Lactating Mom’s Warm Milk Ch. 02

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This is Part 2 of a real-life episode in my life. It was a loving, close relationship that suddenly became a super-charged erotic encounter lasting through my college years.

Rolling around the living room floor next to the child’s crib and grinding my dick furiously in Elizabeth’s pussy, I thought I was in a dream.

Only moments earlier I was the 18-year old high school student who just finished cutting the grass on the cool Saturday morning for my 38-year old neighbor who recently gave birth to her ‘surprise gift’, a beautiful 8-pound baby girl.

I knew my neighbor Elizabeth since I was a child. She was a PE instructor at the local high school and always stayed in great shape.

Super affectionate toward me as I was growing up, she often hugged me, caressed me and kissed me on the cheeks and forehead.

But there was never any suspected sexual tension between us even though she had a sexy 5ft. 6in.,145 lb.body with large 38C breasts and a curvy ass.

That is, until that Saturday morning.

Her husband was at work and her two 19-year twins, Carol and Danny, were away at college. So it was not unusual for her to be alone on a Saturday morning.

That’s why I began cutting her grass on Saturdays; to earn extra money and to help with the chores while she was busy with the baby.

It was quite unusual, however, to walk into her living room to collect my modest ‘spending money’ $20 fee and see beautiful Elizabeth’s full 38C breasts exposed while breastfeeding on the couch.

After a brief moment of shock and embarrassment for both of us, Elizabeth smiled and nodded at me to indicate that everything was OK.

She waltzed across the room and bent over the crib to carefully place the child to rest; inadvertently providing me with clear view of her curvy hips and round ass through her sheer nightie.

She remained bent over for what seemed like several minutes giving ample time to relish her sexy frame. As she stood up with her back still to me, the nightie suddenly fell to her waist, caused by only the slightest movement of her shoulders that almost went unnoticed.

With great anticipation and excitement, I anxiously waited for her to turn around and treat me to a glimpse of her nakedness. But she remained turned away altyazılı porno from me with the nightie still so tantalizingly, loosely hanging from her hips.

This frozen erotic tense moment lasted another several minutes. I could not contain my excitement. I began gliding my fingers over my dick though my pants.

As my excitement grew, I took matters into my own hands. Unzipping my pants, I took my dick out and continued stroking and stroking until finally, hearing my tortured sounds of excitement, Elizabeth quickly swiveled herself around with her large, milk-laden full breasts exposed for me to relish.

I was now feverishly stroking myself. Both of us standing before each other as we had never seen each other, I was terribly excited.

She said not a word but her heavy breathing revealed she was as aroused as I.

Staring at my dick in my hand, she continued her deep breathing in silence which had the noticeable, incredibly sensual effect of lifting her large, full milk-laden breasts up and down with each breath.

As I began slowly approaching her, she made half-hearted efforts to escape by turning her face away and clasping the crib rails with both hands.

But there was no escape. She lifted herself on her toes and bent backwards over the crib rails in another futile attempt to avoid my steps toward her.

Continuing to stroke my dick with one hand, my other hand and lips finally reached their target. Her breasts fell into my mouth as I began sucking her warm milk feverishly.

A loud, deep, guttural sound rose from Elizabeth’s twisting body as she grasped my head with one hand forcing me further into her breasts while her other hand heartily squeezed more milk from her sweet ducts into my mouth.

“Don’t stop sucking, suck me harder, harder.” she screamed. Falling to the floor she replaced my hand with her own as she began firmly caressing my dick. Taking my free hand, she shoved it inside her wet, dripping pussy which evoked yet another scream echoing throughout the house.

“Fuck me with your hand, fuck me hard and don’t stop sucking, suck, suck, suck.”

Never had I heard such excited, erotic sounds. Other than several blow jobs from girls my own age, I never had been with a woman.

I was about to begin a türkçe altyazılı porno graduate course in sex. It was like skipping high school and going straight to college.

