Lost and Found

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A small ad in the personals under ‘Men Seeking Women’ nets me two hundred letters each and every time.


Are you searching for a new way?

Would you like guidance?

I can help!

Most of the letters talk of workshops or seminars and the like; I abandon those. I watch for the quiet shy and often less confident women; these I call. We talk on the phone many times before meeting and because there is often a large age difference they seldom consider our meeting a date.

They talk about their lives and I listen.


Tam was a tomboy in her youth and the nickname stuck. We have talked often on the phone but this is the first time we’ve met in person. I am early by design, watching as she enters the coffeehouse amidst a bouquet of bags, purses and umbrella. Her shoes are the heavy, laced boots in style with the younger set, her coat is a ragged wool thing which has seen better days and her hat is a multi-colored tam of strange design, hence the appellation. She wears cheap jewelry and no makeup.

We make eye contact and I stand offering my hand to welcome her. With introductions behind us, I take a second survey of this little waif. Her hair shines from brushing; nothing in the way of a hairdo, just hair. Her eyes are bright with excitement, which I can hear in her voice. “I’m so glad we could meet. I so enjoy our talks on the phone, I’ wanted to meet you in person.” This delivered in one burst, the first blush of excitement past she sits back to check me out.

Her eyes survey me as she smiles and I take the opportunity to get a closer look at the person behind the voice I have come to recognize on the phone. The confidence is there, she just hasn’t envisioned anything more than her youth. That vision would change her wardrobe and then her world. I wonder how much of that change I can partake in.

“I have two questions.” I’m startled, because Tam has never been this forward. “First, am I what you expected? Second, what do you see?”

First, no! Because I’ve learned to avoid expectation, it only brings disappointment. Second, I see someone who sees herself as less than who she is. I don’t mean to demean, but you are more than you see yourself as.

Our meeting is brief, no more than an hour. We agree to meet again for lunch the next week. I am optimistic about our future.


We met at the coffeehouse 6 months ago after many conversations on the phone. We’ve met for lunch often. A month ago I changed our relationship. I gave her a birthday gift, a full body makeover, massage, pedicure, manicure, hairdo and makeup the works. I delivered her to the salon, helped her choose a hairstyle, and made sure she didn’t cop out of any of the treatment. I came to pick her up at 5:00.

If I hadn’t seen what she was wearing in the morning I wouldn’t have known whom to pick up tonight. This was definitely a makeover.

I open the car door for her and she thanks me again with a peck on my cheek. My arm circles her waist while my other hand lifts her chin; I kiss her on the mouth. I can feel her body melt into mine as we hold the kiss, slowly she yields to my tongue and I explore her mouth before separating. “You’ll muss my lipstick.” She chides as she slides into the passenger seat. “You’re almost as old as my Dad, but I can’t seem to picture you as my Uncle.”

“Call me your friend” is my only response.” Sliding into the driver’s seat I turn on some heat and turn to Kay. “Are you tired or energized?”

“Oh, I feel like I could run a marathon. The last thing I am is tired.” Her smile is mischievous as she curls her shoulders and presses her hands into her lap like a cat cuddling herself.

“Well I thought if you were tired I would drop you at home to get some rest. If you don’t feel tired I would like to suggest a little shopping spree and dinner at my favorite Greek restaurant afterward.” My smile is infectious; I am looking forward to the next blossoming of this beautiful rose.

My smile is returned as Kay responds. “I would love to have dinner with you but you don’t have to buy me more things!”

“You’ve had all day enjoying yourself and your going to deny me a little bit of pleasure?” My mock anger doesn’t carry to my eyes and she doesn’t buy it.

“If you must, I guess it will be alright.” She attempts a serious face and fails as her smile shines through.

I dial the restaurant and make an 8:30 reservation. “Now it’s time to shop.”

Kay’s response is quick. “What did you have in mind for shopping?”

I consider her question and recall our past. “I bought a blouse which you seem to enjoy.”

“Yes, I love the feel of it on my skin. But silk is so expensive I’m almost afraid to wear it.”

“You are worth the silk, please enjoy. The peasant skirt, you liked it as well?” I’m leading I know. It’s a habit I don’t plan on losing.

