Just One Night

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“Angel, there’s Fedex for you.”

And for a second you are numb. For a second the office fades away, and all of the world reduces itself to the envelope being held out to you. It is Him. You just know it. He needs you. With a less than steady hand you reach out and take the envelope, signing for it.

When the courier has left your desk, you sit for a moment, staring at it. Finally, with a deep breath you open it. Inside is a note, handwritten on an elegant laid linen card.

“After work, corner of 8th and Main. –Drew”

Your heart pounds in your chest. He is going to have you tonight. You know you shouldn’t go, but you know you will. Glancing at the clock, you realize that there is only a half hour left in the day. You make phone calls, begging excuses. Sister sick, going to take care of her? Working late, staying in the city? You settle on the sick sister, as it will give you the entire night and all of tomorrow.

You gather your things and shut off the computer.

5:10 PM

A limo glides up to the corner or 8th and Main, and you have no doubt that it is for you. The elderly English chauffeur steps out and opens the door for you with a tip of his hat. “Good evening, Miss” “Good evening.”

The door closes, cocooning you in a world of soft leather and light cool and filtered by the smoked glass windows. You close your eyes, wondering what the evening will bring, and knowing that certainly, you will be made love to. Perhaps gently, perhaps wildly, but definitely completely. His hunger for you is a flame that burns between the two of you, a warmth you carry through your day, knowing how completely, how totally he adores you. You are surprised to find that one hand has drifted to your thigh, bare under your sensible office suit skirt, and is lightly tracing up and down the soft white skin.


The limo glides to a stop. A second later James opens the door, and you step out onto the tarmac of a private airport. A few yards away stands a private jet, black, sleek, engines running at idle. The pilot approaches.

“Good evening ma’am, I’m John Diehl, I’ll be your pilot tonight. If you’re ready, we can get going now?”

He escorts you onto the plane and seals the hatch.

“Make yourself comfortable, flight time should be just about an hour. Drew asked that I give you this-“ he hands you an envelope in the same elegant linen the note was written on. And if you’ll take a seat we’ll be off.

The interior of the plane is simple and elegant, the seats wide, soft, upholstered in cream colored leather.

As the plane takes off you open the envelope.


So glad you could be here. Do not worry, you will be back at home by morning tomorrow. Everything you need, I have arranged for you in advance. Go through the aft hatch, and you will find a surprise.


You walk to the rear of the plane and find a doorway. You open it, and step into a small bedroom done in maroon and chocolate brown, Tiffany lamps cast a warm glow on the space, and there on the bed, you see the outfit laid out.

The lingerie by itself would be a gift from God. French, and handmade, the stockings are elegant, black, sewn for you and you alone. The shoes are Manolo-open toed slingback pumps in black velvet and winking with what are either rhinestones or…diamonds? The dress is sin itself, again black and laced with stones, but so sheer it is little more than a thigh length sheath of glittering smoke. The jacket that goes over it is short, in crushed black velvet, lying there on the bed like a dream of midnight. And above are the boxes, in that marvelous pale turquoise, bearing the logo Tiffany & Company. A bracelet and necklace, both in diamonds set in black steel, and several dozen hairpins in white gold, each with a diamond trailing from the top by a fine chain. In the last box is a Keycard for a hotel suite: Bellagio Penthouse One.

Unable to take your eyes from the bed, you undress in a daze, letting your workday clothes tumble to the rich red carpet around you. And there, seduced by your situation, toes curling in the thick, soft rug, you stand, naked, in this wonderfully warm bedroom, hurtling through the cold night air six miles above the earth.

Dressing is a dream, a promise of the night to come. The stockings, the dress, each garment seems to embrace you like a gentle female agent porno hug as you put it on. Each conforming perfectly to your body, soft, teasing, an awakening for each perfect alabaster inch of your skin.

When the last hairpin is in place you look at yourself in the mirror over the dresser. Beneath the jacket, the sheer dress makes your body look more like adorned nakedness than anything else, your nipples visible through the sheath when the jacket shifts to reveal one. Below the jacket, the swell of your hips and the cleft of your sex is a whisper to your eyes in the mirror. Looking at yourself closely, you thin that you look more naked than naked, but stepping back just a foot or so, the elegance of the outfit and the glitter of the diamonds makes you look dressed.

The captain’s voice comes over the intercom. “Ma’am, we will be landing in about 10 minutes, if you would please take a seat.”

You stride out to your seat, reborn in a dream of elegant sexuality, and stare out at the lights of Las Vegas rushing up to meet you.

7:39 PM

The limousine door opens and you step out into the foyer of Bellagio. As you cross the lobby, your heels clicking cleanly on the white marble floor you can feel the eyes of a hundred men on you. Hot, hungry, roaming everywhere, from your ruby red nailed toes in the sheer stockings, up every curve of your legs, on the cheeks of your ass. More than a few stare openly, with a raw animal lust that tells you in no uncertain terms how completely you are desired.

