Lincoln’s Pride Ch. 10

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“Lincoln, little one,” I stirred in his arms and blinked up to see Samir looking down at me with concern. The morning sun was beginning to peek in through the windows. He was out of the bed and dressed for work. But today was Friday and we had planned to spend the day hiking through a canyon well outside the city.

“I let you sleep in as long as I could. I have to leave and catch a flight to Riyadh. There is urgent business. I left clothes on the counter for when you wake up. Zaid promised to look after you for the day so go and find him. I will be back before your head hits the pillow tonight. I promise,” Samir kissed my forehead and brushed back my hair as I stared up at him with confusion.

I nodded with a little disappointment. We were supposed to hike to this adventure center deep in the wilderness where they had ziplines and kayaks. I’d read through their entire website twelve times in Arabic. He’d pretended to be interested when I flipped through the pictures on their site on his tablet over dinner.

He put a hand under my neck and arched it up so he could bury his lips onto mine and slide his tongue inside. I sucked at it greedily since it had been a full 8 hours since he’d last fucked me. He slid another hand under my ass and squeezed it roughly, poking a finger into me to feel for any leftovers from last night.

“Be good, little one, make me proud today and I will do the same,” he held his lips an inch above mine as his eyes stared into me. He gave one last kiss to each of my nipples, still sore from his pinching and sucking the night before.

“I love you,” he said as he pulled away. He didn’t hesitate. He wasn’t waiting for me to say it back, but I did anyway as he went towards the door.

“I love you too,” I whispered and rolled over into his pillow. It was still punctuated by his cologne and sweat. I inhaled softly and the comforts of his aura lulled me back to sleep.


Zaid was working on his laptop and arguing on his phone when I found him in one of the small offices next to the kitchen in the main house. I’d been here for almost two months now and still hadn’t explored all of the endless house. I’d had to ask one of the servants who just looked at me nervously knowing he wasn’t supposed to address one of the house cubs. I kept saying, “Zaid, Zaid!” and finally he took me to him.

Zaid was arguing with someone in Arabic about a business deal. He was wearing a crisp button-up shirt and black dress pants. I had learned so quickly in my classes that I was able to keep up. I’d done so well, in fact, that I had moved up to the shorter language classes which left me time to take two business classes. Samir was very impressed by how hard I worked and how quickly I caught on with things.

“You really do amaze me, little one,” Samir had said in Arabic two nights ago after filling me with his cum. “You breezed through the language classes and today I got an email that you Aced tests in both of your business courses. Soon you will be ready to start interning in my office while you work on your degree.”

“Thank you sir. You keep me focused,” I’d mumbled sleepily as I fell into his chest.


“Fucking Saudis!” Zaid cursed loudly as he slammed down the phone and snapped me back to the present.

“What’s wrong?” I asked in Arabic as I leaned against the doorway. The servant had scurried away quickly in fear of Zaid who wasn’t very nice to them.

“Ahh, the little prince has finally awakened,” his face softened into a smile as he leaned back in his desk chair. He had actually been pretty cool with me since his argument with Samir in the kitchen and his help with freeing Anders from his awful master.

“Can I help? Tell me what happened?” I asked and walked towards him. Zaid leaned forward and his frustration softened into a half-smile as he put his hand on my arm.

“Well you wouldn’t be of any use here, but the firm we work with is insisting on screwing with our land deals. Samir is there since they fuck up less when it’s face to face. They are a bit sore that we are disposing of all property in the kingdom. I was trying to resolve it before he got there, but now we will hope that he can accomplish something on his own.” Zaid rolled his eyes.

“You should have some confidence in him. He’s very smart.” I felt defensive of my lion.

“I hope so…” Zaid let it drop. “There’s nothing I can do about it right now anyways. What would you like to do today?”

“We were supposed to go on a hike to a place that has zip-lines and kayaks. It’s in a canyon! It looks like fun, but maybe I should wait for Samir. He seemed excited for it,” I said.

“Samir wanted to zip-line? That’s news to me. He used to be so afraid of everything when he was little. He’d say he wanted to do whatever Ali was interested in, but then we’d get up to the front of the line and he’d chicken out. I always had to be the one to wait with him while Ali got to ride the coaster or do the slide or whatever it was.” Zaid laughed Beylikdüzü escort and stood up from his desk.

