July in Wy

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This is my first story, so pardon any errors or ramblings, also this is a fantasy of mine, I figured I’d give this a try. I have two main fetishes, one of which being a fetish for female armpits. This is an armpit fetish story.


Makaylah sighed as she stood from her sofa “theres just not much to do around here.” Makaylah lived in a small town of about 9500 people in south central Wyoming. The house she was living in was arguably one of the oldest in town, about 120 years old. It wasn’t a small house, but it also wasn’t a mansion by any means. It had a basement, a main floor, a second floor and an unused tall attic. It was also very far behind in being updated and remodeled, so it had no air conditioning and all of its windows were jammed shut. It was the middle of July, so it was starting to get hot in there.

Makaylah walked around her hot house with her hands on her hips, looking for chores that need to be done, but she was a very clean person, so nothing needed cleaned.

Makaylah was a beautiful girl. She had shoulder length blonde hair, pale blue eyes, a rather full chest and a very athletic build to her. She was 29 years old and she was bisexual. She worked as a secretary for the Union Pacific Railroad office, but sometimes when she was off work and wanted a little extra money, she would go help her friend out with her small business, a cleaning service.

Makaylah climbed the stairs to the second floor of her house and walked into the rooms up there in an effort to find something to do. She could feel herself getting warmer as the day went on. One of the rooms she went into up there was her study. It was a simple room, a window behind a wooden desk with a computer on it. On the walls were commemorative items including a shadowbox on each kütahya escort side, one showcasing her time on the girls basketball team, the other her pride in her old high school volleyball team. She looked at her basketball shadowbox and sighed with a smile. “That’s where it all began for me” she said with a chuckle.

When she was a freshman in high school, she had tried out for the girls basketball team. “I bet it would be fun” she thought “plus it’s something to do!” Her tryout went very well, well enough to where they actually put her on the varsity team. She had always had an affinity towards girls ever since she hit adolescence, but one day during a varsity game, she found out she had a new fetish.

It was the last quarter of the game and the score was tied. She was a sophomore at the time and her new crush on the opposing team was a senior. She was called off the bench to block against her crush. Her crush was number 23. When she went up to block 23, she could feel herself blushing, getting nervous. 23 got the ball and so makaylah jumped up to block her, but then 23 jumped up and makaylahs nose was met with 23s armpit. In that moment makaylah was breathing in so her nose was filled with the scent of the armpit. It was pungent, strong, she thought she skipped on the deodorant because the only thing she smelled was the strong smell of her sweat and pheromones. It was intoxicating, and extremely erotic to her. 23 had also skipped shaving for a while, so there was a slight thicker of long stubble in her armpit where sweat had accumulated into drops that got rubbed into makaylahs face.

The moment passed and her face was removed from 23s armpit. Turns out the armpit was too much of a distraction and 23 had scored, winning the game. Makaylah walked back to the bench lara escort and processed how it made her feel. She was very aroused and blushing extremely hard. She went back to the locker room and put a couple fingers on her crotch through her shorts. She was, indeed, drenched. She collected her stuff up and left in a hurry, without a shower, without even changing out of her game clothes and she went home, ran into her room, locked the door and began masturbating. Her pussy was drooling, she couldn’t resist moaning as she fucked herself. She threw her free arm back and began deeply inhaling the odor coming from her own sweaty armpit. The stink from her armpit made her pussy quiver until finally she orgasmed squirting hard and almost blacking out.

She sighed and snapped out of it. She walked out of the study and went into the master bedroom. On her way past her mirror she caught a glimpse of her side profile. She smiled a big smile as she looked at her reflection. An armpit sweat mark was appearing on her shirt underneath her arm. She lifted her arm to see the pit stain was bigger than she thought! She felt that same old familiar sensation growing inside of her, the same feeling she’s felt every time she seen a girls sweaty armpit since that night after the game.

She took her shirt off and smelled the armpit of it. She sighed happily as she felt her pussy start to get moist. “I’m so glad I didn’t wear any deodorant today!” She said as she threw the shirt to the floor. She lifted her arms as she looked at herself in the mirror. Makaylah was on a short vacation from work so she had been a bit lazy about shaving and even more so with wearing deodorant so her armpit had very nice generous stubble in it and it smelled very pungent. Under one arm she could see and feel lara eve gelen escort a drop of her armpit sweat roll down and soak into the fabric of her bra. She was ready… she quickly undressed until she was completely nude and she sat on the edge of her bed.

She looked down at her pussy, shining from how wet it was. She then began to do some light stimulation while smelling her armpits. She had licked the tip of one of her fingers and began lightly rubbing it right on her nipple. She shivered with excitement as she rubbed her nipple and sniffed her pit. A small wet spot on the bed was slowly getting bigger as her pussy got more and more wet. Soon she took it up a few notches. She slid her fingers into her pussy and started violently masturbating as she began licking her armpit. The taste of her sweat was more delicious than it ever had been before. She moaned as the stubble brushed her tongue. The scent of her saliva mixing with the scent of her armpit sweat was driving her wild. She was almost about to orgasm but it just wouldn’t happen so she turned her head as far into her armpit as she could before giving it a final big sniff and finally she came.

She let out a scream of pleasure as cum squirted from her onto the floor and mirror. She was gasping hard and fast as she fell to the bed. After a little while she sat up to see the mess she made. The room smelled like pussy and armpit sweat, a scent she wanted to stay in her room. She got up and noticed the wet spot she made on her bed

“Well I guess there is something to do now, I gotta clean this up!” She said to herself with a smile as she went to go get the cleaning supplies.


Sorry for the long paragraphs and any typos. Once again this is my first story I’ve ever done here, so take it easy with the hate. I hope this appealed to my fellow armpit fetishists. If the story gets a good reaction I’ll probably write more stories with makaylah in them. Some with her and her friends, maybe a lover, also maybe some with her doing stuff with my other fetish if you would like.

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