Just a Suggestion Pt. 03

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Elaine began to rouse from her orgasm induced stupor and began to sit up. When she looked around and saw Monica sitting there, she said, “Oh, sorry.” It did not even seem to register that her roommate was nearly undressed or that she had clearly just had a powerful orgasm.

“There’s nothing to be sorry about! Since you brought him home with you, I have had more and better climaxes than I have had for a long time. It’s like I have my own personal live sex channel.” She paused, and then continued. “I just wish that my nipples were as sensitive to sexual stimulation as yours are!”

This was a strange situation. Elaine and I were sitting there essentially naked; Monica still had her breasts exposed, her legs wide open, and her panties clearly soaked from her own orgasm. However I had learned to cope with unusual circumstances, so I said, “There are usually only two reasons why a woman would not experience sexual arousal when her nipples are stimulated.”

Monica raised one eye brow, “Yes?”

“The first possibility is that she may have some sort of physiological issues where the sensors either are not working or do not communicate properly with the brain. This is fairly rare and I believe that it can be eliminated as a possibility since your nipples become erect and engorged when you are aroused.”

She looked down at her breasts and the nipples fully erect and standing at attention. “OK… “

“The other, more likely cause is psychological, undermining your natural response because of training, trauma, or other learned responses. The good news is that I am training to become a licensed psychologist and hypnotherapist. If you really want to have sexually responsive nipples we could work on that. It might require a few sessions, but if you really want that, I am fairly confident that we could help you achieve it.”

“Really?!? You could do that? How much would it cost?”

“Since I am not yet licensed, and I would be doing this as a friend, there would not be any charge. It would just cost you the time, and of course you would have to agree to be hypnotized. Once you were in a hypnotic state I would ask you a variety of questions to try to identify the cause of the issue, then we would work on a resolution.” Looking at Elaine then at Monica, I said, “In the final stages of the treatment, it would be necessary for me to caress your nipples to assure that you are experiencing the appropriate sexual arousal. Does that sound like an acceptable approach?”

Monica nodded affirmatively. “Elaine, we had said ‘hands off’ and that would still apply, except as a part of her therapy. Would that be a problem for you? I don’t want anything to interfere with our relationship.”

“Only for therapeutic purposes!” she said with a smile.

“It is getting late, and I didn’t bring a change of clothes, so I am going to have to go back to my apartment tonight.” This brought a disappointed moan from Elaine. “How about I bring a change of clothes tomorrow evening. You can get your studying done early and we can spend about an hour getting started then.” I turned to Elaine, “Then I will give you my full attention for a while after that!”

Monica agreed. Elaine said, “I love the sound of ‘full attention!”

Since there didn’t seem to be any other way around it, Elaine and I stood up, gathered our clothes, and walked to her bedroom naked.

When we were in her room, Elaine began to laugh, “So there you and I were, absolutely naked,”

I interrupted, “I still had my socks on!”

“And you are discussing a therapeutic plan for my roommate?” she said with a smirk.

“You had said that you love her like a sister. Should I ignore her cry for help?”

“Or maybe just the chance to get your hands on her monster boobs?”

“There are no boobs anywhere in the world that I would prefer to touch and hold than yours!” To emphasize my point I took one of her large breasts into my hand, lifted it to my mouth, and began to suckle. Elaine leaned back on her bed and I followed without breaking contact with her delicious nipple. Then I replaced my mouth with a hand and moved to her other breast. I continued to feast on her delectable breasts for a very long time. When she was panting heavily I began to move down her body.

“Oh no, you don’t! I haven’t gotten to taste you in far too long.” She said as she reached for my penis.

“There is a solution for this.” I said as I lay onto the bed. “Come straddle my head.”

Elaine saw the possibility immediately. “I think that I’m going to like this!” she said as she lowered her pussy to my mouth while sucking my cock into her mouth. My attention to her breasts had her already very excited and wet. I took her buttocks in my hands and began to lick her labia and clitoris. I dipped my tongue deep into her slit retrieving copious amounts of her sweet nectar. Then I resumed licking and sucking on her foot.

