Lost In The Arms Of My Love Ch. 03

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Please make sure you people have read both part one and two of this fantasy of mine. I once again would like to introduce myself as Bob… and am true to the word when I say… I’m looking… hunting… longing… to find.. that special someone… a someone that probably is next door to me, but is millions of miles of cables away, the cables that connect us in the virtual world that is the internet.

So any woman in and around Chennai, wanting and waiting to explore and to be explored by a guy 6’2” tall and not so bad looking is always welcome to just say yes in my mail by clicking the link below the story.

Before you read further, let me tell you all that this story is just what I’d do, if I had the girl of my dreams just for a day… or maybe for eternity! Have fun reading… and hey… opinions, suggestions or criticisms are always welcome.

In my last story, I ended abruptly describing that me and my love, my Angel were watching a porn flick. She and I were sitting in the floor with her positioned between my splayed legs. She was more interested in the movie (must be because of her inexperience) but I could hardly get my eyes of her. I keep fondling her breasts, cupping them and gently lifting them up and later rolling the nipples with fingers of both hands. As I’m lost in her, my cock feeling the proximity of her love canal immediately rises to the occasion and to it’s disappointment, presses itself to her back. It sheds small tears of cum, both with joy and sadness. So close is its object of desire, yet so far away for it hasn’t got any attention from her.

But none of its tears really win her pity. She somehow is so intent on watching the movie (inexperience) that she turns around, plant a short kiss and says, “honey, I really wanna watch how long the lady can keep riding him. I want to see just how much of stamina she really has compared to me.” As she hurriedly starts staring at the screen again, she requests me to turn up the volume a little and that is when she feels the stickiness of my cum on her back.

Exactly at that same point, the hot girl in the movie who’s riding the guys cock reaches behind, and touches her pussy which is being pumped over the guys cock and she covers her fingers with juices of both their cum. She brings it up to her mouth and licks it. Later she bends down and kisses the guy and the guy gets more aroused as he can taste the mixed juices of their passion. Seeing this my Angel is somehow really interested in the sticky cum on her back. She begins to wonder, just how it might taste. She thinks that since the woman in the screen who’s riding the guys cock can find time between her love making just to taste the cum, it sure must be worth a try.

The same juice she didn’t like to smell earlier has suddenly caught her imagination. She wipes her back clean of my cum and to my surprise she parts her lips and begins to taste it. I never expected her to do this. Particularly since she’d already told me that she couldn’t even imagine tasting the juice that has only one destination – her love pot. She treated it only as something that is meant to find it’s way into her pussy. This drives me mad and I already can imagine what more would come once she’s done watching the whole movie and learning from it. Just then does my realization strike me that she’s still a virgin wanting to explore and to show just how much of pent up emotions, sexuality and feelings she had hidden in her… just to share with a special someone, a special someone (thank the good lord) is me! Initially, from the expression on her face I can see she’s not too happy with the smell, but as she licks her fingers her expression changes into one of liking and enjoying.

I can see that her taste buds are just loving my cum despite the sensors in her nose saying otherwise. After she does this, taking cue from the flick she turn her head towards me and plants a tongue searching kiss as I taste myself in her tongue. She had been watching the movie for just a while and already she knew a few things she never knew before. I know she wanted this, for this is why she came to me in the first place… to love and to be loved by one special person.

Having learnt one lesson from the porn flick already and knowing that her actions after it pleased me a lot she said “honey, I really wanna learn more and wanna know how and how much I can please you for you’ve already given me more than 4 orgasms and I’m not even sure if you had any. I want to learn all the emotions I’d have to put in, just to make my guy feel totally excited and completely spent.”

Saying that she excuses herself and sits over the sofa leaving me high and dry. I still am on the floor but she has now moved over the sofa still watching the movie. Suddenly I get an idea and I turn my head away from the movie and to her. My head that was rested on the seat of the sofa turns and my eyes fall on her legs. I move a little and position myself between her closed legs. She starts to wonder just what on earth is kartal escort Bob doing. She is wondering that when such an erotic movie is playing on TV, what else could excite him more?

