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Humor Sex

The cruise ship left Miami on a Friday at 4 p.m. It was another magnificent Fall day with temperatures in the low 80s and brilliant sunshine. The ship was headed for Nassau, with a return stop at the cruise line’s private island before getting back into Miami on Monday morning.

Kyle was a twenty five year old investment analyst who needed a long weekend vacation and a day at the Atlantis casino in Nassau. The food and drink was a bonus, which he would take good advantage of. Not that he was a big eater. At 6’1″ and about 190 pounds his friends and relatives never called him overweight. And lunches spent at a downtown gym kept him in condition.

He stood on the pool deck in a shirt and bathing trunks while the ship departed and headed east. Soon, he was lying on a lounge chair, a CD player pumping music through the headphones while he watched fellow passengers come and go.

Kim was beginning to wish she hadn’t agreed to join her three girlfriends on the weekend cruise. They were already intoxicated, and acting like it, before the ship had barely left Miami. Kim was a twenty one year old student at the University of Miami and a football cheerleader. This weekend was the only off week for the team during the season and she had been talked into the three day cruise to fill the spot of another cheerleader who couldn’t make it.

Now she sat sipping an awful, fluorescent colored drink that cost a small fortune. She’d rather be in the casino playing a slot machine, she thought. And in another couple minutes the others will be too drunk to worry about where she was.

Kyle listened to the end of a second CD and pulled off the headphones. More and more people were emerging from their rooms and the pool area was bustling. Not yet seeing any females that would keep him glued to his chair while he watched, he decided to return to his room, put on a pair of shorts and head for the casino.

He preferred the colossal casinos of Las Vegas, Atlantic City and the islands, but for now the boat would have to do. He’d never won big on a cruise, so his gambling budget was small. Quarter machines with a $20 loss limit. On good days he could last an hour.

Kim looked at herself one last time in the cabin mirror. Her beige tank top showed off her deep tan and was tucked tightly into her white shorts, allowing her ample breasts to push against the material. One turn to approve the form of the shorts over her ass and she headed for the door. Maybe she’d win enough to allow for real shopping in Nassau, she dreamed.

As usual, empty slot machines were few and far between. When Kyle found one, he quickly claimed it. With a roll of quarters in hand, he started playing. Six quarters later he won 25 and settled in, oblivious to the flurry of activity around him.

Kim walked up and down the rows of slots, unable to find an empty seat. Eventually, an old woman rose from a machine, mumbling something Kim couldn’t understand, and probably didn’t want to. Kim sat for five minutes, losing half of her roll of quarters before moving on. Two rows of machines later she was about to give up.

Out of the corner of his eye, Kyle caught the movement of a young woman moving slowly toward him. She had long, light brown hair and a definite Florida tan on her slender arms and legs. She moved with a certain confidence not common in someone he guessed to be nineteen or twenty.

Kim was looking at the opposite row of slots when she heard a voice say, “I’m leaving if you want this one.”

She turned to face an attractive young man just rising from his seat.

“Uh, sure. Thanks,” she said with a smile.

Kyle watched as she sat down.

“Has it been lucky?” Kim asked him.

“It was at first,” he replied. “It cooled off pretty quick, though. That’s not uncommon in here.”

“Yeah. I know,” Kim said. She turned and dropped two quarters in, watching the machine eat them without retribution. Kyle stood slightly behind her, studying the outline of her breasts and the smooth skin on her legs. Kim played two more quarters.

Kyle instantly recognized the significance of the symbols in the five columns of the game and was prepared for the resulting ringing, dinging and clanging emanating from the machine. Apparently Kim wasn’t.

She watched as the machine signaled the winning of 100 quarters. As the first of the coins began to hit the bin in front of her, she raised her arms over her head, fists clinched tightly.

“Yes,” she exclaimed. “Alright.”

“Way to go,” Kyle added. “I’ll get you a cup to put them in.”

He returned with a large plastic cup just as the last of the coins fell from the machine.

“Happens every time,” Kyle said miserably.

“What?” Kim said smiling. Then she covered her mouth with her hand.

“Oh, shit. I’m sorry.” She looked honestly troubled.

Kyle laughed. “I’m just kidding. I’m happy somebody finally won something in here.”

Kim finished scooping the coins into the cup.

“I’ve got to go,” Kyle said. “You owe me a drink at least.”

“It’s a deal,” Kim said. “Thanks for the seat. See you around, maybe.”

“I hope so.”

Kim watched him walk away, smiled and put in two more quarters.

Kyle had a late dinner before heading to the lounge adjacent to the ship’s largest bar. He was halfway through his first beer when he looked more closely at the table of young women at the far end of the lounge. The brunette Antalya Escort he talked to at the slot machine sat with her back to him, accompanied by three other girls. Their laughter could be heard, but not the conversation.

