Lost in the Woods Ch. 02

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Editor: Loafingexec


I woke up with the sun in my eyes. Its pale rays penetrated through the curtains.

I realized where I was, and I blushed.

I lazily stretched, aware of the warmth that came from the man beside me; we were lying in a spooning position, with my back against his chest.

I felt exhausted, swollen, and wonderful. Every part of my body was sore, but I tingled with excitement. As he slept, I realized how much the last 24 hours had changed me.

I was a young girl when I decided not to marry anyone. I wanted to become a warrior and nothing else. I didn’t want to become a man’s slave, whose only aim was having children and serving a family. My father knew it too. Even if he were worried about my future, he ignored the young nobles who wanted to wed me.

The attack of the barbarian raiders, the loss of my family, and the attempted rape in the forest had all fractured my idea of my life. And now there had been this incredible night with Guillaume.

I never thought a man could be so passionate, so caring about a woman’s pleasure.

I remember my brothers sitting by the fire with some of their friends. At a certain point, my biggest brother Edward gently led me to my bedroom, telling me they had to talk about things I couldn’t hear. I remember pretending to obey, and then hiding behind the door and listening to their forbidden conversations…I could hear their laughter, their mocking. They mostly talked about prostitutes…but even if I didn’t like their manner I learned a lot.

I was 18. I had turned from a sweet blonde child to a pretty, slender young girl… I loved riding my horse, attending private lessons from the teacher my father chose for me. I was already capable of using a sword and fighting. I felt strong, fit, but…it wasn’t enough. There were times when I felt a heat between my legs, but I didn’t know where this feeling came from and I tried to ignore it.

I remember my body pressed against the wooden door as I listened to their conversation that night.

“So tell us about Annie. I heard she’s the hottest whore on the market.” Through the keyhole I could see my biggest brother Edward smile at the question.

“Hot is nothing compared to her: her long blonde hair, her plump lips, her tight pussy are incredible. I had to fuck her all night long. I pounded her so hard that when she left she was walking like she was drunk.” They all laughed. I was so disgusted, but I wanted to hear more.

“What about you, Thomas? Why are you smiling?” my brother asked.

A tall man giggled and said: “I could write a book about Annie’s luscious mouth.” Another laugh. “To all those who haven’t tried her yet: she is a perfect cocksucker! She was so good that she could take it all inside her mouth and she even swallowed at the end. Incredible.” He continued, while the others laughed and drank beer. I felt a rush of warmth as I realized what they were talking about.

“Well, putting your cock into someone’s mouth wouldn’t be difficult, it’s the smallest in the whole reign!” someone answered. He pretended to punch him in response, and then they went quiet again. Men are so silly, I thought.

My younger brother Francis jumped in. “Elizabeth is better than Annie. She’s got the most beautiful body I’ve ever seen, a nice pair of tits and big pink nipples, long legs, fair skin…she looks like an angel, but she isn’t. She can stand a whole night of fucking without any distress. I could do whatever I liked with her. She eventually told me she even enjoyed herself! Can you imagine?”

“My God, Francis, what did you do to that poor girl?” another man asked him.

I bite my lips hard. How could these terrible words arouse me? My face was warm and there was a tingle between my legs. I could give and receive pleasure like every other woman, and I wanted to discover how it would feel. To have a man’s body pressed against me, to receive his caresses. To be kissed. How would it be?

Wetness flowed between my thighs. I slowly lifted my nightgown and started to touch myself. I wanted to know if I could do something to soothe the fire that was burning there…

“…I didn’t do anything bad…except make her scream. I was fucking her so hard that we fell off the bed. The morning after she was full of bruises and her pussy was so swollen that I gave her some extra money. I felt so guilty.” Francis flashed a devilish grin.

“Well, guys. Nothing is better than a warm woman, believe me,” another man said. “And it’s even better when the woman you’re fucking is not your wife.” They all nodded.

Oh God, I hated them so much! I would never marry anyone! I crept away to my room. But as I lay on my bed, I was still excited by the visions these men had stirred in my mind. I felt another tingle between my legs. I instinctively moved my hand there, as if it were an itch. My fingers traced lines across my blonde bush and caressed my labia. I closed my eyes, pleasure stirring my loins.

