Lesbian Couple Have Their Own Child

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The lesbian couple Jennifer-Amber and Gabriella-Amanda entered the clinic. They met Dr. Mary Anderson. Jennifer-A wanted so much to impregnate Gabriella-A with her female sperm. And Gabriella wanted the same for Jennifer.

The two beautiful blonde lesbians, the sapphic couple, agreed to let Gabriella become pregnant first with Jennifer’s child – with Jennifer’s female sperm. Then after the baby will born, Jennifer will become pregnant with Gabriella’s child – with Gabriella’s female sperm.

Dr. Mary explained to them about the new medical technology of artificial insemination, and the transformation of female eggs aka women eggs into a sperm.

“You can choose one of these three ways: In the first one we inject your eggs, Gaby or Jenny into a man’s testicles, and with that we’ll get female sperm contained Gaby’s or Jenny’s DNA only and her genetic characteristics. Gaby will be the biological mother/father of your son or daughter, Jenny. Or Jenny will be the biological mother/father of your son or daughter, Gaby.” said Dr. Mary.

“The second way is to get some of Gaby’s or Jenny’s stem cells and turned into sperm. The third way is the same like the second but we will use some of Gaby’s or Jenny’s skin cells instead. The female sperm before contained XX chromosomes only, so the swimmers couldn’t produce boys, they could produce girls only. But now we solved this problem, and the female sperm now can produce boys as as also as girls. So choose.” added Dr. Mary.

Gabriella and Jennifer chose the first way: Injecting Jennifer’s eggs “from her womb or ovaries” into a man’s balls. Then when his balls produce Jennifer’s sperm, Dr. Mary will inseminate Gabriella’s egg with this sperm, inside her womb, through her pussy, vagina and cervix, with Jennifer’s presence and help in the lab. And if the insemination was successful, Gaby will become pregnant with Jennifer’s own child.

After Gabriella’s insemination by Jennifer’s sperm took place awaiting the result if it was a success or a failure after some weeks. The two lesbian lovers, the sapphic spouses, came back to their home. They took off each other’s clothes quickly poker oyna until they were both stark naked and bare footed.

Jennifer pushed Gabriella to lay on the bed. She smeared Gaby’s body with kisses and whispers from head to toe. Then she sucked Gaby’s feet, toes and soles. They moved into a tribbing, scissoring position and rubbed their two pussies together. The room was filled with the two girls’ moans and groans, and they gushed their pussy juice together, and Jennifer’s pussy juice gushed and spurted into Gaby’s vagina, and Gaby’s pussy juice gushed and spurted into Jennifer’s vagina. Tits on tits, nipples on nipples, lips on lips, legs on legs, and pussy on pussy.

They took a break then Jennifer turned over and wrapped her arms around Gabriella. She planted her nose in Gabriella’s hair and sniffed the aroma. Her lover’s hair-scent never stopped to give her heart a full bliss of happiness. Her body warmth next to hers. The fresh morning perspiration, her skin’s wonderful smell, her body’s smooth contours. Jennifer drank it all in. She’d never get enough of Gabriella.

As she planted a soft kiss on Gabriella’s shoulder, Gabriella stirred.

“Mmmmmm, that feels fucking wonderful,” she purred.

“Good morning, my love, the mother of our child,” Jennifer responded.

Gabriella turned and planted a deep soul-looking kiss on Jennifer’s lips. Her tongue darted out and found Jennifer’s warm waiting tongue. The two sweet tongues danced back and forth in each other’s mouth. Jennifer spread her legs apart, straddling Gabriella, so their now-moist cunts could kiss good morning too. Slowly the two thick very wet twats ground into each other. Jennifer savored this time. She would go very slow, savoring each and every moment of love making with Gabriella. Her whole being was attached to making whole and full love to her.

As the two sapphic spouses broke from the kiss, Jennifer kissed and licked down Gabriella, first starting with her chin and moving down her neck. She knew Gabriella’s taste but couldn’t get enough. While she licked lower and lower and could feel Gabriella’s heart beating faster.

