Love is Blind

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You walk in the door wearing those tight jeans and that cute little t-shirt that exposes your belly. I can see a pink g-string riding up your hips as you kick off your shoes and peel off your socks. I come up behind you and put my hands on your hips as you bend over. You know it’s me. What you don’t know is that I have a surprise for you. I guide you upstairs without a word. You know we’re gonna fuck. I smack your ass as you open your door. It’s dark. Your light switch doesn’t work. I took out the light bulbs. I tell you to wait at your bed and I close the door. No light enters, not even under the door. Pure darkness folds us in it’s inky embrace.

You feel my hands on your hips, sliding upward, my fingers catch your shirt and pull it up as my hands go up your ribs, over your soft tits. Your shirt brushes your nipples as I pull it over your head. For a moment I keep you like that, your arms up, chest exposed in the dark, your shirt binding around your wrists. You feel my hot breath on your neck before my lips close down on you, sucking from your collar bone to your ear, nibbling and sucking wet kisses. I playfully bite your ear and I finish taking your shirt off. I spin you to me and wrap my arms around your tiny waist and pull you to me, kissing you deep and hard. I kiss my way down your neck to your breasts and lick my way to your nipples in the dark, your hands caressing my hair and neck.

I kneel down and lower my hands to your awesome ass, feeling your curves through your jeans. My hands are on your ass, kneading you like fresh dough. You feel a tug at your button fly. I must be using my teeth. Your fly pops and a final tug forces your zipper open as my hands behind you reach up and peel those jeans off of your sweet little ass. You run your fingers in my short hair, feeling my stubble on your stomach as I kiss your navel, your pants falling to your ankles. I stand up and kiss you, guiding your hands to my chest and pushing them down my stomach and to my bulge. I’m not hard yet, but you know how to make me that way.

You take your time undressing me in the dark, your fingers and hands exploring me as my clothes come off. You can’t help yourself. You peel off my boxers and fondle my waking dick. You feel it firming up in your hand as you slowly jerk on it, kissing my belly. Your other hand feels my balls and scratches them gently with your fingernails as you take the tip of my chubby into your mouth.

You suck me in and my dick fills your mouth as you twirl your tongue around the head. Your tongue probes the hole and you can taste me lubing up already. You can’t see me in the dark, but you hear me letting out little moans, urging you on as I grab your silky hair, gently tugging at it. You take my dick out of your mouth and you suck down the shaft to my balls, sucking them in. My balls are nice and big. I’ve been saving a good load for you. You pop them into your mouth and suck them, my dick in your hand. I tell you that I want you on the bed.

You feel the edge of the bed and climb onto it in your G-string, feeling your way in the dark. I put my hand bursa escort on your smooth ass cheek and follow you to the bed. The springs squeak and the bed shifts as you feel me behind you. You feel my fingers at the top of your ass as I grab your G-string and pull it up, as it wedges between your cheeks and pussy lips. I pull up on it and you feel my mouth on your ass, sucking wet sloppy kisses down to your pussy nestled between your bent-over thighs. My stubble tickles you as my blind hungry lips find the puffy edge of your pussy. I suck on the soft flesh and lick to the other side. Your slit is under the tight G-string that I’m pulling up on, so I lick and suck and nibble at both sides of your hot hole. You feel me licking the middle, over the G-string but it just teases you. I can taste your pussy soaking into the fabric of the thin strip of cloth.

I finally peel your G-string down your thighs and calves, then pull them over your feet and fling them into the darkness. I nuzzle my nose into your ass cheeks, searching for your pussy. I can smell it now. Your scent fills my nose as my warm wet tongue probes your ass crack, finding your puckered little starfish. I circle it with my tongue and then you feel me eat your ass out. My scratchy cheeks between your firm ass cheeks. I bring my hand up and rub my thumb up and down your hot meaty bent-over pussy, circling your clit and parting your little lips. You are nice and slippery. I take my tongue off of your asshole and lick down to your pussy. The opening is so tight that I can barely get the tip of my tongue in you.

I flatten my tongue and you feel me lapping long sloppy strokes as you bury your face in a pillow and moan, your back arched in the dark, getting eaten out from behind. You feel a sharp sting as I smack your ass with a loud ‘pop!’. I continue to slap your ass as I suck at your pussy. You have no idea when the next slap is coming. Your juice is smeared all over my face and dripping down my chin. I run a finger up your leg and to the dip between your thighs. I feel your lips and I pull them to the side, opening your hole wider. I bury my tongue in you and wiggle it. Your hips dip as you work that pussy on my tongue, wagging up and down.

You feel me moving behind you in the dark, shifting my weight as the bed springs give. You feel something rubbing up and down your pussy, searching in the dark. It’s hard to find your pink wet hole in the dark, its so nice and tight, but my head finally finds you as I ease the tip into you. You realize it’s my dick when I put both hands on your hips. You try and back up on me, but I stop you. I just ease the tip into you, then I pull it out. Then I put it back in. I love the wet sucking sound your pussy makes when I pop the head out of you. I can tell you’re getting agitated so the next time my head goes in I ease it all the way into you, taking your breath away. I fill you all the way to my balls as I put my hand on your shoulders and pin you down, driving my weight down and into you.

