Jody’s Gift

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Before fully understanding it, I was a recluse in my own apartment. My eyes glued to the computer screen. The words, “Blocked”, appeared ghost like, on the screen, as my eyes went in and out of focus, hour after hour. I was a writer, you see, with the worst of all problems. I had some success, small but thankful, writing for an internet site, until recently.

The stories of incest I wrote about were accepted, even lauded over, on occasion, and I thought I was – well, on my way really. Oh, sure I had some failures and certainly needed to refine my writing, but, all in all, I felt good about the way things were going. Then the block showed up and left me stranded.

When I did get out, I spent my days staring at people, mostly women and young girls, wondering. “Who were these people? What dark secrets did some have? How could I find out?” Each outing simply left me with more questions and larger yearnings than the time before it.

Returning to my apartment, I would lock myself away, again, and stew over the predicament I was in, no ideas, no stories – nothing. My mental world was empty and I hated it. Worse of all, I had a deadline coming up and the pressure was mounting, daily. I needed ideas and had only a blank computer screen to stare at.

That was until…

Chapter 1

Some five weeks into my draught, I awoke with a start, in the early morning hours, the remnants of a dream still fresh on my mind. I groped for the pencil and paper on the night stand and, with sleep heavy eyes, I jotted down a line and dropped the paper and pencil, falling back to sleep.

I recalled none of my, early morning, activities when I awoke. In fact, I stepped over the paper and pencil, when I got up, and walked out to make coffee, ruing another fruitless day.

The coffee was brewing, as I strolled over to the apartment window and opened the curtains. It was another beautiful day and I stretched, my arms going wide, as I yawned and began scratching myself, a morning ritual that I most often performed in the bedroom.

For whatever reason, a good face rubbing – followed by an ass and ball scratching felt awesome in the morning. I had finished with the primary two and with my boxers pushed low, was just starting on the third when I looked up and saw my, female, neighbor doing something similar.

I stared at her, as she slowly removed one hand from her breasts and the other from her panties and then realized my semi-hard cock must be in plain view of her and quickly withdrew my hands from my pushed down shorts. With sheepish grins, we looked at one another. I gave her a half smile and then slid out of her sight.

“Shit! My neighbor thinks I’m a fucking perv now! Great!” I thought, feeling the hot face of embarrassment.

Pouring the first cup of coffee, I began to think the experience was – well, kind of funny and chuckled to myself. “I guess everyone is entitled to a good, morning scratch, male or female!” I thought and walked off to the bedroom, to get ready for my day, such as it might be.

I entered the bedroom, intending to set my cup down on the nightstand, when I stepped on the pencil, breaking it. The hardness and snapping sound made me jump and cry out,

“Fuck! What the hel…” and I stopped, looking down to find the hastily scribbled note and broken pencil. It was only then I recalled, vaguely, waking to write the note and picked it up wondering what I had written…

“Ask them and they will tell”

Were the words written and I scratched my head wondering what the hell I was thinking about. I laughed out loud and threw the note on the bed, heading for the shower. Refreshed and feeling awake, finally, I left the bedroom going for another cup of coffee. As I passed my computer, a familiar feeling came over me, one of disgust, and I made up my mind to get out of the apartment that morning and change my “ritual”.

“Perhaps, I might just break this damn block if I do!” I thought, pouring my second cup, looking angrily at the computer, as if it were personally responsible for my dilemma. I strolled over to the table and sat down, ignoring the damnable machine and looked out the window.

My thoughts had turned to having breakfast when I saw the neighbor again. She was busily preparing for her day, now fully dressed and with a furtive glance, looked in my direction. I raised my cup, in salute and smiled at her, as she gave me a short little wave and hurried away from the window.

Sighing, I set my cup down, grabbed my car keys and rose to head out. A new day awaited, “Perhaps, this was the day.” I thought, as I locked my door and turned for the elevator.

We met that morning, as she walked around the corner; hand out stretched ready to push the button at the elevator. Distracted, busily looking in her purse with the other hand, we nearly collided and then slightly recoiled, recognizing one another.

A crimson tone crossed her cheeks and I felt the, hot, flush on mine, as we waited for the elevator car to arrive. Nothing was said and I allowed student sex parties porno her to enter first, when the door opened.

“Main floor?” I asked, reaching for the buttons.