“I love the skirt. I’ve never had one that wasn’t second hand. It’s so fine and I love the way it moves with me.” Kay’s excitement is rising. We haven’t çıtır escort been more physical than kissing at this point but she can see a change coming.

“Good, then you are starting to trust my judgement?” This is a stretch. I want her to rise to the challenge.

“Yes, I trust you. What do you have in mind?” I have her interest and she isn’t backing off.

“I want to buy you a total outfit. From the skin out.” My excitement is high now. If she agrees to this she will grant me anything.

Kay’s blushes as she envisions the things I will buy for her. “No one has ever done that for me before. I’m shy you know.”

“We won’t go to any places where you’ll be recognized.” I’m confident the places I want to shop have never seen Kay in her previous existence and certainly not in her new persona.

“No one will recognize me. I never shop in the places you take me. I’m shy about the things you want to buy for me.”

“I’ll try not to stare, it will be hard. I have only one request, we will buy what we both agree upon but you will try on anything which strikes my fancy.”

Her interest is peaked. She cannot imagine having a man decide what dress she will wear let alone panties, bra and stockings. “You’re silly, of course you’ll stare! That’s why you’re doing this and I like it! So where do we start?”

Start easy. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that. “Dress shops! Decide on the finish and build the foundation to suit.” Besides she will have less resistance to a risqué dress than a half-cup bra or a thong.

I don’t consider the malls, what I want is personal; malls are not. We arrive at a small boutique where I am known. I have shopped here before because they are tactful and discreet. I approach a sales girl who has helped me in the past. “We are in search of an evening gown for Kay. Nothing too formal and maybe just a little risqué.”

Her knowing smile shows me she is aware of the game I play. Looking at Kay she asks, “Size 4?” Kay only nods, this is not a shop she would even think of window-shopping.

“We have many styles which would suit your friend. Did you have anything in particular in mind?” She has opened the door to my guidance.

“Something semi-formal, young and in a color to show her eyes.” Kay’s complexion is pale and in need of sun. Her eyes are green and full of fire.

“I’m sure we have something that will work back here.” We follow the firm sassy rear end through racks of dresses until we arrive at a display showing one each of a dozen designs.

My eyes discount some as too frilly or too young. I narrow my selection to 6 in 10 seconds I’m done shopping. Turning to Kay I ask, “What catches your fancy?”

Her eyes are glazed. Each of these dresses is worth more than her whole wardrobe. “I couldn’t decide I’m not sure any of them are appropriate.”

I’m afraid for an instant that I’ve brought her too far too fast but my sassy little clerk steps to the rescue. “I’m sure we can find something that will please both you and your friend.” Her eyes are on Kay challenging her and Kay rises to the bait.

“Well, something in black, conservative.” Her eyes wander the rack never stopping on one item.

“Black is a good color, it goes with anything. However with your eyes blues, greens and emeralds could be enchanting.” The sales pitch begins and I stand back to enjoy. With practiced ease the clerk selects a shimmering satin piece in emerald. “This will accent your eyes and you’ll be the only one wearing it because this is the only one.”

Kay’s mouth opens but no sound comes out. She views the dress with a plunging neckline that would reach her navel and a hem that would hardly cover her ass. “Let’s put that one aside for later. Do you have something a little less racy?” I have to move fast to keep Kay from bolting.

Our clerk nods and with a shake of her head reaches for something a little more ‘prom’ like. “This will brighten your eyes and the hem is more sedate.”

Kay looks a little more relaxed with the prospect so I push forward. “Why don’t we start by trying this one for size.” Kay nods and follows the shop girl to the dressing rooms.

While Kay is trying to hide her underwear under the dress she is to parade, the sales clerk and I select 5 more for consideration including the emerald piece.

Kay has discarded socks and shoes for the showing but it is obvious that she has tried to camouflage her bra under the brief top. Neither of us comments as we admire the dress.

“Turn, let us see the back.” Slowly she eases into the role of exhibitionist. “Good I like the way the skirt swings when you turn.” Praise and admiring eyes encourage her and she responds; another dress, another compliment, another blush. Somewhere around the third dress the bra disappears and Kay relaxes.

The emerald piece is last and with a little persuasion she relents returning to the dressing room to try it on. I have already paid for the emerald dress and another more sedate, casual one.

