Like Son, Like Father Ch. 02

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My father had taken a new wife, a total M.I.L.F. She was a bit younger than him, but had a good decade on me, an eighteen year old guy. My new mom’s name was Claudia, a tall blonde, model type, with all the right curves. Her best feature was a massive set of DDs, her ass wasn’t all that bad either. Her look was completed by a near perfect coating of makeup to accent her blue eyes and big soft lips.

Needless to say, my father did not marry for money, she basically just sat around our house during the day. Waiting for my dad to get home so she could fulfil her wifely duties.

My father did not make a tonne of money, but he kept us very comfortable. He was an accountant and would work Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm. I was home from school at around 3:00pm, leaving a window of time that I spent alone with my new step-mom.

This was probably the most awkward two hours of my day, my step-mom had zero personality. She would make the effort to be a mother and would always have a snack waiting for me when I got home. This helped our alone time to be much more bare-able for me. We would sit together in the living room, she would watch me eat and I would get an eyeful of her mature beauty between bites.

“So Davey, did you have a good day at school?” Claudia asked me.

“It was alright, I guess, nothing really happened.” I forced out between bites.

“Nothing? It can’t be any more ‘nothing’ than I experience cooped up at home all day.”

“Well, I guess somethings did happen, it’s just the same four classes over and over everyday.”

This was pretty much how every afternoon began between us, however this particular one featured a little different ending.

“Honestly does that school teach you anything?” Claudia asked.

“They try I guess, the classes just aren’t interesting.” I said. “I get good grades so dad isn’t angry, but nothing in the lessons really grabs me. It’s not like they don’t try to teach me, they just don’t give me an incentive so I don’t put in the effort to learn.”

I had now put down my snack paying full escort ataşehir attention to her. Watching her face, I could see the wheels turning in her head.

“Incentive? What kind of incentives do you think they should give?” Claudia asked.

“Umm, I’m not sure.” I responded.

“Well how do you like to spend your time with your friends?”

“Play sports I guess.”

“Okay you like to play sports with your male friends, but what do you like to do with your girlfriends?”

“Oh. Ahh, I don’t think that’s a proper topic of conversation for a son to have with his mother.”

“Don’t be so bashful, I’m just your step-mother, if your dad hadn’t married me I’d just be another girl as far as you’re concerned.”

Trying to avoid detailed descriptions, “you know what boys and girls do together, you probably had boyfriends in high school, I probably did the same things they did.”

She started to chuckle, “honey, there’s no way the girl’s let you act that way!”

I loved it when my step-mom laughed. She was distracted enough to let me stare at her tits and they would bounce for extra entertainment! Although her bouncing chest was a nice consolation prize, I was still kind of insulted by her quick dismissal of my experience with girls.

“Don’t act like you know what I’ve done!” I was getting a little ticked.

“I’m not, I just know what I was like in high school, I doubt the girls now a days are anything like I was.” Claudia said.

“You might be surprised.” I started to grin.

Punctuated by her giggles, “not much surprises me anymore!”

Nothing explicit had entered our exchange. Our conversation had nonetheless devolved into a discussion of a sexual nature. Not only did I receive verbal stimulation, I also had the opportunity to stare at some big jiggling jugs that afternoon. Try to put yourself in my position? Could you have spoke about sex with a beautiful older woman, made her laugh, watched her body move when you did, and still remained flaccid?

Lust forced me to become more confident, “try me! kadıköy escort bayan You couldn’t handle eighteen year olds these days!”

“Is that a challenge?” Claudia asked, making no excuses now as she stared at my bulging shorts.

“Like what you see?” I asked with a grin. “Then come get some.”

Claudia made her way across the room placing a hand on my crotch.

“Your father will be home at five, we’ll have to be quick.” She whispered in my ear.

Claudia grabbed my collar pulling me from the couch and leading me down the hall to her room. She pushed me down on her bed. She stood before me as her dainty hands began to remove her house coat. Opening the floral designed piece of cloth, she allowed it to fall off her shoulders. She stood there completely nude, I found myself wondering how her mammoth breasts had remained insanely perky over the years.

Claudia grabbed at my pants after deeming she had displayed herself for long enough. She yanked off my shorts. Wanting to spend as much time in the nude with her as I could I hastily removed my t-shirt.

She looked at me and smiled before dropping her mouth on my dick. She had a ridiculous head game, I rifled through my mind for a comparison but no girls in my memory came close to even half as good. Her full lips felt so soft as they massaged my shaft. Her warm mouth housed an expert tongue.

She hummed while she went to work, I let out moan after moan drowning out any noise she could have possibly created. I reached my hands to the back of her head, gathering her hair and pulling it out of her eyes while she sucked. I held her hair in a bundle over her head as I lightly urged her to take my cock deeper. This was my hands usual resting place, but for once they had a job. Claudia gave in to the subtle pressure almost fully deep-throating me. Her throat, so tight and wet, wrapped around my cock was a feeling I’ll never forget.

Considering the time restraints, I wanted to get right to the main event but I thought her amazing show deserved some reciprocation. Gently escort bostancı I pulled her head up to mine, kissing her forehead as if to say ‘thank you’. The real thank you was yet to come as I urged her to lie on her back and kissed my way down her perfectly formed figure.

I soon arrived at my destination as I dove face first into her pussy. Too many girls my age shave themselves completely bare, I do appreciate certain parts to be hairless, but I loved the light tickling my nose received as it brushed through her landing strip. I munched away savouring her juices as they flowed into my mouth. Just from sucking, she had already made herself incredibly wet. I could have stayed down there forever, but again time restraints. As much as I loved exploring her cunt with my tongue, my cock could barely wait for its opportunity

I climbed my way up her body giving her a deep kiss so she could taste the sweetness. I reached down to help guide myself inside of her. With a thrust of my hips our flesh met. The feeling was even better than I imagined. Like a million times better than my first time, her pussy just felt so soft, fitting my cock like a glove. Somehow she was immeasurably tighter than any girl my age.

I had completely lost myself exploring her wonders, but something shook me back to reality. I heard my father’s car as it pulled into our driveway. I panicked sensing that we were about to get caught, but Claudia’s face looked as calm as ever.

“Inside me baby.” She instructed me.

Despite hearing the wheels of my fathers car roll to a stop I managed to redirect my focus to his wife. I sped up my pace encouraging my tightening balls to deliver their juices. I pumped into her with this new found pace.

“Cum for me baby!” She demanded.

Something began to stir in my scrotum, I could feel it shoot through my shaft. I delivered a huge load into Claudia. I slumped on to her catching my breath as I recovered from my orgasm. She pushed me off of her.

“You have to go, your dad can’t catch you here.” She reminded me.

I almost fell over as I danced my way back into my shorts. I turned to Claudia giving her a wave before I backed out of the doorway. I closed her door at almost the exact moment my father entered the house. Still putting on my shirt I moved down the hall and slipped into my room.

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