Long Awaited Visit Is Rewarding

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I had moved from her town at the beginning of fall but we had kept in touch via emails and IM’ing. Having met earlier in the summer, we had developed a very cozy relationship that worked well for the both of us. That is until I decided to go south for the winter.

Neither of us was prepared for the torture of a long distance relationship. However, we discovered cyber-sex and would “visit” three or four times a week. Having tortured ourselves for a couple of months with cyber-sex, we decided that I should fly in to “visit” in person. I took care of the arrangements to set things in motion. I would arrive at the local airport in early afternoon and she would meet me there and take me to her home. All was set and we both waited anxiously for the day we could be together again, even if for only a few days.

She met me in the lobby at the airport. Seeing her standing with this black tank mini looking as though it had been painted onto her body by an artist, took my breath away. It hugged her breasts tightly, accentuating their fullness, showing their shape beautifully well. I could see her hard nipples straining against the material; it was obvious that she was braless and excited. My eyes followed the shape of her breasts down to her flat tummy then over her hips and down her thighs to where the mini stopped…just properly covering her pussy. Her long silky smooth legs led my eyes to her feet and the 4 inch heels. She was breath-taking, standing with her long legs slightly spread and her hands on her hips. There was a stirring in my groin. Her eyes sparkled with mischief and I couldn’t wait to find out just how mischievous she planned to be.

She insisted that I drive the distance to her home so I let her in on the passenger side then I got behind the wheel. As we drove from the parking lot, I couldn’t help but see that her skirt didn’t quite cover everything when she sat. She looked at me with her bedroom eyes and teasingly inched her skirt higher, showing me that she was wearing no panties. Ok, my dick was hard now! She was shaved smooth and her pussy lips were glistening with moisture. She looked at me sexily and eased her hand between her thighs. One finger began to tease her lips as she moved it up and down the slit. I could see her getting wetter as droplets appeared in the slit. Suddenly, she squirmed in her seat and pulled her skirt down as much as she could and hid her treasure from my view.

My dick was rock hard by then and I was aching to put it inside her hot pussy. She saw the growing bulge in my pants and with a little squeal she put her hand on the bulge. She gave it a little squeeze and said she had bursa escort big plans for that puppy, but they must wait until we were home. Her hand squeezing and rubbing my dick through my jeans was gonna make me blow inside my jeans if she didn’t stop soon. A few more sensual rubs and squeezes and she removed her hand, leaving me panting and wanting more. She was working this teasing thing to the fullest.

I saw her glancing around us to see if anyone was near and when she saw that no one could see her, she slipped the spaghetti strings off of her white shoulders and seductively pulled the material down and over her full breasts until they were fully exposed for my viewing pleasure. My god she has gorgeous tits. I was really breathing hard by now and was creating quite a stir inside my jeans. I wanted to slam on the brakes and suck on her tits right there. I guess she could see it in my eyes and she quickly pulled the material back up over her luscious globes until she was covered again, leaving her fuckable cleavage for my lusting eyes. She laughed at her success at teasing me and making my dick get hard and said I still had to wait until we were home.

Ten torturous minutes later, we were at her house. Once inside her home, she pushed me onto the couch, dropped to her knees between my legs and almost ripped my jeans off. She dug at my clothing trying to get my dick free. Finally, she had it out and without any delay started licking the head. I was already running pre-cum from the ride home and she was licking at it, tasting it. After a few minutes of licking, she slid me inside her hot, wet mouth. I lay back on the couch and moaned my pleasure as her tongue licked and rubbed all around my shaft inside her mouth. I love the way here tongue makes love to my dick inside her wet, hot, mouth. Her tongue was rolling around my dick head then sliding down the length before returning to the head and rolling around it. I was trying hard not to cum as she fucked me with her mouth. Sucking hard as she took all of me inside, her chin resting on my swollen balls before slowly pulling my length from her mouth to lick it all over.

She stopped long enough to remove her tank mini then mounted my dick with her mouth once again. I couldn’t stand it…she was going to make me cum way too soon. Sensing this, she slowly slid her sucking mouth from my dick. She began to softly blow on it, making it jump. She was driving me crazy…..I had to have my dick inside her hot, juicy pussy but she was not finished pleasuring my cock the way only she can. She doesn’t give me a blow job, she makes love to my dick. Two more times she brought me to bursa escort bayan almost shooting my load in her mouth but she would stop for a moment until I settled down, before beginning all over.

