Letters to Nicole 10

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Dear Nicole,

Yes, I know! Six months ago my mother couldn’t even say the word “sex” to me. Now, she’s telling me in graphic detail all the intimate fun she’s had for the last twelve years. Not that I mind it! Oh, my God…you saw how hot the last letter was. I tried to tell you word for word what she said. And ya’ know what else? The story of Teri Johnson isn’t over yet, although it’ll have to wait for another time. If I don’t tell you these stories in order, I’m gonna get totally mixed up.

So you’re thinking that maybe you want to try it with a girl sometime? That’s fantastic, Nicole! If you lived closer, I would want to be your first, but maybe you don’t want to wait until I get there next summer. I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to wait. Since you broke up with Scott I’ll bet you’ve been pretty horny lately. This is almost exactly the same thing that happened with one of Kelly’s friends. She has this girlfriend named Cathy, and Felecia and I didn’t know it, but the afternoon that Kelly invited us over…Cathy showed up unexpectedly.

After my mom finished the story of the first threesome with my dad and Teri, Felecia and I had to hurry over to Kelly’s. Not that we were late…but the story made me so fucking horny that I couldn’t wait to get there, ha-ha! In the car on the way over, I told Felecia my mom’s whole story as best I could. She tried to keep cool by just smiling and nodding, with an occasional “Oh, my God” thrown in here and there; but basically, she just kept on driving. I knew the story was getting to her though, because she had on a thin t-shirt and her nipples were clearly popping hard right through it. When I got to the part about my mom and Teri in a 69 with my father licking her ass, Felecia couldn’t hold back anymore. She moaned and grabbed my hand, pulling it between her legs. I played with her pussy a little bit, but then stopped. I really wanted to hold off until we got to Kelly’s.

It really was perfect timing because just as we turned the corner to her house, her parents passed us going in the opposite direction. Felecia and I looked at each other and giggled! “You’re mind is so in the gutter,” I teased.

“I know…isn’t it great!” She didn’t bother arguing with me because it was true. “Where’s your mind at, you little slut?” We both laughed again.

“Oh…same place as yours!” I returned with a smile. “I can’t wait to get you and Kelly out of your clothes!”

We pulled up in front of Kelly’s house. I was a little disappointed, because she was standing in the front yard talking with another girl. We walked up and exchanged hugs and Kelly introduced us. “Girls, this is my neighbor Cathy. We’ve been friends like forever, but she goes to Walker Prep.”

Nicole, you know Cathy. She the girl who works for McDonald’s as an area manager. You met her at Sherry’s party last year. I looked her over for a few seconds while Felecia performed the required pleasantries. Cathy was a blond, a little darker than Kelly, her hair was cut in a short bob which framed a very cute face. She looked to be about 5’3 and weighed perhaps 130 pounds, a little on the overweight side but nothing serious. She wore a white, tank t-shirt which hugged her curves; probably a large B or small C. She had an incredible smile and an infectious giggle and her manner was so warm that she immediately put both of us at ease. We entered the house and Felecia went into the kitchen with Kelly to get some cokes while Cathy and I sat down on the sofa.

“So Cathy, Walker Prep, I’ve heard that school is really hard, is it?”

“Oh, I guess, I always seem to have more homework than Kelly. But I like it there.”

Felecia and Kelly walked in with the drinks and they both sat down on the floor by our feet. “Cathy gets straight A’s over there,” said Kelly, “she’s such a geek!” We all giggled and Cathy flipped her toe at Kelly’s calf in mock anger.

“Do you have a boyfriend over there, Cathy?” Felecia always cut right to the heart of the matter.

“She did…” Kelly interrupted, “that’s what we were talking about when you got here. I guess she and Tom broke up about three weeks ago.”

“More like twenty days days,” Cathy admitted. “Not that I’m counting, but it’s actually been 20-1/2 days!”

We all laughed at that and I asked the next question, “Wow…it’s been fairly recent then; what happened?”

“Well…that’s why we’re talking. I don’t know why. He just said he thought it would be better if we were free to see other people.”

“Was he seeing someone else behind your back?” Felecia thought out loud.

“Hmmm…not that I know of, but maybe he is; I saw him talking to someone else yesterday. They were standing very close together.”

“How was the sex?” Felecia was so to the point we all burst out laughing. Kelly didn’t know Felecia well enough yet but she was laughing too.

Cathy was giggling (and blushing deeply) but she responded fairly quickly. “That’s one confusing thing, the fucking was incredible! We were so in sync I thought. Just three weeks nişantaşı escort ago we spent two hours at my house, Shit! It was so good! Then ‘poof’ nothing…we’re over!”

