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Katrina is a student of arts and I met her through a good friend of mine who is also studying at the very same academy in Vienna. You must know that Katrina originates from one of the Eastern European countries and that she speaks with a harsh accent that reminds me of sexy Communist agents from the James Bond movies à la Famke Janssen.

She also has the body and face to go along with the picture: stark black hair reaching to her neck (I don’t know if it’s dyed, but then I didn’t think that asking her about it was such a good idea) worn in a topknot, dark brown eyes and prominent features: high cheekbones, a strong chin and strong jawbones and a slightly curved yet delicate and beautiful nose. Her teeth are rather uneven but white and they fit well with her face.

The first encounter between me and Katrina occurred when I asked my friend if I could come over and visit him in the academy of arts where he was doing all of his paintings, his workspace and that of Katrina being in the same studio there. When I entered he at once introduced me to Katrina showed me some of his paintings afterwards.

I was lucky insofar as he and Katrina are friends and together, they will rent a studio outside the academy because they have to make room for the newbies, so when the two of us went to the cafeteria to get something to drink, Katrina joined us, and there we chatted away. Occasionally, Katrina would remove the thong holding her hair and retie it, and, while she was busy with both of her hands behind the back of her head and elbows held high, I (sitting on her left) couldn’t help noticing how, everytime she rearranged her hair, she would arch her back towards the table and stick her breasts out, so that I could clearly envision their shape from beneath the folds of her wide black turtleneck pullover. I don’t know if she was doing this on purpose but I think she did, and she knew that both of us, especially me, were watching her every movement.

But since we couldn’t keep sitting here forever and my friend and Katrina had to go someplace to show some people an assortment of their paintings, the three of us finally left the academy and I said good-bye to them in one of Vienna’s underground stations, me going home, they going somewhere else to make their presentation.

A few days after my visit I realized something, namely that I had forgotten a form in the book I had returned to my friend on the day of my visit. I had put the form between the pages of the book so that it wouldn’t get crumpled in my backpack between the other things I was carrying, but now that I needed it, it was lying somewhere on his crammed desk in the academy. The problem was that I couldn’t reach him because he had gone to job as a waiter somewhere out of Vienna and would only come back at the end of the month. But I needed the form earlier, so I didn’t have any choice except to go there and fetch it myself.

Naturally I was thinking of Katrina-with-the-patent-breasts as, two days later, I was on my way to the academy and wondering if she would be there. And, being the lucky bastard that I am, she was: As I opened the last door, my breath coming a little heavier than usual because of the excitement that had contracted my belly, my eyes immediately fell upon her very feminine form, especially on her behind, packed in a pair of blue jeans, izmir escort bayan since she had her back turned to me and was hunched forward, legs straight, while critically regarding one of her paintings spread out on her desk.

‘Doggy-style!’ I thought excitedly. I could already see myself plunging into her soft glistening flesh from behind, her legs pressed to the solid and probably unmovable desk, her body sprawled on the table-top, could already hear her moans of pleasure, begging me to go faster, harder, deeper.

‘Hi Katrina,’ I said nonchalantly as she was turning around to see who had entered.

‘Hey, what are you doing here!’ she exclaimed surprisedly and apparently happy to see my face.

‘Just forgot something when I was here last time,’ I half-mumbled, pointing vaguely in the direction of my friend’s workplace while fixing her eyes with my gaze and slowly approaching her.

The strange thing was that she held my look. This came totally unexpected for me because normally, if you stare into somebody’s eyes, they will look away after some time in order to appear friendly and not aggressive, but since I had no intention of averting my eyes, I kept staring straight into hers. But still she didn’t look away and that’s when I realized, mainly because of the grin that was forming on her mouth, that she had picked up on what I was doing and that she was not going to be the one to give up our little contest either.

‘Ok, I can play along,’ I said to myself and continued approaching like a snake approaches its prey after hypnotizing it with its eyes, at least that’s how it goes according to legend. Less than two feet away from her I stopped. We were so close to each other now that gazing into each others eyes was almost uncomfortable, so I said, ’You are not going to give up, are you?’ having to smirk rather madly myself while doing so.

She ignored me but continued to defy me by staring back. After what had seemed an eternity but could only have been a few seconds she replied in a coyly hesitant way in that incredible accent of hers. ‘You said you have forgotten something… perhaps… you should go and get it.’

‘OOOOOOAAAAAAAHH,’ my mind went, doing somersaults. This was too much to take: I could feel her breath on my skin, smell how her mouth would taste, see how she moved her lips that would maybe caress my cock in a moment, but, above all, I could hear from the tone of her voice that she had allowed me to take her right now and there, that she was willing to offer me her body to do with as I pleased, and these sensations caused my sex to swell rapidly.

I slowly reached out for her hips and enclosed them tenderly with my eager and all of a sudden slightly sweaty hands, letting them glide back to her voluptously curved ass, my fingertips pressing upwards into the fold between her two buttock-halves roughly where cherry must have been, drawing her close so that her breasts were poking into my chest, so that she could feel my erection. She encircled me with her arms at the small of my back as I embraced her and inhaled deeply, the tip of my nose buried in her pitch-black hair, her personal scent assailing my nostrils and causing my cock to harden even more in no time.

Without warning, I whirled her around by twisting her hips, eliciting a delighted giggle from escort izmir Katrina, to now clasp her with my left arm around her belly and my right hand moving up to cup and probingly squeeze first her left breast and then her twin sister, gauging how they would look like when freed from their restraints, all the while nibbling at her right earlobe and the spot on her neck just below, my prick pushing into her behind, causing her to moan softly and encouragingly in the process.