I spread my legs wider. My fingertips found my tight, wet entrance. I wondered kartal escort how a male sex could fit in there…my index finger casually brushed against my clitoris. It felt like heaven. I began to stroke it gently, and soon I began to breathe faster. It was wonderful and new to me. My legs trembled; my other hand went to my right breast and pinched the nipple. I moaned. The room was spinning, I didn’t care. I stroked my clit in circles, faster. The pleasure grew in intensity…I had to bite my lips in order not to scream. After a few moments, my whole body shook. I lifted my hips off the bed; with two last strokes, my sex began to pulse and I came for the first time.

I had the most peaceful night’s sleep in the last six months…

Now, only two years later, Guillaume was sleeping beside me. His breathing was calm and deep. I gently turned to face him, and he pulled me closer.

I shivered as our naked legs intertwined. I inhaled the smell of him and looked at his sleeping eyes. With a smile I caressed his arms, his shoulders. I thought he might wake up any minute and catch me in the act, but he did not.

I pictured us against the wall the night before, my legs wrapped around his waist, his strong body lifting my weight with no effort…his cock inside me, his hips thrusting, his face lost in pleasure, my moans.

All of a sudden, I decided to try something I had only heard about that night listening to my brothers.

I began to kiss my way down his body. Tasting his warm skin while he was asleep was so arousing that I couldn’t help myself: I traced my fingers along his groin and touched his cock lightly with my fingertips. It was getting hard.

I leaned over him a little more and licked his chest, then sucked gently on his nipples and felt them harden under my tongue. I licked and kissed his strong abdomen…I then caressed his thighs with my right hand and tightened my left hand around his hardness. He sighed in his sleep.

His cock was harder now. I lowered my head and licked the tip, tasting him for the first time. I then let my tongue run across his length, learning the shape of his hardness with my lips. He moaned.

I looked up. His eyes were still closed…I waited for a moment, gently breathing against him. He stirred a little but did not open his eyes.

I parted my lips and wrapped them around him, holding him at the base…I so wanted to take all of him, but it was impossible…he was so huge, so wonderful.

He was breathing heavily, now; my tongue darted around his small opening. I started sucking him slowly, teasingly…and I began to move my head in an up-and-down motion. He was so incredibly hard. I grabbed his buttocks and I began to suck a little harder, tasting him lustily.

He suddenly woke up, moaning loudly. “Aaaaah!”

I smiled to myself and looked up at him. My heart was racing. I could see his confused expression and his excitement. He ran his fingers through my hair and pushed my mouth against his cock.

He looked so beautiful that I complied without words and took him in my mouth once again.

I grabbed his hips with both hands, bobbing my head faster, harder. He groaned and he gently grabbed a handful of my hair. “Oh, Caroline…” he moaned in a husky voice. He began to thrust in and out of my mouth, and I met every movement of him with my head, sucking on him harder, bobbing my head faster…

I could feel his pleasure, and I was proud to be the one who was making him feel like this

He was moving frantically now, growing even harder between my lips. He sighed, his hands digging into my shoulders. I increased the pace. “Yes, yes,” he chanted.

He held his breath for an instant until he exploded, moaning and erupting inside my mouth.

Spurt after spurt, I swallowed his essence. It tasted strange, slightly bitter, but I didn’t feel disgusted. I liked it. I kept sucking on him even after his thrusting stopped.

He finally embraced me. “Ohhh, God,” he moaned, lower this time.

We looked at each other. He was still coming down, looking a bit embarrassed. I suddenly realized what I did. I blushed. He laughed affectionately as he pulled my face towards his. We kissed; he tasted himself on my lips.

“Good morning, my beautiful hero,” I whispered. “Good morning, Caroline.” he answered.

The way he looked at me was so different from last night. His eyes were sweet, caring…he lost all his coolness.

“I…I wanted to thank you for saving my life. I’m so grateful.” I told him, losing myself into his bright eyes.

He smiled, stroking my back. “There is no need to say that. I should thank you.” He replied. “I feel my life is greater, just having met you.” My heart jumped. I ran my fingers through his hair and kissed him tenderly.

“Guillaume…I really don’t know where to start…” words were exploding inside my heart as I tried to explain my feelings. I tried.

“You…you washed away all the sorrow and desperation in just one night…I was lost, alone, pursued by thieves…you maltepe escort bayan rescued me…and you’re making me discover a new world…”

He placed a finger on my lips with these words. “Shhh. Enough. I understand.” He whispered.

