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Life in The Village, through the eyes of a student at the remote school.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)

Copyright 2013-2022.  Robert Armstrong.  This complete work of literary art is protected by US, Australian and International copyright law. It is the sole property of the author and may not be reproduced in any form whether in whole or in part without the prior express written consent of the author.  
License is granted to Nifty Archive Alliance, Inc. for electronic publication on the Nifty website. All rights reserved.

The resemblance of the characters by action, name, location or description to any real person is purely coincidental.

If it is illegal, or offensive, for you to read stories involving interactions of a sexual nature between adults and youths, then what are you doing here?



From Chapter 83:

I”m wondering how long I can hold on, when he freezes, calls out, “Fark!” and sprays a fountain of stuff up in the air and onto my body. Junior follows. For fun, and not totally out of control, I scream “Trark!”

We both burst into laughter and release our grips on each other. He lays his exhausted body onto mine, with his head on my shoulder. Both panting. I reach around him and hold his tight glutes. And we both gradually relax.

Suddenly, our back-to-normal breathing is interrupted by the timer on my phone sounding the alarm.


Chapter 84 � A Common Enemy Defeated

Not having used this alarm function before, it takes me a few moments to turn it off.

“Quick!” I tell him. “We need to clean ourselves up and get the horses headed towards the lookout. Karl and Jacko could already be on their way back here.”

We don”t have time for a shower. I grab two face washers and turn the wash basin tap to hot. Archie and I clean ourselves, squeeze out the washers and hang them over the towel rail.

We both get dressed really fast, after swapping underpants, at Archie”s request! He looks amazing in mine, with his thick dick and round balls totally filling the pouch! I take a quick photo to share with Andy. And, maybe, my brother.


I”m expecting Karl and Jacko to reach us before we reach them. But they don”t!

I look up along the track that Ron and I made with the markers. I can”t see anyone yet.

Very strange!

Archie and I proceed with the horses at a slow walking pace, to give my brother and his favourite farm hand more time to finish whatever they have been doing with each other.

What could be taking them so long?

Surely, they wouldn”t be doing something that it would be more comfortable to do on a bed in the workers” cottage!

I was really only expecting them to play with each other up here, and probably jack each other off, or maybe even give each other a blow job!

Maybe Karl didn”t hear the alarm on his phone. Unlikely! How long do those things ring for before they turn themselves off, if at all?

We are not far from the lookout now, and I”m starting to be worried. There is still no sign, nor sound, of them.

Maybe they left the horses and went for a walk after their fun.

We reach the crest of the hill, at the lookout, and don”t see Karl or Jacko or their horses!

“Where are they?” Archie asks. “Are you sure that this is the place they were coming to?”

“I don”t know where they are,” I answer. “And, yes. This is the place.”

“Maybe they decided not to stay here or even go back to the workers” hut, but go and check some fences instead,” Archie suggests. “Hey, nice view!”

“Ha! You don”t know my brother!” I tell him. “Firstly, Karl and Jacko would not pass up the opportunity to use one of the beds, like we did. And, secondly, Karl is allergic to work, such as checking fences, which was only ever going to be an excuse in case we made it back to the main house before they did.”

“Well, why don”t you just ring him and see where they are?” Archie says, as though it”s the obvious thing to do. “You both have a phone.”

I feel stupid for not thinking of that! But relieved.


Karl”s phone is ringing, but it isn”t being answered!

I try again.

Same result.

“Something must have happened to them!” I suggest, very nervously, to Archie. “What do you think we should do?”

“Do you want to ring your dad and tell him?” he asks.

“He doesn”t have his phone with him,” I reply. “Besides, it”s not a satellite phone like mine and Karl”s. And, even if it was, I wouldn”t ring it in case he”d left it in the house and Helen answered it. I wouldn”t want her to get stressed over something that might have not even happened, and potentially upset her, which might affect her babies.”

“Well then, maybe we should head back,” Archie suggests. “If that”s OK with you. Or, do you want to stay up here and play some more?”

“I”m really not in the mood for playing right now,” I tell him. “Not knowing if my brother is all right or not. Sorry!”

“That”s OK!” he says. “We”ve already had some really good fun, haven”t we? If I had a brother, I”d definitely want to go and look for him too!”

Feeling an urgency to locate my brother, I start the horses walking at a quicker pace than how we came up the hill. I”d like to go even faster, but that might leave Archie trailing behind, or risking his health if he tried to keep up with me, downhill, or my own health if I came off head-first trying to hurry without proper caution.