She was attacking my cock as if she wanted to suck it off of my body. Her suction was ankara eryaman escort powerful while she stroked my shaft. As my mouth focused on her clitoris, her orgasm crashed through her body. I could feel her orgasmic spasms, but she only redoubled her efforts to suck my essence from within me. Her hips thrashed against me, rubbing her inflamed clitoris against my face and covering me with her sweet juices. Her orgasm continued to consume her as she redoubled her efforts to suck my semen out of me. I could feel my climax rapidly approaching, and then I exploded, shooting streams of my semen into her mouth. As the first shots of my cum entered her mouth, I could feel her orgasmic spasms increase in intensity. She sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed, again and again, her own orgasm never abating until I had no more semen to give. Her hips twitched a few final times and she collapsed on me and wrapped her arms around my legs.

When we had finally recovered somewhat she shifted to lay her head on my shoulder, her breasts pressed against my side. “I keep thinking that I have found the best position for sex, then we try something even better! If we keep at it for a hundred years I will never tire of making love with you!”

“Be careful, I may just hold you to that!” I said with a smile my heart swelling at the thought.

We lay there a little while longer, then Elaine said, “I would love to have your body next to mine all night, but you didn’t bring a change of clothes. So, you had better head out before I hold you captive.”

I rose from her bed and dressed. She walked me to the door, completely nude, put her arms around my neck pressing her delicious breasts against me, and gave me a kiss that warmed me all the way to my groin. Then she waved and closed the door.

The next day was a light class schedule and also a light lab schedule. As a result I had time to consider my approach to Monica’s problem and to do a little research.

When I left the lab I stopped at a nearby drug store and purchased a duplicate set of my normal toiletries. Then I visited my apartment to pack a change of clothes, a pair of shorts and a couple t-shirts, and a few other extra clothing items. I grabbed a sandwich and ate it as I walked to the ladies’ apartment. I arrived shortly before 7 PM.

Both Monica and Elaine were dressed in t-shirts and panties, obviously their preferred lounge wear. I said “Hi,” to Monica and gave Elaine a powerful kiss. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and kissed me passionately, rubbing her breasts against my chest and trying to suck my tongue out of my mouth. My erection promptly responded and she was soon rubbing her pussy against my hard cock. By the time we separated, Elaine was panting and clearly aroused.

“If we are going to start Monica’s hypnotherapy tonight, I think we should take care of that first,” I said.

Elaine replied, “Then you’ll take care of me!”

“I promise! Very good care!” Then I continued, “But I’m afraid that you will need to be in the other room while I work with Monica. I will need to ask her questions about her personal history, sex history, and such, and that should be kept completely confidential. They are things that you should not know unless she chooses to tell you.”

“But you’ll know!”

“As a therapist, yes I will know. But it is my responsibility to maintain confidentiality. I hope that you understand.”

“Yes, I guess I do understand. It’s just a little strange. You know that I trust you to ‘be a good boy’ with her, right?”

“I will definitely be a ‘good boy’, and I appreciate your trust.”

“I’ll go into the bedroom and read, will that be OK?”

“I think that will be fine.”

“Monica, are you ready to begin the hypnosis session?”

“I guess so.” She said timidly. “What’s going to happen?”

“We will spend several minutes getting you to relax until you can drift into a deep hypnotic state. Then I will ask you a variety of questions to try to determine the source of your issue and because you are in a hypnotic state, you will answer them completely and fully truthfully. Finally, I will give you a post-hypnotic suggestion to make you more easily hypnotized for future sessions. Does that sound OK?”

“You won’t make me bark like a dog or anything stupid like that, will you?”

“Of course not. This is all about helping you better experience sexual arousal with nipple stimulation. Just sit comfortably in your preferred chair, I will bring a chair from the kitchen to sit in front of you. OK?”

