Lapdance Ch. 06

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Chapter 6: The Gas Station Attendant

I took the last drag of my last cig as I was pulling into the gas station. I got out and clicked the lock button on the car’s remote. Walking in I noticed that they were pretty much dead, minus the lady and her daughter paying for some snacks. I walked to the refrigerated section and got me a dr. pepper, and then proceeded to the counter.

Setting my drink down, I noticed the mousy little girl operating the register. She was a little red headed chick that couldn’t have been more than nineteen, maybe twenty years old. “Will that be all?” she asked, looking me over a little bit.

“I also need a pack of camel menthols,” I replied, giving her a smile.

“I’ll need to see your i.d.” she said, turning a little red when she realized I noticed her checking me out.

I pull out my wallet and hand her my license, “I rarely get asked. Here you go.”

“I have to ask. I’m on camera, and I’m already on probation,” she replied kind of sheepishly. She took it from me and looked up at me, “There’s no way you’re that old. You’re much too hot…er…I mean you look so young. Sorry.”

I chuckled, “No, no it’s fine. Matter of fact, you’re a sexy little thing yourself.” She blushed real hard and spun around to get my pack of smokes. I took the moment to check out her ass. I was the cutest little bubble but you’d ever see. Her pants were extra tight and I noticed she wasn’t wearing any underwear, or a thong.

She turned around and cleared her throat, bringing me out of my ass contemplation. “Here you go. That’ll be 6 bucks even,” she said in what seemed like her sexiest voice.

I pull out my debit card and swipe it, “So, is it always so dead in here?”

“Yea, just on Sundays though. I was actually about to take a lunch break when you came in. They let me lock the door, so I can enjoy my meal in peace,” she replied looking over at a cooler.

“Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to keep you from it,” I said picking up my cigarettes and drink.

“No, not at all, matter of fact if you want to sit with me you can. I would actually like the company today,” she replied, looking down at the counter as she did. She looked up at me coyly, a quirky smile spreading across her face.

“I’d love to! I don’t have to be anywhere for awhile,” I told her, seeming a little more excited than I should’ve been. “I’m Billy by the way,” I said extending my hand to her.

She reached for it and shook gently, “I’m Ronnie, its short for Veronica. Well, I guess I’ll lock the door and I can eat my lunch while we talk.” She walked from around the counter and up to the door. I watched as she walked over to it, and I just couldn’t get over her tight little butt. As she turned around, I made no attempt at looking away. “You can come and sit over here with me,” she said pulling a stool up next to her.

“Cool, so are you having a good day?” I asked her as I sat down.

She pulls out a covered plate with a pre made salad in it, “It’s been ok, I guess.”

“Only ok, what’s wrong?” I asked her, putting a sympathetic hand on her knee.

“Well,” she looked up from her salad at me and replied, “its weird talking to someone I don’t know about this, but güvenilir bahis you seem pretty cool. My boyfriend broke up with me this morning before I had to come in.” Tears welled up in her eyes, “It’s taken everything I’ve had just to keep from crying today.”

“Please don’t cry. He obviously didn’t deserve you anyway,” I told her, wiping away the tear that rolled down her cheek. “Might I ask what his reasoning behind this was?” I asked her, lifting up her head by her chin.

She sniffled a bit and set her salad on the counter, “Well it’s kind of embarrassing, but he said it was because he didn’t want to give back. If you know what I mean.”

“Actually I don’t,” I said a bit confused.

She turned bright and said, “Well…um…he didn’t want to…um…eat me out after I gave him head.” She looked down at the floor, clasped her hands together, and held them between her knees.

“Why wouldn’t he want to? That’s like one of my favorite parts,” I said, bringing a smile to her sweet face. “I would be fine with just doing that, and then getting down to business. Blow jobs are just for car rides, or lazy afternoons when the lady is bored.”

“Really?” Ronnie replied, kind of shocked at the statement.

“Of course, licking the ladies vagina gets her juices flowing and helps get her off faster,” I said with a wink. I looked down when she reached for her drink, and noticed the damp spot on the front of her pants. ‘I knew she wasn’t wearing any panties,’ I thought to myself. “I don’t want to sound crude or anything, but it wasn’t because you were dirty or something, right?” I asked, hoping she wouldn’t be offended.

She giggled at the question, “Nope, I keep myself very clean down there.” She stood up and hooked her thumbs into the waistline of her pants, “Wanna see?”

“Yes I do!” I answered. She slowly peels off her tight pants revealing a well trimmed landing strip. Pulling her pants all the way down and stepping out of them, she asks, “See, does it look dirty to you?”

“Not at all, and might I say how I like how the carpets match the drapes,” I said, “Sit down and let me taste it. I have to be sure of course.”

“Okay,” she replied coyly. Sitting down she spread her legs, giving me a terrific view of her tight young pussy. I climbed down off my stool and knelt down in front of her, I could see the gooseflesh form on her skin as I caressed her outer thigh. “Oh my god!”

I grin and say, “I haven’t even started yet.” I began kissing down her inner thigh from her knee. I could feel her tremble as I did. “Are you ready?” I ask before plunging in. She nodded eagerly, and I began to kiss and nibble on her clit.

Grasping the counter for balance, she squeaked out, “Holy shit…” I started to lick her lower lips with that encouragement. She squirmed a little more as I pressed my tongue into her sweet hole. I made my tongue rigid, and began going in and out. Wiggling a bit she says, “Uh…uh…maybe we should go to the back so no one can see us. I’m going to have to erase the tape a bit anyways.”

I slide my tongue out and reply, “Sounds good to me.” Grabbing her pants for her, I stand up and wait to follow her to the back. She walked weak kneed towards what I was assuming türkçe bahis was the office. We stepped inside and she turned around. She looked down and noticed the strain my hard cock was having on my pants. “Are you sure you don’t want me to take care of that for you?” she asked sweetly.

