Late Night Showering

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One Friday last winter, Renee got home very late from work. Her boyfriend was already asleep, so she tried being as quiet as she could as she walked through the house. She felt tired and dirty and decided to take a shower before bed.

Renee preferred to take hot showers, so she left the door open to the bathroom. The shower felt so good. It was just what she needed. She sort of lost herself in the heat of the shower. Her quick clean off ended up being longer than expected.

She decided to shave and not just her legs. She shaved her pussy almost clean. She left just a little “landing strip.” She normally didn’t shave as much as she did, but she wanted to see what it was like. It felt good, both to the touch, and in a sexy way. She was rather turned on. She reached out of the shower and grabbed a mirror so she could take a good look.

Time wasn’t the only thing she lost track of. Renee almost completely forgot what time of the night it was and that she wasn’t alone in the house. She made a little more noise than expected. Suddenly she felt a slight draft in the normally hot shower. Renee looked up and realized her boyfriend must have been woken up by her moans and peered into the shower to see what was up.

Embarrassed Escort Esenyurt and startled, she dropped the soap. Her boyfriend, a normally inconsiderate man when it came to the needs of others, said, “Let me get that for you” and stepped into the shower. As he stepped in, he reached for the showerhead and removed the shower massager from its cradled. He pushed Renee up against the wall so as to give himself enough room to bend down and get the soap. Only he didn’t stand back up. Instead, he used the shower massager to clean off the suds from her newly shaven snatch.

The water was hot, and the stream started to pulse. The warmth of the water was exciting to her. Renee closed her eyes and whispered his name, “Oh, Tony…that’s good.” He used his hand to make sure the water washed away all the soap. Then he ran is fingers across her hip, and began to rub her smooth pussy.

Instinctively, she spread her legs, planting one foot on each of the far ends of the tub. Gently, he used his hand to spread her swollen lips apart so he could reach her slippery hole. He passed the shower massager to her and used his now free hand to fill her cunt with his finger. He used his tongue to tease her clit. Renee had to Escort Avcılar grab onto his shoulders or else lose her balance. Her knees went weak.

Since Renee had been working on herself before he joined in, her slit was already moist and slick. He had no problem sliding multiple fingers inside her. He dug for the spot he knew drove her crazy. It wasn’t going to take her long before she would cum, and she didn’t want to waste what could be an awesome “seesion.” She asked him to stand up.

She turned around, and stood on top of the tub sides. It was just the right height, and his cock quickly found its target. His meat was so hard, and hot. Without any guidance, he was up to his balls in her. He rammed his cock in her relentlessly, slapping his balls against her with each thrust.

Renee was definately in the mood to get fucked hard. She leaned into him and met every thrust he dealt. He took the shower massager from her hand. He placed the pulsing shower massage on her pussy. He wrapped his fingers in her hair and pulled back, forcing her head back.

Her moans that woke him up turned into screams of passion. Before, she was only turned on by her shaved bush, now she was taking his hard dick deep inside her. She gasped for air between cries to be fucked.

The combination of his rock hard rod, the heat of the shower, and the pulsing water was more she was able to handle. She leaned into him, giving him the clearest shot at her pussy. Her body trembled; she came hard, and long.

Her juice covered his cock a slippery coating. He practically had to hold her up. He turned her around and asked, “Can you handle more?” “Handle? I want more.” she whispered in his ear.

She sank down and slurped his cock into her mouth. His skin tasted of her own pussy. Renee was completely hot for him again. She sucked hard as he pumped at her mouth. She let his dick slide to the back of her throat, tried to tongue his balls, but that seemed more than he could handle. She grabbed his cock and held it tight. She tongued the underside attempting to taste every inch of it. She was jerking him into her mouth and before she could slow it down, his balls tightened and he held the wall for support.

Renee drank down his cum, licking every ounce out of his cock. After a moment, she released him from her mouth. Needless to say, he could barely form a sentence. She washed him off, turned off the water and toweled him dry. She lead him out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. As she laid down in bed, he asked if he was dreaming. Renee said, “If you can remember it in the morning, it wasn’t a dream.” They spent the next day in bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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