Losing My Boyfriend Ch. 02

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“Did Joey respond yet?” Ryan yelled from the bathroom.

I looked down and read aloud, “Fuck yes. Be there in 15.”

“Sweet. Change the bedsheets for me.” He yelled back.

I don’t know what was wrong with me, but I simply complied. I went out into the hall, feeling sullen, grabbed some sheets from the linen cabinet and started changing our bed.

Ryan came out, dressed only in a pair of briefs that accentuated his bulge. He stopped at our full length mirror to check himself one last time, turning to view his tight little bubble butt. Just then, there was a knock on the door and Ryan jogged out of the room like a kid on christmas.

“Hi there.” Ryan said as he opened the door.

“Of fuck, you look good. Is your room mate here?” Joe asked.

“Yea, he’s changing the bed sheets.”

“Good, I don’t want to smell his stink.” I heard him whisper. “God I just want to ravage you right here!”

“Well you have to wait for that.” Ryan responded, escorting Joe back to our bedroom.

There were no introductions. He just came in, still in his shorts and black tank top, looked at me, shirtless and shaking, and then toward Ryan. “Yea, I understand why you need this.”

“We noticed you following us around all night trying to keep up with us. What does it feel like to see him with a really man?” Joe asked before turning his attention to Ryan. “You don’t have to worry about a thing… I.” He said with emphasis, “can keep it up for the whole night,” pulling him in close.

“I heard you don’t even like eating him out. You should be ashamed of yourself. I mean look at this ass.” He spun Ryan around and grabbed his butt. “Oh fuck, we are gonna have fun tonight.”

I couldn’t help but remain aroused even through his verbal abuse. I was turning red and couldn’t move from the corner of the room.

“Get out of here.” He ordered me.

“But.” I started but was interrupted by Ryan.

“We were thinking about having a threesome. It might be easier on him and he could learn a thing or two from you.”

“Well number one, I don’t share. I guess he can stay, but he isn’t gonna learn anything. Some guys are just beyond repair.” he explained, topping it off with a smile. “Is that going to be a problem for you?”

“Fuck no!” Ryan quickly responded. “Do you want to stay or go?” he asked me.

What the hell was going on and why was Ryan so gung-ho about following his directions.

I stuttered for a moment, trying to gather my thoughts. “Well, I want to stay with you.”

“Very well, but you are to stand by the wall. You are not to speak and you are definitely not allowed to touch.” said Joe. All the while, the two of them remained in an embrace. “Do you understand?” he asked loudly.

“Yes sir” I said, not knowing why I instinctively called him ‘Sir.’

“First things first, I’ve been waiting a long time to kiss you.” This made Ryan smile up at Joe with a glimmer in his eyes. Joe bent his head down and tenderly caressed their mouths together, then slip his tongue out along the length of Ryans lips.

Joe bent down further and softly kissed Ryan, spreading his mouth apart. I was surprised at the sensuality the two of them exhibited. After a few minutes, Joes attitude became more ferocious and Ryans moans became more frantic. At one point Joe opened his mouth and pulled away with his tongue remaining in Ryans mouth. I couldn’t believe how long it was. Was there any bad part to this guy?

“Imagine what thats gonna feel like.” he said, with a sly smile.

Ryan laughed and pulled Joes shirt off revealing his perfectly chiseled chest. He looked even more amazing up close. Ryan ran his hands over Joes body as if exploring some newly discovered treasure – first caressing his biceps, then his pecs, and finally his abs. They embraced again and continued making out before Joe picked çıtır escort Ryan up and gently laid him down on the bed.

Joe nibbled at Ryans neck for a moment before working his way down, stopping at his nipples, then his stomach. Finally he wrapped his mouth around Ryans cock for only a few minutes. He then worked his way down until he was face to face with Ryans prized possession.

“Holy fuck Ry, you are so sexy. I’m having a hard time keeping myself from ravishing you.” He said cradling Ryans ass cheeks in his hands. “Are you ready for this?”

“Oh yea Joey.” Ryan whispered.

Joe began as tenderly as his kisses, moving his tongue around Ryans hole, then wetting it with some spit. Finally he began to penetrate him with his tongue, Ryan seemed to open right up! He was going wild, moaning loudly twirling around in bed like he was possessed.

“Oh fuck yes!” Ryan yelled. Precum was soaking through my pajamas watching some other man take control of my boyfriend, making him roar with pleasure. This went on for another 15 minutes.

“I’m getting close Joey.” Ryan panted out, leading Joe to stop.

“Why did you stop?” Ryan asked with a pouty face.

“I don’t want you to come yet… It’s a pity… I didn’t want to stop eating you out. You are so fucking sexy.” Joe said, smiling, looking intensely at Ryan. “Let’s just take a breather before we get started again.”