When we were situated, I began a series of standard relaxation techniques. The skill I had developed for the hypnosis lab brought Monica into a deep hypnotic state fairly quickly, then I began my investigation. Over the next several minutes I learned that Monica had been reared in an extremely sexually repressive home. There was no conversation about sex, no sexual innuendo, and any clothing or behavior that might be considered as sexually escort elvankent suggestive was absolutely forbidden. Monica physically developed far earlier than others her age, and her nipples had been prominent before she was 10 years old. Her teachers had expressed disapproval at such ‘flagrant sexual display’, and her mother made her wear an ace bandage around her chest to hide her nipples from being seen. She was soon wearing a bra, but her mother required her to place a folded sock in each cup to keep her prominent nipples from being visible. Of course, this resulted in an apparent increase in her bust size which was already much, much larger than the bust of any of her classmates (or even of most of the girls who were much older than she). This drew the attention of the boys and jealousy of the other girls. It was rather clear that this was the origin of Monica’s disconnect between breast/nipple stimulation and sexual arousal.

I placed the hypnotic suggestion that her breasts and nipples were extremely beautiful and that she should be happy that they were so desirable. I told her that it would both please her and arouse her when men and women were obviously admiring her prominent nipples. Further, I told her that she would experience powerful sexual arousal when her nipples were caressed or stimulated; and her arousal would be even stronger if her nipples were stroked, and still stronger arousal if her nipples were sucked. Finally, I instructed Monica that she would return to a deep hypnotic state when she heard my voice say the word ‘Andromeda’. I then told her that she would not remember anything from the hypnotic session, she would feel rejuvenated, and she would awake when I snapped my fingers. 3-2-1″ Snap!

Monica was fully aware and she commented, “That didn’t take long.” Then she looked at the clock and realized that she had been unaware for just about an hour. “Wow! I would have guessed it was only a few minutes! Do you think that you made any progress?”

“It appears that some of the sexually repressive aspects of your upbringing have affected you significantly. I have begun to address some of the issues specifically related to nipple stimulation, but are there other aspects of your sexuality that you would like to address also?”

“Well, my parents were extremely homophobic and I am afraid some of that may have rubbed off on me. Please don’t tell Elaine this, but I sometimes see her when she is undressed and I think how beautiful she is, but then I feel all guilty for even thinking that.”

“Anything that you say to me in a therapeutic setting is absolutely confidential. There is a hard line between our therapeutic conversations and our casual conversations. So you would like to be a little more accepting of homosexuality? Right?” Monica nodded. “Are there other sexual aspects that you want to address or improve? I cannot make you do anything that violates your core morality; I can only facilitate things that you want for yourself but can’t make happen. Understand?”

“I think so. I have never ‘been with’ a man.”

“So you are still a virgin?”

“Unless you count my vibrator,” she said blushing. “I don’t date much, and when I do go out I seem to shut things down before they are hardly started.”

“You would like to be more accepting of romantic and possibly sexual encounters of a selective nature?” She blushed fiercely, but nodded. “You are a highly desirable young woman, and you could have your choice of many young men. We can work on that in future sessions. Anything else?”

“Isn’t that enough?!?”

“We may need several sessions to address these, but if you are sincerely interested in making these changes it will not be as hard as it might seem. Do you want to see what progress we have made so far?”

“You think that we have already made some progress?” she asked almost incredibly.

“Would you shift your t-shirt around against your breasts?” as she did so her expression shifted to amazement. “Now I am going to caress your nipples through your shirt.” As I did so, Monica’s nipples hardened and distended and she began to pant slightly. I took her nipples between my fingers and gently twisted and pulled on them. As I continued with my fingers on her nipples, she began to squirm on her seat.

“My god. If you keep that up I’m going to cum right here, right now!”

“It appears that we have already made some progress. We will reinforce this in future sessions.”

“I don’t know how I will ever be able to thank you enough! But it is probably time for you to spend some ‘quality time’ with Elaine. And I may have some personal things to take care of.”

I smiled at her last comment, but wholeheartedly agreed.

When I entered Elaine’s bedroom she was lying on her bed, completely nude, and twirling her nipples with her fingers. I pulled off my clothes and dropped them on the floor. As I climbed onto the bed, we heard Monica’s vibrator begin to hum.