He held me tighter. My heart was racing, my lips were dry…I wanted to make him understand my feelings, but it was impossible. Words are dangerous, I said to myself, and can easily lead to a misunderstanding. Remember he’s a stranger, my mind said. But my heart didn’t agree.

“I never felt this way,” I whispered, mostly to myself. His fingers intertwined mine as he kissed me again.

His hands reached around my body and he pulled me against him. He reached between my thighs and kissed me deeper.

He pressed his fingers against my labia, but didn’t put them inside me. My juices had made me very wet. This time no physical barrier separated me from him. I needed him to release me. He could read my desire from my gaze.

“Do you realize what you just did to me?” he playfully asked, as he slowly inserted a finger inside my opening. I trembled, and I slightly opened my legs. “You took me in your mouth. For God’s sake…do you know how delightful and forbidden this is?” I bit my lower lip. “Is it?” I asked, out of breath. He smiled, looking like a young devil.

“Not for me, young lady…freedom should be always welcomed between the sheets. I hate the fact that most women cannot enjoy the sexual bond with a man. But, my young Caroline…this is not your case.” He whispered, as he began sliding the finger in and out of my throbbing channel. I moaned. His touch, together with his words, was driving me crazy.

“Did you enjoy it, Caroline?” he asked me on my lips.

I blushed violently; he kissed me hard and caressed my clit with his thumb, while he worked the other fingers in and out of me… “Ohhhh” I moaned, giving him full access of my body. “Yes, like this.”

He leaned under to kiss my neck, my hair covering his face while he did it. He then laid me back down on the bed, spreading my legs wide.

I felt deliciously opened, like a ripe fruit. He forced two fingers deeper, and began slamming them in and out faster. Then, he got up on his knees, lowered his head between my legs and started to gently suck on my clit and lapping at it with an experienced tongue.

My hips arched up, and I began to buck wildly on the bed. I couldn’t care less if some dried blood was on my thighs and my pussy was swollen…I wanted it.

He opened my legs even more and stopped. “Oh God, please release me,” I begged.

He didn’t reply. He pushed his face hard against my sex. I felt his tongue, so firm and hard, brushing against my clit one, two times. I tried to hold him there, but he continued exploring and moved slowly downwards, along my perineum, bathing me with long, firm wipes. He traced a wet line upwards and met my slit. His saliva mixed with my juices. It felt heavenly…

All of a sudden, he pushed his tongue inside my slit. I moaned. He began fucking me wildly with his tongue. I crossed my legs behind his head and arched my pussy against his mouth. This act was something the priests considered dirty, but I was feeling far from than that.

“Ohhhh” I moaned. He was amazing. I pulled his head against me even more as he tortured me with his wet kisses. “I want to enjoy you until you beg me to stop, Caroline. I want to hear you scream.” He whispered to me. The magical sound of his voice made my body tingle. I felt desired, pleasured, filled by joy and lust in every corner of my body.

“God, oh, God,” I cried as he lifted his head a little bit, causing his tongue to hit my clit occasionally. I was so close…as soon as I began to shake he slowed down.

He pulled his tongue out, and then began brushing it all around my hottest part: he gently sucked on my labia, and then licked the area around my clitoris. I wanted him to release me, but I didn’t say anything. As he gently caressed me with his lips, I relaxed again.

I was falling into a state of semi-consciousness when he started to lick me harder, engulfing the area around my clitoris with greedy lips. “Ahhhh,” I screamed, nearly jumping off the bed.

This time he didn’t stop. His lips and tongue rubbed, stabbed and licked with growing intensity…I screamed my orgasm, my drenched walls squeezing his fingers. “OHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSS!”

Totally lost in pleasure, I closed my eyes and shook. He kept eating me hungrily, and the wave of pleasure kept on, even when I screamed that I could not stand it anymore. He pulled back and just held me while the last long wave subsided. The lust was still in his eyes.

“I may have taken a maiden yesterday, but…look at you now. The one who just came all over my fingers is a woman who knows her deepest instinct. Don’t deny it…” he told me as he gently withdrew his hand.

“You seem to know too many things, My Lord. You cannot read through my deepest desires as well as you think.” I hissed, as he positioned himself escort pendik between my legs…he was hard and erect once again. Oh, God, I thought. He CAN.