With a quick glance, she nodded her head, but then glued her eyes to the floor. Our elevator system had to be the slowest known to man and the silence was excruciating, as the door slowly closed.

Finally, we were on our way and I took a quick, brief, look her way, a half smile on my face. She was still looking down – silently standing. About half way, I caught her raising her head, taking a brief look my way. “This was stupid – we’re adults!” I thought and turned saying,

“Hi, I’m Scott…Look, I don’t want to seem forward, but we had a moment this morning and I don’t want you thinking I’m some sort of per…” when she suddenly looked up and stopped me.

“Oh no! No I don’t think that at all…And God, what you must be thinking about me!” She blurted out, adding, “I’m Jody.”

Blushing again, I held out my hand and waited for her to accept it. Finally, her hand clasped mine and we shook, making the introduction formal – sort of.

“Nice to meet you Jody.”

“The same.” She responded and looked down again, her cheeks still slightly red.

I decided the silliness had gone far enough and tried to make a joke of our window viewing, hoping to break the ice and relax both of us.

“Hey…Nothing like a real good morning scratch, huh?” I said, adding a small chuckle.

“Oh God Scott…I’m so embarrassed! Thank God you didn’t see me just moments before!” She responded, taking quick glances at me, the redness returning to her face in full force.

“Jeeze, Jody its okay…I mean, I guess you got an eye full too! You think you’re embarrassed…What about me!” I laughed outright, and reached to touch her arm.

The physical contact broke the ice and Jody started to laugh with me. Gradually the redness faded and she looked up, smiling at me.

“Thank you Scott…You’re a very nice man for not making me feel…You know.”

“Hey, chivalry isn’t totally dead!” I responded, as the elevator finally reached ground level.

The door parted way and I let Jody exit, extending my arm, smiling at her. I had just started through the doorway when she suddenly turned and asked,

“I’m going out for breakfast…I know I’m being forward, but would you like to join me?”

My smile was warm and very genuine, as I accepted the offer, telling her I was just on my way too. We laughed together and walked out, as Jody asked where I would like to go. By the time I was able to hail a cab, we had discovered that neither of us liked a heavy breakfast; and as I held the cab door open, I leaned in and told the driver,

“Giorgio’s Side Walk Bistro.”

Giorgio’s was famous for their continental cuisine and their breakfast was light and satisfying.

“I’ve never eaten there.” Jody said, as I slid in and closed the cab door.

“You’ll love it – believe me!” Minutes later I was paying the cab driver, under some protest by Jody.

“No…This was my idea, I’ll pay!”

The cabbie grabbed my money, as I turned and looked at Jody, telling her,

“I know…We’ll just go “Dutch” on breakfast, how’s that?”

“Okay, I’ll hold you to it, too!” She quickly replied back, sliding from the cab.

Amazingly, for the first time, I noticed just how lovely Jody was, as her smooth, well defined, legs exited the cab. She was wearing a short, pleated skirt, which slid up her thighs, as she moved towards the door, and a light summer blouse. Her red hair shimmered and her green eyes seemed to radiate sunlight when she looked up at me, holding out her hand.

Grasping her hand I helped her out of the cab and smiled very appreciatively, as her breasts bounced lightly under the material. She caught my gaze and blushed, but never released my hand.

“Thank you Scott…Are you always this much of a gentleman, or is this just a breakfast act?” She said, laughing easily.

Breakfast was a hit, with Jody going on about how nice Giorgio’s place was and how great the food tasted. I nodded, in her appreciation over my choice, and smiled, reaching out to touch her hand.

“Thank you Jody. That was very kind. I can’t tell you how nice this has been for me. It’s been quite some time since I have enjoyed a lovely woman’s company.”

“Oh come now Scott – your not going to give me the “sad, pitiful, poor me” story, are you? You’re much too handsome of a guy for that one.” She answered, as a grin formed on her lips.

“No – No you miss understand Jody…I’m a writer and I’ve had this horrible block for weeks. I’ve been like a recluse in my apartment trying to get things going again.” I quickly replied, squeezing her delicate hand.

“A writer! Oh My God really? And what, you just decided to stand in front of your window scratching you’re… To get inspiration?” She asked, laughing, with sparkling eyes.

I blushed immediately, but submissive cuckolds porno knew the ice between us was gone forever, at that point.