I crawled between etimesgut escort bayan Elaine’s thighs and nudged her legs wider. Then I began to lap up the flood of her nectar pouring out of her. Broad strokes of my tongue from bottom to top collected her delicious nectar. Then I began to insert my tongue slightly into her slit. Again and again I drew my tongue along the opening of her temple of love. Her hips were matching my strokes as I probed just slightly deeper with each stroke. I could see that Elaine was continuing to stimulate her nipples as I probed her pussy. When I was drawing my tongue deeply between the lips of her sex, I began to flick her clitoris on each stroke. She was now moaning with sexual need. I slipped my finger into her pussy and began to stroke her G-spot as I began to focus on her clitoris. Elaine exploded with a mind bending climax.

As her body was consumed with the power of her orgasm, I shifted to slide my engorged penis deep into her with a single stroke. Her orgasmic convulsions continued unabated as I probed her pussy deeply with my manhood. I lifted her legs until her knees were touching her shoulders and I pumped my cock even deeper into her. Her orgasmic spasms continued, her vagina gripping me on each stroke, her beautiful breasts bouncing around wildly. The visual and sexual stimulation quickly overcame my restraint and I began to pour my cum into her in spurt after powerful spurt. I continued to fill this beautiful woman with my seed as my climax carried me to new heights. Then I collapsed.

Elaine’s spasms continued for several moments as the waves of pleasure slowly receded. Her breasts were heaving as she struggled to draw in enough oxygen. I was panting almost as heavily. I slid to her side so I would not impair her breathing laying one arm over her, just below her bountiful breasts. We lay there together for a long time bathing in the bliss of our joining.

Eventually Elaine turned her head and said, “Well, you have done it again.” At my puzzled expression, she continued, “You have taken me to a place that I didn’t even know existed! A place of sexual and spiritual completeness that few ever experience! Thank you!”

“Is it trite to say, ‘My pleasure’?” She chuckled.

We continued to lay together, emotionally joined as we had been physically joined. Occasionally sharing gentle kisses, enjoying the physical contact.

After a while, Elaine asked, “How did the session with Monica go? I assume well since I think I heard her vibrator running as soon as you closed the bedroom door!”

“I think that it went very well, although I can’t say much more than that. We will plan for a few more seasons to reinforce what we covered tonight and to address some other issues she wants to work on.”

“You are such a good person!” Elaine said.

“Thank you very much. It is wonderful that you think so, and wonderful that you feel that you can trust me in such unusual circumstances. I love … being with you so very much!”. (I almost said, ‘I love you’, but it’s too soon for that, isn’t it?)

We lay there talking and caressing one another for a long time. The cumulative effect of our closeness and caressing resulted in both of us becoming aroused again. I encouraged Elaine to mount me, then lie down and shift into the ‘sidesaddle’ position for some gentle, loving, erotic sex. She put her head on my shoulder and I slowly and gently pumped my cock into her. I caressed her breast with one hand, lifted her opposite leg high above my hip, and lightly caressed her vulva while my cock shuttled in and out of her sex.

The pace was almost lazy, but the stimulation of her breast and vulva had a powerful effect. She began to utter little “Oh! Oh! Oh!” exclamations. Then “Ooohhhhh!”. Finally, “Yessssss!” as she experienced along, gentle climax. Her vagina gripped my cock as her contractions continued on and on. Feeling her pussy milking my manhood, feeling her breast in my hand, and knowing that she was having another orgasm pushed me over the top. I pumped several spurts of my semen into my dear Elaine, then lifted her face to mine for a gentle kiss. She nestled against me, my penis still wrapped inside her, and we slept.

When the alarm rang in the morning, we were still lying close together. During the night we had shifted positions, but she still had an arm draped over me and her delightful breasts were pressed against my back. I rolled over, kissed her, and said, “Good morning, Sweetheart.”

Elaine kissed me back, then she said, “That’s so sweet! My family never used terms of endearment like that. I really appreciate it!” Then she kissed me again.

When I got out of bed I opened my backpack and began to remove the new toiletries and extra clothing. “Did I forget that we had discussed your moving in?” Elaine commented with a smile.

I thought it would be easier if I had a set of essentials here for the nights when I sleep over; you do want me to sleep over here occasionally, don’t you?”

“You bet I do!” she exclaimed.

“Oh, and here is something else for you.” When I had stopped at my apartment, I had picked up the spare key that I never used or needed. Now it would have a purpose.

“What’s this?” she said, looking at the key, puzzled.

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