Kisses For Kelly

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Long Cock

It was his habit to buy a lottery scratch ticket whenever he was in the Jewel store. The machine was conveniently located just after the checkout counters. His regular purchase was a $5 Bingo card. As with all lottery tickets, it contained a four digit number that confirmed the amount of the win. In theory, one could simply uncover this code and have the agent verify whether or not the card was a winner but that wasn’t any fun. The actual scratching of the numbers as in a bingo game provided the fun.

On this particular day, he was riding his bicycle when he stopped at the store and bought his ticket. Now he was seated at the pergola near a small lake just down the road from the store. He scratched his ticket at one of the wooden picnic tables and was staring at the ticket for a long time. He finally realized he had actually won $100,000.

He folded the card and slipped it into his pocket, then mounted his bike for the short ride to a local gas station that also sold lottery tickets. The gas station had a machine which could verify his winning immediately. After verification, he would have to mail the ticket to the Lottery headquarters and wait for his check, minus taxes of course.

The ticket machine verified his win and he went directly to the post office next door to send the ticket by Registered mail.

That done, he went back home and called his daughter to tell her his good news. That was on Saturday. Today was Tuesday and he was standing at the counter at the local bowling alley. He had signed up for a summer league for twelve weeks and was eager to meet his teammate. It was to be a fun league, with 9 pins hits counting as strikes and only two to a team. The manager, Carla, had arranged the teams.

“Hi, Pete, how are you?”

“Great, Carla, how are things with you?”

“Not bad. We have twenty teams for the summer league. You and your teammate are on Lane 15. Her name is Kelly Morgan and she should be here shortly. I’ll bring her over when I see her.”

“Thanks, I’ll go get set up.”

Pete walked to Lane 15 grinning and shaking his head. He had worked with Carla some years ago and they had become good friends. He was really curious to see what she had set up for him with this Kelly person. After placing his ball in the ball return, he sat down and put on his bowling shoes. Just as he finished, he heard Carla’s voice call his name.

“Pete, this is Kelly Morgan, your teammate. Kelly, this is Pete Peterson. He looks gruff but he’s really a teddy bear.”

As Pete stood up, his eyes traveled up a pair of legs clad in jeans, slim hips with a curve at the waist, almost no discernable tits under the loose fitting shirt, and the brightest smile he had ever seen. Above the smile were a pair of deep green eyes that almost seemed like pools of still water. The whole person was topped off by a mop of gorgeous red hair. For a moment, he forgot how to breathe.

“Hi, Kelly, pleased to meet you.”

“Hi, Pete, same here.”

“Make yourself at home, Kelly, it’s will soon be us against the world. Thanks, Carla, see you later.”

The lanes came on for practice and they each threw several practice balls, then the competition began. Pete was impressed with the way Kelly handled the ball and couldn’t take his eyes off her ass as she strutted down the lane. During the course of the three games, they exchanged personal information and seemed to be getting along nicely.

When the bowling was over, Pete put his ball and shoes into his bag and hoisted it over his shoulder.

“Are you leaving, Pete?”

“No. I have a locker near the back door. I’m just putting my stuff away. There is room in my locker for another bag, if you’d like to store your things there. It will save you hauling them up here every week.”

“Sure, that sounds good. I’ll be with you in a minute.”

Kelly finished putting her shoes in her bag, closed it and lifted it to her shoulder, then turned to Pete with that winning smile.

“Lead on, Pete. We don’t want to miss the awards presentation, do we?”

“Certainly not. We’re going to the back door then left just before you leave the building. There’s a small locker room there. I’ll show you the combination to my locker so you can retrieve your ball even if I’m not here.”

“Are you going somewhere, Pete?”

“Just for a week. I have a vacation planned for Las Vegas in a couple of weeks. I’m visiting old friends and seeing my daughter while I’m out there.”

“Sounds nice. I’ve never been to Las Vegas. Maybe someday.”

“Here we are, Locker 161. I know the dial is a little high for you but it was the only one available when I rented it. Can you see the numbers on the dial?”

“Yes, if I go up on my toes.”

“Ok, the combination is 20-40-32, just like an old high school locker. Right-left-right. Stand here in front of me and I’ll show you.”

When Kelly stood in front of Pete, her ass rubbed lightly against his already hardening cock. Pete leaned a little backward but she pushed her ass back to regain contact.