Kay escort demetevler slips from the dressing room in a failed effort to avoid notice. The dress is perfect for her. Her proud breasts carry the halter style top and her excited nipples show through the fine fabric. The hem is the perfect length to accent her shapely legs. Alluring, beautiful and sexy in one package.

Our stares and admiration bring on another barrage of blushes and nervous smiles. Slowly my young friend relaxes into her new role. To her relief I suggest she change into the more casual dress for the remainder of our shopping.

With the emerald dress in a wardrobe and her old clothes in a bag we head for a shoe store and the second step. Pardon the pun. Kay is nervous sitting in her new dress, a lot of shapely leg is showing. The young clerk insists on fitting each shoe himself. I understand his position; I would do the same with the opportunity. He has her walk in each pair of shoes. “How do they feel?” He asks, his eyes never leaving her swaying bottom and those legs that have him mesmerized. I’m sure he would have asked for her phone number if I hadn’t been there. Two pairs of sling back heels in colours to match or accent the dresses and we’re off to complete the outfit and get ready for the evening.

The last stop is a lingerie shop. As we leave the car Kay nervously catches my hand and pulls us to a stop. “I knew we would come to a store like this sooner or later, but now I’m nervous. Will you make me parade around in my underwear for your approval?”

Shaking my head I can’t help but smile. “You don’t have to display yourself to anyone. But I would like you to model our purchases for me privately.”

Kay squeezes my hand in acceptance of my request and leads the way through the shop door. Inside is a quiet and tasteful decor; the garments here are not so much racy as tastefully enticing. Silk is the most common fabric on display and fine linen is a close second. I can sense Kay holding her breath as she takes in the array of intimate apparel on display.

I stop just inside the door and quickly explain, before the sales girl can reach us, that what you buy here is as much for your own pleasure as it is for the pleasure of a lover. The word Lover catches her attention; I am no longer a friend but potentially a lover.

I have watched the look of ecstasy on a woman’s face as she draws a silk stocking up her thigh and I have been told of the pleasure of wearing silk underwear. I look forward to seeing that look on Kay’s face.

The clerk arrives to offer assistance. She is attentive and avoids pushing. Our needs are simple, some of just about everything and several of some things. Measurements are taken because most of what we want can’t be tried on without purchasing. Kay is embarrassed as bras; garter belts, stockings and thongs are folded into scented tissue and placed in boxes. Our shopping is complete and none to soon, we just have time to dress for dinner

My companion is silent as we return to my car. Placing her packages in the back with the others she turns and steps close. Raising her lips for a kiss she leans into my body. “We are not who we were this morning?” I can only nod in acknowledgement. I reach for her lips and we kiss for the second time. Tongues entangled and hearts racing we can hardly stop to breathe. Continuing at this pace we will not make it to dinner. With effort I take Kay’s shoulders and guide her to her seat. Leaning down for another kiss I retreat to my side of the car and deal with getting us to my place where we can prepare for the evening ahead.

The drive is brief and silent. I park in the garage and escort my guest through the door to my home. We haven’t shared this space before so I am indulgent, offering Kay the guest room to change; the en-suite is available to freshen up

With her bags and purchases deposited on the bed I turn to leave. “You’ve bought me so many things, what shall I wear tonight?” This is not tease I can see in her eyes genuine bewilderment.

“Why don’t you freshen up while I lay out an outfit for you. You can model it for me and then we will try another until we find something I enjoy and you are comfortable with.” I can see her eyes smile as she nods agreement and turns towards the shower. Quickly I hang the two dresses in the closet and lay out a tasteful but not too revealing set of underwear. I leave before Kay emerges from the shower.

I hear her call as she views what I have left for her. “You expect me to wear this to the restaurant?”

“No. I want you to model what I’ve laid out so we can build an outfit for you to wear to dinner.” She can’t see my smile, maybe that’s for the best.

Minutes tick by and I hear no sounds from the guest room. I’m a little edgy at this point. Will Kay go along with my wishes or will she bolt? I am on the verge of calling out to her to reassure her of my intentions when the door opens. “I’m nervous about this. I’ve never done this with anyone before. escort dikmen Is this really proper?” Her voice is tentative and her face shows fear as she slowly steps from the confines of the guest room to stand before me.