“Maybe Karl dropped his phone somewhere, so he couldn”t hear it ringing,” Archie suggests, trying to be encouraging.

“Then we should have seen him looking for it,” I say, now becoming even more concerned.

I would die if anything has happened to my brother! He”s part of me; the other half of me. Recently, we”ve become more like brothers than we”ve ever been.

Yes, we used to do things together with each other, like lying on the rug in front of the fire and reading the paper, and sharing the shower to save water. We were even together when William taught us to jack off.

But, looking back, it seems that we were usually competitors. Not just when William took Karl”s side against me when we were playing in the weir or wrestling. And, then there were the Saturday jobs, when he continually tried to make out that I was trying to get out of cleaning our outside toilet, when it was really his turn. I always delighted in doing `the right thing” but Karl resented me for the compliments that I received.

I never resented him for anything, but I think he had a different izmit escort opinion of me: that I was always trying to make him look bad. Not true!

But now, more recently, things have become different. And I think it”s due to his relationship with Jacko. He knows that I”m happy for him, and that I will cover for them, and that I feel the excitement that he feels. And he doesn”t seem to have any negative feelings about me playing with Andy or Archie. I think that he”s even warming to Ron; no longer seeing him as an assassin. Maybe.

If something bad has happened to Karl, like being bitten by a snake, or coming off his horse, then Jacko would have come and told me. He knows that I was with Archie and where we were.

However, what if something really bad has happened to both of them? But then, we would have come across their horses, wouldn”t we?

The workers” cottage comes into view as we emerge from the trees and the bend in the track.

I have tears running down my cheeks.

Outside it, there are the two horses. My brother is safe!

I”m tempted to rush in and say, “What the hell?” for not following our plan and for the distress that I have felt, being so concerned for him.

However, knowing that Karl and Jacko are inside, is comforting.

I still have questions, but bursting in and demanding answers wouldn”t be good form! I”ll leave them to enjoy their time together.

“Let”s go back,” I suggest to Archie.

I turn my horse away, before we get too close to the workers” hut so that they won”t hear us.

Then I enlighten Archie, “One of Helen”s house rules is that people who have been horse riding need to shower before coming into the main house. She doesn”t like the smell of horses anymore and that she can even smell it on our hands and in our hair.”

I stare at Archie until the implication of my words registers. He grins.

I add, “Did you bring a change of clothes?”

“How can you go faster on a horse?” is his response, showing enthusiasm for getting back to the showers as soon as possible. Before Karl and Jacko do!

I share with him my limited knowledge of trotting, with mixed success.

Somehow, we discover that standing in the stirrups allows the horses to go at a faster pace without doing damage to our insides, and our backsides!

We alternate between going faster by standing in the stirrups, and walking, sitting.


So that we can have more time together in the showers, we leave the horses, happily eating, in their stalls, for the farm hand to unsaddle and brush down. Jacko might even persuade Karl to do some work by helping him.

We take our boots off at the door of the bunkhouse then carry them inside so that they won”t be seen from the house.

We duck into the shower room and immediately start to strip off our clothes, dumping them into two piles � his and mine. I add his underpants to his pile. He looks terrific in mine. He looks even better when he takes them off! He already has an erection. Junior rises quickly.

Archie and I laugh at each other”s body and our readiness to do some more sexy stuff.

If Ron or Andy or Karl was with me, I”d go slower. But I”m not sure how long Archie and I have together before somebody appears, so I don”t waste any time!

He allows me to use the soap and wash him all over. Of course I spend more time on his front! Holding his balls and jiggling his dick. To which he groans with pleasure.

His soapy touch thrills my body as well.

“I know something good that we can do quickly!” I tell him. I turn him around and push Junior between his legs from behind.

“Wait! Are you trying to fuck me?” he asks, anxiously.

“Definitely not!” I tell him. “This just feels good. You can it to me too. Use a lot of soap.”

I turn my back to him.

He starts tentatively. However, when he gets the hang of it, he holds my hips and speeds up.

“Fuck! This feels good!” he lets out.

“Truck,” I remind him.

His excitement is obvious, with his breathing becoming huffs and puffs, with his body thumping against my `nice glutes”. Then he suddenly stops.

“I”m gonna cum!” he says. Then, while he is grunting, I feel his body shake and his dick throbs and explodes.

Being excited at Archie”s thrill, I start jerking Junior until he is ready to spurt. Then I turn towards Archie and spray his body and watch it dribble into his curly pubes.