I started to pull up her shirt and replied, “Only if you want to.” Pulling off her shirt completely, I noticed her perky little breasts. They were a little less than a handful, but it was ok because her ass was killer enough. She started to undo my pants, but I stopped her and said, “Nope, you have to do it while I’m eating you out.” I wrapped my arms around her waist and flipped her upside down. Holding her there, I started tonguing her clit. She wrapped her legs around my head as I did and shuddered a bit. I backed off for a second to say, “You better hurry. You’re getting a bit heavy.” I was lying. This woman couldn’t have weighed more than ninety pounds soaking wet.

She started working at my belt and zipper quickly. Getting my pants undone, she grabbed at the waistline of both them and my underpants and pushed them down. As she did, my hard cock came up and smacked her on the top of the head. “Holy shit, it’s so big!” she said grabbing a hold of it and putting the head of it in her mouth. She began bobbing furiously, only being able to get it about halfway in. I reciprocated by swirling my tongue around inside of her sweet tasting slit.

We went at this for about ten or so minutes and I told her, “I’m about to cum!”

“No please don’t yet! I’m not even close yet!” she screamed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll still get you off!” I yelled into her pussy as I came in her mouth. I sprayed ribbon after ribbon down her throat. She swallowed it eagerly and licked the tip to finish it off. “Well, my jaw is a little sore, so how about I fuck you silly? I mean you still need to get off right?” I asked.

“That would be great!” she replied as I flipped her right side up, but not putting her down. I spin her around in my arms and slide her down on to my cock. Her pussy was still soaking wet and I slid in easily. She squealed, “FUCK! You’re so big!”

“Lean forward and brace yourself on the wall,” I told her. She complied and then I said, “Now wrap your legs around me and hold on.” She continued to do as I said, and squeezed a bit. I began thrusting into her slow and hard at first. I gauged her responses to this and began pumping into her a little faster.

“Shit, shit, shit,” she said in short bursts as I pounded her pussy. I let go of her waist with one of my arms and started playing with her tits. As I thrusted into her harder, and then looked down to watch as her ass jiggled with each pump. “OH GOD! I’m about to cum!” Ronnie screamed out.

“Go for it sweetheart,” I told her in panted breaths.

Screaming she said, “I’M CUMMING!!” As she did, she began spraying all of over my penis and balls.

Surprised at this I began pounding harder and exclaimed, “You didn’t tell me you were a squirter!” She kept spraying as I did, and her cum started to run down my leg. I could feel her getting weak as her pussy tightened even more around my prick.

She panted out, as I wrapped both arms around her again, “I don’t…think güvenilir bahis siteleri he…liked that…much either.” I pulled her off my still hard cock and set her down in the chair next to us. “That was the best lunch break I’ve ever had!” she said with a grin on her face, “C’mere and let me clean my juices off your dick.”

“Might need to, can’t have wet pants on the way home,” I said smiling back at her. I get closer to her and she grabs my hips and puts her lips around the head of my cock. She began sucking and licking my even still rock hard penis. Moving faster and faster, she squeezed on my balls to add to the experience. This girl was definitely a pro at fellatio. I couldn’t hold back anymore, “I’m gonna cum again!”

“Spray it on my ass! I know you’ve been staring at it this whole time!” she replied and stood up bending over the chair. I placed my cock between her cheeks and used them to stroke myself to completion. Squeezing her ass cheeks around it, I began thrusting faster and faster.

I couldn’t contain myself anymore, and blew a ribbon of jizz up her back. “Damn, that was amazing! You’ve got a fantastic ass and your pussy tasted too damn sweet!” I told her emphatically.

“Well, you were definitely the best fuck I’ve ever had! Here,” she said handing me some paper towels, “wipe your cum off my back. I can’t be all sticky for the rest of my shift.” I complied and wiped it off slowly, making sure to get every last bit.

I threw the paper towel in the trash and asked, “So, do you feel any better?”

“So much better, I’m glad you came by today,” she said with a big smile. I bent down and pull up my underwear and pants. I watched her do the same and just stared at her beautiful ass as I did. I walked up behind her as she bent over to pick up her shirt. Then I ran my fingers along her swollen slit up to here ass, where I squeezed it firmly. She moaned, “God, I wish I didn’t have to open the store back up.”

“Sorry, wish you didn’t have to either. I’ve got to go myself. I’ve got a surprise waiting on me at my friend’s house,” I told her.

“Ok, I’ll let you out then,” she said as she pulled down her blouse.

We walked to the door and she unlocked it. I leaned down and gave her a quick kiss, “I hope you find a guy that treats you and eats you right. Later sweets.” I walked over to the car and unlocked it with the car remote. I could feel her watching me as I was walking away. I pulled out the pack of cigarettes, packed them and opened them up. I lit one up and threw a wink her way. She grinned, waved and walked back inside. I hopped in the car and cranked it up. I thought to myself, ‘What kind of mojo am I working on these women?’

I drove back to the apartment and stood outside finishing up my smoke. I walk in and hop in the elevator to go up to Lacey and Lily’s apartment. As I went to press the button to their floor I heard a voice hollering at me, “Hold the elevator!” I grabbed the door and held it for a buxom brunette jiggling as she sprinted towards me. “Thanks,” she gasped as came inside, “I didn’t think I was going to make it.”

“It’s no problem. What floor?” I ask her before I press the button.

“Three please,” she replied.

I grin and say, “That’s my floor too.” I press the button, and look her up and down.

“You’re the guy I’ve been hearing at Lacey and Lily’s, aren’t you?” she asks.

I grin even bigger, “Yes I am.” The door closes and we ride up together.

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