He took my hand in his and led me out to the kitchen. A servant was putting away the morning dishes and he quickly finished when he saw Zaid come in.

“No, I think he really wanted to try it. He’s the one who came up with the idea!” I insisted.

Zaid went to the refrigerator and took out two bottles of water. He handed me one with a shrug.

“Ok then, let me put on some adventure gear and we can go do that. It’ll take our minds off of this disaster for awhile. Come on, sport. You can watch.” Zaid took my hand again and fit his fingers between mine. He squeezed it firmly and pulled me along. He was shorter and skinnier than I am, but he had his brothers’ confidence. I felt the Hamad aura of power and I followed him.

Zaid unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it across the room. He had a nicely toned chest that made up for his lack of over-muscled mass that his brothers shared. He slipped off his pants to reveal a small pair of electric green briefs that hugged an ample package. The pants had done no favors for his ass which bubbled nicely as he turned to walk towards the closet.

I sat on his bed and unthinkingly rubbed my bulge. He came back out with a small pile of clothes and stopped to look at me.

“Already hard? Samir hasn’t even been gone that long. He didn’t satisfy you enough before he left?” Zaid laughed.

“Uhh, oh. No, sorry, just habit around an Arab guy,” I said feeling not completely awkward. I was getting used to losing my pride amongst them. They certainly didn’t expect me to control myself.

Zaid set down his clothes and walked up to me. He got between my legs and put a hand on my shoulder with his bulge just inches from my face. I didn’t know what he was going to do, but then he leaned forward a little and raised his left leg behind himself. He reached back and slipped off the black sock he’d had on and tossed it towards the other dirty clothes. He switched hands on my shoulder, keeping his bulge in front of me, and then took off the other one.

“I don’t think my little brother would approve of your interest,” Zaid laughed and I saw his bulge thickening up, straining the briefs.

“No, I guess we should get going,” I mumbled, heavily intrigued to see what he was packing.

“All right then,” Zaid pushed away from me and reached for his clothes. He pulled on a pair of workout shorts and a tight, white tank top that had a faded French flag across the chest.

He sat next to me and put on a pair of running shoes that looked just like the ones Samir had.

“I guess I’ll be driving then. Do you know how?” Zaid asked.

“Of course, but I don’t have a license here,” I admitted.

“Well, that shouldn’t be a problem. Do you want sports car or sedan?” He asked.

“Really? I can drive? Are you serious? Samir never lets me!” I literally jumped off his bed at the thought of taking out one of the Hamad’s souped up racers.

“Yeah sure. When the boss is away, you should have a little fun.” Zaid shrugged with his normal, unbothered air. I wondered what it took to get him excited about something.

We headed down to the garage and Zaid picked out a red Camaro that looked like an American macho stereotype. He got the keys out of a lock box and tossed them to me after unlocking the doors.

“Fuckin A dude! I’ll be careful. I promise. Oh shit!” I had the dopiest grin across my face that I caught sight of in the heavily-tinted windows.

“Tear it up, little boy. We’re insured,” Zaid said and pulled on his sunglasses as he slid in next to me in the passenger seat.

We pulled out of the garage and went down the long, winding driveway that snaked down the hill. He kept telling me to stop being a pussy and give it some juice. But then Samir’s voice kept sneaking into my head telling me to be careful and remember who my master was. He would want me safe and cautious and probably wouldn’t want me leaving the house at all without him.

“Go right here,” Zaid said when we drove past the guards at the gates of the neighborhood. I watched them reset the big roadblocks and wondered why there was extra security today.

“I think the canyon is to the left, right?” I asked as we pulled up to the main highway.

“The highway is to the right though. I thought you wanted to see what this car is capable of? We can go down the coast a little and then circle back,” Zaid offered.

“Yeah? Ok let’s do it!” I pushed on the accelerator and we started to fly down the road towards the freeway. Everything here was new and modern unlike the big potholes and shoddy roads of Los Angeles. We hit the flatland and then did a circle up a ramp that merged onto the freeway.

It was mid-morning so the traffic was light and Zaid encouraged me to “punch it!” The car roared to life as I zipped around a delivery truck and past an orange taxi. We were already close to the southern end of the metro. Beylikdüzü escort Once we passed the last exit of civilization, the three lanes narrowed to two and the traffic disappeared. I pushed down on the pedal and watched the speedometer climb quickly. 70, 80, 90, there were no cars in sight as the engine roared.