We both laugh, then wash away all of the `evidence”.

Then hug.

We hear the quad bikes! They head past us towards the sheds, so I turn the water temperature to cold. As we shiver, things `settle” very quickly.

We dry ourselves and then get dressed; Archie into his change of clothes and me into some that Karl and I leave over here.

“While I have the chance,” Archie tells me, “I just want to say `Thanks heaps!”. Today has been the best day of my life!”

“The day isn”t over yet!” I reply.

“Yes, but there”s not much chance of us doing anything else, is there? We”ll have our parents around for the rest of the evening, and then your brother and Jacko will be in the bunkhouse with us.”

“We”ll see!” I grin at him. “Have you ever heard the expression, `Where there”s a will, there”s a way”? I think that we are both willing, so maybe there”s a way.”

“I hope so,” he replies. “I don”t know when I”ll be able to do any of this stuff again! It felt amazing!”

After taking only a few steps towards the door, I stop and put to him, “Are you telling me that this is the first time that you”ve ever played with another guy?”

“Yes. First time,” he grins at me.

“Not even with a friend from school?” I ask.

“No,” he says. “Last year, I heard of two guys at my school being severely bashed after word got around that they were boyfriends. So, there is no way that I could ever trust myself to try stuff with another person after that, even though I wanted to. My fun has all been `single-handed”. When Uncle George offered me a job, I left school as soon as I was old enough.”

I am shocked! I can understand his fear, and a lot of questions pop into my head, but now is probably not the time to ask them because they could bring up bad memories for him.

“Well, maybe your parents will bring you out here some more,” I tell him, grinning and trying to be encouraging. “I hope so!”

“Maybe,” he says. “That would be terrific, but I wouldn”t count on it. They are not very friendly people and your parents may not invite them again. You saw how my mother was in the restaurant. This might be a one-off!”

“I hope not,” I reply. “I would be happy for izmit otele gelen escort you to come and stay for a few days. Maybe without them. Maybe during the school holidays.”

He doesn”t reply, but throws his arms around me, hugs me tightly and whispers, “Thank you, Kurt.” His voice sounds as if he is about to cry.


“Hi!” I hear Dad”s voice from across the yard.

Archie and I turn to see our fathers walking in our direction. We wait for them to reach us.

“So, how was the horse riding?” Dad asks Archie.

“Really good, thank you, Mr Andersen,” Archie replies, in a tone designed to please his father. “It was a wonderful view from up at the lookout. Did you like it up there, Dad?” Archie asks, looking from my Dad to his.

“Not bad,” Mr Taylor answers, a little less enthusiastically than when I asked him the same question earlier. He adds, “It was all very dusty. I think that I need a shower.”

Archie replies, “Well, Kurt and I have already cleaned ourselves up and changed clothes, because Kurt said that Mrs Andersen doesn”t like the smell of horses.”

“Me either,” his dad answers.

`For different reasons!” I think to myself.

“Where”s Jacko and that brother of yours?” Dad asks. “It”s almost dark, and how did you beat them back?”

I knew it!

“Well, there”s not much up that way that they haven”t already seen,” I tell him. Then, without lying I offer, “Maybe they went to check on some of the fencing.”

Archie adds, “Yes, Mr Andersen. I think that I heard `check the fences” somewhere in our conversations earlier.”

Not exactly fibbing! He grins at me. I smirk back at him.


“Hello dear,” Archie”s mother says, holding his shoulders and kissing him on the forehead. “Did you have a good time?”

“Oh, yes, mother,” Archie replies. “I had a wonderful time. Thank you. Kurt even asked if we might come again.”

“We”ll see!” she answers. “I”m sure that your father and Mr Andersen can discuss it.”

I glance at Mr Taylor. While his facial muscles are saying, `I don”t think so”, he turns to Dad and tells him, “Yes, maybe we can discuss that. Sometime.”

I wonder what his problem is?

Mr Taylor excuses himself to `shower off the dirt”, and, looking outside, I see Jacko and Karl canter back into the yard and head for the stables.

“I just saw Karl and Jacko,” I announce. “I think that Archie and I should just go and see if we can give them a hand with anything.”

I feel a tinge of guilt for just abandoning Archie”s and my horses in the stables with just their feed.

“Please tell them that dinner will be ready in 15 minutes,” Helen says. Then, obviously speaking to Mrs Taylor, I hear her say, “He”s the most helpful boy I”ve ever met.”

As Archie and I do a `highest jump” off the verandah, I hear Mrs Taylor”s voice, “Well, have you ever heard anyone as polite as my Archie?”