“So you’re horny, huh?” Felecia did it again! I was laughing so hard my stomach was hurting me and this time, Cathy was laughing out loud as well.

We finally got control of ourselves after several minutes. Felecia just sat there, giggling quietly, waiting for us to calm down. I could see she had something in mind, but I wasn’t sure what…just yet. At first I thought that Cathy was going to spoil the fun afternoon we had planned, but knowing Felecia as I did now…I could see the wheels turning in her devious little mind. Finally, the laughter stopped.

“Seriously, Cathy,” Felecia said again, “when you think about it, what do you miss more, him? or the sex?”

I looked in Cathy’s face. This certainly was a question that she had not dwelt on much since the break-up, but now, Felecia had put it right out there. “Umm…hmm…

You know… uhh…You know, maybe you’re right, Felecia. I kinda like the fucking…”

We lost it again, Nicole! Even Felecia was laughing really hard. In between guffaws, Felecia managed to say, “Yup…a cock’s a cock, right?” A fresh gale of laughter swept over us again!

Eventually, sanity returned and we sat there sipping our cokes, giggling intermittently. “Girls, I’m going to say this now,” said Felecia mysteriously, “but don’t laugh anymore, okay?” Of course, we giggled some more at that. “Okay…this is why I don’t have a steady boyfriend. There’s no shortage of cocks, what do I need a steady one for?”

“Yes, I see that,” said Cathy, “but when you’ve been getting fucked regularly…and it’s really good…I get so horny I don’t know! I masturbate, but it just isn’t the same! I can’t just go out and jump a guy, they always get the wrong idea. I think that would be true, especially after I’d been with Tom for over a year.”

Felecia’s right eyebrow went up a level higher as she listened to Cathy. All of a sudden it dawned on me what she was doing. The foxy little slut was steering the conversation. She was seducing Cathy into joining us! And I had thought that Felecia was just making small talk to be funny! I caught Felecia’s eye as Cathy spoke and I pointed to the new girl, mouthing the words, “Fuck her?” She smiled her quirky little smile and nodded, quickly turning back to concentrate on Cathy.

“Yes, like some guys just don’t get it, but Nancy and I stick together and there’s a group of guys we share. We don’t stay with just one. That way they can’t get the wrong idea. Maybe…” Felecia appeared to be thinking about something.

“Maybe what?” Cathy clearly wanted to know more.

“Well…I don’t know if I should tell you!”


“Because you might get the wrong idea,” Felecia was so clever, I giggled. She was gonna make sure that Cathy got the right idea!

“No way,” Cathy responded, “tell me, I’ll understand!”

“Umm…well…Like when we girls get really horny, then we just get together and have some fun!”

Nicole, it took a second or two for this information to process in Cathy’s mind, but as it did she blushed bright red and stammered, “Y..you what?”

“I said, some of us girls get together for sex…it’s perfectly fantastic!”

Cathy was in a little bit of a shock. I took a look at Kelly and she was handling it fine, in fact her eyes were shining with anticipation. I was beginning to realize what Felecia had meant at the beginning of our relationship. With a little practice, one can see the signs that girls put out. I could see that Kelly wanted Cathy, probably had for some time. I sat there imagining what Kelly was thinking because before Felecia showed up, I probably had the the same thoughts about Nikki, Jessi and Megan. I wanted them, but had no way of knowing how to approach them.

“I…I don’t think…that I’m…uhh…into that,” said Cathy, choosing her words carefully.

“No?” said Felecia. “Haven’t you ever, like…thought about it?”

“I guess I’ve thought about it…but…like, I’ve seen the lez couples at school…and wondered, but…”

“Let me ask you some questions, do you like to have your pussy licked? Did Tom do it? Was he good at it?” I marveled at how direct Felecia was, and yet she had this little knack of being direct without making you feel stupid.

I giggled because Cathy hesitated a little, “Well…I…yeah, I …I love it, of course! And Tom was really good at it too…yes!”

“Then let me ask you this,” Felecia pressed her, “If you’re horny and you like to have your pussy eaten out, then why not let Kelly do it. She’s done it to me and I can tell you, you’ll love it! Mmmm….she’s sooo good!”

Cathy looked at Kelly in shock! Then she turned back to Felecia, “She is, I mean… she would?”

I wish I could describe the look on her face, Nicole, but I can’t. Just believe me when I say it was priceless! Kelly reddened a little but she held Cathy’s eyes. They looked at şişli escort each other for several long seconds. “Y…you want to do that, Kelly?”

