Lightning Romance

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It had been hot and sticky all day. When we had left the house three hours earlier, the sky had been a glorious azure. Now, the air was thick with electricity and the dark clouds loomed ominously above our heads. As we walked through the beautiful countryside we chatted amiably. We were relaxed in each other’s company, having known each other for years. My thin dress clung to my body with sweat. Matthew had taken off his shirt a while back and I couldn’t help noticing how beautiful his tanned, toned body glistened in the eerie light of the storm clouds.

A deep roll of thunder sounded in the distance, deep and powerful. A sudden breeze sent a chill over my exposed skin. The first heavy rain drops came as a relief from the dry heat that had prevailed over the previous days. I lifted my face to the heavens and enjoyed the sensation of the little rivers of pleasure running down my face. The rain became heavy very quickly and soon the claps of thunder were right above us. One particularly violent one made me jump and I laughed.

I looked over at Matt to share the joke but he wasn’t smiling. He looked really uncomfortable and at first I thought he must have been feeling Pendik Escort ill. Then I realised that my dress had become transparent in the rain. It was plastered to my slim figure and my hard nipples were clearly visible through my thin bra. I blushed and giggled in embarrassment. I tried to brush it off by pointing out that we’d been swimming together and this was no different.

Matt still didn’t seem to see the funny side though. He looked more and more uncomfortable and I suddenly noticed that he was attempting to hide a growing bulge in his shorts. I became incredibly turned on. Matt had always been like a brother to me but I suddenly felt like I needed him more than I’d ever needed anything. I’m not sure if it was the sticky heat of the storm, or the fact that he was obviously turned on by me, but on an impulse I did something completely out of character.

He had increased his pace but I reached out and took hold of his arm, forcing him to stop. I turned him round to face me and silently brushed a lock of dripping hair out of his eyes. I studied his face intensely as I let my hand wander down his cheek to his lips. His breathing became heavy and he Kurtköy Escort was obviously unsure of what he should do. I slip my hand round the back of his neck and pulled his head towards me. As our lips met, I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feeling of his silky lips against my own.

As I pressed my body into his I felt him relax and kiss me back. His tongue flickered around my mouth and his hands slid around my waist. Our kiss was slow and sensual at first. The beating rain intensified it and my clit throbbed as I pressed against his erection. He ran his hands all over my body, caressing my breasts tenderly. I slid my hand under his soaking

T-shirt and traced his rippling muscles with a forefinger. Suddenly he broke the kiss and breathlessly said, “Let’s get back to the hotel quickly before I explode!”

With a mischievous glint in my eye I shook my head and led him by the hand towards some undergrowth. He looked sceptical at first, but I couldn’t wait to have him, and when I rubbed his erection through his shorts I knew he couldn’t wait either. He pulled down my pants roughly and I moaned as he slid two fingers into my dripping pussy. Kartal Escort It wasn’t necessary to remove my dress as it was already like a second skin!

I unzipped his shorts and slipped my hand inside his boxers. He shivered with pleasure as I stroked the shaft. I could tell he couldn’t take much more so I pulled him down on to the ground and he slid inside me. Small moans escaped his parted lips as his closed eyes flickered in ecstasy. A lightning bolt lit up the sky above us and the electricity seemed to pass through our bodies. Each raindrop landed on my skin like a mini orgasm, powerful and penetrating. We built up a hard, fast rhythm and before I knew it an intense orgasm was rocking my body. As my pussy contracted around Matt’s cock, he stiffened and I felt his warm cum flood my insides. He cried out and gripped my body to his so tightly I thought I would break in half. Thunder rumbled around us, causing the ground to vibrate, intensifying the sensation.

Afterwards, we lay for a second, exhausted, in each other’s arms. As we continued the walk back to the hotel, he confessed that he’d lusted after me for ages. I smiled and looped my arm round his waist happily. By the time we reached our destination the sun and returned and we were both completely dry. Nobody could have guessed what we’d been up to. The only evidence was the memories that flew round our minds, and the conspiratorial glances we exchanged.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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