Your pink pussy squishes as I fill you up. You feel like a warm, wet tight silky bursa escort bayan glove on my cock. Your pussy is stretched on my shaft, but it doesn’t hurt. It’s wonderful being filled like this, all the way to the top. A perfect fit. I work my dick in and out of you nice and slow, enjoying the feel of my dick pushing the soft folds of your pussy meat as I plow in and out of you. You squeeze down on my dick, making me moan. You shudder as you get wetter. You back up against me and try to pick up the pace, but I hold your hips and tease you with nice slow strokes. You let out a frustrated whimper as I fuck you deep and slow, teasing you.

I smack your ass as I ream your wet cunt. Your hot hole sucks and squishes as you get ready to cum. I suddenly buck into you, hard and fast, pulling your hips onto me with every hard stroke. My balls slap onto your smooth waxed mound as my dick hammers in and out of you. You feel me hitting the top, your head tingles with pleasure and you start moaning and letting out little cries with every thrust. Your pussy gushes and you tighten up on my fat cock. You are soo close. Right before you cum I pull out of you and bend down to suck on your clit. Your pussy hole is right at my nose and I smell your hot wetness. God you smell good. You arch your back and I can feel your muscles twitch and quiver as you cry out. You cum in my face, gushing onto my nose and mouth. I greedily lick and suck at your gushing hole, not wanting to waste a drop as I lap it up in the dark. After you finish coming, you feel me grab your hips and I flip you onto your back.

I climb over you and you feel my cool sweaty skin sliding over yours. You smell your pussy on my breath as I suck up your chest, nibbling your perky nipples and up your throat. I find your lips and kiss you. You taste yourself as my lips mash into yours, my soft tongue twirling around yours. I suck my way back down and spread your legs. You pull them back and up behind your head in the dark, getting them out of my way for me. My tongue explores down your belly, teases your belly button and you feel my teeth and tongue on your mound as I suck and nibble it.

You feel my spread hands on the inside of your thighs as I put my mouth on your pussy, taking as much of you into my mouth as I can get. I suck on you and I feel your cute little lips pull into my mouth. I nibble and suck them. You feel me tugging your pussy lips with my mouth and it sends little zaps of electricity to your clit. I lick circles around your clit, careful not to touch it. My tongue is wet, warm and firm. Not touching your love button is driving you crazy as I work a finger into your tight pussy and hook it up, sinking it in and finding your g-spot. My finger in you massaging your g-spot and my tongue circling your clit but not touching it. You wiggle your hips and throw your head back and let out a frustrated moan. God it feels soooo good and you want to cum, but I’m not going to make it that easy for you.

I stop circling your hard, swollen clit and my tongue parts your pussy lips as I lick up and down your slit as I escort bursa finger you, flicking your pearly clit as it brushes past. The sensation makes your legs twitch and jump. I lick up and down faster and faster as my finger works into you, digging and twisting. Your pussy squishes as your juices flow. Your asshole feels cool as your pussy juice dribbles down your thigh and leaks into it. I lift your ass cheeks and lick down to your wet asshole, then back up to your clit. I flatten my tongue and lick long, broad strokes up and down you. I mash my tongue down onto you and your puffy pussy smears up and down as my strong tongue laps at you. I want to fuck you. You want to be fucked.

The bed shifts and you feel me above you as my dick reaches the inside of your thigh and moves over, searching and leaving a wet strand of pre-come as I drag it to your cunt. You adjust your hips, wanting my dick so bad. You feel me pushing at your hole. There is an instant of pressure then your pussy lips part and stretch as my hot, hard dick slides into you, pushing aside the wet folds of your pussy hole as I ream you out. I’m up to my nuts in you. You feel my nuts at your ass crack as you spread high and wide for me. I bear down and push even deeper, hitting the top of you as you let out a little moan. I suck your neck and hold you there, stuck on my fat dick. Completely filled.

I pull my dick out and it glides, slick with your wetness. I glide in and out of you. There is no friction, you are so wet. You feel the head of my dick at the bottom of your pussy, then it stretches and pushes to the top of your pussy. You feel every vein of me as I stretch you and stroke in and out of you. You reach down and rub your clit. Your finger tips brushing my shaft as it fucks your hot hole. You feel my elbow brush your tit as I reach up and grab your hair, pulling your head back. I suck at your exposed neck as I fuck you. You feel my hot breath on you and a little pain as I bite down on you. I suck and lick your neck, fucking you harder and faster. I feel you quivering. My dick squishes as your juice runs out. I pump faster and harder, bearing my weight on you. I let go of your hair and sit up. I feel your pussy jiggle as you rub faster and harder on your clit. I oblige and pound into you.

The bed squeaks and thumps on the wall as you tighten and let out a cry. Your pussy splashes on my balls and I push into you. I’m sooo close to coming. I pull my dick out of you and tell you to suck my dick before I cum. You push me over and climb over me, down to my dick. I feel your hair brush down me as your hands explore the way to my dick in the dark. You grab the shaft and suck down on me, slurping loudly. I feel your hair bouncing on my stomach as you work my shaft. Your mouth, hands and tongue make me cum in no time. I cry out and moan as my balls squeeze. My dick jumps with the pressure as a hot sticky load rises up my shaft and splashes the back of your throat, coming back out your mouth and dribbling down your lips.

I haven’t cum in a few days and my hot sweet load is a mouthful. You swirl my cum around your tongue and squish it between your teeth before you swallow it. You put me back into your mouth. My dick is still twitching from coming so hard and huge. I stroke your hair as you suck on me, getting me ready for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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