Learning the Ropes Bonus Ch. 01

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Bonus Chapter 1: Special Treatment

Notice: The bonus chapters of this story are not canon unless specified. Just little side “what if’s” about certain scenes found in the main story. This one takes place in the center of chapter 2.

Her voice became breathy. “Here,” he noticed that her patting had turned into gentle rubbing. She started lowering her body. “Let mommy kiss it better.”

There it is.

HR was paralyzed with indecision. Part of him was telling him to let it happen and another part was telling him that he had to go meet Lai Chan outside.

Luckily the decision was made for him as after she hooked her thumbs in his pants and slowly pulled them down. She gasped when she saw the slight bulge in his briefs.

Rubbing her hand against it she looked up at HR. “See? There’s definitely some light swelling in this area.” She looked up at him from her position with a warm smile on her face. Her voice barely a purr. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure alllll the pain goes away.”

Turns out little HR had some energy left. Seeing this beautiful woman squatting before him, lovingly looking into his eyes while stroking his bulge, was the jump start he needed to get the engine going.

He was up to about half mast before coming to his senses.

“A-Allison! We can’t do this; I mean Lai Chan’s waiting for me and don’t you and Flavia train together today?” HR backpedaled back into the stall as best he could with his pants around his ankles. He made it about four steps before his back hit the wall, making him remember that the exit was past her.

She giggled as she caught his slip up. “Oh! I see you pay attention to our schedules. I didn’t know you cared about us so much. Don’t worry, she can wait. Your health is much more important.”

He gulped hard as the sight before him somehow got him even harder. Allison from her squatting position shifted onto her hands and knees, crawling after her prize. He could see her heavy breasts, even within the confines of her sports bra, slightly sway at the motion. Not to mention the view of her cleavage. He was up to his full length when she finished her journey back to his pelvis.

HR had a respectable five inches to his name. He definitely wasn’t hung like some of the guys he was forced to see daily but hearing from the women that a big penis isn’t everything in sex made him feel better about it. Right now, it was making a nice tent in his underwear.

He grit his teeth when she reached up and wrapped her hand around his clothed dick, giving it a little squeeze. “Oh no! The swelling got so much worse! We’ll have to take care of this immediately.”

HR reached down to remove her hand. “It’s-It’s fine Allison. I can canlı bahis take care of this myself. We need to get out of here before-” She slapped his hand away and gave him a look that would shut any young person up and probably many adults. She looked like an annoyed mother scolding her child, her eyes making the silent threat that any more backtalk would result in punishment.

Her voice had gone from loving to scolding. “Nonsense! Jazmin did this to you and as your elder it’s my job to make sure you’re ok. Now you sit there and be a good boy while mommy handles this.” She looked him in the eye with the same look for a few seconds just to make sure he understood. Then she melted again back to the loving, if somewhat hungry, look as she brought her eyes back down to his underwear.

HR sat there, paralyzed once again as he let her do her work. Her look was so strong that he felt the instinctual shame as if he were a child that had just angered his mother. He also felt a different kind of shame. He never expected to like a woman calling herself his “mommy” in a sexual manner this much. It seemed slightly weird to him out of context but in the moment, he definitely could see the appeal.

After a light tug over the fabric she slowly pulled down the waistband to come meet his little guy face to face. She took her time pulling them down, pushing his dick downward. She giggled excitedly when the elastic passed over the head, causing it to bounce back up and wobble.

HR had only had one other person in his life touch his penis and it had been his old girlfriend. A few awkward hand jobs and one poorly done, half-finished blowjob. She had always seemed so nervous and scared handling him. Seeing Allison look at his cock with genuine excitement and happiness filled him with a feeling that he couldn’t quite explain. It felt good to feel wanted.

Not knowing it was possible to get harder he watched her lean her head forward towards it. She pursed her lips and let out a generous amount of saliva, it feeling slightly cool on his skin. She used her hand, twisting it up and down his length, to spread it around. That drew a small moan out of him.

Hearing himself moan he remembered his “night” with Lai Chan. That’s right. She was somewhere out there right now, waiting for him.

“Allison, we can still pretend this ne-” The look again, angrier. She gave him a squeeze. Still gentle but the hardest one yet. Message received. He relaxed fully against the wall, hoping this would be over before Lai Chan got herself into trouble looking for him. Or before he got in trouble for getting caught doing this in the wrong locker room for that matter. The owner knew that members hooked up but he made it known early that they bahis siteleri would do it outside of his gym.