I ask her to part her legs but as she’s lost in the movie, I spread them myself. She resists at first wondering whatever I’ve got on my mind, but later looking at the screen decides to concentrate on the movie and relaxes. There she is, sitting on the sofa, watching the movie as I’m sitting (kneeling rather) on the floor looking between her legs at her panty (she still has it on if you remember?). I get turned on to the core as I see slight patches of dampness over the panty clearly visible. She is wearing a white lace panty and the lace is so sheer, it might as well have not been there. But then that would have shortened my excitement and surprise. I can clearly make out her pussy lips through the sheer fabric and feel glad once again that she was one of those who preferred keeping the treasure cove CLEAN for treasure hunters. Either she was turned on totally watching the movie, or she was yet to recover from my finger-fucking session (hope you read the first 2 parts of this story?), or her fantasizing about what was to come next. I’m sure she must have been waiting all her life to just experience the joys of being a woman, to show and share her emotions with someone, to GIVE herself COMPLETELY to someone.

I get totally turned on and begin to kiss her inner thigh now. I slowly move up close to her panty and then come back closer to her knees. I’m enjoying the taste of her inner thigh, but what I enjoy even more, is the smell of her juice soaked panty. Every time I lick her thigh and come closer to her panty, I spend a little more time inhaling the aroma. Each time I drift down to kissing and sucking the spot behind her knee I’m almost immediately drawn to her cum soaked panties for the smell is just too good and inviting. After a lot of inhalation of the smell, I now slowly pull at the seams of the bottom of her panty (one side of it) and move it a little. I don’t pull the panty down, but just pull the bottom seam to the left and there it is – the sight I’ve been wanting to see and enjoy since the day our conversations over the net became more erotic – HER PUSSY LIPS.

I can see that they are pretty pink (just as her lips) and they are very wet, with the wetness almost like a jelly sticking on to both ends of her pussy lips. I can see strands of her most precious cum extending from one end to the other. This is when I get my first lesson… This is what they call… getting REALLY WET and OVERFLOWING. The mere sight almost kills me and the moment some fresh air enters her pussy, she is suddenly aware of what I’m doing and gets distracted from the movie. I keep admiring the almost petal like flesh that makes her pussy look so adorable. Honestly, I saw it as a rose more than a pussy. She looked down and saw me enjoying the best site in the world. What better site than a rose overflowing with nectar for a guy to taste… and not just a rose which reveals nectar just to the butterfly?

I gently let my right hand index finger into her wet pussy as my left hand is holding the panty to expose the most feminine cove of a woman. The sensation is divine. As my finger enters her pussy, I feel surprised that though her whole body is so cold her pussy and the pussy juice is so warm. Till now, I never saw her pussy even while finger fucking her and now I get a lot curious to see what happens when my finger enters her.

So without any hesitation, I insert my finger (just the index finger) into her pussy and see how her lips contract, gripping my finger. She gives out a small cry as I do it. I think it is the moan of pleasure, but she says “Bob, don’t do that, I’m a little tired and though it feels good, I am a little worn out after the 4 orgasms from your finger fucking session. If I were ready for you now, my petals wouldn’t have gripped you so soon, instead they’d have given way to more than that just one finger to enter. Furthermore, I don’t wish to end the day in a few hours. I want it to last till we have not a second left of today.”

Hearing this I get really disappointed, but hearing her willingness and her desire to make love all day long I get excited and not wanting to disappoint her in any way withdraw my finger. I turn around and I also begin to watch the movie. The movie has by this time progressed almost for 10 minutes and still the lady is riding the guys cock with the same fast strokes (maybe a little harder and faster). I’m spellbound and just keep watching her expressions. I begin to wish that nothing short to this should happen when my Angel is done watching and learning from this film.

After about half an hour the lady on screen screams out and finally rests her head over the guy’s chest with his cock still buried inside her but totally limp. That gives a great view of her pussy, which is a total mess with cum from both of them. Seeing how wet maltepe escort bayan she had gotten after the marathon ride she’d had, I get another idea. I tell she “Love, let me first make you totally wet. I think that will help” and as I say that, without waiting a moment for her reply, I turn around, lift her butt a little off the sofa and pull her panty down with fingers of both my hands. The moment I do that I smell her panty one more time before I throw it on another sofa. I pull her butt to the edge of the sofa.