I wonder what Dad”s and Helen”s afternoons have been like? With the Taylors!

“Told you so!” Archie says to me as we cross the yard. “I have a feeling that tomorrow is going to be a bloody awful day!”


I”m about to unload on my brother for not sticking to our plan, and to tell him how worried I was for him. However, I decide against it, not wanting to destroy the look of absolute joy on his face. I don”t often see him this happy! I glance at Jacko. Definitely beaming like a cat that licked the cream! At that thought, a feel a broad grin cross my face! Jacko is the big pussy cat and Junior”s twin was the source of the cream.

“Hi,” Karl chirps. “Did you two have fun? We did!”

“How long have you been back?” Jacko asks.

“Long enough to have a shower before going into the house,” I smile. “Helen”s house rule! Remember?”

They both look towards Archie, who is nodding and grinning.

“Don”t worry about your horses,” Jacko tells us. “We”ll take care of them for you.”

Very generous!

“Thanks,” I reply. “But don”t take too long. You both still need to shower, and Helen says that dinner will be in 15 minutes.”

I see the pace of their activity quicken noticeably. Obviously at the thought of concluding their fun with a bit of time in the shower.

No, Junior! You”re not invited! Behave!

“Oh, by the way,” I say. “When Dad asked where you both were because we got back first, I told him that I thought you may have gone to check some fences. Just so you know!”

Archie and I stroll back towards the house.

“What do you reckon they did?” Archie asks me. “By their expressions and good moods,
I could tell that it must have been really good for both of them!”

“Probably what we did,” I answer.

“I reckon that they might have done more!” Archie says, stopping and grinning at me and poking the finger of one hand in and out of the closed fist of the other.

I know what he”s hinting at. If it was Andy and me, he would be right!

“I don”t think so,” I reply. “Karl knows that he and Jacko are only allowed to do what he and I have done together. We agreed. So did Jacko.”

“Whose rule is that?” Archie asks.

“Mine,” I reply.

“Are you the boss of your brother and his boyfriend?” Archie puts to me. “Why would they stop at just that if they wanted to do more?” Then, he adds, “So, haven”t you and Karl ever fucked each other? If I had a twin who felt like I do, we certainly would have done it.”

I”m shocked at how straightforward his question is.

“No,” is my simple answer.

And I think, it”s not that I wouldn”t want to, or haven”t thought about it! It”s just the promise that I made to Andy. And to Uncle.

Maybe Archie is right! Why should I prevent my brother from experiencing the thrill that Andy and I enjoy, `giving ourselves to each other completely”? And I wonder whether he and Jacko have actually done it already! They certainly seem happier than usual this afternoon!

Karl and I need to talk!


Karl and Jacko are less than a minute late to dinner. Nevertheless, guess who”ll be washing up!

Helen has outdone herself with the roast pork and crisp crackling and variety of vegetables.

I can”t tell whether Archie is still play acting, or not. He tells Helen, “Mrs Andersen, this is absolutely delicious. Thank you very much for your efforts!”

Mr and Mrs Taylor add their compliments, even though they are a little less enthusiastic than Archie”s. I can”t help but think about what she was doing while Helen was cooking. Did she help? Or just stand and talk about the abilities of her angelic son? And, I wonder what she”d do if she knew darıca escort what he was really like? I”m tempted to tell her that, for a novice, he”s excellent at wanking and sucking my dick! LOL.

During dinner, Mr Taylor, when asked about his tour on the quad bike, has some good things to say, but adds a lot about his allergies and how his sinuses reacted to the dust.

It”s left to Archie to brighten the mood with his delight at being able to ride on a horse and the view from the lookout. I”m sure that after this, Mrs Taylor will portray him to her friends as a champion jockey and courageous explorer!

Helen turns to me. “Kurt, would you be a dear and pop dessert back into the oven to warm it up? Thank you.”

I can”t help myself! I reply, “Of course, Helen! I”d be delighted to help, especially after such a delightful and delicious meal!”

Dad”s, Karl”s and Jacko”s heads all turn together and stare at me, shocked, perhaps wondering whether I”ve gotten a manners transplant from Archie.

I look at Helen. With her face slightly down, she is wearing the most evil of grins. She knows exactly what I”m doing! I wink at Archie. So does he! I daren”t look at Mrs Taylor!