After a minute of stroking him, her gaze switching between the dick in front of her and meeting his eyes she seemed to remember something.
“Oh! Silly me. I’m so sorry HR, I just remembered. I promised to kiss the pain away, not massage it.”

She kept eye contact with him as she lowered her head towards his little man. Holding it with her right hand, she started from the base. He shuddered as she gleefully looked into his eyes. Slowly she placed kisses all along the underside of his shaft, each one moving only slightly further than the last.

When she reached the top, she slowly leaned her lips down towards the head. Before touching it she gave him a wink and went back to the bottom of the shaft, this time kissing the top side. HR surprised himself with the needy whine he let out as she teased him.

That earned him another squeeze and another scolding. “None of that, young man! I have to kiss the boo-boo all over to make sure my love makes it feel better.” She began kissing it again but much more quickly. Instead of the slow, full kisses she did on the bottom, she showered the top and sides of it with little pecks, making sure to cover every piece of it in at least one.

When she reached the top again she noticed a small bead of pre-cum forming from the slit. HR hissed as she tightened her grip and slowly brought her hand from base to top. The slow tug caused the bead to increase in size before it started to drip down his length. Quickly, surprising HR and making him moan a little louder, she used her tongue, sliding it up his shaft to collect the droplet.

“Oh my. It’s leaking now! I hope it’s not infected. Looks like I’m going to have to suck out all the bad juices.” That made it throb harder in her hand. “Ooooh, someone’s excited.”

Time slowed for HR as he watched her open her mouth and lean towards his dick Her eyes were focused on the meat stick until the last second, where she quickly glanced up to meet his while taking the head into her mouth and closing her lips.

HR’s ashamed to admit it but he let out what only could be described as a “girlish moan.” Very similar to one Lai Chan made two days earlier without the accompanying thunder. It was all he could do to keep himself standing as she slowly pushed her head forward to swallow him entirely. Then, just as slowly, she pulled her head back. This continued for a very short while.

HR’s also ashamed to admit that he barely lasted half a minute. His excuses are that the night prior had left him with a hair trigger and the “fact” that no man alive could withstand her mouth for very long.

The warm wetness bahis şirketleri and the soft suction proved to be too much for him. She noticed him struggling, trying to hold on for as long as possible and she wasn’t having any of it. She pulled off of him with a small pop and held it against her face, one hand still slowly massaging his length. She gave him another stern look, which somehow still worked despite the penis rubbing against her face. Who knew being scolded could be so fucking hot?

“Stop holding it in. The quicker you let out all the bad juices the quicker you’ll feel better.” She sped up her hand to a moderate pace. HR moaned again, approaching the edge.

She continued to whisper to him while her hand worked, looking at him with a warm smile. “Come on, let it all out. Trust me. You’ll feel better.” She felt him stiffen in her hand, his scrotum going taut. “That’s right. Come on, come on. You can do it.”

Her smile combined with the light encouragement sent him over the edge. She squealed happily as he covered her in his ropes of cum. Some part of him felt guilty for ruining such a supportive and loving smile with his seed, but another equal part relished in the wrongness of it. As he spurted she cooed, “Good boy.”

Throughout it all she kept moving her hand, coaxing as much of his bad juices out as she could. When he was finished, she let go of his softening cock. He couldn’t believe that after last night he still had that much in him. Still showing that wonder smile, she looked up with her face covered in his spunk and still on her knees. He loved seeing the white contrasted against her dark skin. Oh yeah. This was definitely going into the spank bank forever.

She used her finger to wipe some of it out of her eye. “There’s so much! At least now we know you’re a healthy young man.” He looked on with fascination as she stuck the finger in her mouth and sucked it clean. One more for the spank bank.

HR’s heart stopped when he heard a voice call from the main locker room. “Allison! What’s taking you so long? Leave the boy alone for the love of the gods, we have a workout to do.”

Allison called out over her shoulder. “Coming!” She rose from her knees and stood to her full height, standing eye to eye with HR. As she stood, she pulled up his underwear and cupped his crotch with a hand, slowly rubbing it while she spoke. “And you young man. Make sure if you experience any more …swelling, you come see me right away. Can’t have this stuff building up so much. It’s not healthy.” She gave him one last pat on the crotch before turning and going back to join her gym partner.

It took him a second to realize that she never cleaned off her face.

He heard Flavia’s reaction when she reached the main room. “There you are- What the fuck!? Is that? God damnit Allison!” Then after a moment he heard, in a curious, almost amazed voice. “Holy shit that kid shoots a lot… Think he has anymore in him?”

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