Jimi Girls

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A local cinema was screening the Jimi Henrix: Woodstock movie, along with some of the unseen Janis Joplin and other rare footage. I was only five at the time of the festival, but being a guitarist, I’m a real Hendrix fan, so at eleven o’clock a few Friday nights ago, there I was lining up to see the man up on the big screen.

My friend, Andrea, had been coming with me, but at the last minute had to fill in for a sick workmate, so I ended up going on my own. No big deal, I do it all the time. It was freezing cold outside, so it wasn’t a huge crowd that was gathered in the lobby purchasing tickets, snacks and drinks.

Two girls buying ice creams, (weren’t they cold enough already?), caught my eye. I say girls, but they were probably in their mid to late twenties, and both very cute. The taller of the two was quite like Cordelia in Buffy/Angel, while the other most resembled Janine Garofolo in The Truth About Cats And Dogs. I guess I noticed them, not because they appeared to be a couple, (they didn’t), more because they were a pair of girls at a Jimi Hendrix movie – these days it’s mostly just guitar geeks.

Anyway, once the doors opened everybody was pretty much able to sit where they liked. I settled in about eight rows from the front, dead centre, while the girls plonked themselves down two rows ahead of me. A trailer for Lord Of The Rings and a clutch of new releases followed, giving the thirty or so attendees time to settle. izmit rus escort I’d had a smoke in the car on the way over and was well settled, so while the rest of the crowd quietened down, I fixed my attention on the pair in front of me.

They were giggling a bit, and I hoped they would stop once the film started. They seemed to be sharing their ice creams – I remember noticing that one had gone for Boysenberry Ripple, while I think the other had chosen Mango-Passion.

“Now, you promise I won’t get cooties?” I heard one whisper, causing them both to titter once more as they swapped their waffle cones back.

Now the lights went down and the movie started. I noticed the taller girl whispering right in the ear of her friend, keeping her voice right down. As the screen grew bright, reflecting Jimi’s white, fringed jacket, I saw that the other girl looking back, slightly side on, with a querulous look on her face. As the movie progressed I found myself becoming quite infatuated with the pair, eventually reaching the conclusion that they were possibly work colleagues on a night out – not a couple, not on a date – but the Cordelia girl most definitely had the hots for her friend.

My analysis continued so: Cordy, probably gay, is interested; Janine, probably straight, has caught on as to her friends feelings, but isn’t really sure what to think; Cordy begins to get twitchy, like she wants to say something izmit escort or make a move, but is deathly afraid to frighten Janine; Janine is in a similar position, too scared to know which way to flip, but at least interested.

I can tell that these two have a history of sorts, and that they get on really well. As the end credits roll they are not talking or racing out of the cinema like the bulk of the audience, rather they are sitting quietly, simply looking awkwardly at each other. I’ve been there before. It’s obvious that they both feel like they’re on a cliff-top, poised to either fall or fly, but still unable to push off.

The lights come up and the cleaners move in as the last half dozen off us troop out, the girls just ahead of me. As we reach the lobby Janine reaches out for Cordelia’s elbow and says she’s going to the bathroom.

I still don’t know where this came from, but before Janine is even out of sight I am moving forward.

“Excuse me,” I say, tapping Cordelia lightly on the arm.

She turns. She really is very pretty.


“Hi. Listen, we haven’t got much time, she’ll be back in a minute and it’ll be too late…”


“Just listen. You like her, right? You really like her?”

I paused just long enough to see that look in her eye.


She gave a hesitant nod.

“She’s straight, and you’re afraid you’ll frighten her off?

“Uh-huh,” kocaeli escort she admitted with questioning eyebrows.

I didn’t give her time to ask where this was headed. “I’m pretty sure she’s really close. I watched you both almost more than I watched the movie.” I reached into my pocket and pulled out my wallet. I peeled off a hundred dollars and held it in front of her.

“Here’s a hundred dollars that says you can do it.”

“But… Why?”

“Because you’re both really cute. Because you like her, she likes you back. Because sometimes you’ve gotta take a chance.” I took a breath. “Because I once let someone slip away under almost exactly the same circumstances. Woh, here she comes,” I said, seeing the bathroom door open across her shoulder. I waggled the bills in front of her. “Do it, or you’ll always regret it. You’ll probably both regret it for the rest of your lives.”

Something snapped in her eyes and she snatched the money from me, quickly rolling it up in her left hand and shoving it into her pocket.

“Thankyou,” she whispered as her friend approached.

“One thing,” I whispered back. “What’s your names?”

“I’m Kelsey, she’s Allison.”


“Hi there,” Allison gushed at Kelsey, nodding slightly towards me.

“Hi, babe,” she responded, then looking pointedly at me adding, “I’m not sure, perhaps they’ll have one at the box office.”

As they walked away she put her arm around Allison’s shoulder, pulling her in close and offering the explanation that I was asking after up-coming music films. “Wanna come back to my place and feel me up?” were the last words I heard.

I’ve never seen either one of them again.

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