“Okay – okay, you got me…But it’s true, I do write. This morning was…”

“Interesting?” Jody finished for me.

“Oh ya – very!” I responded, as we laughed together.

When the laughter died down, Jody reached out and touched my hand, asking me,

“I’m not sure if I should pry, but what is it you write about? I mean…fiction – non-fiction, what?”

“Fictional, for the most part, but I suppose there might be the occasional truth in it somewhere.”

“Really…Now you’ve peaked my interest – do tell!” She replied, smiling warmly, still holding my hand.

My mind raced, wondering just how to tell someone I’ve just met (and liked) that I write erotic stories for a living. Suddenly the note came to mind and I relaxed thinking, “What the hell? If she gets offended, then so be it…But what if she gets interested?” Even though I had made a quick justification in my mind, my face apparently told another story.

“Oh Scott look, if I’m prying too much just say so. But don’t think you’re going to offend me, I’m a big girl and aware of the world…Get my drift?” She said, squeezing my hand slightly harder, still smiling.

I nodded, smiled back and, with some difficulty, began to speak,

“Jody…The truth is I write…Ah hell, Jody, I write erotica for a living.” I finally blurted out. The words died out and a long silence followed, making, what little bravado I had, fade away fast.

Jody’s expression never changed, but she sat in silence, as I tried to pull my hand away, ready to apologize and make a quick exit. Her grip tightened slightly on my hand as she replied,

“Porn? You write porn and you have writers block!” She roared out, rearing her head back, laughing out loud. Embarrassed I quickly looked around as other patrons started to look our way, obviously wondering.

Oh God…Oh my God, you are a riot! So tell me what is it that you really write about? She went on, after calming down.

“I’m not joking Jody, I write erotica…Not porn, although some might call it that.” I responded, slightly exacerbated.

Slowly, Jody realized I was serious and she changed expressions – from hilarity to dead pan serious.

“You’re serious…You do write, what was it, erotica? What kind? I mean if I’m not being too nosy again?”

In a weak sort of voice, I leaned in and replied, “Incest…Mostly.”

Immediately, I felt like I had walked over a ledge and was falling. Jody released my hand and put both hands to her face, her eyes wide, and terror stricken, above them. Before I knew what had happened, Jody slammed her chair backwards, rose and slapped my face, screaming out,

“You fucking asshole! How dare you!” and stormed out of the restaurant.

The burning sensation, of the slap, hurt like hell, but nothing compared to the embarrassment I felt while under the scrutiny of the people close by, now murmuring and pointing in my direction. I paid the tab, to an amused waiter, and left, quickly.

I walked the 3 miles back to the apartment, my mind a mixture of confusion and wonderment over what had just taken place. More than ever, by the time I reached the complex I was truly down trodden and despondent. I liked Jody and I felt terrible that my confession had up-set her so.

I walked into my apartment and slowly closed the door, leaning on it heavily, thinking. It was still early and I walked to the phone, calling “Juan’s Floral Shop” and ordered a dozen roses. I had them delivered to me and while I waited, I wrote out a card to Jody.

“Dear Jody, Please accept these as an apology. I had no idea that my profession would up-set you so much. I would give anything to take away whatever hurt I have caused. Sincerely, Scott Apt 310”

When the delivery man arrived I was ready and slipped the computer generated card into the roses and walked down the corridor towards Jody’s apartment. As our section was “EL” shaped, I counted the rooms down to the turn and then counted back up; selecting the apartment I felt, certain, was hers. I left the roses and rang her door bell, hurrying down the hall, making my escape.

I continued to feel terrible the balance of the afternoon, never coming close to the computer. I was heartsick, I guess, and knew I had never intentionally meant to up-set or hurt her. But I was beside myself, thinking about why she acted as she did. It was just a profession after all!

Exasperated, I sat down on the couch and fell asleep. Apparently, I went out hard, as day light had faded away, when I woke, hearing a gentle rapping on my door. I got up, groggy from the extended “nap” and slowly walked to the door, looking out the “peep hole”.

Surprised, I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. There stood Jody, one rose held in her hand, close to her nose, sniffing it – a weak smile on her face. I opened the door and taboo heat porno winced at the glaring hall lights, when Jody said,

“I’m in apartment 320 dip-shit, not 319…Thanks, they’re beautiful. Can I come in?”

