Lisa in Love , Lust Ch. 03

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Roy entered into the bedroom at 12:30 at night the bedroom was well decorated with flowers. Lisa too was there in her nice night see through dress and after a bath. She was looking gorgeous in her white dress. The view of her heaving breasts through her see through dress and her nipples pointing sharply towards Roy was just fantastic.

Roy’s cock was saluting straightly at her beauty. He entered the room and closed the door and sat on the bed. She felt shiver. Then he started to talk.

He moved closer to her. Roy took her hand into his hands. He kissed her on her forehead softly and slowly started to press Lisa’s soft buttocks and he pressed her stomach and moved hands all over her back and he again kissed on her forehead.

Lisa returned back the kiss and said, “I too love you honey.” Slowly her face started glowing as Roy pressed her. They stood up and hugged each other and Roy started kissing all around head and he kissed the neck and bit on her shoulders smoothly.

A small moan of Lisa came out: “ooooooooo… Aaaaaaa… shshshshshshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and closed her eyes. She then hugged Roy tightly and planted kisses on his lips.

Roy put his hands on her shoulders and he moved his body close to her so that his chest will touch her boobs. She understood what he wanted and she started to rub her breasts against his chest and soon Roy locked her lips with his lips and he started kissing her lips and she just hugged him and took his kisses.

After some time Roy increased the pressure on her lips and she also started to kiss fast. Then they were kissing in such a way that they were chewing bubble gum. While sucking each other lips Lisa moaned “Please… press my milk ball.”

Roy removed her dress from her breast and he started to press her huge boobs slowly through her bra and then he pressed and kissed on them. She started moaning heavily and she was feeling the pressure to the extreme.

The site of her milk ball through her skin color transparent bra was bostancı escort clearly visible. By seeing that site the sexual desires in Roy started to raise high and he started to press her ball harder and harder and she was moaning “pleaaaaaaasssse… continue don’t stop please.”she said, “please suck… them… fuck… me.”

Roy’s sexcitement was also picked up to heard those words from her and he removed the dress from her body now she was only in inner garments and pressed her stomach and she was rising high and moaned “ahahahahahaaaaaa… ooooooooooo… uhuhuhuhuuuuummmmmmmmt… ooooooo..” Roy started to unhook the buttons of his shirt and she slowly unhook the buttons and remove his shirt from his body.

Lisa then started to move her boobs over his chest and she moved like a snake rubbing her big milk melons over his chest. She even knelt down and knew her boobs were touching his cock. She knowingly started to rub her boobs against his cock and by kneeling down she started to press his buttocks simultaneously.

Roy looked down at her and his cock was simply saluting her and he did not want to interrupt her because that was the kind of wife he just wanted and he always wanted a wife who will be full filling his sexual desires to the extreme.

Then she stood up and they kissed each other on lips 10 minutes nonstop. Roy became fully erect then and suddenly pushed her towards him and taken off her bra and saw the beautiful boobs bubbling before him. Roy pushed her on to the bed. He was not able to control himself and he started to press her boobs very hardly.

And he opened her bra from back side and saw beautiful naked breast and then tasted all the breast part with his mouth and sucked and bit her nipples.

Then she was moaning “aaaaaaaaa… uuuuuuuummmmmmmm… sooooooo… do it… no.” After that Lisa lay behind him and took of his pant. He had only brief then.

His bulge stood straight and the head of his bulge was visible to her through ümraniye escort bayan his brief. Roy then removed of her skin color panty had been visible, she touched his bulge from his brief and she started to rub his dong from his brief by her hand.

She just pressed heard and then he also kissed her and he touched her pussy over her panty and he felt her a little bit hairy pussy and she was shivering like anything, then he entered his hand under her panty and felt wet hairy cunt and then he took off her panty from her body and she was in birth day suit and then she as soon as removed his brief off they were both naked before each other.

Then Lisa closed her eyes in shy and also trying to cover her cunt by her hand but he hold her hand and put it on his dong and started to fingering her cunt by one finger. She also rubbing the fore skin of his dick by to and fro motion.

Then he started to suck her cunt and she was moaning “uuuummm… hahahahahhaahhaha… chooooo… ssssssssoooooooo aaaaaaaaaa uuuuuuummmmmm” and press his head on her cunt and he sucked pussy lip and her pre cum.

Then Roy inserted two fingers into her pussy hard suddenly. She screamed loudly “aaaaaaaa… ohohoh… hurting… man… “She begged him.

Roy hugged her tightly and she too did so and they locked each other lips and started kissing then she stopped him “please… insert your… tool.”Roy asked, “what you want.”

She was said to touch his dick. “Please… insert your… tool… inside… my… honey… pot” and she felt very excited and hide her face under his chest. Then Roy pulled her leg on his shoulder and he inserted 3 fingers into her pussy. She moaned “aaaaaaaa… hurting” and she said holding his 7.5 inch dick that “please… insert that… tool… Roy.”

Then Roy sat on her legs while she was lying on the bed and slowly inserted the head of the cock into her. The head of the cock went into her without paining her as she was very wet inside, he pushed the kartal escort cock further inside and she moaned loudly “aaaaaaaa… oooooooo please… please… slow… plllllleeaaaaassse oooo.” Hearing that word from her Roy was very much sexcited and pressed the cock more near about half of the cock entered into her.

It was very joyful for her and simultaneously he was sucking and kissing her lips and pressing her boobs within a few second the dick totally entered to her cunt some sounds of joy also came out from her and she fell on the bed totally motion less then he started to and from motion after a few minutes she would cooperative with him by motioning her started to move his cock to and fro and she was shouting in joy “oooooooo… ahahahhhahhhhhaaa..” Roy continued making to and fro moves.

Suddenly her voice changed and after a few minutes she also moved her body slowly. Roy continued fucking by making to and fro movements and she then seem to be enjoying that and she was also moving her body up and down in order to take the whole cock into her.

His cock completely entered into her and they both were moaning with pleasure like anything. She was very nearer to her orgasm and Roy too was going to cum very soon. They both started to make fast movements of their body.

They hugged and kissed at that time and he also pressed her boobs very hard and that time was wanted her to be on him and she made faster and faster movements lying on the top of him. As they were very nearer to their climax the pace of their desires and loved for each other keep on increasing.

She responded to him by moving her body rhythmically. The pace increased and she was moving her body very fast and said, “More… More… More… “and moves her body more up, Roy was also going to climax and move faster after about 10 minutes they both hugged them tight and he pushed his dick tight into her cunt and he then unloaded into her and as soon as he came she had her orgasm and both their love juices were being exchanged and that moment was just wonderful and they exchanged their juices with sweet kisses.

They fucked another two times on that night and slept at 4:30 am and they had seen at the morning that some love juices on their bed sheet.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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