7:48 PM The elevator ride up is incredible, beneath are the fountains, and the strip fades into a river of twinkling light until the discreet bell overhead chimes once and the doors behind you open.

Your hand is shaking as you reach out and insert the keycard into the door of the suite. The light on the lock winks from amber to green, and with the softest of clicks, the lock disengages.

You step into the suite with a slight gasp. The room is immaculate, done in contemporary Italian, with rich drapes and upholstery in beige silk. The drapes are drawn fully, and not a hint of the electric light of the strip invades the space. Everywhere there are candles. On the bar, the coffee table, the end tables by the sofas, over the fireplace mantle. A low orange fire burns in the fireplace, further warming the space.


Startled, you turn to see me standing by the bar in a black silk suit and French shirt with diamond studs—obviously chosen to compliment your dress. Your sweet, wet, trembling lips curl into a slight smile and you come towards me.

You walk into my arms And we embrace, the soft silk of my suit teasing your body through the sheer dress.

“I….I’m glad I came…” you say.

I pour a glass of champagne for you, and gently turn you by your shoulders, so that I am standing behind you by the bar. I remove your jacket, kiss the nape of your neck gently. With a slight sigh, you bring the glass of ice cold wine to your lips and sip it as my hands roam over the sheer soft dress, taking in the warm suppleness of your skin beneath. Then I begin taking the dress down, over your breasts, the soft material dragging over your nipples, your tummy, your hips and thighs, and finally pooling around your ankles in a soft hiss of fabric.

From your stockinged legs to your shoulders and back, again and again my hands roam lightly over your tingling skin, stopping here and there to appreciate a curve, or hollow, as my hands acquaint themselves with you.

“Mmmm…” I mumble “even better than I had imagined. … “

Again I roam over your skin, this time not just with my hands, but my lips also, gently kissing you all over as you stand at the bar in your heels and stockings. The back of a knee, the inside of a thigh, The sweet mound a few inches above your sex, The small of your back, the tender white flesh of your breasts, just around the areola, but not on it. The back of your neck…. All the while, my hands continue to explore, caressing everything but those few places, where you are now burning to be touched.

And I am back up and standing behind you again, my breath warm on your neck, my lips at your ear. And I whisper.

“I want to touch . I want to touch you between your legs, on that sweet little pussy. I want to play with your nipples, female fake taxi porno I want to touch inside of you, and feel the heat and wetness you have waiting for me there. “

You nod with a little moan, ready to be touched NOW.

My hands go down to your legs again, sliding to the dress pooled at your feet, and begin sensuously dragging the fabric back up your body, over your hips, finally over your breasts, letting each soft thread trail over your now hard nipples. And again I whisper in your ear.

“I will, but not here.”

I help you into your jacket, take the glass of wine from your hand and sit it on the bar. And a second later you are walking down the hallway, skin alive and tingling.

9:03 PM The nightclub is pure Las Vegas…rings of deep black leather booths rising in tiers above a lighted stage. Jazz plays softly as the Maitre d’ leads us to the center booth on the highest tier. The backs are high, rising a foot over your head.

A white Jacketed waiter appears, I whisper to him, and he is gone only to return a minute later with two iced bottles of Dom Perignon, a crystal bowl of strawberries, and a small heated silver tureen of chocolate sauce.

The champagne crackles into crystal flutes before us, and the waiter is gone as the lights come down, bringing the room into near darkness as a quiet jazz trio takes the stage and begins playing.

I lean over and kiss you tenderly, and my fingers close around the front of the dress drawing it down over your nipples, leaving them bare under the velvet jacket. As it passes down to below your navel I whisper again..“Lift your hips.”

You do and in a second the sheath again slides to a into a heap around your ankles under the table, and there you sit, naked but for the jacket, stockings, and diamonds.

I pluck a strawberry form the crystal bowl and dip it into the creamy chocolate.

“Lay your head back against the booth and close your eyes.”

You do, and a second later feel me tenderly pull the jacket open to bear your left nipple.

“Open your mouth.”

And you feel me feeding you the chocolate covered strawberry, the chocolate thick and hot over the cool fruit.

There is the rustle of fabric as I reach for another strawberry, and a second later you feel the hot chocolate being slathered over your bare nipple. You gasp at the heat, and again a second later as my mouth closes of the tender pink bud, sucking it inside and rolling my tongue all around it.

The soft velvet of the jacket covers the sensitive flesh and the other nipple is bared. Again the chocolate covers it and is sucked off, sending shudders coursing down your body.

The jacket shifts again, covering the right nipple and again bearing the left. You expect the heat of the chocolate, and let out a muffled squeal of surprise as my mouth– full of cold champagne– covers the nipple, puckering the tender nub for my lips to pull hard at it only a second later.

Then the right nipple gets the same. And my hungry mouth falls upon your shoulder, then your neck, kissing my way up to your ear where I whisper:

“Spread your legs.”