Going by her heavy breathing, Katrina was becoming rather turned-on, and to increase her arousal, she encased my buttocks with her hands, stepped a little bit to the right and started to rub her crotch against my right thigh. While she was busy rocking her hips, I wanted to touch her skin, so I moved my hands under her pullover and tugged the sweater she was wearing underneath out from her jeans, caressing her smooth and soft belly, the tip of my middle finger twirling in her belly button.

Katrina meanwhile was still occupied with my thigh, and, deciding to have spent enough time with her belly, I flattened my right hand against it, fingertips pointing downwards, and let my palm glide under her trousers, and, bypassing her panties, I soon encountered the northern outpost of her pubic hair. As soon as she felt my hand in her trousers, Katrina stopped grinding and tried to build up the pressure by hungrily pushing back against my exploring hand.

But her jeans were so tight that I couldn’t even reach her outer lips. I quickly remedied that by using my left hand to undo her button while my right hand was greedily grasping for her sex under her panties, all the while pinning her pelvis between my hand and my right hip-bone which I had forced between her buttocks and I was now using to press her against her work-desk, and as soon as the top button had opened, I yanked down hard on her jeans, causing the other buttons to tear free from their button-holes.

I instictively slid my invading right hand deeper, my middle finger tracking along the slit between her outer lips, soon encountering the first signs of her wetness. Katrina moaned and let part of her weight drop down onto my hand between her legs, and when my probing feeler finally touched her clitoris which had already emerged from its protective hood, a shiver of pure pleasure ran through her aroused flesh.

My hand, but especially my middle finger was now coated in her juice and my cock was still in my trousers, crying for freedom, and I really wanted to fill one of her body openings now, which is why, with my left hand I embraced her shoulders, and, careful not to hurt her sensitive clit, I lifted Katrina up from where she was standing with my right hand cupped under her coccyx and hauled her body on her desk so that she came to lie flat on her back.

‘Do you always treat your woman this way?’ Katrina asked me amusedly, seeing me upside down with her head hanging over the desk.

‘Open up and start to suck, you slut,’ I replied in mock callousness with my voice becoming comically deep to tell her I didn’t mean it this way.

Katrina didn’t respond in words, but she hastily started to unwrap my lollipop by unzipping my trousers and fishing my prick out from my boxershorts and immeditately put it in her mouth where she ran her tongue over my crown to lick izmir escort off the precum that had started to form. While she was experiencing how I tasted and how my cock felt in her mouth, I bent over and started to recommence working her pussy with my still-wet right hand which was now also receiving help from its left counterpart and my wet tongue, and, judging by her high-pitched moans (which were probably a little bit muffled by my dick in her mouth) and ragged breathing after her whole body had tensed for a split second, Katrina soon climaxed.

In the meantime, Katrina had of course continued to lick my sensitive crown and had accompanied that by stroking my shaft and I felt rather close to coming so I pulled out of her wet mouth quickly because I wanted to cool off a little bit but moreover, I wanted to try out something new.

‘What’s up? Am I doing something wrong?’

‘No, nothing like that Katrina, you are doing great,’ I dismissed her. ‘In fact, I wanted to ask you if you would allow me to…take it all down your throat, that is, if you could give me a deep throat’.

She smiled knowingly, apparently I was not the first guy who had asked her for doing him that favour. ‘Sure. But you’ve got to tell me when you’re coming, ok?, I don’t want to choke on your sperm because you forgot to mention.’.

‘Promise,’ I answered.

‘Then come closer and move with me,’ she said, feeding my erection into her mouth and putting her hands on my buttocks and, ever so slowly, she pulled me deeper, my cock passing her uvula and my crown going down into her tight throat past the base of her tongue. When I was completely inside her mouth she halted for a while, probably to adjust to the feeling of breathing with my sex down her throat, and then she moved my buttocks slowly back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

It was heavenly and way better that fucking, most likely because the new feeling of my foreskin being pulled up and down deep down her throat and not right away when entering a pussy, and in less than a minute I was on the verge of coming.

‘Katrina,’ I groaned drawn out and urgently from somewhere behind the red curtains of one-second-before-climax land. As soon as I uttered these syllables, I could feel how Katrina breathed in sharply and pressed my cock down on her palate with her tongue, pushing my penishead down her throat. The feeling of her wet tongue flexing and clasping my cock and was unbelievable and I came immediately, my sperm going straight into her throat and never touching any part of her mouth. The orgasm I was experiencing was so intense that I had to moan loudly, which I do only seldom, and I also had to prop my arms on the desk because I didn’t think my wobbly knees could bear my weight alone in these seconds that always end too soon.

After I had completely unloaded, my cock was still twitching in Katrina’s mouth for quite some time, and I had to shudder violently when she squeezed out the rest of my sperm from my penis and licked off the milky-white pearl from the very top of my crown, the spot that is so sensitive after orgasm.

When she was finished, she moved down on the desk so that her head was now resting on it and beckoned me to come closer with my mouth. I bowed down to French-kiss lovely Katrina hotly, and, embracing her face with my grateful hands, I was surprised to feel the salty but otherwise rather neutral taste of my milk on her tongue, but I didn’t mind at all and swallowed down the last drops she had procured from my prick and kept in her mouth for me to take.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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