Finally, she said she wanted me to suck her pussy and make her cum. Eagerly, I changed positions so that she was sitting, laying back on the couch and I had my face buried in her sweet, juicy pussy, sucking hard to get her juices. I slurped and licked at her soaking pussy, making her squirm and whimper beneath my ministering. The ride home had made her wet, but now she was dripping her hot wetness. My tongue probed as deep as it could inside her pussy licking up as much of her juice as I could. I found her clit and lightly bit on it making her moan and squirm beneath my face.

She pushed her hips upward against my sucking mouth and licking tongue trying to give me all the access I needed to dip my tongue deep into her. I pinched on her nipples as I sucked and licked her pussy. She was moaning loudly and jerking her hips in anticipation of a body shaking orgasm. I was swallowing her juices as fast as I could lick them up and she was still flowing more than I could suck up. I rubbed my face through her soaked pussy, letting my nose push inside her pussy and then rub hard over her clit. I could smell her readiness and it affected me like an aphrodisiac. She arched her back, pushing her sweet, sloppy wet pussy against my mouth. I sucked hard taking her outer lips fully into my mouth and nibbled on them before stabbing my tongue deep into her.

We were both moaning our pleasures and enjoying ourselves. I slowly kissed and licked my way up to her breasts and hard nipples. Spending some time pleasuring them before I licked and kissed my way up her long neck. When my lips found hers, we kissed long, hard and deep. Her tongue was flicking all over mine trying to taste her pussy juices. While we were kissing, she took hold of my dick and guided me into the hottest, wettest pussy I had ever felt.

We began to fuck slowly, pushing my dick deep into her then slowly pulling all but the head out. In and out I slid, lubricated by her sex juices. As we picked up the pace her pussy began making those sloshing, sloppy, full of juices sound. Grabbing my hips, she pumped me in and out of her, making my balls slap against her butt.

I couldn’t take it any more….it had been over a week since we had joined in cyber-sex and I had quite a load for her. She was squealing her pleasure as we pumped ourselves and I was letting her hear my enjoyment. Faster she pumped my hips. Our pelvises were slamming together driving her further escort bursa into the beginnings of her orgasm. She was pulling me hard against her trying to get me deeper with each slamming stroke. I was beginning to peak and could feel my load moving through my loins. I continued pounding into her, it felt so fucking good, she was squealing at a high pitch with each stroke and her long legs were wrapped around my thighs holding me tightly to make sure I did not escape before she finished. I had no intention of going anywhere but deeper into her boiling hot pussy.

Her arms and legs were wrapped around me pulling me against her and I could tell she was almost there. Pounding away, I sucked a nipple into my mouth and bit lightly on it. That did it, she went over the edge, slamming her pussy upward against me as I rammed into her. Our bodies were popping together when she suddenly stiffened, drew in a big breath, and began her orgasmic spiral upward. Her body shook under my pounding. She held her breath and her body got moist all over…..then, from deep within the pleasure of her body shaking orgasm, I heard her moan start low and rise with the pitch of her orgasm until I thought the neighbors could hear her. Her body was pitching and rolling and squirming under mine as she peaked in her ecstasy.

I felt her hot cum as it drenched the inside of her boiling cauldron, soaking my pounding cock with her sweet, thick woman sauce. My dick slamming inside her made more and more noise as her cum continued to flood over me. Just as she was getting herself under control, I was getting ready to shoot my hot, creamy load inside her. She had me pull out of her hot wetness and she took me into her mouth to finish me off. That did not take long as I pumped deep into her mouth, bumping the back of her throat. All the blood rushed from my brain as I began to shoot my saved up, hot, creamy load down her throat. She hugged my hips, holding me deep inside her sucking, squeezing throat….the muscles gripping the head of my swollen cock. She was moaning loudly around my cock with my balls resting on her chin, I began to explode deep in her throat. She swallowed the first thick rope before pulling all but the head out of her mouth. I continued to shoot load after load into her sucking mouth and she swallowed all of it as if it were going to be all she ever got.

When I had finished filling her mouth with cum, she licked my dick all over, cleaning my cum off of it. Then she just held my now softening cock inside her mouth, running her tongue all around it and licking the tip thoroughly until there was none left. I flopped exhausted beside her on the couch, fully satisfied…for the moment. She was cooing quietly beside me as she very slowly and lightly rubbed her hand all over my body. Soon we were both asleep and dreaming of the next time we would pleasure each other to the limits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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