You do so instantly, your only thought to give me greater access to your body, to receive more pleasure.

A second later you feel the cool tip of a strawberry nestling between your hot vulva. Up and down the seam, it traces, dipping deeper and deeper at your gate, until finally it breaches you, releasing a flood of wetness that seeps through your pussy, soaking you completely.

For some time, the strawberry is your life, tracing you, touching you, the cool fruit and subtle scratch of the seeds teasing your clit. Your hips begin to arch toward the strawberry, begging me for more contact. Finally I dip the fruit well into you, soaking it in the juice from your over heated quim.

“Open your eyes.”

And you see me holding the strawberry, both it and my fingers glistening with your juices, before I pop it into my mouth.

A new heat burns in my eyes as I chew the fruit slowly. But you know it is not the strawberry, but your pussy that has lit this fire in me.

I dip another strawberry in the chocolate, and you watch me slowly bring it to your nipple. You gasp as the heat touches you, first on one nipple then the other. This time I suck it more glory hole secrets porno roughly, sending little lightning bolts of pleasure from your nipples to that delicate secret spot right behind your clit.

Your eyes close, and you float, lost in this world of darkness, and jazz and being touched. Warm, cold, soft, rough, on and on it goes, with each passing minute, you become more aware of the need between your legs. For a tongue, for a finger, for a cock. To be opened, to be taken, to enjoy the delicious surrender that only invasion of that wonderfully hot mouth between your legs can bring.

You open your eyes and look right into mine. “Please…PLEASE fuck me. Take me home and fuck me.”

I kiss you lightly and nod.

10:48 Inside the limo you are quiet, snuggling with me as I toy with your pussy, lightly rubbing the mound of you to keep you close to orgasm without letting you ever get there, keeping you hot for the bed we both know we need.

Later, you will remember being a little afraid of what was coming right then, of feeling that incredible need, and knowing that you would come harder than you ever had in your life—and very soon.


As soon as the elevator doors are closed I am on you. In a second the jacket and dress are on the floor. We kiss fiercely, and my hands wrap around your ass, and I lift you up, holding you against the wall. I move my hands and raise you higher, and in one moment my tongue enters your pussy and begins to swirl around. I eat your pussy with a pure animal hunger, sucking, licking, even biting a little…

You are seconds from cumming when the bell chimes and the doors open.

I lower you to the elevator floor, but your knees buckle, so instead I carry you.

The dress and jacket forgotten on the elevator floor, you lie bare in my arms, floating down the hallway towards destiny…


I lay you gently on the bed, and stare down at you, the hunger in your eyes, the hadrness of your nipples, the inflamed swell of your pussy. With infinite care I remove your shoes, and then your stockings, so that you are naked before me, excepting the diamonds, shining in the light of a hundred candles glowing on your skin.

Staring at your perfect body, I undress slowly, enjoying the sight of you. That perfect skin, those innocent looking schoolgirl breasts, those perfect legs. As my pants fall away you see my cock, hard and massive, thick as your wrist and a proud 10 ½ inches long. Involuntarily, your legs spread.

And I am between them. Our mouths meet hungrily, wetly, and you feel the fat blunt head of my cock nestling between the lips of your hot pussy. As we kiss, I burrow deeper and deeper, until finally the head of my cock is inside of you. You gasp at the width of it, stretching your opening. Looking deep into your eyes, I slide half of me inside of you in a single thrust. Your legs wrap around me, pulling me in, and we begin to rock together, kissing and it begins. Your hot cunt gripping me, pulling me inside of you, spasming in the waves of the first orgasms’ beginning.

I am unable to resist any more, and rocking back once, slam all of me up into you, taking you completely. As you feel your delicate pussy stretched to new dimensions around my cock, you surrender completely, and the orgasm starts. White light and ecstasy. Kissing, clawing, pulling me into you. Stretched beyond all memory, taken, filled, and conquered, you scream moan and shake, shattered by the intensity of being so totally ravished. Your wetness soaks us both and the smell of sex, of your sweet, freshly fucked pussy fills the room.

I lay still, my cock still inside you, still stretching you, still possessing you as the waves pass, staring into your eyes.

After a time, I slide my cock out an inch, and then ease it all the way back up you. Then I slide out two inches and back up. And I am fucking you again, this time in a steady rhythm, faster and faster.

I turn you over, and you grip the oak headboard of the bed as I fuck you from behind, holding your hips and fucking faster and faster until I am slamming into you. On and on it goes, and I reach under you and play with your clit as I fuck you. Seconds later your second orgasm of the night begins and your knuckles go white on the headboard as it rocks you…but before it even passes, another is building…

Again I flip you over and slam my hips into yours, pounding away at you…and again the contractions start, this time for both of us at the same time. The wave is coming up for both of us together. We come together, shuddering, shaking, breathless at the intensity of the release, and lie together, panting for some time, until sleep comes.

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