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I’d been taking karate for quite a while before I noticed Katie. She was a new student, but pretty talented. I was chosen by my instructor to train her, as we had a tournament coming up, and that I was the highest-ranking girl in the class (blue belt).
“So why’d you chose to learn karate?” I asked Katie as we changed into our gi’s. “I..I..I don’t really want to talk about it,” she said. Come on, you can tell me,” I said. “Well, okay,” she said, then leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I’m gay. I’m taking it to defend myself.” I was stunned. I walked out of the room, not knowing what to say.

The rest of the lesson went well. There were only 3 girls in the dojo, and 14 guys. I knocked all of them down with spinning kicks. I could see Katie looking impressed. She didn’t do bad herself. She could heel-kick for 6 feet.

As we walked to the bus stop after a practice, we talked about anything. Then, as we got onto the bus, a girl, I guess who Katie knew, cut in front of her. “Hey, I wan’t to get on that bus too,” Katie protested. “Queers get on last, fag,” the girl said. I blew up.

“Hey you bitch! You’ve got no right to call her gay!” I yelled.

“And I guess your her lover, huh?” the girl taunted. I hit her with a palm strike, kneed her in the stomach, and chopped her across the back of the neck. As we got on the bus, I heard a few people clapping.

“That was so cool! Thank you so much,” Katie said as we sat down.

“No problem. She’s a real bitch. How do you know her?” I asked.

“She’s my neighbor. I love where I live, it’s just hell to go outside. There’s always someone trying to taunt me or hit me,” she explained.

We sat in silence for a few minutes until my stop came up. As I got up, so did Katie. “Hey, where do you live?” I asked.

“Maple Street,” she answered.

“Really? I live on Walnut. Why don’t I see you around?” I replied as we stepped off the bus.

“I’m home-schooled. My family knows that I’m gay. They support it,” she said.

“You, uh, want to sleep over tonight? You could teach me that move. My parents are leaving as soon as I get home. Plus, I think Cindy, that girl at the stop, might try to get revenge. She’s got a gang going, too.” Katie said. “I’ll be over at seven, okay?” I said. “Okay,” she said, smiling shyly at me.

As I walked home, I felt something between my legs that I hadn’t felt in a while. That tingle that most girls get when they’re aroused. As I visualized Katie’s body in my mind, that tingle increased until it was at a fever pitch. Those long legs, that brown hair, those perfect lips, lara kendi evi olan escort and those not-quite-fully-developed breasts. I ran my hands over my covered cunt once and I exploded inside my pants.

I started over to Katie’s house around 6:45. She was waiting there for me, sitting on her porch. I noticed that she had changed her clothes. She had been wearing baggy jeans and a baggy sweatshirt. Now she was wearing a sheer lace top that pronounced her tits, and skintight jeans that caused her pussy mound to protrude very slightly. I dropped my bag and sat beside her. “Hey, wassup?” I asked. “Nuthin really,” she said. I looked over at her, and saw that she had been crying. What’s the matter?” I asked. “This and this,” she said, pushing her hair back to reveal a bandaged lump. Then she handed my a note. I won’t reveal the contents, but let’s say that they made me want to kill Cindy at that time. We looked at each other, seeing something in each other. We leaned towards each other, enveloping each other in a hug. I felt Katie’s teeth nibbling at the skin on my neck, and I held her closer. We broke off, and went inside.

I dropped my bags in her room, and began to go back downstairs when Katie came to the foot of the stairs with a box of pizza. “I ordered out,” she said, and came upstairs. “Let me at it,” I said as we stepped into her room. “Not yet. I want you to show me that combo that you did to Cindy first,” she said. “Okay, okay. Step back. First I did a palm strike,” I said as I demonstrated the move almost hitting Katie in the face but stopping short. “then a knee to the stomach,” stopping to demonstrate this move. I bent her over, then softly kneed her in the gut. My leg stayed there for a few seconds, then my foot dropped between her legs. She caught it, kissed it, then rubbed into in her cunt. We moaned, kneeling on her floor, my foot still in her cunt. With one hand she began to unbutton her top, her nipples poking through her white cotton bra.

I threw off my sweatshirt, revealing my moderate lumps encased in a white silk bra. “I like silk,” I said. “It matches my panties,” I added. “I wear lace thong panties. I’m not too proud of my top half, but my bottom half is my pride and joy,” Katie said. With that she dropped my foot, stood up, and dropped her panties. “Damn girl! What you do, put dental floss on?!” I exclaimed. Her panties were black, with a one-inch thick band on lace, and a one-inch thong. All the pussy hair around it was shaved off.