He shimmied his way up and laid back on my side of the bed. “Go get us some water.” he barked at me. “If you’re gonna stay, you might as well do something useful.” I obey his command for some inexplicable reason, going to the kitchen and grabbing two glasses, filling them with water.

When I returned Joe had Ryan in his arms, making out again. After a minute, Joe broke the embrace and motioned for a glass of water. He grab one and handed it to Ryan, then grabbed the second for himself.

“You seem pretty excited yourself.” Ryan said to me, motioning to the erection and wet spot on my pajamas.

“Wow, I didn’t even notice that sorry excuse for a cock.” Joe criticized. “You have a small dick, you can’t keep it up, and you hate eating out… What makes you think you can consider yourself a top? Or why Ryan wouldn’t want to be with a superior man?”

I cast my head down, embarrassed by his verbal abuse and the amount of information Ryan had fed him about our sex lives.

“Speaking of cocks.” Ryan chimed in, moving his hand along Joes groin.

Joe turned and motioned to Ryan with smile and a nod. Ryan worked his way down and grabbed Joe’s shorts and underwear and pulled them off. His semi-hard 8 inch cock flopped over his giant balls.

“Oohhhohoho my god. Look at this thing.” Ryan stuttered with a smile. “What am I supposed to do with this?”

“Just take it easy and work as much of it in as you can Ry-ry. I’ll be gentle with you.” Joe said in a caring voice.

Ryan put the head of Joe’s cock in his mouth and suckled on it like a babies bottle before beginning to bob further down. Before I knew it, Joes cock was about 10 inches and hard as steel.

“Mmmm, that’s it Ry.” Joe gently sighed, caressing the side of his cheek. “Do you like the taste of my pre-cum?”

“Mhmm” Ryan mumbled, not withdrawing Joes cock.

Ryan was able to fit only about 2 inches in his mouth at first. After several minutes he was able to work a little more until about half the length was in his mouth and he started gagging.

“Hold on a minute.” Joe said pulling him off. “Are you ok?”

“Yes, I’m fine.” Ryan said, with watery eyes.

“We’ll have more time to practice later. You don’t have to take it all on our first night together.” Joe assured him lovingly.

Ryan smiled at him, still holding on to his monster cock. “I think I’m ready for you to fuck me.”

“I don’t demetevler escort know about that. If this guys cock is any indication, you may not be ready tonight.” Joe said motioning towards me. “Come here baby.” Joe pulled Ryan up and they embraced in a kiss. He positioned himself in-between Ryans legs and spread them apart before moving down and restarting his masterful rimming.

“Oh jesus!” Ryan yelped.

Joe continued for a few more minutes before replacing his tongue with a finger, caressing his hole, working a tip in.

“Wow Ry. You are so fucking tight. I don’t know if we should try this tonight.” Joe said. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“No!” Ryan yelled impertinently. “I want you inside me. I’ll take a little bit of pain because I know you are going to take care of me. I trust you!”

I was astonish at these words. I had never heard him unequivocally confess trust in me during our 5 year relationship.

“Very well.” Joe acquiesced. “Where are my shorts?”

They were near my feet.

“You.” Joe said pointing towards me. “Give me one of my condoms from my pocket.”

I fished through and found a pack of 6 gold wrap magnum condoms and handed one to Joe.

“Do you have any lube?” He asked.

“No.” I responded.

“Shows how much we have sex” Ryan snorted.

“Or maybe its just so small you don’t need lube.” Joe laughed. “That’s ok, I think I lubed it enough with spit anyways.”

Joe leaned down and kissed Ryan tenderly. “This is about to happen.” He said before reattaching their lips together. He positioned his cock at Ryans hole, and without breaking their embrace, began to push in.

Ryan wretched in pain and let out a few load moans into Joe’s mouth as the head popped in. Joe stopped for a minute to adjust.

“Are you ok?” He asked

“Yes! Keep going!” Ryan panted.

Joe kissed him again as he push in more, causing Ryan to cry out again.

“Oh fuck!” Joe said. “You keep clenching your ass around my dick like that, this will be over in short order… Just relax Ry… For me.”

“Ok, just don’t stop. I really need this.”

Joe bent down and continued probing Ryans mouth as he pushed more and more. At one point, Joe was about to pull up again, but Ryan wrapped his arms around him and kept him pulled tight.

Joe appeared to take that as an indication that Ryan was ready for the next level and after about 10 minutes from the start of this whole session, he was pumping in and out of Ryan. He only had a little more than half of himself inside but was working a little more with each thrust.

