Long Distance Love Making

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Michelle lived about 200 miles away and we’d never met; yet we were lovers. I used the phone to make love to her. She worked for one of my suppliers and we talked frequently regarding work, often with the odd innuendo thrown in. It started when she was having problems with her husband, a wagon driver often away from home.

To avoid using my works switchboard Michelle often rang on my personal mobile and when she rang late one evening I was rather surprised. She’d obviously been crying and said she’d rung me because I always listened. I did just that; I listened for about two hours, pausing only to give her my home number to ring rather than my mobile.

By then her anger had faded and she became more the Michelle I knew from work. By this time it was approaching midnight so I asked when her husband would be home, not till tomorrow I was told. Why does he leave a beautiful, sexy woman to sleep on her own, I asked. How do you know I beautiful, she asked. Simple, you told me when you described yourself I said laughing, and I notice you didn’t deny being sexy I added. I’m not sexy enough for Larry (her husband) to want to come home to, she moaned.

To try and stop her slipping back to the state she was in when she rang I said, I wish I were there to show you how sexy you are. I wish you were too, she said. We both paused for a few moments as if we were taking a new path. On that we’d better call it a night I said, and let me go and dream about you. Maltepe Escort Ok, goodnight, speak to you tomorrow she said. About half an hour later the phone went again. Did you mean that, she asked. Mean what? That you wanted to dream about me. Of course I meant it, in fact I was just picturing you undressing for bed. You’re just saying that because you’re trying to cheer me up. If it cheers you up, great, but it does wonders for me too.

In fact you can help me. Where are you and what are you wearing now? I’m in bed and I’m wearing a long flannelette nightie, really sexy yes! Well you can take that off right now I demanded. Are you serious? Of course I am. My picture of you did not include that, so off with it. To my surprise she said Ok and a few moments later she said done.

So you’re naked. On the bed or in it I asked. Michelle’s voice had deepened slightly as she answered. Yes I’m naked lying on the bed wishing you were here with me. For the first time that night I actually did want that, not just to cheer Michelle up which had been uppermost on my mind, but to be there with her. I am with you I said emphatically and now I’m going to kiss you. I’m placing my lips on yours and gently feeling that sensual rush of a first kiss. I went on to tell her how I was kissing her eyes, her ears and running my tongue over her lips and down her neck. For about ten minutes I had told Michelle what I was doing and how I was doing it.

Michelle Maltepe Escort Bayan and not said a word although the murmurs of pleasure told me she was definitely listening. I paused, trying to decide if this was a good idea as I was as hard as I’ve ever been with no chance of relief other than by my own hand. Michelle, as if reading my mind, said huskily; don’t stop there, please. From earlier conversations I knew that Michelle’s breasts were not large, but not that small either.

What I didn’t know was what her nipples looked like and how big they were when aroused (a lot more important than the size of breasts). Ok, I continued, I’ve pulled away to look at you, are your nipples erect? You know damn well they are she laughed, you’re not that dim. How big I asked Nearly half an inch and waiting for your mouth.

This was the first time that Michelle had taken the lead by telling me what she wanted. I then proceeded to lick, suck and bite her breasts and nipples for a long time (I’d lost track of time by then) Whilst in the process of telling her how delicious her right nipple felt between my squeezing lips I said I’m also sliding a finger between your lips and pushing it into your cunt. At this she started to come immediately (I didn’t ask as it would have spoilt the image but I was sure that Michelle had been masturbating throughout). Her orgasm was long and loud and I just kept repeating how my finger felt inside Escort Maltepe her. As she started to come down I said I must taste her juices. Michelle said no that’s enough I don’t think I can take any more.

Sorry I said but told her how I was placing my head between her legs and intent on licking her cunt clean. I told her how I was holding her erect clit between my lips and tickling the end of it with my tongue. You Bastard! Was her hoarse response, you Bastard. There was however no further request to cease. I continued to tell her how her cunt tasted, what it was like to push my tongue deep inside her (of course it can go a lot deeper verbally than in reality) I could hear her breathing becoming harder so I said, my tongue is being replaced in your cunt by my cock. How big is it? It is not the question I wanted because in truth it’s only 5 inched.

I thought about lying but thought that would be unfair if we ever actually met and after this I certainly hoped that we would. 5 inches I replied and as hard as a rock. Whether she was disappointed I couldn’t tell. Fuck me. I was doing I told her and explained in graphic detail each thrust, how far I entered her, how I was rubbing against her clit and finally how much spunk I was pumping deep inside her glorious body. Funnily enough I was still hard as I had managed to restrain from touching myself but in no way did I feel frustrated.

I had been with Michelle and felt drained. We managed to say goodnight and that we would speak in the morning. I looked at my clock, we had been making love for about 90 minutes, maybe there’s something to this. I continued to make love to Michelle over the phone for about six weeks before I decided to meet her, but that’s another and better story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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