“A refill, sir. Compliments of the ladies.” Kyle snapped his head around to see a waitress placing a second beer on the end table next to him.

“Oh, thanks. Here.” Kyle gave her a tip and she smiled back at him.

Kyle looked once more at the girls’ table. This time, Kim was turned in her chair, looking back at the young man. Kyle raised his bottle as if toasting them and Kim waved timidly. More laughter ensued.

He debated whether or not to approach the girls, but ultimately decided against it. Instead, he stopped at the bar on the way out and bought the table another round.

Kyle lay in his cabin that night thinking more than once about the girl, her smile and her body. He would undoubtedly be watching for her tomorrow.

The ship docked in Nassau the following morning and Kyle, along with the remainder of the passengers, debarked. He watched in vain for the young brunette before getting in a cab and directing the driver to take him to the Atlantis casino.

Four hours of gambling later he was about ninety dollars ahead and extremely hungry. A small restaurant with tables overlooking the main walkway next to the casino caught Kyle’s eye and he ordered a sandwich and beer.

He was staring mindlessly at a striking blonde who was walking past when a voice brought him back to reality.

“Having any luck?”

Kim stood next to him, hands behind her back.

Kyle gazed up at her in surprise. “Better than yesterday,” he managed to say. Then added, “What are you doing here?”

“I saw you get in the cab at the boat and I figured, how many places are there for a gambler to go in Nassau?” Kim tilted her head teasingly and smiled.

“Sit down,” Kyle said, pointing to the other chair at the table. He caught himself admiring her again from the bottom of her shorts to the top of her t-shirt.

“I promised my girlfriends I’d go shopping, but by noon I’d just about had it,” Kim said. “By the way, my name’s Kim.”

“Hi. I’m Kyle. Thanks for the beer last night.”

“And thanks for the round. You didn’t have to do that,” Kim said.

They talked until Kyle finished his meal, then they went back into the casino together. After mixed results at the slot machines, Kim asked Kyle to teach her how to play craps. They had better luck there and Kyle could see the men enjoyed watching the girl throw the dice and celebrate her winnings.

Late afternoon arrived quicker than Kyle wanted it to.

“Listen. We have to go,” he said, looking at his watch.

“OK. I’m ready,” Kim said. They grabbed their winnings, cashed them in and headed for the exit.

“Thanks for the lesson, Kyle,” Kim said. Then, to his surprise, she kissed him lightly on the side of his face.

He fought the urge to put his arm around her as they went outside to get a cab. The cab drove past white sand beaches and resort hotels. Before long, they were back at the dock and aboard the ship.

“What are you doing after dinner?” Kim asked when they got to the elevators.

“I didn’t have anything planned. How about you?” Kyle said.

“I really don’t want another evening with my drunken friends,” Kim said with a disgusted look on her face.

“OK. How about stopping by my room and we’ll head somewhere,” Kyle suggested.


“It’s 5085. Same deck as the casino,” Kyle told her.

“What time?” Kim asked.

“Is eight OK?”

“I’ll be there,” Kim said.

The elevator door opened and they headed for their respective decks. Kyle watched contentedly as his new cheerleader-friend said goodbye and walked out of the elevator, her ass snug against the back of her shorts.

Kim ate dinner with her friends, divulging very little of her afternoon ramblings. Kyle ate at the snack bar, nervously anticipating his evening.

At 8:05, a soft knock caused Kyle to take a deep breath, check his pants and shirt in the mirror and walk to the cabin door. Kim smiled at him broadly from the hall and Kyle welcomed her in.

She wore a pinkish red, sleeveless dress with spaghetti straps and a neckline that complimented her full breasts. The dress clung to her waist and hips before spreading and stopping a few inches above the knees.

“Here. My treat,” Kim said, handing Kyle a small paper bag.

Kyle opened the bag and pulled out a bottle of wine.

“Oh, wow. Thanks. You didn’t have to do this. I thought we were even,” Kyle said with a smile.

“Well, if I totally bore you we can at least drink,” Kim said enthusiastically.

“I don’t think you have to worry about that,” Kyle said. “I’ll go get some ice. Have a seat.”

