Lavender Ch. 02

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She drew in a sharp breath as her hot skin came in contact with the cool silk sheets. The contrast served only to heighten her arousal. The sheets were so slick on her skin that the initial contact brought to mind the image of him sliding smoothly inside her. Through hazy, passion filled eyes, she watched her lover finish what she had started as he removed his half-opened slacks. Now in just his gray silk boxers, she could see the effect that gazing at her scantily clad form had on him.

Chuckling to herself, a wicked smile suddenly played over her lips. As he walked over towards the bed she put up a hand to stop him from coming any closer. He stopped mid-stride and looked at her quizzically. She simply shook her head and put a finger to her lips, shushing him. He couldn’t help but wonder what she was up too, but soon his mind wandered as he gazed at her lying on the bed. The burgundy sheets only made her exotic beauty more obvious. Her ebony hair flowed around her like a silken halo and made her skin look all the creamier. The scene in front of him was reminiscent of a painting, and the burgundy canlı bahis background served as the sensuous canvas. Unable to help himself he reached over to touch her.

She pushed his hand away and once again shook her head….no words were needed to convey her meaning…he was to keep his hands to himself…at least for now. She watched his struggle, desire warring with curiosity, as it flickered over his features. She took that brief moment to drink in the almost nude sight of him. He was beautiful to her. His smooth chest had no hair on it, and for the most part he had very little body hair anywhere. Sighing lustfully, her eyes were drawn to the one spot that was lightly sprinkled with it. What she teasingly called the treasure-pleasure trail, that sexy line of hair that started at his belly button and traveled beneath the waistband of his boxers. Drawing herself out of her reverie she saw that curiosity had won the fight. Her lover was preparing to sit on the chair directly across from their bed.

Standing up and stretching lithely, she hooked her fingers into her panties and slid bahis siteleri them off in one fluid motion. She stood in front of him clothed only in her bra, garter, stockings and of course his silk tie. His eyes drank in her form. Her bra barely contained her breasts and her nipples were visibly hard as they pushed against the fabric, begging to be freed. Her stomach was flat and her graceful hips seemed wickedly restrained in the wide, lace edged garter belt. But it was her legs that he loved best. They were muscular yet had a slight feminine curve at the juncture of her thighs. She had dark curly hair across her mound and yet if he looked closely he could tell that her lips were bare. It was an erotic combination, shaved yet not shaved.

Her movement drew his eyes back up to where she was sweeping her long hair to the side. She let it tumble down over her breast, where it just grazed the tip of her clothed nipple. His eyes widened as she slid her hands down her sides, her fingers traveling ever lower. She briefly slid a fingertip between her slick lips to tease him even further. His gaze continued bahis şirketleri to follow her hands as they trailed back up her silky skin and eased behind her to unhook the lavender silk that encased her breasts. Shrugging her shoulders, the straps slid down, her hand the only thing holding the material next to her skin. He leaned forward entranced by her sensual striptease. Smiling, she turned her back to him, slid her hand down and tossed the bra over her shoulder.

Surprised, he caught the scrap of silk as she turned back around to face him. His eyes were instantly drawn to his tie, nestled between her breasts. Never would he have guessed that such a masculine article of clothing would look so sexy on such a feminine form. If anything, his lavender tie just served to enhance her femininity. The color made her nipples look rosier, more delectable than ever. All he could imagine was taking those hard nipples into his mouth and sucking until she was writhing with need. She watched his perusal through half-lidded eyes and felt her nipples tighten even more as he focused on them. She could pretty well imagine what he wanted to do right now. After glancing down at his lap, the evidence was hard to miss.

Laughing lightly to herself, she decided it was time to take the focus off the upper half of her body.

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