They kept at it for a while, until with one thrust, Joe buried his cock all the way inside, then wiggled his hips around. Ryan let out a half laugh, half pleasure filled moan. Joe lifted himself up and held Ryan legs apart, to either side and continued pumping in and out, picking up speed and ferocity.

“Oh. My. God.” Ryan panted with each thrust. “I don’t ever want this to stop!”

I stood in the corner of the room watching this perfectly round, muscular ass pound into my boyfriends ass. Joe’s massive balls slapped against Ryan with each thrust. My erection hardened as I listened to Ryan egging Joe on to fuck him harder.

Joe slowed down at one point, making me think he had climaxed, but he simple wrapped his arms behind Ryan and rolled over on his back. Ryan picked up the pace again, bucking wilding on Joes lap. I could now see Ryans face – his eyes were as intense as I’ve seen them, staring directly at Joe. His rock hard cock slapped on Joe’s stomach with each bounce.

“Are you getting close baby?” Joe asked.

“Oh god yes. I’m really close.”

“Me too. I want us to cum at the same time, OK?”

“Yes!” Ryan yelped, surprising as he wasn’t even jerking his cock

Joe dikmen escort rolled over again so he was on top and Ryans head was on the corner of the bed closest to me. The pounding picked up speed again making me wonder if Joes was literally trying to split my boyfriend in half.

Several minutes went by before Ryan started yelling, “I’m gonna cum!”

“Oh yea, go for it baby!” Joe yelled.

“Oh fuck! oh yea!” Ryan yelled uncontrollably. “Oh fuck, baby!” Ryan shot a huge load over his head onto the pillows.

At the same time, Joe bucked wildly into his ass, before freezing himself, with his cock buried to the hilt. I could tell he was releasing himself.

The two collapsed on the bed, panting. Joe slowly pulled himself out of Ryans ass and showed off his full condom. It looked like it was about to explode! There had to be nearly a quarter cup of cum in the condom. I was surprised it wasn’t gushing out of the top.

“Hehe… I didn’t mentioned I’m a big cummer.” Joe said, carefully unrolling the condom. “Take care of this.” He motioned to me.

I grabbed the condom and started walking to the bathroom.

“I didn’t say throw it away!” Joe said loudly. “You need to taste what a real man is like.”

I was frozen in the middle of the room as Joe rolled over and pulled Ryan onto his chest. They both watched me, half naked and shaking nervously in front of them.

“You better hurry up before it gets too cold.” Joe said.

I obediently put the condom to my mouth, closed my eyes, and quickly tipped the contents into my mouth.

“Hold it in your mouth!” Joe commanded. “Swirl it around tongue.”

Again, I did as I was told, savoring Joe’s salty cum. I’ve tasted other guys cum before but have never swallowed, or held it in my mouth for so long. My cock was leaking pre-cum, creating another large stain on my pajamas.

“Good little bitch, now swallow it down.”

I gulped down and opened my mouth for a breath, holding back tears. Ryan had curled up in to Joe’s arms and closed his eyes, forgetting that I was in the room.

“I wish I could have tasted it.” Ryan said with a sad look.

“Ry, you can have as much of my cum as you want.” Joe responded, “But you get it fresh from the tap. Your bitch room mate will be used for cleanup duties.”

Joe looked back at me. “Do you mind? We need some privacy.”

I waited for Ryan to come to my defense – This was after all, my room, and my bed.

“Where should I go?” I asked.

“Don’t you have a guest room or something?”

“Just go!” Ryan yelled impatiently.

Joe reached back around and pulled Ryan in closer, almost entirely covering him in his embrace, and gave him a tender peck on his forehead.

I felt abandoned, alone and dejected but gathered a pillow and blanket and found my way to the couch.

“Thank god, he’s finally gone.” I heard Joe say to Ryans laughter.

“I’m so happy this happened.” Ryan said softly amid the sounds of kissing.

“Me too. It feels good to release all of the tension.”

“How many more condoms did you bring?”

“I think I have 5 more left. So enough to last us until the afternoon.” Joe said, causing Ryan to laugh.

What the hell was happening to our life? Just 12 hours ago we were in a happy-ish monogamous relationship and now I was sleeping on the couch while my boyfriend was sleeping with a new lover. I was so embarrassed but the excitement of the night was also giving me another hard-on. I reach down and quickly masturbated, dumping a load on my stomach. I looked at my pool of jizz for a moment. Until tonight, I would have considered it a big load, but after seeing Joes, this was nothing more than a tear drop, not even enough to really clean up. I pulled my pajamas back up and rolled over on my side, contemplating what would become of my and Ryans relationship.

The house again filled with the sound of moaning and the slap of skin on skin. I tried to get myself up to see what was going on, but my eyelids were too heavy and quickly fell asleep. I was going to have to wait to hear about the rest of their night…

To be continued…

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