“Spin the dial a few times. Then right to 20, slowly back to the left past 20 and stop Escort Esenyurt at 40, then come back to the right to roughly 32. The combination is a little worn but you’ll feel the door pop open into your hand when you get to 32. There, feel it?”

“Yes, it almost jumped open at me.”

“Right. If it doesn’t, it just means you missed one of the other numbers and you have to spin the dial and start over again. Watch you head as the door swings out.”

Kelly moved her head back into his shoulder and pressed her body back into his at the same time. Pete caught the door with his left hand and found himself cradling her head. She turned her head to the right and their lips met in a slow, warm kiss. Pete let his right hand rest on her waist as she wrapped her arms around him.

When the kiss ended, Kelly dropped her forehead to his shoulder and he was sure he could feel her shudder. He gently wrapped his arms around her and held her for a moment, then lightly pushed her away to reach down for his bag. Hefting it past her, he pushed it to the back of his locker, then retrieved her bag and placed it in the front. Making sure her head was out of the way he closed the door of the locker and spun the dial. Neither of them said anything as he clasped her hand and began to lead her back to the bar where the awards were being given out. Kelly came along meekly, matching his stride as they walked down the aisle towards the bar.

Inside the bar, they found all the seats already taken by the other bowlers. Pete lead her to the wall nearest the bar itself. He leaned back, supporting himself against the bar and pulled her to stand in front of him.

She leaned back into him and wrapped his arm around her waist, placing her hand on top of his. She sighed audibly as she sunk into his embrace. In moments, Carla came into the bar with a handful of envelopes. She rapped on the bar to get attention, and then began handing out the awards. Each award was a $5 bill in an envelope, with awards going to Low Game, Low Series, High Game, and High Series separately for men and women. She started with the women’s awards first.

The first two awards were announced attended by applause to make the recipients feel good. When Kelly’s name was called for Women’s High Game award, she squealed and spun in Pete’s arms, planted a wet, sloppy kiss on his mouth before moving forward to accept her award. Pete couldn’t have been more pleased with her reaction and obvious show of emotion.

The final award, for Men’s High Series, went to Pete and once again, Kelly squealed her delight and planted a wet, sloppy kiss on his mouth before allowing him to accept his award. The meeting broke up shortly after with promises to do better next week. Pete and Kelly were almost the last to leave.

As they left the bar, Pete felt Kelly squeeze his hand a little tighter. He stopped just outside the bar door and pulled her to him.

“So, where are you parked?”

“I’m in front, where are you parked?”

“I didn’t drive here, I walked. Do you want to take your ball home or leave it in my locker until next week?”

“Can I just leave it here? I don’t bowl anywhere else.”

“Sure, no problem. Shall we go find your car, then?”

“Can I offer you a ride home?”

“Yes, of course. I’ll be happy to honor your offer. You realize that from now on it will be honor and offer and honor and offer.”

Kelly stopped with her hands on her hips and a mock stern look on her face.

“Pete Peterson, do you really think I’m that easy?”

“Kelly, that joke is probably older than you are. And yes, judging by the number and kind of kisses I’ve already received from you, I think you probably are that easy.”

He leaned forward and quickly kissed her on the mouth.

“I know, Pete, I heard that joke at one of my parent’s parties years ago. And yes, I am that easy but only because you’re such a good kisser. Otherwise, I’d have been gone before we got our awards.”

She stepped up and kissed him lightly in return, then took his hand and began to lead him out the door. He followed without protest but with a huge grin on his face. She led them across the parking lot to a Volkswagen Beetle. It was a fairly new model but it still retained the Bug shape.

Kelly extracted a key from her pocket and indicated that he should go around to the passenger door. The seating was comfortable but a bit cramped for him although it fit her perfectly. She started the engine, then deftly maneuvered the little car out of the parking lot and onto the adjoining street.

Pete directed her to his apartment building. Kelly parked in the lot and shut off the engine. They turned to each other and immediately embraced, kissing passionately. Kelly leaned slightly backward, pulling Pete with her. His hands began to roam her body and she moaned in response. Finally, she broke the kiss, breathing heavily.

“This is never going to work, Pete, my car is just too small.”

“You’ve got that right. It’s late anyway and I have an early day tomorrow. Rain check?”