As I pull her to the edge of the sofa I raise both her legs and rest them on my shoulders in such a way that her knees bend on my shoulder. I make sure that I don’t ruin her vantage position in watching the movie and keep my head aligned to her pussy. Doing that, I proceed towards my destination her love cave. I come pretty close to it and the unmistakable smell just gets me transfixed for a while. She by now realizes that I’m possessed and none of her pleas or requests would stop me. I feel I’m lost in another world. I keep progressing to my final destination of desire treating every inch of her inner thigh just the way they should be.

I keep kissing and licking her inner thigh with my tongue and all the while I move even closer but this time a lot slower. As I do this it’s my nose that makes the first contact with her love hole. The tip of my nose slightly touches the brief parting of her lips and she suddenly shivers for a second. I get confused whether it was pleasure or pain that she was feeling. A glance into her eyes says that she’s sensitive there and that she can’t take any hard objects there, but would just love to have something extremely soft touch her there. I sense that she’s not tired or worn out anymore, but just needs some good treatment for being such a love. I realize that her shiver was just a response to the contact.

Not minding that, I make more progress closer to her pussy and finally my lips kiss the lips of her pussy. I spread my mouth in its entirety over her love hole and begin to move my tongue across the whole expanse of her pussy lips. I can sense that she’d shaved herself just for this occasion, as there was not a single visible hair around those gorgeous lips. As I do this I can feel her knees pushing my shoulder closer towards her love hole. I know that compared to the fingers that entered her all this time, this sensation must be totally different as my tongue is a lot softer and the sensation of my wet tongue over her pussy lips is just too good. Next I begin to feather her thighs with my fingers. I’m scared that my hands might be a little rough over her smooth skin due to my workouts, but her expressions tell me that I’m not hurting her… not one bit. My kissing of her pussy lips and the feathering of her inner thigh drives her to the edge of insanity.

She’s totally lost. But not for one moment when all of this happens does she take her eyes off the film that’s going on in the TV. I guess she really is enjoying the whole session. I now concentrate on sucking just one pussy lip and I choose the right pussy lips to do that. I hold the right lip of her pussy and gently squeeze them between my lips and she moans “aahhhh Bob that feels wonderful” she say.

I keep doing it for a long time and next I concentrate of her left pussy lips. And once again the same moan comes out of her but this time she has something else to say too. She say “Bob, don’t stop… just don’t stop…not even for a second. I can feel you are just a few centimeters away from what would take me to paradise”. Hearing those words I stop the feathering I was giving to her thighs and I now spread both her pussy lips apart and what I find there arouses me.

I can see the tenderest and the sexiest thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on in this earth. I see every flesh inside her pussy, every tenderness, every single drop of her cum sticking to her flesh and I really feel totally lost. I can see her clitoris that is now fully erect and puffed up because of the movie and the kisses I’d given her lips. That is when I understand the true meaning of her words when she said “…you’re just centimeters away from what would take me to paradise….” With my fingers still spreading her pussy lips I reach for her clitoris and the flesh on both sides of it are now just beneath my nose and I enjoy the smell. I lick her clit and she shivers a little more and jumps a little and then gives out a very big cry and moves her whole hips in one violent jerk as she feels the ULTIMATE PLEASURE.

I suck and lick her clitoris and in-between move my lips from the top where I am to the bottom of her pussy. I can see that with each twitch or lick of her clit, with each of my lapping of her pussy, her flesh (inside her pussy) turns from a pink to a dark red. I can feel all of her nerve endings waiting for my touch, for my licking, for my sucking. I keep kissing and sucking her clit and for a brief moment she looses concentration from the movie and escort pendik begins to pull my head deeper into her. She bucks her hips hard against my face and she pulls my head and hair deeper as though she wants me to push my whole face deep inside her lovely love hole.