Katie pushed my foot away to peel off her thong. She grabbed lara otele gelen escort my foot and pushed it back in her pussy, then grabbed my other foot and rubbed it on her clit. I leaned back, enjoying the feeling I was receiving through my legs. I felt a sudden jolt, then a wetness covered my feet. “”Let me get that,” she said. “Hold on,” I said. I crawled over her, leaving my feet near her mouth, and curved my body so that I could get to her pussy. As Katie licked and nibbled my feet clean, I licked and nibbled her pussy at first clean, but then I made her come again.

As soon as I rolled off Katie, I had my jeans pulled off, leaving only my silk underwear. That was when the door flew open, and Cindy threw herself in. “How the HELL did you get in here?!” Katie exclaimed. “I snuck…ewww, it smells like lesbians in here,” she complained. That was all it took. I flipped myself up, and took down Cindy. We stripped her, then gagged her with a sock and tied her to the floor with socks we put a couple of garbage bags Katie found. We then took turns urinating over her, drenching her. “Listen up. I’ve taken enough of your shit for too long. You’re going to leave out that window, go home, shower, and forget about this and about harassing me. Got it?” Katie asserted. Through the gag Cindy nodded. She was out of there almost as soon as the socks were untied.

We turned to each other, smiling. This time our lips met in a kiss of friendship and gratitude. Our bodies moved together, our hands explored. My hands ran over Katie’s clit, squeezed between her legs. Her hands found my bra, undid it and squeezed the nipples underneath. She then slid my panties off, fingered my cunt. We broke the kiss, both exhausted. Katie flopped down on the bed, and I grabbed a slice of now cold pizza. “Have you ever made out with anyone like that before?” Katie asked. “Once, with my brother,” I answered. “Your brother? Isn’t that incest?” she questioned. “Yeah, technically. Who cares? What about you?” I said. “I once made out with one of my teachers when I was still public-schooled,” she answered.

I looked down at the slice of pizza, and got an idea. “What’s your favorite fantasy?” I asked. “I would love to make out with you on satin sheets, using food as toys. To experience a true woman,” Katie answered. “You?” she added. “I would love to make it come true,” I said sexily. We knew it would come true. “My mom has satin sheets. You go get the food,” Katie said as we threw on our clothes.

When I came back it was a different room. The lights had been turned lara rus escort low, the shades were drawn. A dark blue sating sheet lay on the bed. I unloaded my haul: Two carrot sticks, grapes, chocolate sauce, strawberries, and two hot dogs. “I hope your mother doesn’t want these sheets back,” I said. “She’s got a bunch. She won’t miss these,” Katie said.

“I’ve always wanted to see what’s it’s like to be fucked up the ass,” Katie said. “but my sexual orientation has prevented that,” she added. I took one of the hot dogs and lathered it in chocolate sauce. “Tell me if it hurts,” I said as I pushed it up her ass. “Damn! It hurts so good! Stop!” she whimpered as I got half-way up her ass. She was in ecstasy. After she calmed down she did me. The feeling of a hot dog up your ass is one of pure delight. We jiggled them around, pushed them in and out, and eventually the come came dripping down our legs.

I then reached for one of the carrot sticks, and a grape. “This is a cool game. We have to get the grape from one mouth to the other with each thrust of the carrot. As we stuck the carrot between us and slowly eased it into our pussies, I popped the grape into my mouth, then locked lips with Katie. I thrust the stick, and popped the grape into her mouth. We went back and forth, until we both experienced explosive orgasms.

We took the carrot that was covered in come and looked at it. Katie was the first to put it in her mouth. I followed suit, and together we ate the come covered stick until our lips met again. I grabbed the second stick and rammed it into her cunt, causing her to cry out. I pushed her down to the bed, and continued my assault on her. Suddenly her hands shot up and grabbed hold of my tits, pulling me down to the bed. Katie mounted me, and assaulted me with the same stick. The orgasm I had shook the bed.

After resting for about ten minutes in which time Katie went to the bathroom, I grabbed the chocolate syrup and hid in the closet. When she came back in I jumped out and wrestled her to the bed, where I held down her hands and sat on her stomach, the syrup lying next to me. “If I let you go, will you stay where you are?” I asked. “Yes,” she answered, so I let go of her hands to get the syrup. But she beat me to it, grabbing the bottle and squirting me in the face. I jumped up on the bed, and she got me again, in the crotch. I leaned to get the bottle, but she moved it away. I sat on her stomach, but that just let her get me even more. When I finally got the bottle, I covered her with the sticky topping. I fell on top of her, and we fell into a deep session of lovemaking covered in chocolate syrup. It was amazingly sensuous.

We broke the session after about and hour, and decided to take showers. “Together or apart?” she asked. We just smiled at each other. We made each other come five times each, just using a soap bar.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms, her nipple in my mouth, my foot in her cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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