Kyle returned to the room quickly with a bucket of ice. He opened the bottle and used two bathroom glasses to pour out small amounts for each of them before placing the bottle in the bucket. He handed Kim her glass and sat beside her on the couch which, when combined with the one across from them, served as his bed at night. Kim crossed her legs, causing her dress to ride up and reveal even more of her deep tan. Kyle tried not to gaze too long at the girl’s legs, but certainly enjoyed the opportunity while he had it. They talked for several minutes about Kim’s cheerleading Antalya Escort Bayan experiences at Miami, her friends and their antics so far on the cruise, and Kyle’s hobbies. The conversation came easily and comfortably, neither one feeling pressured to reveal more or less than they had to. Kyle’s offer to take Kim somewhere else on the ship was kindly declined with her saying the quiet of the cabin was a nice break from the mayhem of her friends. She did accept his offer for a refill, however. Kyle took the two glasses and walked to the small table holding the bucket of ice. He was returning the bottle of wine to the bucket when he felt a pair of hands on his hips. “What I’d really like is to stay here with you,” Kim said in a low, soft voice, her lips an inch from his ear. Kyle’s heart jumped before he regained some control of his senses. “I’d like that very much, Kim.” Her right hand slid around his waist and down the front of his pants until resting on his crotch. Pushing her body against his, Kim moved her fingers over the young man’s cock. She felt the outline of the cock as it hung and began to thicken. Kyle put his hands behind both of them and laid them on the girl’s ass, feeling the fine material of her dress slide easily over her panties. Underneath, he felt the firm round ass he had watched so intently whenever the chance arose. The cock below Kim’s fingers was becoming hard. She deftly reached inside Kyle’s pants and repositioned it under his boxers so it pointed up. Her fingers skimmed over the shaft, the boxers’ material scarcely hiding the heat beginning to emanate from the cock. Just as nimbly, she removed her hand and returned it to the outside of his pants. “If I give you more wine will you do that again?” Kyle managed to ask. “I don’t need it,” Kim said. She kissed his neck and bit lightly on the bottom of his ear. Kyle turned slowly and faced the girl attached to his body. He put his hand behind her head and pulled her towards him. They kissed long and hard, their hands frantically moving up and down each other’s back and over their shoulders. Kim felt the hardness of his cock pressing against her as they kissed and exchanged explorations by their tongues. Kim moaned when Kyle’s hand once again moved over her ass and pulled her closer to him. “I want to undress you,” she whispered. Kyle didn’t answer. Instead, he took her hand and led her the short distance over to his couch/bed. In less than a minute, the two halves were joined to make a small bed and Kyle was standing in front of the beautiful young brunette. She wasted no time in unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it out of his pants. She drew it open and lowered her head, allowing her tongue to glide over one of his nipples. Kim’s hair fell across his chest, enhancing the sensations he felt. She licked down the middle of his chest, around his navel and across his stomach. Kneeling, she unfastened his belt, unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper. The pants dropped over his slim hips easily and she lowered them past his knees to his ankles. Directly in front of her face now was a tent formed by Kyle’s bulging cock inside his boxers. She wrapped her hand around it and squeezed gently, causing it to throb. Kim grasped the waistband of the boxers and pulled them delicately over the cock and down his legs. Kyle had never before felt his penis pulsate like it did at this moment. It was continuing to harden, but was nearing full erection. He desperately wanted it inside the girl’s body. Kim complied with his unspoken wishes by running her tongue over the length of his shaft, then slowly wrapping her lips around the tip. Little by little, she put more of the cock in her mouth until her lips hit the base. Just as smoothly, she raised her head until the cock was again free. “God, Kim, that feels good,” Kyle moaned. Kim looked up with a smile. Then she took off his shoes as he leaned against the bed, followed by his pants and boxers. As she stood back up, Kim ran her fingers along his legs, over his waist and up his chest. They kissed briefly. “Sit down,” she told him while placing her palm on his chest, pushing lightly. Kim kicked off her shoes as Kyle settled onto the bed, his cock rising out of his lap. Standing in front of him with her feet slightly apart, Kim slid her hands down the sides of her dress until reaching the hem. She wrapped her fingers around the end of the dress on both sides and pulled up a couple inches. Already, the bottom of the dress was only a foot from her waist and Kyle stared at the girl’s exposed legs as if in a trance. As if in slow motion, the fabric rose until the young man caught the first glimpse of her white panties. Kim lifted the dress higher and Kyle saw that she wore bikini style, high cut panties that clung to her pussy. The girl smiled as she watched his eyes follow her hands, then linger between her legs as she raised the dress higher. An instant later he looked up and watched her pull the dress over her breasts and above her head. In that short moment, Kyle admired the fullness of her breasts even as they were pulled upward. When Kim lowered her arms to drop the dress to the floor, the splendor of her breasts became evident. They hung with a maturity that seemed beyond her years, yet pointed up at the nipples with a child-like quality. “Very nice,” Kyle said sincerely. “You’re really beautiful.” Kim just smiled. She stepped forward and put her knees on the bed on either side of Kyle’s waist, Escort Antalya then sat on his legs. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him once again. Kyle raised his hands and engulfed her breasts in his palms. He kneaded them with his fingers and pinched the nipples softly. The girl sighed with pleasure as the young man found the one spot above her waist certain to excite her. With almost imperceptible force, Kim pushed against Kyle and they fell to the bed. Kim caught herself with her hands and leaned forward enough to allow her breasts to hang directly over Kyle’s face. Immediately, she placed her right nipple on his lips. Kyle opened his mouth eagerly and guided the breast in with his hand. He sucked timidly at first, but soon was ravishing as much of the breast as he could. Concentrating on the nipple, he licked and nibbled the bottom half of her breast while squeezing the remainder with his hand. A minute later, Kim offered him the other breast and he gladly accepted. The invisible connection between her breasts and her pussy had been made and she felt a growing desire that she knew would lead to an orgasm soon. In fact, it often led to multiple orgasms, but she didn’t know this man well enough to determine if she’d be totally satisfied tonight or not. With those thoughts in mind, she reached between her legs and seized hold of Kyle’s rock hard cock. She stroked the length of it several times while he worked on her nipple and breast. “I want you inside me,” Kim said, looking down at Kyle. He nodded, but before he could say anything the girl was holding his cock in place and moving her body over it. He watched her hips gyrate as she inched forward and backward until the head of his cock was at the opening to her cunt. Effortlessly, she descended onto the shaft and felt it slide inside her. The moistness surrounding her cunt added to the warm sensation Kyle already felt in his cock. Within seconds, Kim was sitting upright, Kyle’s entire cock buried deep inside her. She threw her head back in satisfaction and began raising and lowering her body. When her rhythm was established, Kyle eagerly thrust himself upward to meet her downward motions. Kyle had never felt a girl as tight, or as well lubricated, as the one on top of him now. The combination was driving him closer to an orgasm every time she moved, but he wanted it to last forever. It didn’t help to watch her gorgeous breasts heave up and down with her movements. Kim repositioned herself so Kyle’s cock rubbed against the top of the inside of her cunt, an area that was always hypersensitive and caused instant arousal. Her eyes were closed as she attempted to capture every feeling that rushed through her body. Without even realizing she was doing it, she found herself squeezing her nipples between her thumbs and index fingers. “Oh, God, Kyle. Your cock feels wonderful,” she said, leaning forward slightly. She was now running her hands over her entire breasts while Kyle gripped her ass tightly. Kim constricted her cunt muscles around his cock and relaxed them again, repeating the process twice. “Jesus, Kim. Ahh…,” Kyle moaned after the first contraction. The next one left him speechless. Kim was ready. She had to cum. Placing her hand first on the base of Kyle’s cock, she slowly raised it until it rested on her engorged clit. Kyle watched intently as the girl played with herself, massaging the skin slowly at first before increasing the pressure and speed. “Oh, fuck. Yes. Fuck me, Kyle. Harder,” Kim begged him. The young man took her hips in his hands and forced his cock into her with greater speed and energy. “Yes, yes, yes. God, yes. I’m cumming…now,” the girl said breathlessly. Kyle felt her body shake, freeze in place, then shake again with a new frenzy. Kim moaned incoherently and her hair flew back and forth trying to keep up with her head. The sound of their skin hitting against each other filled the room when Kim’s shouts didn’t. Kyle began to feel the wetness between Kim’s legs flow onto him as her orgasm continued. Despite paying full attention to the obvious ecstasy Kim was in, Kyle felt the cum stirring in his balls and flowing into this cock. He groaned loudly and lifted his ass off the bed. “That’s it,” Kim said. “Cum with me. Come on.” The cum exploded from Kyle’s cock as it never had before. He plunged his cock into her repeatedly, each time releasing more cum and groaning louder. “Oh, yes. Keep going, baby,” Kim urged. Kyle’s cock pounded her cunt time after time, long after Kim’s orgasm had ended. But she worked her cunt muscles the best she could, draining the last of the cum from Kyle. His cock began to soften and he loosened his grip on the girl’s waist. He ran his fingers along the outside of her thighs, laying his head down on the bed and catching his breath. Kim gradually leaned forward until she was lying on Kyle, her breasts flattened on his chest. They both stretched their legs out and Kyle wrapped his arms around her. “That was amazing,” Kyle said. “Let’s do it again,” Kim said, playfully jabbing him in the ribs. “Shit. Good luck.” They both laughed and Kim kissed him, her hair falling on his face. She rolled onto her back next to him. Kyle looked at her tanned body briefly before turning on his side and resting his head on the top of her left breast. He laid his free arm on her stomach and reached up to gently feel her other breast. They both closed their eyes and said nothing. They spent the night under a sheet; hands roaming, feeling, and holding. When they woke up, they were on their sides, Kyle behind Kim pressed hard against her ass and his arm around her tightly. “Good morning,” Kim said after turning on her back and kissing the man next to her. “Jesus, you wore me out,” Kyle said groggily. “It was my pleasure. Honestly.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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