Kissing Cathy Ch. 02

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Mike and Cathy had been together about 6 months and life was good for them. Jen and Russ had been together a few years and life was not so good for them. Jen was not being satisfied by Russ which gave her an excuse to have an affair every now and then. The four of them would go out to local bars together or sometimes hang out at one of their houses for the evening. They often traded porno movies but never watched them as a foursome. Recently, Jen was hanging out with Mike and Cathy without Russ.

One evening Jen was over at Mike and Cathy’s house, sitting at the dining room table and had a new complaint about Russ. In addition to always cumming very quickly when he was in her, Jen just discovered that Russ masturbated while watching porno movies alone.

“I think it’s disgusting,” said Jen.

“But what do you think guys do when they watch porn?” Mike asked. “And, besides, you’ve never masturbated?”

“Mike,” Cathy interjected, ” You can’t ask Jen what she does.”

“Okay,” said Mike, “Sorry, Jen. But still, what do you think us guys do when we watch porn alone? We get horny and jerk off.”

Jen wasn’t quite sure she was hearing things right. Was Mike admitting that he wrapped his fingers around his hard dick and stroked himself until his body convulsed and he came all over himself? Jen always thought Mike and Cathy were a great couple, good looking, confident and loving towards each other. Jen never got too many details when she and Cathy talked about sex but did know that Cathy was very satisfied by Mike in bed and he would do anything to please her. Jen was a little envious of Cathy for that. A picture of Mike sitting on the couch watching porn on TV and slowly stroking his dick popped into her mind. She couldn’t help but start to get aroused by the thought.

“Jen”, Mike said, bringing her back to the conversation, “in the porno movies we’ve all seen and talked about, most of the times when the guys cum, it is their own hand pumping on their dick, right? And I’ve never heard you say that was disgusting. So, is it disgusting that Russ jerks off or is it that he is doing it without you?”

Jen thought about that. She thought about the guys in the movies, their hands stroking on their massive dicks, the cum shooting onto the woman in the scene. She couldn’t help but picture Mike masturbating on the couch almost ready to cum. But if Cathy wasn’t with him, then he would cum all over himself. In Jen’s mind, she saw rope after rope of cum spew onto Mike’s chest and stomach.

“Jen, are you with us”, she heard Mike ask.

“Oh, sorry. I was just thinking”, Jen said as she came out of her short daydream and realized she was licking her lips. “Yeah, they guys in the movies jerking off doesn’t bother me at all, I actually think it’s hot. But I don’t get enough from Russ as it is and he goes wasting it without me.”

“I understand that,” said Mike, “but sorry, can’t help you there.”

You already have, thought Jen, next time I’m home alone I’ll be thinking of you cumming all over yourself. Jen was getting more aroused and had to know if it was really true. She had to ask. “Do you do it?”

Mike looked at Cathy to see how he should respond, was she alright with the way this conversation was going. Cathy smiled and nodded at him, giving him the go ahead. Cathy knew Mike enjoyed masturbating and she enjoyed watching him. And she bet he would get a kick out of talking about it with Jen. And who knows, it might help Jen some, too.

“Yes,” said Mike. In for a penny, in for a pound, he thought. “I can only speak for myself but I think jerking off is good practice besides just being lots of fun. Maybe Russ should do it more often and you should be there with him when he does it.”

Again, Jen pictured Mike masturbating and shooting loads of cum all over himself. All she could respond with was “huh?”

Mike again looked at Cathy, she was still smiling, urging him on. In her mind she was thinking of Mike straddling her while he stroked his dick and the look on his face as he was ready to cum on her tits.

Mike inhaled deeply and continued, “I love to take my time when I’m jerking off, take myself to the brink of orgasm then back off a number of times before cumming. I’ll also stroke myself to a high plateau of pleasure and keep myself there for a while. It does take some control to not cum when I feel an orgasm first approaching but it is worth it. To prolong the pleasure is so much more fun.”

Now Jen’s mind was now going wild with thoughts of Mike masturbating and not cumming. “How long?” was all she could ask.

Mike figured that Jen was asking about length of time but he was getting excited by talking about his jerking off with Jen and decided to give her a good a picture as possible. He made a fist with both hands and put one on top of the other on the table then stuck the thumb on the top fist about an inch higher. “It’s about this long,” he said. Then he made a circle with his right thumb and forefinger, “and about this round. I’ve had my hands wrapped around it often enough to have an accurate free spin measurement.” His dick pulsated in his pants as he saw Jen’s eyes widen. I bet she is picturing me stroking my dick, Mike thought, at least I hope so.