Still wincing at the lights, I stepped back and extended my arm, beckoning her to enter.

“Ya sure…Sorry, guess I counted wrong. So, you’re not mad?”

“No – touched and feeling stupid, but not mad. I came to apologize.” She said softly, walking through the doorway.

I left the door open and hurried to turn on the living room lamp, casting a soft glow in the room and then returned to close the door.

“Got any wine?” She asked, as I walked away from the door.

“Ya…I mean yes, yes I do…Red okay?” I replied, scratching my head, confused.

“Wonderful, my favorite.” She said, slowly dropping to seat herself on the couch, looking somewhat unsteady.

I stared in disbelief and then turned, scratching my head again and shaking it, trying to clear out the sleep induced cobwebs, as I retreated pour us a glass of wine. As I walked out of the kitchen I asked Jody the obvious,

“So what was that about today? I mean God, I’m so sorry…But I’m not sure why?”

“Oh shut up and sit down.” She answered, patting the couch, and then went on.

“Look…I was stupid and took offense while jumping to a wild conclusion.”

“What? Wild conclusion? What conclusion would warrant you slapping me in public and storming out of a restaurant?” I responded, slowly settling down on the couch, handing Jody her wine.

As Jody started to talk, I noticed for the first time, being fully awake now, that she wore a long silk robe, of dark green, setting off her red hair and green eyes. Her full breasts moved easily under the light material and her nipples were protruding, making perfect nipple circles in the material. I took my first swallow of wine and stared at her tits, as she began to talk.

“Well, first of all – I’m up here! I’m flattered you like my…Tits, but please pay attention, okay?” She started out, snapping my attention back to her face.

“Look Scott, I was taken back by your comment this morning.” She said, breathing in deeply, pushing her breasts out, stretching the material and opening the gap.

My eyes widened and I took another sip of wine, as I glanced down enjoying her movements, then quickly averted my eyes and regained eye contact as she went on.

“It dawned on me later today that we didn’t know one another until just this morning and that by accident…Understand?”

I nodded, as if I did understand and she went on.

“Well…Somehow this morning I thought you knew about my past and I took offense when you said what you did for a living. I thought you were…Going to black-mail me or something.”

I gagged on my next sip and choked out a response,

“What? What the hell…Jody what are you talking about? We just met!”

“Oh Christ Scott – I know that! I feel like such an ass and you’ve been nothing, if not a gentlemen.”

A silence fell between us, as Jody sipped her wine and then looking up at me, she bent over and kissed my cheek softly.

“Okay…So here it is. I apologize and I can’t say how heart felt that is. I realize that you had no idea and your job is just a job. Will you forgive me?” She said softly, shifting positions, parting the lower end of her robe.

“Have you been drinking?” I responded, at seeing her parted robe and more than a little of her thighs. In fact, any more and I would have found out if she was a natural red head!

“Well…Now that you mentioned it – yes I have. I said I felt bad and after receiving the roses I felt really bad.” She giggled and went on,

“SO – after I thought about it for a while I decided you needed an apology and here I am!” (buuurp)

“Ah shit – that’s all I need, a drunken female neighbor ready to cry rape!” I thought, setting my wine down.

“Look Jody, maybe you should just go back to your apar…” and I stopped as she tipped over, spilling her wine and passing out on the couch.

I got up and went to the kitchen, looking for something to clean up the mess. When I returned Jody had pushed her way onto the couch, with one arm over her head, her robe opened, exposing one beautiful breast, covered with light freckles. I shook my head and quickly covered her, as best I could, and went to get a blanket.

Smiling, I placed the blanket over her, trying to make her comfortable. After cleaning up the small mess, I shut off the lights and went to bed. “Maybe I am a saint!” I thought to myself, chuckling.

I woke, early the day, and walked out into the living room, having forgot about Jody passing out on the couch, the night before. I was shocked to still find her there and laughed quietly to myself, as I walked past her and went to make coffee.

I busied myself with kitchen duties, as the coffee perked away, never hearing Jody wake up. The coffee had finished, about the time I was done cleaning, and after pouring myself a cup, I turned to head into the living room and found Jody standing in the doorway, rubbing her head, in an obvious hung over condition.

I said nothing, but turned back to the counter to pour her a cup.

“Good morning…Feeling all that?” I asked, turning to set her cup down on the kitchen table.

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