“Fuck this is awesome!” I yelled and Zaid started playing with the radio as though he were bored. The freeway began to climb a hill that jutted out towards the sea. The car responded as though it were on completely flat land. We zipped up and I watched the speedometer hit 100.

“This is too fast. Maybe we should…” I started, but Zaid interrupted.

“Daddy’s not here, Link. We have seatbelts and airbags. Go nuts, kid.” He urged without looking up. I pushed it to 120 and we were headed on the downslope where the road curved slightly back towards the sea. My heart was pounding as I watched the world fly by. No one was near us, no trees or animals or other cars. It was open highway on the flat, desert floor.

We zoomed along, much farther from the city than I had ever been. It was the middle of nowhere, an ancient route of places many had traveled but none had settled. It was exhilarating and a little scary to go so fast, but Zaid seemed to think it was ok. I hit 130 and then let off the gas and coasted as the speedometer settled back down.

“That was fun man! Thanks! Where can I exit to turn around?” I asked with nothing ahead of us.

“Uh, Oh! We’re almost out of the kingdom. We can turn around at the border checkpoint. That’s all there is ahead of us,” Zaid said and started playing on his phone.

Sure enough, we went over a hill and then I saw a hundred warning signs and a cluster of armed men about a mile ahead of us. There was literally no way to turn around with thick cement barriers between us and the oncoming traffic. Zaid’s phone rang and he answered it as though I wouldn’t have any problems dealing with the border guards.

“Hey man, I don’t think I can. Dude?” I poked Zaid as I slowed down. We were coming up towards the guards and Zaid didn’t seem to care.

“Shh,” Zaid told me and went back to his conversation in superfast Arabic. I picked up that he was getting an update about the business deal.

I slowed the car to a crawl about 200 feet from the guards. They started to stir as they noticed me and one of them said something to the other with a sneer. They both laughed and raised their guns towards my direction. I rolled down my window as I coasted towards them.

“Hi. I need turn car back,” I said in my Arabic with gestures of turning around. It was majorly failing me as my nerves were rattled. They ignored me and five of them swarmed around my car. They must have had a slow morning, I was getting the full check-up.

One of them tapped on Zaid’s window and he just shooed them away angrily as he spoke on his phone. That didn’t seem to deter the guard who again tapped and nodded towards me. I fumbled with the controls and figured out how to roll down Zaid’s window. They weren’t interested in addressing me. I didn’t have the skin color for authority here.

Zaid paused his phone conversation and glared at the guard. He pulled his ID card from his wallet and handed it to him with an insult. I think he called him a son of a donkey.

“Dude, don’t get us in trouble! Please,” I begged Zaid as the other guard leaned into my window to eye me with interest. He sniffed close to my cheek and then laughed. He turned to the others and made some joke. They laughed at whatever he had said as the guard with Zaid scanned his ID.

I wasn’t asked for anything, but I took out the special ID card Samir had given me that had my information and his.

“I turn car back please,” I said to the guard in my best attempt at Arabic. His face was inches from mine and I felt the heat of his breath, the smell of his mint gum.

“You American?” He asked me in heavily accented English.

“Yes sir. I belong to Hamad family of Satra,” I said and showed him the ID card with Samir’s picture and information. He took it and an odd smile spread over his lips. I knew the look. He instantly knew what he was dealing with.

“Your owner has not taught you to keep silent?” He barked in Arabic this time and kept uncomfortably close to me. “Pets do not talk to men. They whine or purr. Which you do, kitty cat?”

He reached as though he were going to scratch under my chin, but he didn’t touch me. He knew from the car and my ID that it wouldn’t go over well to touch another man’s property. But to make up for that he found other ways to intimidate me.

“Please, sir. I turn back please,” I said in his language and lowered my eyes.

“Let me hear you, kitty cat,” He said in a low, commanding growl that made me shiver in fear. I watched his other hand adjust himself between his legs. He was getting off on this and wasn’t about to let me turn around.

Zaid had gone back to his phone call and seemed to think Escort Beylikdüzü this situation was just a minor nuisance. The other guard handed him back his ID without a word and nodded.

