Love in the Australian Outback

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After university, I thought I should see a bit of the World and felt very lucky to land a job as a junior stockman on a cattle station in the Northern Territory of Australia, a modest sized ranch of one million acres!

I always had a fascination for the Australian Outback and admired the tough characters that live out there, probably from watching the likes of Les Hiddens, the Bush Tucker Man, popular on TV in the 1980s. One of my favourite movies is “The Man from Snowy River” and this inspired me to see if I could hack-it as an Aussie-style cowboy for six months or so.

It turned-out to be the toughest thing I have ever done, but also the most rewarding in terms of how I felt about myself, having braved the true hardship of the outdoors. It was often incredibly hard work, dawn to dusk, in the blazing sun and oppressive heat, with only a wide-brimmed hat to prevent your brain from frying. The Aussie characters, both white and blackfellas that I worked with were remorseless in their teasing of a young Pom, straight off the boat, but also shared a beer and a laugh over the barbie when the sun went down.

One day I was tasked with driving to Alice Springs to pick-up the boss’s daughter who had flown-in on holiday from university in Melbourne. It was a nine hour drive along rough gravel and corrugated, sand tracks in an old Holden Ute, fantastic vehicle with a V8 engine. I had plenty of time to chat to the lovely Mattie on the long journey back to the station, entranced by this really pretty, fit and tanned blond and I could tell she fancied me a bit too.

In the next few weeks, I would see Mattie around the stockyard and we would smile and flirt a bit with each other. She was almost always riding a fine horse and looked gorgeous on her roan, arabian mare, which apparently was worth a small fortune.

One evening, the boss held a barbecue at the main house for the stockmen and jackaroos, which Mattie escort kartal also attended. At one stage, conversation strayed to the subject of finding gold and the whereabouts of the mythical Lasseter’s Reef, which apparently was located somewhere in the wider area, perhaps even on the station. This was an incredibly rich deposit of gold, allegedly discovered by a chap called Lasseter in the 1920s, but lost and never found again when he died.

As I was due to ride fences the following morning, Mattie said that she would come with me and show me some gold-bearing, quartz deposits in hills ten miles away and some evidence of prospectors that had once lived up there. “You never know”, she said: “we might even find that Lasseter’s Reef”.

We departed at sunrise the next morning, me on my hardy, bay stock-horse and Mattie on her thoroughbred mare. After those many months, I looked very much the tough Aussie cowboy, rough and tanned, with a battered Akubra hat, bone coloured moleskins, checked shirt and scuffed, blundstone boots. She looked fabulous in her snowy river hat, pink polo shirt, beige jodhpurs and tall, brown leather boots.

After a couple hours of riding and chatting, we left the fenceline and started to ascend into some red, sandstone hills, where indeed you could see some bright, white deposits of quartz stone.

We had just reached the brow of a hill with Mattie slightly in front of me and to the right, when all of a sudden her horse whinnied loudly and reared backwards; fortunately my stock-horse was made of calm stuff and I kept my saddle as Mattie and her mount crashed against us. I just managed to catch the girl around the waist as she was thrown, preventing her from a hard impact on the rocks. The arabian bolted away some distance as I lowered Mattie to the ground.

“Did you see the snake?” she said breathlessly to me: “there was a Mulga, a King Brown snake on the track maltepe escort right in front of us”.

After we had rounded-up her somewhat skittish mare, we decided to stop for an early lunch and to calm down from the shock of our experience. I laid down a horse blanket on some soft red sand and we sat close to each other eating our tucker, with a wonderful view of the outback before us.

We then laid back on the blanket and Mattie leaned over me, looking into my eyes and said: “you saved me, my handsome hero”, followed by a soft kiss on the lips.

I pulled the lovely girl on top of me and started to kiss her passionately; soon we were snogging like crazy, our tongues fencing as we stroked each other’s fit young bodies. My prick swelled hard as a rock in my pants and I rubbed this against Mattie’s groin, thinly covered by her jodhpurs, causing her to moan lightly with pleasure.

After a few minutes of heavy petting, Mattie pulled her head back to gasp: “I’m so horny, I haven’t had sex in ages”, as she continued to squirm against me. Neither had I and being a virile youth, I didn’t need any further encouragement

Soon we were shedding clothes and Mattie was undoing her sports bra to reveal beautiful pert boobs that I commenced to fondle, kiss and suckle on stiff brown nipples. My tongue slipped round and around, flicking the precious buds and making her gasp with pleasure. All the while she was grinding her crotch onto my erection, trapped uncomfortably by my tight trousers, causing a little moisture to drip from the head of my throbbing cock.

When eventually I kicked off my trousers and we were both fully naked, Mattie grabbed my thick shaft, wanking it away, then moved down my ripped torso to envelop my pulsing dick into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the bulbous head and she rubbed it over her lips and face, whilst watching my ecstatic reaction with her wide blue pendik escort bayan eyes. I stroked her pretty face and blond hair as she gave me this loving attention.

After a few minutes, I felt I was about to come and gently pulled Mattie up onto me, so that she could impale herself on my rampant prick. It felt amazing as her tight, wet pussy eased down onto my manhood and began to pump up and down, both of us grunting and groaning in our union.

The pace of thrusting grew faster and faster with Mattie grinding and rotating her clit against my pubic mound on the downward stroke, so that soon she was arching her back and spasming in rapturous orgasm above me; her warm juices flowing and spilling over my cock and ballsack.

Turning her onto her back, I went down to lick and gently finger her soaking and engorged pussy lips and clitty. Slowly at first, as she was still sensitive from cumming, but then picking up the pace, as Mattie’s moans increased. My tongue darted in and out of her and my fingers blazed rapidly over her love bud until she was wracked and writhing with a second orgasm pulsing through her.

Moving my strong, muscular frame on top of this beautiful, tanned blond, I looked lovingly into her bright eyes and pushed my pulsing rod deep into her womanhood. It was so moist and warm, as she gripped down on my cock so wantonly, that I began to shaft in and out of her, over and over and over again. We both moaned and groaned in ecstasy as we rutted with a desperate hunger.

I hadn’t come inside a woman for so long that I could never have stopped the inevitable explosion. The pressure that had built-up in my balls just blew, sending jets of hot white sperm deep inside the lovely Mattie, drenching the walls of her sodden pussy and as I withdrew, streaming onto her pubes and across her belly in pearly drops and lines of spunk.

Afterwards we lay together kissing and cuddling gently on the blanket, while our breath subsided and our sweat dried in the warm Australian sun.

Later, as we rode back to the station together, the sun was setting in front of us, warming our bodies and hearts in what was one of the most romantic moments of my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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