Yet, she found the periods intolerable. So, what was there? Lilly asked a few times recently, if she had been thinking about her alternative plan. She worried about you Jessica often.

Well, the truth is that she had been thinking about the plan quite often recently and for up to a year now. She even mentioned some of it to her doctors. Jessica’s plan was be impregnated within the next 2 years, either naturally or artificially. Up until a few weeks and months ago, she thought that artificial insemination was the only option to her. She would have even considered artificial insemination a second time around, but that bothered her because she would not necessarily become pregnant by the same man.

She was just not fortunate enough to find a man to date, let alone give her children. However, now that she was thinking of offering herself up as a slut or fuck toy during the big bang event on New Year’s weekend, she would now have a chance to snag a guy who would give her a child by natural insemination. That was something she preferred. The artificial route did not impress her, what with all the tests, trials and searching for a sperm donor. She found that both very expensive and much too clinical.

Now with bang event, she will snag a man who would impregnate her and allow her to reproduce. He then could go away for up to a year. After the first baby arrives and after 10 months or so, she will try to reproduce again with a second child. He will have to be around for the impregnation because Jessica wants both children to be born of the same father and mother. When the second baby arrives, the guy is free to go and live his life without seeing Jessica again, if he wants. If he wants to stay with her and help raise the children, then he is welcome to do so. He is not even required to marry Jessica. Jessica would not be distraught or bitter, since he will have fulfilled his duties and there would be no further obligations for him. She wanted babies; she really didn’t need a man around, although it would be nice. She just needed him to give his seed.

When the baby number 2 arrives, she will be finished and no longer plan to reproduce anymore. She plans on asking a doctor to surgically remove her ovaries. Jessica wants to be free of the pain, and that would obviously remove the source of pain. There would be no more pain each month for the rest of her life. Both Lilly and the doctors have always been opposed to this surgery; but Jessica had resolved to do something about the regular discomfort, and that was the best way, she felt..

Lilly called later. She had just arrived home after leaving Jessica’s place. She heard Jessica’s message and decided to call and congratulate Jessica.

“Wow, that is great Jessica. You are getting closer to the 100 men you wanted. However, those new responses were a while in coming, were they not?” Lilly asked.

“Yes, they were. I was actually wondering if I would get close. 80 is a good number which could work for me. Somehow, 20 fewer strange fucking me would be great.” Jessica said over the phone.

“If I can only get 80 men, that would be great too. It would mean that each man would have to bang me 25 times, instead of 20. 25 times to fuck a beautiful woman! What man would not like that?” Jessica said to Lilly.

“Yes Jessica. Any man would probably love to fuck you at least once; 25 times would be an absolute dream!” Lilly responded.

“I had started working on the ‘Screw My Pussy’ card, but I had stopped because I was not sure how many men would respond. Also, my menstrual pains are bothering me again. That is the other reason I stopped. The event happens in 2 weeks. I am not sure how many responses I will receive, and how long I have to wait.” Jessica mentioned to Lilly.

“Yes, Jessica. Wait another week and see what happens. Then, produce your cards.” Lilly said.

“Now, sancaktepe escort about those pains. We are going to have to do something about that. I think you and I are going to running tomorrow. Exercise helps. Next time, after your big bang event, we are going to try the sex and the pulley at my place; that is, if you are all ready pregnant by then. Tell me Jessica, you have been thinking about your alternative plan, have you?” Lilly asked.

Jessica would wait awhile longer, then she would produce her “Screw My Pussy” cards and print them.

“Yes, Lilly! I have to be honest. I have been thinking about it. That is one of the reasons why I want this bang weekend. I want to have 2 children and then I am going to get my ovaries removed. I do not want to go through life for the next 20 years or so with this enormous pain.” she told Lilly.

“You know that I am not suicidal. But if I must endure this enormous pain each month for the next couple decades, then I might considering it all. Just joking, Lilly! I am not serious!” she assured Lilly.

“That is a relief!” Lilly said with a huge sigh.

“Lilly? I have been playing around with an idea lately. Do you want to hear it?” she asked Lilly.

“Yes, of course.” Lilly answered.

“You know that I am virgin, a rather naive virgin at that when it comes to sex. My vagina has never been penetrated.” Jessica began.

“Yes Jessica, that is usually what being a virgin means for a woman.” Lilly said amusingly.

Jessica continued to speak over the phone about this idea and how she wanted to make this first fuck a very special one. She wanted to celebrate this special screw, her inaugural screw in a special way by either doing it in a special room or location or by deciding on a prize for the inaugural fuck to the lucky man. One of her ideas was to choose randomly, from the 80 or 100 men, the guy who would have the honour of screwing her virgin pussy and popping her cherry. He would have the distinct pleasure of doing so, in addition to his other fucks.

“What do you think of that idea, Lilly?” Jessica asked.

“That would be great. Both of you would enjoy that. Furthermore, we could think of something elaborate for this event. We can think about that.” Lilly said.

“I just had an interesting thought.” Jessica told Lilly, as a few more pangs surged through her body.

“You told me that sex alleviates the symptoms of menstrual pain. When the big event happens, in 2 weeks, I will be in the middle of my period again and I will fertile once again. The marathon of sex would certainly help lessen the pain, right?” Jessica asked Lilly, hoping for reassurance.

“Yes, perhaps; however, you will be about 2 weeks early before the bleeding starts again. That is when you experience the pain.” Lilly said.

“Yes, yes, you are right! However, by then, the winning guy will be around for a month to inseminate and impregnate me. So by then, he would probably have been successful, and I should already have conceived. That would mean no menstruation, no bleeding, and no pain. Because I am fertile then, impregnation should happen quite quickly.” Jessica said with obvious excitement in her voice.

“Yes, if all goes well, as it should.” Lilly said.

Jessica was a little worried about all this screwing over the weekend, and what it might do to her lovely vagina. She told Lilly that she was getting her vagina ready by massaging it and lubricating with oils, thus making it limber for the big assault that weekend.

“It is no hardship for a guy to fuck a woman. I don’t imagine he feels any pain. Is there any pain when he sticks his slong inside me?” Jessica asked.

“Unfortunately, there is some pain; but it is the most wonderful pain you can experience, because it is followed by such pleasure. Mine you if he were to ram his rod in you with brute force, then it would be quite painful. However, most men do not do that. Besides, I will be there to ensure that he does not ram it in. I suppose you have never heard of the expression, ‘It hurts so good’, have you?” Lilly asked.

“It is just Lilly that I am a little scared.” Jessica said.

Jessica was worried about what a penis could do to a vagina, especially a virgin one. She saw a few porno films, in which the guys were brutish and rough. She didn’t want that to happen to her. She was worried that her pussy would never be the same again, that it would be stretched, useless, unresponsive in future, or even ripped or torn? She was worried that it would never close up and that she would walk around with a permanent wide-open vagina. Lilly and her doctors reassured her that the vagina is quite resilient and that it will close again after being stretched open. Lilly told her about how some women engage in fisting exercises, in which they put their entire fist, or have their partner’s entire fist, deep inside the vagina. Other women insert interesting items, such as bases of baseball bats, coke cans and bottles, golf balls, billiard balls and cues, and even bed post stumps into their vagina. Therefore, the vagina is quite flexible; yet, it always returns to its normal state. In fact, it closes quite quickly within seconds or a few minutes. Soon after, it would be ready for the next screw. Still, she massaged and lubricated her vagina regularly for the past few weeks. She wanted to make sure it was ready for the big assault of the dicks in 2 weeks.

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