“Meow,” I whispered and then mimicked the noise I do when Samir finds the right spot inside me. It’s the one that makes his eyes snap up to mine and his eyes light up in accomplishment. It felt awful but I gave him what he wanted. I wanted to go.

“You are good boy,” The guard said suddenly and pulled back from the window. “Next time don’t wander so far in daddy’s car.”

I wanted to punch him, but I also wanted to cry. My fight or flight dial was stuck in get-the-hell-out-of-there-before-you-piss-yourself setting.

“Yes sir, thank you,” I stammered. He backed away and motioned with his gun for us to turn around in a small opening in the barrier.

I steered through the opening and then got the hell out of there as fast as I could. I put a few miles between us and the border before I slowed down. Zaid finished up his call with a sudden burst of happiness.

“It is done! We are good! Samir is taking the officials out for a nice dinner to celebrate and then he will come home. We should get some lunch!” He said cheerfully.

“Dude what the fuck? Are you fucking crazy? You almost got us killed back there!” I released the dam of emotions. I realized I was yelling, but I didn’t know any other way to talk to him right then.

“Killed? Oh Link, don’t be dramatic. We pay for good soldiers to keep out the unwelcome neighbors! There is trouble next door and they can’t just let anyone through there. Don’t be a scared little American,” Zaid laughed like it had all been a joke.

“He had a gun in my face and made me do cat noises while he touched himself! You didn’t even set down the fucking phone to help, but I’m being dramatic?” I pushed down on the gas as I yelled and made record time back to the exit where we’d gotten on the highway.

“You knew what you had signed up for after your first week here, right Link? You aren’t stupid enough to have missed the fact that you’re just above housecat here. Are you? Your job is to keep silent and look pretty. If you hadn’t engaged him, I would have handled it all by simply showing my ID when I finished my phone call. The guards are intimidating, but they know their place and would have waited for me. You talked to him first and showed you needed to be put in your place. That’s the rules here, Lincoln. You need to learn them if you’re going to be a kept boy.” Zaid wasn’t yelling back, in fact his voice seemed oddly caring in a way that didn’t match his words.

“I am not a kept boy!” My voice sounded whiny. I guess there’s no masculine way to say that. Zaid pointed the way up the road to head for the canyon park.

“Of course you are! He lets you play school, buys you little pens and office supplies. You are his pretty toy, surely you know this. You’re not so stupid, are you? Every day he chisels a little more on you, here and there to craft his subdued mate. Soon you’ll be raising his children and practicing yoga like Emerson. That’s what you signed-on for,” Zaid noted.

“That’s not true. Maybe that’s what you people had planned for me, but I’m getting an accelerated degree from a damn good school… and putting money away each month. My father is already able to retire and get the medical care he needs. In a few years I’ll be able to start my own business and have enough money to do it. I will be able to take care of my family on my own,” I said.

“Except, three years with our family has a way of breaking boys. You really think you can walk away from Samir and just drop him like that?” Zaid asked and his voice sounded like he actually cared about my answer, about his brother, about me.

“It’s not a choice I have to make. I love Samir. He is the kindest soul I’ve ever met. He is taking care of my family, even in ways he doesn’t share with me. My father told me he is helping them get into a decent house. I don’t have to leave him to be a success. I wouldn’t leave him. I couldn’t leave him. I love him.” I admitted as we started to wind up a narrowing canyon road.

We pulled up to the park entrance and of course there was another guard with a gun draped across his chest. He came towards me and said the entrance fee. Zaid reached across me and handed him a large bill. He told him to keep the change and the guard’s face lit up in gratitude.

We took a narrow road through a desert canyon of oversized pink boulders perched precariously above us in a pile. To the left of the road was a small stream of water snaking its way through the ancient path. We turned a corner and the canyon opened up to a lake with a manmade water park. Strung across it, from cliff to cliff was a series of ziplines. I pulled into a parking spot as we watched a guy zip across the sky from one cliff to the other.

“This is what you want to do? You know Samir will be angry with both of us,” Zaid said as he snapped a picture with his phone.

“He’ll get over it. C’mon!” I slid the keys into a buttoned pocket on my shorts and jumped out. I needed to do something to erase the creepy feeling from the guards. Zipping off a cliff sounded like it would do it.

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