“Angel, you are the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.” My heart swells as I take in the beauty and the trust this young lady has placed in my care. “Would it be proper for you to display yourself to a lover in this way?”

Kay stops for a moment and then nods. “Are you my lover?”

She has opened a door and I am quick to step through. “I would love to be.” Stepping forward I relinquish the view of her body for the feel of her embrace as I lean down for a kiss and caress the body held so warmly close to me. Leaning back from our embrace I can sense her question. ‘ What is next?’ “Can we play awhile? Would you model some of the other things we purchased this afternoon?” Her kiss answers my question and as she draws away from me I can see the searching look in her eyes. “You are my love;” is all I can offer.

Kay turns to her room and I wait as my nerves fray, I wait. Slowly the door opens and I hear a tentative voice. “I know we bought this but it is rather revealing.”

“There is a robe in the closet beside you. Put it on and you will feel more comfortable.” I hear a rustle of cloth and then an angelic face framed in a halo of curls appears and Kay sneaks into the room clutching the cotton robe.

I am reminded of this afternoon when Kay modeled dresses while trying to go unnoticed. “You are going to take this away from me aren’t you?”

“I will take nothing which is not given freely. I want us both to enjoy this.” My resolve is strong even if my heart is weak. Slowly Kay enters the room and clutching her armor of cotton she stands defiantly before me.

“Kiss me!” Her lips tremble.

I lean down to her and caress her lips as my hands begin their second exploration of her body. I have never taken these freedoms with her before and the thrill is intoxicating. Slowly I open the robe and step back to admire the beauty before me. “You are breath takingly beautiful. I have fallen in love! The bra is perfect for you, your nipples peek out over the lace and the thong teases me with what I can’t see.”

With sparkling eyes she turns giving me the full view. “Do you like the back as well?”

“Of course I like the back, your ass was made to be bitten!” I move to mimic my words and we dance around the room for a minute enjoying the excitement and the risk of a new relationship.

I must call a stop to this or we will not finish the evening and I know how important these outings can be. “Time for you to change for dinner. The emerald dress would be perfect. Light coloured stockings and the white garter and bra set. Panties are optional.” My smile says this is a tease but I hope it registers as a dare.

“You would love to have me go without panties wouldn’t you? Would a thong be acceptable?” There’s no anger in her voice more a challenge or an acknowledgement of her knowing what I would like. My nod is sufficient and Kay retreats to prepare for our dinner. Because I haven’t had to change three times this evening I’m ready and must endure the time it takes my guest to re-adjust and prepare for the world.

The wait is endless and when Kay emerges, worth every agonizing moment. “You are beautiful. You take my breath away. I cannot believe that someone as beautiful as you would be willing to spend an evening with me.” These words are learned and practiced and believe me when Kay emerged from that room they were the absolute truth.

“I am enjoying our time together and am looking forward to the rest of the evening.” The smile is small, coquettish. Her curtsy is sweet and meant to draw my eye from her face. It does. “Do you like?” The voice is becoming more confident with practice.

“I like very much and I look forward to escorting you to dinner. Are you ready? Her nod is slight as she steps forward lips raised for a kiss.

“Careful of my lipstick. I don’t want to have to redo it this early in the evening.” I am appropriately cautious, holding her gently and kissing her tentatively before turning her towards the door and another step in our evening.

The restaurant is quiet and well appointed. The tables are discreetly placed to provide privacy in a public space. The table I have requested is in a corner of windows overlooking the gardens. We are isolated from other tables and have the gardens to offer the feeling of being in an open space. Our waitress is experienced and offers only the assistance needed, leaving us to our conversation.

We have spoken often about likes, dislikes and our lives in general; tonight we talk about love. Until now I have felt I was the guiding hand in this relationship. I certainly wouldn’t have acknowledged that my guest for the evening had orchestrated any of the happenings so far; but her first question changed my thinking on that point.

Kay’s breasts are on display and her short skirt rides even higher when seated; still she presents herself well. Sitting straight and proud, she displays confidence. “Do you like to be the dominant one during sex?” Her gaze is direct, no bashfulness here. The timid voice of our early conversations has disappeared and a new strength is showing itself.

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