“Absolutely, but not in the car. My apartment is only Escort Avcılar two blocks north of here and unlike you, I don’t have a roommate. When I’m home, I always park at the front door of my building so if you’re going by and you see my car, I’m home. Since I’ve been laid off, I’m home a lot of the time these days.”

“I’ll remember that, Kelly. If I remember my schedule correctly, I’ll most likely be by on Thursday morning, if that’s ok.”

“Thursday would be great, Pete. See you then.”

They kissed and caressed for a while longer, then Pete finally got out of the little car and walked into his apartment building. Kelly watched him go, frustrated by this turn of events, but smiling sweetly as he entered the building.

On Thursday morning, Pete rode his bicycle up the street past Kelly’s apartment building. He looked carefully but didn’t see her little VW in the lot. With a shrug of his shoulders, he continued down the road about a mile to the local McDonald’s. He parked his bike next to the window and walked inside, ordered a coffee, then sat at the table just inside the window where his bike was parked. He took off his Cubs hat and placed it on the table in front of him.

A moment later, he spotted a VW similar to Kelly’s pulling into the lot. As he watched, she parked the car and came into the restaurant, heading directly for his table. She leaned over and gave him a quick kiss, then sat in the chair across from him.

“Good morning, Pete.”

“Good morning, Kelly. I just rode past your place but I didn’t see your car.”

“I know. I was visiting my girlfriend and saw you ride by. My car was parked behind the building because all the front spaces were taken when I got home yesterday. Sorry.”

“That’s ok. So what are you up to today?”

“I was going to ask you the same question. If I remember correctly, we were going to do something together today.”

“Right. So what would you like to do?”

“I don’t have anything special in mind. Maybe we could just talk and get to know each other better. I think we rushed things a little the other day, don’t you?”

“Actually, yes. I didn’t expect to get the warm reaction I got but I figured we were just ahead of the game. Should we talk here or at your place?”

“Let’s go back to my place. That way we can say what we like without being overheard by strangers. I’ll head home now and tidy up a bit. You can ride back when you’ve finished your coffee. No rush, ok?”

“Sounds good to me. I’ll see you shortly.”

Kelly stood up and leaned over to kiss him again.

“I’m sorry.” She said. “That’s getting to be a habit.”

“Please don’t apologize, I rather like that habit.”

Kelly picked up his Cubs hat and plopped it on her head. She sashayed her way out of the restaurant, across the parking lot, and got into her car. In a moment, she backed out of the parking space and whizzed away, going behind the building out of his sight.

Pete sat quietly for awhile reviewing recent events. He was very comfortable with Kelly. While it was true that they didn’t know a great deal about each other, that fact alone lent an air of mystery to their budding relationship. He was rather pleased with her quick kisses. Her most endearing feature, he thought, was the lively way she reacted to events.

He recalled her squeals at the awards presentation the other day and the brilliant smile that spread across her face and lit up her eyes. It was a kind of jubilation that had so far been missing from his life. He finished his coffee and walked outside to mount his bike. In five minutes, he was parking near her front door.

The door opened almost before he knocked and Kelly was in his arms in an instant, locking her arms around his neck and raising her feet off the ground as he grabbed her in his arms. She hugged him tightly, then moved her head back just a bit and kissed him soundly on the mouth.

“Now that’s what I call a greeting. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Please come in and make yourself at home.”

Pete stepped forward, carrying Kelly with him. As he did so, she reached out and pushed the door closed. When he heard it click in place, he put her down and turned to lock the door.

“Making me a prisoner in my own home?”

“Just keeping the outside world at bay. Even if someone knocks, we’ll have the option to ignore them.”

She grinned broadly and took his hand.

“Come on, I’ll give you the nickel tour.”

She walked him through her small apartment – Kitchen, living room, bathroom, storage closet, and finally, her bedroom. He liked the little decorative touches that she had added and he told her so. His comments were rewarded with that brilliant smile and a squeeze of his hand. She led him back to the living room and steered him to the couch. When he sat on one end, she tucked her feet under her and sat next to him, not quite snuggling but not far away.

For the next hour or so, they traded tidbits about their lives. They laughed a lot and began touching each other in the exchanges. Finally, she leaned over and wrapped her arms around his neck. She put her face in front of his, nose to nose, then whispered to him.

“Pete, I want you right now. Please.”

