Long Lost Sex

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I had a few girlfriends in High School, but none as sensual or sexy as Gail. I actually had known her since preschool. She was probably my oldest friend. I didn’t date her until high school. By the time high school rolled around, Gail oozed sensuality. A little bit below average height, she had a large rack for someone her size. She was a natural blonde, with beautiful blue eyes that were a nod to her Norwegian heritage. It was those eyes and the sly, mischievous smile that absolutely melted my heart.

I never had sex with her in high school – we both grew up in a very conservative, Christian community. Oh, there was heavy petting, but I remained a virgin until I was married. I am not quite sure what happened in high school; I dated Gail my freshman year in high school, but over time, while we remained friends, our love interests took us elsewhere and we drifted apart.

After high school, we went to different colleges in different States. We had a small high school class, many of whom stayed in touch with each other. I was not in touch with Gail, but I heard rumors and rumblings throughout college. She married someone else from our high school, a guy who was a few years older than us, and I knew she had a daughter.

I too was married after college, and had a very rocky marriage. It lasted eleven years, and I endured much verbal and even physical abuse. That may come as a surprise given that I am a big guy – 6’4″ and, at least at the time, around 250 lbs. I was in good shape, and I suppose a decent looking guy. During the rocky points in our marriages, there were opportunities to cheat on my wife, but I never did. All that to find out that she was cheating on me, and she divorced me. Stupid bitch, but I digress.

A number of years after the divorce, I heard that Gail was living in Australia. I found her on Facebook, and we renewed our friendship. I found out that her marriage had ended and that she had moved to Australia to escape a nasty end to her marriage. A few months after renewing our friendship, she told me she would be coming to Los Angeles to see her best friend. We arranged to have dinner at a restaurant near where she was staying.

I showed up at the hotel to pick her up and went up to her room. She opened the door, and we stared at each other for a short time. We had both gained some pounds due to life’s struggles, but those mischievous blue eyes still caused my heart to skip a beat.

Although she was a little heavier than when we were in high school, Gail still looked great. The pounds had only made it so she had more curves and a little more to hold on to. She was wearing black yoga pants with a largish blouse reached halfway between her waist and her knees. It made it look like she was wearing escort bostancı a mini-skirt.

I soaked all this in just a few seconds of looking at her, before reaching to give her a hug. She nestled perfectly into my chest, she smelled beautiful, and those lovely breasts pressed into my chest. I probably held the hug too long, but memories were flooding into my head. At this point, all though my dick was a little hard, I was not really thinking anything sexual. It was just good to see my oldest friend.

She invited me in, and I realized we were alone. I had expected her good friend to be joining us, and possibly her good friend’s fiance. I asked her where her friend was, but Gail said that it would be just the two of us that night; her friend was worn out.

We sat on the couch for a while. She was always barefoot in high school, and today was no different. When we had dated, I would often give her foot massages. Old habits die hard, and she leaned back, putting her feet on my lap. Without any coaxing, I began to rub her feet. It was not long before her eyes were closed and she was purring. And I admit, I was getting hard.

I was still a little uncertain of where things were going, so I stopped massaging her feet. She opened one of those blue eyes, questioning me. I suggested we go to dinner.

I do not even remember dinner. I just remember being nervous like a little kid. It was wonderful to catch up, but the whole time there was an underlying sexual tension that was evident.

Ironically, it was a blue moon that night. I suggested we go for a drive to a place that had a spectacular view of downtown, and we could see the blue moon. As we drove there, I held her hand. When I released her hand, she put it on my thigh.

There were several other cars there because the view was absolutely stunning. I leaned up against the hood of my car, and she leaned back against me. I was definitely hard, and, without saying anything she ground against me. She always fit perfectly with me, her head just under my chin. I kissed the top her head, and wrapped my hands around her waist as she continue to press into my dick. I slowly moved my hands up and, still through her blouse brushed the side of her breasts. I nuzzled her neck and began to softly kiss her neck. After a few minutes, she turned around. She did not say a word; she just looked at me with those piercing, beautiful eyes. She closed her eyes, stood on her tippy toes, and gave me a kiss.

Gail has always been the best kisser I have ever known. I do not claim to be an expert on what makes a kiss great. All I really know is that Gail does not have to do anything to me except kiss me to get me really going. She slipped me the tongue ümraniye escort and we began French kissing. My hands slowly drifted to her butt, and I pulled her close to me. We both began to moan quietly before we remembered that there were other people around.

