Letters to Sue: Lois

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Hi Sue:

I finally have some free time to tell you about another one of the women that I’ve slept with. I’m waiting on a phone call from a very attractive younger woman. Hope you don’t get too jealous. You know that some day I’m going to feel my cock slide into your grey-tinged pussy. I want to feel your thighs squeezing against me and your hands grasping on my back as I thrust ever deeper into you.

I promised to tell you about some of the moms that my solid rod has penetrated. Let me tell you first about Lois, the mother of one of my ex-roommates.

One of my old roommates asked me to be his best man at his wedding. I had lived with the man for a couple of years and helped him through a few ups and downs with women friends. I was quite happy to hear that he was getting married though a little dismayed because the woman he was marrying had a reputation for being a bit of a prude and holy roller. Since he seemed happy I let it go.

However, the prudishness extended to the wedding ceremony a bit more than I expected. The service was held in her home town, a small place located right on a scenic river. The ceremony was held on the banks of the river and was serene and beautiful and touching. Except for the sermon which consisted of a lot of obeys and women subjugating themselves everything was perfect. However, this certainly was not what I expected for a wedding of this former wild man. Another thing that I wasn’t expecting was the fact that there was no dance or social hour, just a small reception that broke up an hour or so after the ceremony. I found myself all dressed up and pretty much abandoned in a small town miles from home.

There was nothing left for me to do except help clean up and carry the gifts back to his new in-law’s house. His mother Lois was also in the same boat. My old roommate’s parents had split up years ago with his father becoming somewhat religious himself. Of course, the break-up had more to do with his father’s relationship with a woman nearly 15 years younger than him, but can’t be too self-righteous about that.

His mother Lois had travelled several hundred miles to attend this wedding and it was pretty apparent she was both disappointed and peeved about how the whole thing turned out. I helped her clean up and cart the gifts and at the late hour of 9pm we both found ourselves with nothing left to do and feeling a little abandoned.

I always liked Lois. She’s very energetic with a beautiful smile. She’s canlı bahis şirketleri a very petite woman with small hips and breasts but full lips and long silky black hair. She looked a bit younger than her 44 years and certainly a bit wilder than most 44 year olds.

Since we both found ourselves abandoned together, we decided to head to a local bar and have a few drinks. Lois was on a roll cutting down her ex-husband, laughing over the fact that he married a much younger woman who was so frigid with religion. She also lamented a bit about her son following suit. We drank and talked and danced. The bar was actually quite quiet so after a few drinks I suggested going for a walk along the river. It was a very beautiful evening and I just soaked in the warm summer air. Eventually we ended up walking to the hotel that we were both staying at that evening. Lois invited me in for another drink and some chat.

We were both a bit tipsy, to the point where most things are funny. I mentioned how disappointed I was that there was no dance. Being German, I couldn’t imagine a wedding without at least one waltz. Lois stood up and said she would love to dance with me. We took a few steps as she hummed and she stopped to kick off her shoes, proclaiming “that’s much better”.

We danced some more while Lois hummed.My hands placed gently on the small of her hips. I could feel the silk of the red dress she was wearing. She leaned her head on my shoulder and we danced in silence.

After a while her hand slid down to my ass. Lois leaned back and squeezed it playfully saying “Do you think he’s getting any?” And then she laughed. “Wouldn’t it be ironic if you and I ‘did it’ and he didn’t get any on his wedding night?” She laughed again.

I’m sure I blushed but that didn’t stop me from leaning in and kissing Lois. “I can’t believe your ex-husband was foolish enough to lose someone as beautiful as you.” I kissed Lois again, hugged her and let my hands linger on her shoulder blades. “He is kind of a dolt.”

“I probably should go.We may have had a bit too much to drink.” I smiled sheepishly at her. “Don’t think you can get away with just a little kiss. Besides, we should make sure at least one person in the family gets laid on this wedding night.” Lois smiled at me. She pulled her body towards me and kissed me, letting her warm hips rest up against my thigh.

I could tell by her wicked smile and her eyes that she had taken a few drinks, but canlı kaçak iddaa I could also tell that she was serious. “Honey, you’re going to make love to me tonight.I can’t let that creep of an ex-husband be the only one who gets the young stuff.”