Pete wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, kissing her lightly with his tongue just brushing her lips. Kelly responded by pushing her tongue into he partly opened mouth and pressing herself against him. They kissed passionately for some time, moving around on the couch until she was finally beneath him.

Although she had her legs wrapped around him, Pete was in danger of falling off the narrow couch. Kelly whispered to him that there was more room on her bed. Pete stopped kissing her and stood up, helping her to rise in the process. She took his hand and led him down the short hallway to her bedroom.

Once there, they began to undress each other. Pete started kissing her while his hands went to the buttons of her blouse. As the buttons came undone, Kelly was pulling his shirt out of his pants and moving her hands on his bare torso. She stopped as he moved his hands up to her shoulders to remove her blouse. As the garment fell from her shoulders, his gaze went to her chest, grateful that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Kelly had small tits with perky nipples. At this point, her nipples were standing out from her chest, rock hard and begging for attention. Pete held her by the waist and bent his head to her right breast. Taking it into his mouth, Kelly moaned loudly.

“Oh, yes, baby, suck it, lick it, bite it. It’s yours, baby, all yours.”

Pete licked and sucked her breast in earnest, then took the hard nipple between his teeth and bit down lightly.

“Oh, yes, bite them. Like that, yes, yes, oh Pete.”

He repeated the procedure on her left breast, eliciting more moans and cries from the wiggling woman. Finally, he laid her back on the bed and began kissing her belly until he reached the top of her jeans. His hands immediately began to open her jeans and Kelly urged him on.

“Oh, yes, Pete, take them off, please, I want you so bad. Oh hurry, baby, please, please, please.” She lifted her hips off the bed to assist him in removing her jeans and her panties as well. As the garments cleared her feet, Kelly moved herself farther back on the bed until her head hit the pillow. She stopped then and watched as Pete quickly undressed himself. As his pants and underpants slid down his legs, his now hard cock came into view.

“Oh, Pete, you’re huge. I don’t think I can handle that. My god, it’s gorgeous. Oh baby, hurry please, I want you now.”

Pete crawled onto the bed and spread her legs even wider. He bent his head and began licking and biting her inner thighs. Kelly was beside herself, moaning and thrashing on the bed and Pete’s lips crept closer and closer to her pulsating pussy. He adjusted his position by placing his hands under her ass cheeks, keeping her legs spread wide for him. He flicked out his tongue and licked her pussy lips and Kelly shuddered.

“Yes, yes, oh, eat me, eat me now, please, yes.”

Pete licked her pussy from bottom to top and Kelly shrieked. He held her legs apart with his hands as he licked her pussy repeatedly, causing her to moan and writhe on the bed with each flick of his tongue. Finally, his tongue contacted her clit, which was standing up hard and completely exposed to his mouth. After the first lick and Kelly’s loud moan, Pete captured her clit with his teeth and bit down lightly.

Kelly exploded, arching her back completely off the bed. As her orgasm overtook her, she slammed her legs together to add to the pressure she so desperately wanted, trapping his head between her thighs. She held this elevated position for several moments before exhaling a huge breath and dropping back to the bed. As she did so, she released his head, allowing him to release her clit and kiss it gently.

Pete then began to kiss his way up her torso, noting along the way the slight sheen of perspiration on her belly. He reached her breasts just as his cock touched the entrance to her hot, wet pussy. He positioned his cock so that it slid through her pussy lips, getting wet in preparation for entering her but also teasing her as he slid through her pussy lips and across her distended clit.

Kelly shuddered and wrapped her arms around his shoulders at the same time as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Fuck me, Pete, please, I can’t take any more teasing, I need you inside me, please, Pete, please, give it to me.”

Pete moved his hips back and positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy, then began to push forward. As the head of his cock popped into her pussy, Kelly thrust her hips forward in an attempt to capture him fully.

“Oh, God, Pete, you’re splitting me. Oh, it hurts, it’s filling me, oh, it hurts so good, oh Pete, fuck me.”

Jointly, they completed their union. Pete pushed his hips forward to press his hard cock deep into her hot, wet vagina while Kelly pressed her hips upward to receive him and pull him as deeply as possible inside of her. When his balls slapped her ass, Pete covered her breast with his mouth. Kelly gripped his shoulders with her hands and tightened her legs around his waist. As they began to move against each other, they quickly developed a rhythm allowing Kelly to rake his back with her nails with each insertion of his hard cock into her distended pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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