To be honest, people have accused me of being a bit of a prude. Gail, on the other hand, has always been the adventurous type. Knowing her, she would have been content to have sex on the hood of the car, with everyone watching. I was definitely too chicken. I suggested we had back to her hotel.

On the ride back to the hotel, it was clear what was going to happen once we got there. The sexual tension could have been played like a guitar string. It was not long her hand crept from my thigh up to my dick and she rubbed my dick through my jeans. Fortunately it was not far to her hotel, otherwise I think things would have escalated in the car.

We walked, rather quickly, hand-in-hand to her hotel room. She fumbled with her key before finally getting it open. She opened her mouth to say something, but I smothered it with mine. I pressed her against the wall, pinning her hands above her head. We kissed for a short time, but we were both ready to move on to more serious things. I lifted the bottom of her blouse over her head and through her arms. I made quick work of her bra, and she lifted my shirt over my head. I began to gently kneed her breasts before dropping my head to suck them.

After a minute or two, I dropped to my knees. As I dropped to my knees, I grabbed the edge of her yoga pants, and brought them down with me. I was not very surprised to see that she had not worn any underwear. I was presented with a mostly shaved pussy, with a blonde landing strip. Her lips were already puffy and she was already wet. I gently slipped a finger between her folds. She caught her breath and then moaned. I was struck with how tight her pussy was as I began to finger her. I removed my finger and leaned in to smell her beautiful scent. I began licking her pussy before finding her clit and using my tongue to stimulate it. She was moaning, and it was not long before she began to get weak in the knees.

She grabbed my head to lift me up, asking me to stop before her legs gave way. She gave me an intense kiss, tasting herself on my lips. She grabbed my zipper, and dropped my boxers along with my jeans. She began to drop to her knees to return the favor, but I lifted her back up and pinned her against the wall again. I did not want to cum in her mouth; I wanted to feel my dick in her pussy.

We were both now completely naked and she was pinned against the wall. We were mashed together and we were kissing, but I was uncertain where to go from here. Being quite kartal escort bayan a bit taller than her, my dick was pressed against her midsection, not in optimum position for fucking. I was contemplating picking her up by her ass and pounding her against the wall when she breathed, “Bed.”

We both came up for air and she led me to the bed. Instead of getting on top of her, I lied next to her. The frenzy had passed. Now it was gentle kissing and fondling. After a few minutes I picked up the intensity a bit by inserting a finger into her ass and my thumb into her pussy. Within a minute she was coming and screaming all kinds of cuss words.

I gave her a second to come down, and then she rolled on top of me. She grabbed my rock hard dick, and slowly lowered herself onto me. She was so tight, it took a minute for her pussy to adjust to my cock. She began to grind herself on me, grinding her clit into my pelvis. It was one of the most intense feelings I had ever had.

I had not had sex in a long time since my divorce, so I wish I could say otherwise, but I did not last very long. I reached up and massaged those beautiful breasts. Within a minute or two, with both came at the same time, her for the second time, me for the first. I shot spurt after spurt into that tight pussy. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It was intense for both of us, and she collapsed onto me, my dick still in her pussy, and still hard. We nuzzled together for a short time, basking in the beauty of a glorious fuck.

Once again she opened one of those piercing blue eyes and looked at me. “I am not done with you yet,” she said. “Fine with me,” I replied. She got off my dick before turning around to use her mouth.

My dick was still hard because it had been in her pussy. She immediately attacked it with her mouth. I am not sure where she learned it, but she gives an impressive blow job. She took me deep while gently massaging my balls.

My favorite thing is 69. I believe in mutual stimulation. So I gently lifted her into position. She took her mouth off my dick, and said, “Really, Tim? Are you sure? You just put a big load in me.” I had never done 69 after sex before, but I thought now was a good time to try it. I attacked her pussy in response. It was a little weird at first tasting myself in her, but it was kinky too, and my dick hardened even more. She reattached herself to my dick and we went at it for just a few minutes before I realized I was going to blow my load again. She took my spunk in her mouth when I came, and she came at the same time. A minute later, she turned around and French kissed me, with my load still in her mouth.

We kissed for a time, before she said, “I think it is time for a shower. Come on.”

The shower was just gentle touching and soaping, both of us basking in beautiful the afterglow of beautiful sex. We then both collapsed on the bed and feel asleep.

She woke me up in the middle of the night, but I think that is better left for next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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