Jen had meant time when she asked how long but much preferred the answer Mike gave. She was getting wet. All she could say was, “really?” Maybe she could get him to prove it.

“Oh yeah,” Cathy said. “He has a really nice one.”

Crap, thought Jen. Cathy has confirmed it so Mike doesn’t have to show it to prove it but that doesn’t mean Mike can’t tell me more about it. “But I meant how long do you do it?”

Mike decided to play dumb. He could see that Jen was getting aroused and wanted to hear her talk dirty because that would excite him some more. His dick was already hard in his pants so he shuffled in his seat and readjusted himself as he said, “do what?”

“You know,” said Jen. She brought her fist to her lap and pumped it in the air a few times as though she were stroking her imaginary dick.

“Wow,” said Mike as his eyes popped open wide. “That looks hot. Do it some more.”

Jen was at the point where she would do just about anything to hear Mike talk about how he masturbated, the more details the better. She pushed her chair back from the table so Mike could get a better view of her lap, spread her legs, brought her hand to her pussy, involuntary rubbed herself through her shorts for a second then made a fist and again did an imitation of stroking on a dick between her legs. “Okay, watch this,” she said as she continued to move her fist up and down in her lap. Then Jen looked over at Cathy and wondered if she’d gone too far. Cathy had a big grin on her face as she watched Jen stroke her make believe dick. “If this is alright with you,” Jen said.

“Oh yeah, I’m enjoying the show,” Cathy replied. “And Mike can be quite good at describing what he does with himself. Keep your hand moving if that’s what it takes for Mike to tell you what he does with his hands.”

Mike was enjoying the scene in front of him. His dick was almost bursting through his pants. He had to use a lot of control to not just pull his dick out and show Jen how jerked off. But he knew Jen was hot and he wanted to see how much hotter she would get. Also, he wasn’t sure if Cathy would appreciate him whipping his dick out at the table but she sure seemed to like the way things were going so far.

“Okay,” said Mike, “a deal is a deal. When I’m alone in bed and get horny thinking about Cathy, I’ll stroke my hard on for probably 15 minutes before I cum all over myself.” He could see Jen’s eyes get even wider, if that were possible, so he decided to be as graphic as he could.

“I use one hand a lot. I wrap my hand around the center of my dick and pump up and down. This way my foreskin rubs on my dick’s head, not my hand. A nice steady even pace is nice but then I always wind up pumping faster, just for the extra added intensity. When I feel my cum start to get ready to shoot I have to slow down, or even stop all together, because I don’t want the pleasure to end yet.”

Jen had stopped pumping her fist in her lap and moved her chair back close to the table again but she left her hand in her lap so she could gently rub her fingers on her pussy through her shorts. She hoped Mike or Cathy didn’t know what she was doing but she really didn’t care at the moment. Mike was looking at her and moving his hands above the table to show her how he held his dick as he described his masturbating. Cathy was looking lovingly at Mike.

Mike continued, “when I’m home alone and watching a good porn movie, I’ll go for a half hour or 45 minutes before I cum. I like holding the top of my dick in my right hand, stroking slowly and lightly rubbing the head with my thumb on the up strokes only. My left hand is put to good use gently rubbing my balls. That’s a good way to get a lot of precum to ooze out which make a great lube. I also like to lean over and drop a good load of spit on my dick, also a good lube. Then I can give my dick nice long top to bottom strokes with one hand and give my head a good rubbing with my full fist.”

Cathy was ready to grab Mike and take him to the bedroom to give her a good fucking. She had seen Mike do all the things he was describing and it made her very horny to listen to him describe it. That he was also showing them with his hands how they moved over his dick made her want the real thing.

Jen was enthralled with the story and hand movements. Her fingers were quite busy working on her clit.

“Both hands wrapped around my dick is nice, too,” Mike continued. “One on top, the other around the bottom and I’ll hold them still and pump my hips up and down like I’m fucking my fists. That technique is really nice when I’m standing up.”

“But you know,” Mike said, turning to Cathy, “my favorite is jerking off in front of you. I get a thrill when you watch me, it is so exciting to put on a show of masturbating for you. I love watching myself cum and cumming on your tits looks bonus veren siteler so much better than cumming on myself. You have beautiful tits but they look even better when they are coated with my sperm.”