When canlı poker oyna she got to Gabriella’s large tits, she took one into her mouth and slowly let her tongue run all over the beautiful delicious nipple. Her other hand found her other tit which she softly kneaded. She’d hear Gabriella’s breath growing more rapid. She kept up the pace of sucking her tit while playing with the other with her expert hand. At the same time she pressed her pussy into Gaby’s pussy and slid it up and down, washing their womanhoods in their mixed juices. She then reluctantly separated from Gabriella’s boob and started kissing lower toward her ultimate goal, but not too fast. She wanted to savor this moment as much as possible.

When she got to Gabriella’s navel, she stopped and licked it clean. She’d feel her squirming under her, as she knew it was both pleasure and torture for Gabriella. Jennifer didn’t care; she wanted to taste every part of her lover. Once between her legs, she quickly kissed and licked all over her inner thighs. Instead of going for her prize, Jennifer wanted to prolong Gabriella’s enjoyment long as possible, so she licked down her left leg until she got to her foot. There she sucked, licked, and made love to each of her toes. She then moved to her right foot and did it all in reverse.

When she got back to Gabriella’s soaking dripping wet pussy, she paused to breath in her scent. Jennifer lived for Gabriella’s sweet pussy and the delicious ambrosia and tasty nectar it provided. Very slowly she stuck out her tongue and tasted her pussy. Gabriella jumped at the sudden sensation and tried to pull Jennifer in, but she resisted. Gabriella pleaded and begged, but Jennifer knew making her wait longer would give Gabriella a more powerful orgasm and produce even more of that sweet nectar she loved. So soft and slow she traced tiny circles around her pussy-lips with her tongue. Gabriella’s hips where rotating with Jennifer’s tongue. Then it happened. Jennifer pushed her tongue deep into Gabriella’s pussy and sucked. She worked her tongue in and out of her lover while reaching up and massaging her boobs. Gabriella couldn’t hold internet casino back and came into Jennifer’s mouth, screaming her name too loud. Her love juice gushed so violently and strong from deepest depths of her vagina and all over Jennifer’s mouth, some of it spilling down her neck and chin. Jennifer didn’t stop but kept licking, tasting, savoring, and swallowing bringing her to more and more intense orgasms and powerful heights of climaxes. Gaby got tired but Jennifer was an insatiable bitch.

Jennifer slowly rubbed her body on Gaby’s, brushing her boobs upon hers and stroking her flanks. She wrapped her arms around Gaby and began moving her body under Gaby’s. They panted and gasped in passion as they rubbed their breasts and wet cunts together. Their hot throbbing breasts mashed and pressed together, their erect nipples rubbed each other, their crisp crinkly pubic hair raked each other. They felt their cunts heats on fire, their whitish bodies glistering with sweat. Jennifer kissed Gaby’s lips and rubbed her cunt on Gaby’s and said in gasping: “Ohhh dear Gaby I’m cummmmming cuming.”

Gaby was breathed out, pressing breasts on breasts, and cunt on cunt hard and in no time they cum together, and their mixed pussy juice gushed and entered each other’s vaginas, Jenny’s cum painted the walls of Gaby’s vagina, and Gaby’s cum painted the walls of Jenny’s vagina.

Finally Gabriella could take no more and collapsed. Jennifer softly licked her clean and placed soft kisses all over Gabriella while working her way back up to her awaiting mouth. She planted a deep kiss and then held her tight while stroking her hair.

Gabriella fell to earth from her pleasure heaven and regained composure and leaned back into Jennifer.

“That was wonderful honey, I love you so much!”

“I love you too baby, so much.”

The two lovers just laid there in each other’s arms. Jennifer knew she would soon have to go back to reality and the real world soon, but this time with her lover was what she lived for. She closed her eyes and waited for it.

After two months, Gaby missed her period twice and her pregnancy test came positive. Gabriella was indeed pregnant with Jennifer’s child, and also her own child. It was a baby boy. And the nest year Jennifer became pregnant with Gaby’s child and also her own child This time it wasn’t one, it was Gaby’s and her boy/girl twins.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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