Afterwards. What comes out of Mrs Taylor”s mouth surprises me. It sounds like something that Archie would say…

“This is a wonderful apple pie,” she tells Helen. “I like the subtle taste of cinnamon. And the pastry is perfect! Even better than the best caf� in Cunnamulla. I”ve only ever tasted one nearly as good as this. It won first prize at the Cunnamulla Show recently. A lady by the name of Daphne Cameron was the cook. Truly delicious! I was one of the judges.”

That”s my cue!

“Thank you!” I say, nodding to her.

Dad and Helen are grinning.

Mrs Taylor looks at me with a combination of disbelief and sneering, as though my manners were the worst in the world; the exact opposite of Archie”s!

I continue, “Mrs Cameron is the one who taught me to make them. I”m glad that you like it.
I cooked it in your honour, drawing her attention to a `T” for Taylor on the remnant of pie in the middle of the table.”

I”m tempted to reach and raise Mrs Taylor”s jaw before any bug is attracted to her cave-like mouth.

Archie smiles at me. “Did you make this?”

“Yes,” is my simple answer. “Earlier today.”

“Well, I can cook too,” he replies. “On Mother”s Day, I made boiled eggs and hot buttered toast with jam and a cup of tea for mum and gave it to her on a tray, with a rose, in bed.”

Mrs Taylor is trapped. “And it was the best breakfast in bed that I”ve ever had,” she tells us.

I think, `It”s probably the only breakfast in bed that you”ve ever had!”

I don”t blame Archie for his mother”s attitude. He and I have become instant comrades against a common enemy!

So is Helen, who is quick off the mark. She lays her hand on mine. “Oh, Kurt, I don”t think that I thanked you for breakfast this morning. Apart from the coffee and toast to wake us all up, your pancakes were light and fluffy as usual, and the lamb”s fry and bacon were simply delicious.” She turns to my brother. “Wouldn”t you say so, Karl?”

My brother has woken up to what is going on. Another comrade1 He replies, “Yes, the smell of his pancakes just drew me out of my warm bed. My brother really knows how to get me up in the morning!”

I hope that I”m the only one who understood his double meaning. I grin at him. He grins back.

Mr Taylor”s contribution to the discussion surprises everyone. “I”m suddenly not feeling very well. It”s my sinuses. I think that we had better go home now, instead of staying the night.”

He”s on his wife”s side, and just wants to remove her from the war, before she loses another battle!

Oh, no! Archie and I won”t get the chance to cuddle up in bed! We exchange disappointed expressions. One of his dreams has been shattered!

Dad to the rescue!

“Are you sure that”s a good idea?” Dad puts to him. It”s a two-hour drive and, in the darkness of a new moon, it could be dangerous. What with the kangaroos and the potholes in the road! I”m sure that Helen can find something to help your sinuses and tomorrow morning, if you don”t feel well enough to stay, you can get away straight after breakfast.” Then he adds, “Besides, we”ve all been looking forward to seeing the master domino player in action!”

They”re thinking `Archie” and we”re all thinking `Jacko”!

Mrs Taylor brightens from sour to not-so-sour at the thought of showing off her angel”s skill.


While Karl and Jacko are doing the dishes, Dad sets about refreshing everyone”s coffee.

We set up the dominoes on the dining table. Mr and Mrs Taylor choose not to play, preferring to watch Helen, Archie and I start before Karl and Jacko return.

I have to admit that Archie”s pretty good. He wins three of the five games. Helen and I get one each.

Mrs Taylor”s lemon face turns into an `I told you he was the best!” sneer.

Karl and Jacko return and Helen offers to `sit out”. So, now it”s just the three of us against him!

Archie wins the first game. I”m surprised, but I think that Jacko was just studying his moves.

The sneer-face brightens with a triumphant chuckle.

However, Archie wins only one of the next six. Karl and I are happy losers.

It”s Jacko who pulls the plug. “Sorry folks, but I”m really tired and need to hit the sack.” He turns to Archie and says, “You have the makings of a really good player, young man. Keep practising! I look forward to our next encounter.”

With the storm clouds hovering over both Mr and Mrs Taylor, I think that they are happy to retreat to their bedroom. My bedroom.

Archie kisses his parents goodnight, while Helen and Dad give Karl and me hugs and kisses.

Mrs Taylor”s parting words are, “Thank you. Good night. What time is breakfast?”

“Is 7:00 too early?” Helen asks.

Mrs Taylor nods her approval.

As she is about to leave the room, I ask, “Excuse me, Mrs Taylor. What would you like on your scrambled eggs in the morning? Chives or parsley?”


(to be continued)



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