“And they taste better that way too, don’t they?” purred Cathy.

“They sure do,” said Mike.

Jen’s mind was reeling from the last exchange. Did Mike just say he licked his cum from Cathy’s boobs? That thought, plus the gentle stroking she was giving her clit under the table, gave her a mini orgasm and caused her to moan slightly. I’ve never even had a guy kiss me after pleasing him with a great blow job and letting him cum in my mouth, she thought.

“Do you, do, ahh,” stuttered Jen. Even after hearing Mike’s detailed story, she still found it difficult to ask if he licked his cum off Cathy’s body.

“Sorry, Jen,” said Mike, “but since you stopped making like you’re stroking a dick in your lap, I can’t answer any of your questions. And besides, if you will excuse me, ladies, I have to go to the bathroom. If I’m gone for more than a few minutes, you know what I’ll be doing.”

Mike got up and walked towards the bathroom. On the way, he grabbed his sunglasses off an end table, he was devising a plan he hoped would work. Once in the bathroom, Mike was glad he really didn’t have to pee, there is no way he could with the raging hard on he had. He undid his pants, let them drop to his knees and unbuttoned his shirt, leaving his chest exposed, then put on the sunglasses. Then finally he wrapped his hand around his dick and started giving it slow strokes. I really need this, he thought. Mike then flushed the toilet, knowing the girls would hear it and also knowing that they would know that he was stroking on his dick in here when he didn’t return to the table right away. He hoped that thought would drive them crazy and they would have to come to the bathroom to see for themselves. That’s where the sunglasses came in to play.

Cathy and Jen watched Mike walk towards the bathroom. Cathy was quite sure that Mike would be masturbating in a few minutes, that made her wet between her legs. She just hoped he didn’t cum while he was alone in there. She wanted to watch his cum spurt from his dick on to her, to watch him stroke on his dick, to see the look on his face when he came but she needed that hard dick inside her to please her first.

Jen’s mind was going a mile a minute. She never thought that listening to a guy describe how he wanked would get her so hot. She was lost in the thoughts when she heard the toilet flush. When she didn’t see Mike return to the table right away, oh my gosh, she thought, he’s probably jerking off, right on the other side of that wall. She looked at Cathy, who was gazing towards the hallway. “Do you think he is, you know, doing what he just told us about?” she asked.

“Do you mean is he masturbating?” asked Cathy.

“Yes,” Jen softly said.

“And do you wonder if he is trying out all the hand holds and strokes he described?”

“Oh yes.”

“Do you think we should find out for sure?”

“Oh my gosh yes. Can we?”

“Yes. And I think we should. You just have to be quiet, Mike really gets into what he’s doing and maybe he won’t notice us at first,” said Cathy. Yeah, right, she thought, he’s in there jerking off just waiting for us to come in and watch. I’ll give this one to him, he does deserve it.

“I promise I’ll be quiet,” said Jen as the girls walked down the hallway to the bathroom.

Mike heard the girls walking down the hallway, now it was time to get ready. He leaned his head back so it would look like he had his eyes closed from the pleasure he was giving himself but he really had his eyes open behind the sunglasses and was looking at the door, waiting for it to open.

Cathy slowly opened the door and saw what she expected to see, Mike rubbing the head of his hard on with one hand and his balls with the other. She knew he was looking at her and Jen. Jen gasped when she saw what she also expected to see. It’s one thing to picture it in your mind but totally another to see it live and close up. She wanted to take off her tank top, kneel down in front of him and tell him to cum all over her. She wanted to be as close as possible to Mike’s dick when it spurt out gobs of cum but for now she knew she could only watch from a few feet away. She never knew that watching a guy put on a show of masturbating could get her so horny.

Jen did wonder if Mike really had his eyes closed. It looked like he did with his head tilted back but why the sunglasses. Who cares, she thought. I hope he is looking at me. Maybe he’ll like watching this, she thought as she started rubbing her pussy through her shorts.