Kelly didn’t hesitate for a single second, “Oh…Fuck yes! Oh, God…Cathy, I’ve wanted to eat your fuckin’ pussy for just the longest time!” We all giggled, even Cathy giggled a little nervously; but not for long…the sexual anticipation in the room was becoming too intense! “Please Cathy,” Kelly continued, “let me give your pussy just a little suck, just for a few seconds. If you don’t like it, I’ll stop. But I know you’ll love it! Nancy, Felecia and me had sex together just the other day…Oh Fuck, I couldn’t believe how hot it was!” Kelly looked into my eyes, then she turned to Felecia and stared into her eyes. My God, Nicole, this beautiful girl was fucking on fire for this. It looked to me that she was beyond horny and well into crazy with lust.

“I…I don’t know…I…” I looked at Cathy’s body language closely. She was on the edge of the sofa, her hands were fidgeting and her ass was clenching and relaxing as she squirmed against the tension. It was clear she really wanted to try it bad, but was struggling against what trying it meant.

“Cathy,” said Felecia quietly, “have you ever kissed a girl before?”

“Well yes…but not like that.”

“Watch this, and tell me what you think.” With that Felecia got to her knees and scooted over to me on the sofa. I parted my legs to let her in and she put both hands on my face to kiss me. I could feel her trembling a little and by the time our lips touched I was already purring with pleasure. Everything about this situation was arousing my senses and Felecia’s kiss absolutely melted me.

It began with us just dragging our lips across each other’s, but with each passing second, our mouths got a little more open, our lips a little more insistent. Soon our tongues were battling fiercely for possession and we were sucking on each other’s mouths. One of my hands took Felecia by the ass, the other by the shoulder, and I pulled her into me, moaning down her throat. Felecia pulled my tank top up just under my boobs and was running her fingers all over my back and ribs, often sliding the fingers of her right hand down the back of my shorts in order to tickle the top of my crack. When we finally (desperately) needed another breath, we pulled back, wiping our mouths with our fingers and breathing heavily.

“How was that?” Felecia finally said to Cathy. She smiled at her, but her eyes were blazing, she was so aroused. Cathy didn’t answer. She was in a fit of some kind, I think, haha! All she did was look at each of us in turn, her eyes blinking hard. Felecia looked at Kelly and said, “Could you kiss her like that, Kell?”

“Uh-huh…” Kelly got up and scooted over to Cathy just like Felecia did to me, except she had to gently part Cathy’s legs to get inside. Cathy let her though and when their faces were just inches apart they both seemed to hover there for like…well, like forever! Finally Kelly’s lips closed the gap and they touched. God…it had only been two days before that I had kissed her. She really was an awesome kisser, remember I told you that! Her lips were warm and soft and she made so many sexy noises. I wanted to get at her myself!

When the kiss began, Cathy was very hesitant. Her eyes were open and you could tell that she was teetering on the edge emotionally. But Kelly just kept on, lightly stroking her hair and her upper arm, sucking at her lips and drawing her into our little web. It didn’t take long either; I watched in fascination as slowly the heat overcame her! Her eyelids began to flutter, and her hands came up under Kelly’s arms and closed on her shoulder blades. Kelly’s mouth opened more then and her tongue snaked out pushing between Cathy’s lips and asking for her tongue in return. Cathy moaned and gave up and together they locked in a searing embrace. Their bodies began moving as one and when they absolutely had to stop to breathe, Cathy sucked in some air, her hand on her right breast groaning, “Oh, my God…Ohhh…myyy…Goddd!”

I looked at Felecia. She was so fucking aroused! Her face was awash with desire and her hands were under her shirt, kneading her tits and pinching at her nipples. She couldn’t wait any longer and neither could I. She gently pushed Cathy back against the sofa and whispered hoarsely, “Lay back, Cathy…we’re gonna make you feel sooo good!”

She sat down on one leg next to her and touched Cathy’s chin, turning her flushed face up to hers. “Oh, Felecia…” was all Cathy could moan before her new friend buried her tongue deep into the pretty blonde’s mouth.

I sat down on the other side. I stroked Cathy’s tits through her top for just a moment and then I pulled her shirt up. She was wearing a really cute lilac colored bikini top but I quickly pulled that up too and her tits fell out from under the cups with a plop. I played with them for a minute, cupping them and squeezing them and circling the nipples with my fingers. Kelly was still between her mecidiyeköy escort legs and she was caressing Cathy’s pussy right through her shorts.

We both watched Felecia and Cathy kiss for a while longer and then I leaned down and sucked her left nipple between my lips, rolling it and flicking it with my tongue. Cathy jumped a little and I heard her squeal in her throat as I did that and Kelly and I both giggled. Her nipples were so sensitive and I worked first the left one, then the right one making her squirm with pleasure.