As she does this I feel her need and increase both the pressure on her clit and the pace of my licking. The bucking of her hips and the licking of my lips continues for quite sometime and finally she relaxes with a big shout and scream…”Bob, I’m coming…ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…Honeyyyyy, that was GREAT… oooooooaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh…” and with that final shout she go totally paralyzed. I feel a little unsure why she was screaming all this time and abruptly with short gasps subsided her cries into moans and later into silence. It took a few seconds for me to realize that I’d given her what she had been longing for. The perfect cunt treatment and that too with something softer than my penis… my tongue. When this realization struck me, I felt elated and satisfied that I helped her out with her dreams.

She didn’t move a single part of her body as she lay there – totally lost, totally exhausted, totally having enjoyed the pleasure. Exactly at that moment I make her hot again. Though she doesn’t have enough stamina when my finger once again touches her clit she jerks again. And doing that I once again begin to lick her pussy. Her pussy is now totally soaked with her last major orgasm and as I lick her pussy, I can taste all her juices.

I enjoy the taste of the same and begin to feast on it as though I’ve been hungry to taste it for years. As I finally find that I can’t get anymore of her love juice as I’d already drained her entire Juice WELL I pull my face back and exactly at that time she looks at my face (for the first time… as she was lost in the film and her own “paradise” till now.) and she giggled mildly. Her childlike giggle turns out into a loud laughter as I ask she what the reason was. But without her having to say it I just move my tongue up to lick my lips and soon realize that my whole face is covered with her love juice. Either she was moving her hips all over my face or I was licking up her with my whole face. Whatever be the case, I am totally covered with her juice. I say, “give me this face cream everyday so that my skin stays in good complexion”.

Hearing this she laughs out loud and not minding her own juices all over my face give me a passionate kiss. The moment she kiss my lips, she begins to taste her own cum over it for the second time in a few hours and without her knowledge she begins to enjoy the taste and soon she’s licking my entire face and kissing me also alternatively. Phew, this was more than I could bear and as the lady in the film climaxed to a MAJOR Orgasm my Angel’s kisses too ended. After a while of just sitting idle, she comes down to my ears and whisper “Honey, thank you for everything, for giving me this feeling, for teaching me what real pleasures are there to be discovered in a man and what to expect of a man”. For that I say “it’s not over yet thank me when you’re really totally tired and satisfied beyond words” and for that she says “I don’t think I can be more satisfied” and I immediately ask her to wait and enjoy the whole day. She just closes her eyes and fantasizes and imagines for a while and says “Having known what pleasures just a tongue could give me, I’m surely a lot curious and thirsty to know what you’re tool would do to me, but staying in the moment that I am at now; there could have been nothing better than just what happened now deary”. With that she leans back on the sofa, her breathing more slow and controlled now. But the part I’d never forget is that though she was so tired and spent from the first real experience she’d ever had and that too about some 6 orgasms later, she still was in her senses to stroke my hair and treat me as a child needing attention. She still showed she cared a lot for me and wanted to let me know of it. SHE WAS THE BEST… THE FIRST… BUT THE BEST I’d ever fantasized about. Wish it were a reality…

Well, we have a whole day of exploring each other to go and we’ve only just begun to get acquainted with each other’s taste and likes. I’m sure you people can’t wait to know what all happened throughout the day right? Keep checking for my postings and I promise, I shan’t let you down for it’s my fantasy… this is just how my typical day with a date would be like… unless ofcourse SHE has something different planned already! I know I’m leaving you women high and dry, but then (thinking of it.. I’m leaving you high and WET.. which is better)… all good things come to those that are patient right? Till then, try and get in touch with me… who knows… you maybe the next door neighbor I’ve always fantasized of (if you’re in Chennai – India i.e)? I would like to request you all to vote for this story. That way I’d also know if my stories are worth it? It doesn’t take a big effort to vote right? All you’d have to do is click on a few buttons? But then, you’d rather prefer clicking on some meat than click on buttons aye? Anyway, hope you WOMEN liked this story and hope you did VOTE for me… even a 1 in your vote would let me know that someone DID READ THIS AND FOUND IT WORTH your few clicks?

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