Laying Eyes on Her

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“You should meet her…we think you two would really hit it off!”

An innocent statement from a not-so innocent couple. I had been with my hotwife couple for 2 years at this point when the topic was raised that they would like to introduce me to a friend of theirs for possible fun times. I trust them and their judgement as they have helped me overcome a divorce in the most unorthodox of ways. I agreed to meet and the date was set to come to their house for a drink. A few weeks passed and I found myself sitting in the living room of my couple’s home having a drink. This was not a date, we were simply meeting and seeing if there was chemistry.

A knock on the door interrupted our conversation. As I adjusted in my chair, in walks the most vibrant spirit. A warm glow surrounds her as she strides into the foyer. I took one look at those pretty eyes, shy smile, and legs that wouldn’t stop, and melted. My nerves wash away as I could sense that she was something different than I have every had the pleasure of meeting and yet she hadn’t spoken a word. She embraced my friends canlı bahis and then approached me as I stood to greet her. No offering of hands for this gentle spirit but an extended hug that made you feel as though you have known one another for longer than the minute that had passed.

I offer my chair but she prefers to sit on the floor. The four of us begin to chat and share laughs when she reaches for my foot and begins to massage it.

“I hope you don’t mind?” she says, as I am taken aback by the gesture.

I assure her that if she chooses to continue she won’t hear a complaint from my lips. I’m not great with signals, but this one seemed to be smacking me in the face. I eventually pull away and take a seat behind her as I begin to run my hands down her back as the four of us continue to chat. I lean over and plant a soft kiss on her neck as my hand trails towards her leg. Her head turns as our eyes meet. The world seems to pause as we catch the gaze of the other. I move closer…inching towards the softness of her lips…and stop just before we connect. Her reaction bahis siteleri could be felt, the desire to kiss her, the moment that we all look forward to…that first kiss, and I didn’t follow through. I wanted to cherish it, I wanted to tease her, I wanted her to need it within her. I played this game for a short time before neither one of us could resist any longer. I weave my hand into her hair and pull her in close as we begin to kiss passionately. Our friends look on as they too are enjoying a moment of connection between each other.

It doesn’t take long until everyone’s clothes are strewn around the room and my new playmate and I are quenching ourselves with the sexual energy within the room. The feeling and sounds of desires and needs being fulfilled, screams and moans bounce around the room. The sights and smells of raw animalistic fucking fill our eyes and noses.

It doesn’t take long until I bring her into the kitchen to get some water. She kneels before me as I drink from my cup and begins to service me. I don’t know who this vixen is, but she knows how to bahis şirketleri tap into the inner dominant within me. I bring her to her feet and move her to the wall of the kitchen. An arm under each knee, I suspend her against the wall and begin to thrust hard into her. Her grunts become louder as I refuse to cease. Between panting sounds and moans these words will forever be etched in m ears.

“May I please cum?”

How could I deny this beautiful being the joy of the moment? I could sense she was special, I could sense she was someone I wanted, no, needed to be with and explore so much with. Yet I also wanted to see if she was who I thought she could be for me. My fantasy girl that I dreamed of that would help me realize so many wonderful naughty and kinky things with. Dare I push?

“Sir…” I softly whispered in her ear, “from now on you address me properly.”

“I’m sorry Sir, may I please cum Sir?”

End of Date 1 Part 1 – The above were the actual events that transpired at the beginning of that fateful night 3 years ago that forever changed my sub, and later, slave and I. We often talk about writing the story describing our journey. We have not slowed down and have evolved into far more kinky and naughty things, with still much more to venture into. Thank you for reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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