Mike had stroked himself to a nice plateau when the door opened. He knew it had to have been Cathy’s idea to bring Jen in here to watch him. He was lucky to have that gal and he knew it. His dick pulsed even harder as he looked at the two gorgeous women that were watching him slowly stroke his hard on and rub his balls. He was going deneme bonusu veren siteler to put on a good show for them. He wrapped both hands around his dick and began pumping his dick in and out of his fists. He moaned when he saw Jen start to rub herself. He could feel he was getting close to cumming, the sperm was churning in his balls, wanting release. He changed to a one hand long slow stoke on his dick. His toes were curling, if he kept stroking he would cum real soon. Now was the time for the self control he had talked about. But there were two gorgeous watching him, obviously enthralled by the show he was putting on. And he was loving putting on the show of jerking off for them and his sperm was busting to break out. But if he didn’t cum now, he would be ready for more action later. Mike let go of his dick and breathed deep as his hard on pulsated. He had taken himself to the brink of orgasm and held back. Then he saw Jen rub her pussy with more intensity and Cathy had her hand to her own tits that he had cum on so many times and his mind took over where his hand had stopped.

Mike used all the self control he had but some cum still escaped from his balls and started traveling up his dick. He looked down at his dick and moaned as a glob of cum leaked out of his cum slit and onto his dick.

Jen stared bug eyed as Mike varied the stroking of his dick. I could watch this all day long, she thought, then realized that wasn’t true. If she watched much more of this, she would need some real action. Heck, she needed some real action now as she continued rubbing her clit through her shorts. Then Mike stopped stroking his dick and Jen rubbed her clit harder, she had to get herself off now.

Cathy had watched Mike jerk off many times before and it always made her wet. She could tell he was close to cumming. This must be a real fantasy come true for him to be masturbating in front of the two of us. When Mike let go of his dick, she rubbed her breast, hoping that this load of cum would be saved so it could coat her tits.

The women watched as Mike’s dick pulsated and a glob of cum appeared at the head. Mike brought his hand back to his dick and wiped most of his cum on to his finger. Then he brought his finger to his mouth and sucked it clean. He then wiped some more cum from his dick onto his finger, closed his mouth and rubbed that bit of cum on his lips. Then he turned and looked at the women.

Jen was rubbing her clit as hard as she could when Mike sucked his cum from his finger. The combined stimuli brought her to orgasm. She was shaking and moaning as Mike wiped more cum on his lips and turned towards her.

Cathy was about as horny as she had ever been as she watched Mike cover his finger with his cum. She wanted to suck on that finger. She let out a sigh as Mike sucked on it.

As Mike finished wiping his cum on his lips and turned to the women, he said, “Oh, hi there. Do you ladies need to use the bathroom?” He calmly pulled up his pants and started to make his way out of the bathroom. He stopped when he reached Jen, gave her a kiss on her cheek, making sure to rub his cum covered lips across as much of her cheek as possible and said, “How are you doing, Jen?”

He went to Cathy and said, “and how are you doing?” as he gave her a big sloppy French kiss. He knew she wanted to taste his cum.

Jen was in shock. Mike acted as though they had walked in on him while he was washing his hands instead of jerking off. And then he kissed her on the cheek with his cum coated lips. She was glad she just had an orgasm but she was still horny. That kiss on her cheek was about the most erotic kiss she had ever received.

Cathy had a slight pang on jealousy as she watched Mike smear some of his cum on Jen’s cheek but that was quickly gone as Mike kissed her full on the lips and she got the taste of Mike’s cum in her mouth.

When they stopped kissing, Mike said, “Bathroom’s all yours, Jen. Take your time,” as he led Cathy down the hallway.

Jen almost stumbled to the sink. In her state of shock, her automatic impulse was to splash some water on her face to bring her around to a state of normalcy. Then she looked in the mirror. She could see Mike’s cum smeared on her cheek. She rolled her finger across the cum on her cheek then watched herself in the mirror as she put that finger in her mouth and sucked on it. That is one sensuous man Jen thought, as she tasted Mike’s cum. I am going to leave that layer on cum on my cheek. I bet Mike will enjoy seeing it still there she said to herself. Jen took a few minutes to organize herself before she walked out of he bathroom and back to the kitchen.

As Mike and Cathy walked back to the kitchen, Cathy said, “You knew we were watching you, didn’t you?”

“Yes, of course I did. And I was looking at both of you the whole time, too. Thank you for getting Jen to watch me. She really enjoyed it, too. Did you notice she was rubbing herself in there?”

“Really? I was too busy watching you to notice. I’m glad you didn’t cum because I need something from you right now,” Cathy said as she glanced down the hallway to make sure Jen was still in the bathroom. She then took off her shorts and panties in one movement, sat on the edge of the table and said, “I need your cock in me. I need to cum. I’m already on the edge, just a quick fuck will get me off.”

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