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My mouth watered at the thought of tasting that big hard cock. Licking my lips I reached out to feel the warm hard flesh jutting out in front of my face. As I tested the weight and resistance I stroked his heated length with one hand gently cupping his balls in the other.

Adrian shuddered as he began to thrust himself forward into my hands, his breathing accelerating as he became more excited. I had always thought a man’s penis was the most amazing creation, an instrument that can bring the most amazing pleasure or pain. Satin and steel all rolled into one amazing piece of masculinity.

Grasping the root of his cock I leaned forward to rub my face around the base of him, my eye’s closing in pleasure as my tongue darted out for my first taste of him. I could feel myself getting wet, my breathing speeding as I nibbled and teased Adrian’s groin, teasing him with the heated promise of my mouth and tongue.

Looking up into his eye’s I licked the crest of his erection enjoying the jump of his muscles in reaction to my teasing. Starting slowly I took him into my mouth and suckled, Maltepe Escort exploring the head of his cock with my tongue. With the mouth watering taste of his precum I gave into temptation and took him deep into my throat, my pussy clenching in pleasure at the scent and taste of him.

With my fingernails scrapping his firm arse sliding between his cheeks to caress and tease the sensitive flesh from his anus to his balls I urged him forward and began to fuck him with my mouth. Rocking forward with his hands fisted in my hair he pushed himself deeper until I could feel him pushing against the back of my throat. Struggling to overcome my gag I aimed to take him deeper into my throat, as he thrust into my mouth alternating between deep and shallow, slow and fast plunging thrusts.

His balls tightened filling with the load that I had been begging for. Oh God yes I begged him to come inside my mouth, to fill me to overflowing with his cock and his seed. With my nails clawing his arse cheeks he slammed forward pushing himself into my throat as he began pumping his load. Kartal Escort Hips surging forward again and again his cock pulsed pumping his load, filling my mouth to overflowing. His cum dribbling down my chin as I struggled to swallow each hot pulsing spurt of cum.

Adrian dropped to his knees in front of me his load spent; lying down on the floor he drew me down facing him. Our breathing ragged, my pussy aching and empty, I straddled his thigh as we both fought to catch our breaths. With my fingers I grasped my breasts squeezing and pinching the nipples as he lay watching me. I reached down and spread my pussy lips so I could rub my wet heat against his thigh, rocking back and forth stimulating my clit on his hairy leg. I was sure that if I got any hotter I would spontaneously combust.

While he licked his cum still coating my chin and throat, he asked me to play with myself so he could watch me cum. Crawling on hands and knees displaying my arse and dripping pussy to best advantage I moved to sit on the floor with my back against the couch. Spreading me legs I Pendik Escort asked him if this was what he wanted to see. His gaze glued to me as I started to touch myself. Pushing down against my mound, rubbing and teasing my clit I watched Adrian watch me. I saw his cock start to rise again and felt my heart begin to race. It was such a turn on that looking at me and watching me play got him so excited.

Reaching down I spread the lips of my pussy, pulling the entrance to my cunt apart, I love the feeling of my opening being stretched. Dipping a finger into the moist heat coating it in my juices I bought to my lips to suck and taste.

With one hand teasing my breasts and pulling on my puckered nipples, the other was stimulated my clit. Adrian’s cock was hard again, from watching me play. I could feel the pleasure building, it hadn’t taken very long as I was already so horny after giving Adrian head. My head dropped back onto the edge of the couch, my second hand pushed down on the one stimulating my clit as I rotated pressing and rocking against my fingers. I rode the crest my hips arching off the ground while my orgasm ripped through me, my pussy clenching and gushing. I stopped my clit now so swollen and sensitive I barely stand to touch it. Looking into Adrian’s eye’s seeing the pleasure he found watching me come I returned his smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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