All of a sudden, Felecia stopped kissing her and they sat up. Felecia reached and pulled Cathy’s shirt the rest of the way off and Kelly grabbed Cathy’s shorts and bikini bottoms and worked them down to her ankles. Her legs were creamy smooth and her pussy was shaved. “Oh, it’s so cute…” said Kelly rubbing Cathy’s labia lightly with her forefinger. Cathy’s eyes were tightly shut and her body was trembling under our touches.

Felecia leaned in and whispered in her ear, “Now Cathy…Kelly’s gonna taste your pussy! She’s gonna lick your pussy and clitty…you want that, don’t you?”

Cathy could only nod. She held her tits, mashing them against her chest and she spread her legs a little more giving Kelly better access. Kelly stroked her thighs a few times and then fingered her clit again and Cathy was moaning with each touch. Then Kelly spread Cathy’s sex lips apart ever so slightly with her fingers. Oh God, Nicole! Cathy was glistening wet and Kelly moaned herself as she slid her tongue into her friend’s cunt for the first time!

“Ohhhhh….Fuckkkkk!” Cathy said when she felt the tongue lick her. “Godddd…. Kellyyyy…ohhhh!” Kelly wasn’t wasting any time. Her tongue was gliding up and down the length of Cathy’s slit, exploring, tasting, stimulating. Cathy’s hips came off the sofa and she pushed her crotch hard onto Kelly’s face and Kelly cooperated by stabbing her tongue deep down her wet tunnel. The blond girl screamed with pleasure and at that point Felecia and I both (as if on cue) went down on her tits again and began sucking her nipples.

“Oh, Shit…Mmm…Ohh…” she cried when Kelly, withdrew her tongue and quickly pushed two fingers into her vagina. Kelly finger-fucked her hard for maybe thirty seconds and then she began lipping and sucking Cathy’s clit again. “Oh, my Goddd… yeah… Mmm…that’s it, Oh…Fuck…I’m gonna cum! Oh, my Goddd…”

Cathy’s body straightened for an instant as the climax gathered itself. “Oh Shit!!” she hissed as the first spasm wrenched her sideways. Kelly stopped licking her, but her fingers continued to saw in and out and Cathy shook and shook with each contraction. Felecia and I just stroked her and watched…smiling.

“Wasn’t that good?” Felecia said softly. “I told you you’d love it!”

“Oh, my Gawwwd…” our new friend was so overcome she could hardly speak. I could hardly contain myself either and bent down and slipped my tongue into her warm mouth next. She put her hand around my neck and pulled me tight and we devoured each other’s lips for the next minute.

Felecia waited for the kiss to slow down and then she continued, “But we’re not through yet, you pretty little slut! Fair’s fair and you need to eat out Kelly’s fuckin’ pussy now…are you ready?”

Cathy and I stopped kissing and she leaned into the back of the sofa. She was breathing heavily and lewdly massaging her tits. “Oh God, yes!” she replied looking hard at Kelly down on the floor. “You fucking lesbians…I had no idea what kind of fun this could be!”

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” teased Felecia. “Girls, let’s get naked!”

We all stood up and stripped off our clothing. Nicole, it may sound weird but I was so turned on. I know that I’ve been saying that a lot in these letters, but you had to be there to understand. Kelly’s parents weren’t going to be home for at least four more hours and my body was on fire. When I removed my bra, Kelly’s warm hands slid over my tits and her fingers rolled my nipples. It felt so amazing that my knees almost buckled.

“C’mere Kelly, lay down right here and put your legs up on the sofa; I wanna see you and Cathy 69 each other!” Kelly quickly laid down on her back with her calves on the sofa seat. She spread her legs and Cathy got down on her hands and knees over her. She lowered her pussy to Kelly’s waiting mouth and sighed when the tongue touched her clit again. “Go ahead Cathy, kiss Kelly’s kitty…she’s waiting!”

Cathy looked down at Kelly’s cute little pussy right in front of her face. Kelly’s tongue was already working her up again but she managed to slide her right hand down her friend’s tummy and onto her wet slit. Kelly moaned, but never slowed down, even when Cathy’s fingers parted her folds and dipped into her wet hole. Cathy was moaning too but she soon was lapping at Kelly’s cunt. Oh God…It was so hot, Nicole! Kelly was licking her, and being licked, and trying to talk all at the same time; saying things like, “Ohhh… Shit…Cathy…Mmm… yesss… please, just keep sucking my fucking pussy! Oh, God… yeah…fuck yeah! Just like that! Shit…..!” It was so intense that I sat next to them watching, feeling their tits and stroking their backs and shoulders while they drove themselves on!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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