I smiled as my hand found the zipper to her dress. As I unzipped the dress and kissed her I whispered “Is that all you think of me as?” Lois’ hand reached into my pants and squeezed my cock. “Is that so bad? I do think you’re sweet but, honey, your body is simply divine and I want it.”

I was loving the idea of kissing my friend’s mom and running my hands over her breasts as she stroked my cock but I felt like teasing a bit more.”Have you ever thought of doing this to me before tonight?” “Oh, yes, honey but I never thought I’d have the chance baby. Here, let me take your shirt off. God, if that old man could see me now he’d shake in a fit.” Lois kissed me again, her fingers grasping at the muscles in my back.

Lois unbuttoned my shirt and ran her hands over my chest. “Help me with my dress, honey, and then kiss me all over. I want to feel your tongue on my tits. I want to show you what my ex-husband is missing tonight because he’s with that bimbo.” I could feel Lois’ anger as passion. I slipped her dress off her and kissed her shoulder blades while my hands cupped her breasts.

I helped Lois up onto the hotel bed and slipped out of my pants and underwear staring into Lois’ eyes the entire time. She took my hard cock in her hands and gently stroked it while staring back at me. She briefly took my cock in her mouth but I couldn’t resist sucking and fingering her pussy.

Lois gasped as my tongue laced along her wetness. I looked up at her eyes and she ran her fingers along my cheek and then gently through my hair next to my ears. I kept licking, listening to the gentle gasps of this woman who was the mother of my friend. I couldn’t help but smile at the situation.

I also couldn’t help being incredibly hard. This woman wanted me and was as turned on by my youth and relationship to her son as I was turned on by her. I needed to feel my cock inside Lois so I ran my hands along her bottom and then her back as I worked my kisses up to her lips. Lois grabbed my cock and stroked it a few times. I leaned back so I could watch her face. She stared at me while she placed my cock on her pussy.

I pulled myself into her and her eyes closed and her mouth opened. She whispered “oh, my god” and canlı kaçak bahis then opened her eyes.I was still staring at her. She smiled. We slowly fucked, her hands caressing my arms, my back and my shoulders.

Lois came gently with a slight shudder. She kissed me and rested briefly. I kept my cock sliding in and out of her gently fucking this skinny older woman who just happened to be the mother of the groom that evening. I could see her silky red dress lying across the pillows.I could see her small breasts brushing against my chest. I could see her smile and her lust just before kissing her. I leaned back so I could see my cock enter her.

I watched as my cock slowly slid in and out of Lois. Her face was rosy and she stared at me. I could see Lois’ hands reaching back for my ass trying to control the pace of the fucking. I moved my hands down to her ass and lifted her hips slightly off the bed. I could tell by the change of her breathing that this made her want it even harder.

I worked in and out at a faster and faster pace. I could see her little breasts jiggling in rhythm to my motion. Her long dark hair spread over the bedding. Lois’ breathing got faster as she stared at me. “Oh god, you’re so good, baby. Frank couldn’t fuck like this. I feel so sorry for his new bimbo. Oh honey keep fucking me.”

“Do you want me to fuck you harder, Lois? You’re so beautiful. I want to feel my cock slam all the way into you.” “Oh, baby, fuck me hard. Show me how you fuck an old woman, honey. Oh, you make me so wet. Your cock feels so good, baby.”

I rolled her over so she was now on top. Lois placed her hands on my chest for stability as she pumped her ass up and down. I watched as my cock disappeared into her. “Let me fuck you, honey. Let me be your bitch tonight. Do you want me to be your bitch? Come on, oh god, oh god, you’re so hard. Fuck me. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”

Lois was close to coming as I rolled her over again. I moved her legs so that her knees were against my chest and her ass in the air. I was trying to show her my youthful athleticism and she certainly was appreciative. “Oh my god” was what I heard as I forced my cock hard and high into her. I saw my friend’s mother close her eyes as I continued to enter her. I could tell she was on the verge of cumming again.

I pushed hard into her and held it. Lois’ hands squeezed the muscles in my arms. She started shaking. I pulled my cock almost out and thrust in again. She opened her eyes. I pulled my cock almost all the way out again and started fucking hard. Lois screamed. I pulled out and shot my cum all over her stomach. Lois reached down with her hand and milked all of the cum out of my cock and rubbed it into her belly with a little purr.

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