“Oh really?” he asked me, raising his eyebrows and lifting. “Don’t you dare me, young lady.” I kissed him first, pushing my tongue hard under his.

“I am good at quests,” he assured me, easing his golden, muscular body over mine. His cock was pressing against my belly. Our eyes met, and I lost myself into them. They were bright and powerful, like two pure sapphires.

“So tell me, Guillaume. Tell me what I want.” I whispered, sucking on his earlobe.

“You want…revenge. More than anything in the world.” He breathed into my ear, then moved his mouth over mine and kissed me.

“Yes,” I said. His cock was rubbing my clit. I arched. He put his hands under me and lifted my hips so that my opening was aligned with his hardness.

“You need to find peace through it.” He continued, gently biting my left shoulder…his cock was against my quivering pussy.

“OH God, yes,” I moaned. He was amazing.

“Tell me what you want right now, Caroline. I want to hear you say it.”

He was staring at me, balancing his weight over mine, our eyes locked, out bodies about to lock.

I sighed. It was a heavenly torture. I shook my head, as if to fight the different feelings that were chasing my mind.

“Come on, Caroline. Listen to your body.” He said huskily.

“Guillaume,” I begin; he inserted the tip of his sex inside me. I sighed.

“I love the way you whisper my name…tell me, Caroline, or I won’t help you.” He snapped.

“I want you to fill me with your…cock. Completely.” I said, without losing eye contact. My God, I am really pronouncing these words, I thought.

He smiled mischievously.

“Say please.”

I felt so resentful, and wanted him so bad at the same time.

“Guillaume, please take me. Or I’ll kill you.” I blurted out.

He ended his torture by gripping my knees, spreading my legs wide and slamming into me. He filled me all the way to the hilt with one single thrust.

“OH YES”, I screamed. He grinned.

I drowned in pleasure. I felt our bodies tremor…I was experiencing a totally different lover, a powerful one. Yet his kisses were full of desire and respect…

His body pressed against mine as he pinned me down to the bed, sliding his whole length in and out of me. His gasps were matching mine, our eyes darting from our bodies to our faces…

I was close already.

“Ohhhhh yes, yes,” I moaned, tightening my grip around him with both legs and arms, and climaxed immediately after, arching my hips.

As I was still moaning and writhing, he pumped into me even harder and groaned. “Oh yes, oh God, yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss!” With one last stroke he squirted jet after jet of hot seed. A warm feeling came to my inner walls.

He collapsed on top of me. Then, he withdrew; we lay next to each other, our breath becoming calm.

As I came back to earth I realized I had to leave this man as soon as I could. He was making me lose the track of time, and my mission had just begun.

“Caroline. I know what you’re thinking.” He said these words as his fingers caressed my hair. My heart was bleeding. I looked at the window and thought that the sooner I could leave the better. The night I shared with him, all of the feelings he gave me…I had to close them in my soul as precious memories and nothing more.

“Guillaume, you don’t understand…” I started.

“Yes, I do,” he said, with a serious look on his face. He changed his expression, and became the cool knight I met the night before.

“Look. I don’t want to force you here. Remember what I told you yesterday, though. You need to regain strength, tranquillity and the things essential to a warrior: a horse, a sword and armor. Without them, yours won’t be a quest, but a suicide.” He paused.

“We will travel to my castle. There, I will have you equipped for your next journey. Then, and only then, you will leave.” He stared at me, awaiting a reply.

I nodded with regret. He was right.

He kissed my forehead. “Good.” He rolled away from me and stood. He was strong, and I looked at his naked body and then at his eyes, and saw that he was looked at my naked body still spread before him. He smiled. “Before we go,” he said, “we must be clean and fresh for our journey. What do you think?” He winked. “I think I could use a bath,” I replied.

After the tub was ready, he helped me inside and followed me.

We stood, facing each other and I looked into his blue eyes. I was in this tub night before; imagining how his naked body would feel against mine…and the dream became reality.

I sighed. He smiled. We didn’t talk; he made me move to the center of the tub. Then, he took a piece of cloth from the hook.

He kneeled before me and slowly removed the bloodstains from my thighs. I felt awkward, but good at the same time. This handsome man taking care of me was something I’ve always dreamed of without even being aware. This is something deeper than pure sex, I thought once again. This is a spiritual bond, and I cannot do anything to change it. I am learning from him and from my own skin… I am discovering a whole universe, I said to myself.

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