I never before sucked delicious warm milk from a woman’s breast, never had an older, mature woman stroking me and never experienced a woman shoving my fingers into her pussy. Everything happened so fast and…so hard.

It was too much. I was going to cum so very soon. Elizabeth’s experience quickly sensed my eruption with the final strokes of her hand pumping and pumping so firmly.

She quickly placed my dick in her mouth letting much of my exploding juices slowly drip from her mouth to reveal to me her pleasure of licking every last drop from her lips.

Despite my distracted focus on my own pleasure, she never released her firm grip on my three fingers pushing in and out of her pussy while also continuing to squeeze into my mouth more of wonderful droplets of breast milk.

“Don’t stop finger fucking me and hold this spot gently with your other finger,” she would instruct as my fingers rapidly dove deeper and deeper into her pussy.

Soon I learned to work her beautiful wetness with two hands, letting her twisting body movements and terribly erotic, womanly sounds guide me to her most treasured pleasure spots.

Her hips gyrated up and down to greet my fingers grinding her pussy until I heard her loudest and deepest sounds of pleasure. Her pussy lips tightened for a moment as I heard her anguished cries of joy.

She screamed “I am cumming, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop, fuck my pussy with that hand.”

It was done, she exploded with a dripping wetness visible to my stunned eyes and a firm tightness gripping my fingers.

With eyes and mouth wide open and an extremely appreciative smile, she gave me juicy wet kisses all over my lips, face, neck and shoulders.

“Thank you my darling little boy, thank you for pleasing mommy.”

Looking directly at my eyes with a smile, she held her breasts for my full enjoyment. She slowing began delicately moving her hands over her breasts, ass and hips; stretching like a feline in the morning sun.

It was an erotic, slow dance of lust; a brief, quiet interlude before we began another session of hd altyazılı porno forbidden lust.

Turning on her stomach, Elizabeth offered me a full glimpse of her beautiful ass which she so graciously lifted. Swiveling her hips back and forth, her hands spread wide both of her precious openings for my eyes to freely feast.

Sufficiently aroused, her hand and mouth easily returned my hardness and replaced my fingers in her pussy with my dick. Slowing she stroked me as I lay inside of her with my mouth still suckling her breast juices.

Soon she was again moving her hips up and down shouting for me to “fuck me hard, in and out, hard, very hard, fuck me, fuck me, fuck mommy, fuck mommy hard.”

She lifted her hips up to my dick as my excitement was approaching another climax.

I held her ass cheeks for better leverage; forcing myself deeper and deeper until I once again heard her scream with pleasure. I was approaching the point of no return.

Suddenly she awoke from her daze and said “No, No, don’t cum in my pussy, not yet; take my ass, cum in my ass, fuck my ass, fuck mommy’s ass.”

She took my dick out of her pussy, lifted her hips, fingered her ass for a moment with the juices from her pussy and started my dick on its most exhilarating journey yet, into her round full ass.

Elizabeth kept telling me to ‘fuck my ass hard, fuck it hard and cum.”

The tightness of her ass, her swiveling hips, her up and down thrusts and her hand strokes on my dick were too much for me.

I exploded inside of her as I felt her ass tighten to squeeze every last drop.

She lay on the floor with her large breasts heaving up and down; my cum dripping from her ass and mouth and her pussy lips red from the intensity of a hard fucking session.

She rose to again take my dick in her mouth. She licked me clean, stopping only to tease both of us; using my dick to show me how to softly caress her pussy lips inside and out, up and down, with special attention on a certain area above her wet hole.

There would be other regular sessions with Elizabeth which became even more pleasant once she went back on the pill. I began to fill her pussy, ass and mouth regularly and she decided to remain lactating for several more years.

I decided to go to a four-year college in the area. Can you blame me?

My choice to stay close to home was particularly rewarded when Elizabeth’s younger sister, Marie, came for a summer visit with her newborn child.

But that is another story……..

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