Love Kindled

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The fire crackled as Eric tinkered with the logs to keep it burning. In another half hour, Kirsten would be there and Eric could not help but be giddy with excitement and anticipation. How long had it been? Two, perhaps three months? No matter how long it had been, Eric could still smell her perfume in the air and see her brilliant eyes in the sky. Twenty-eight minutes left…

Kirsten and Eric had met years earlier, but never really noticed each other. They had mutual friends in school and only knew each other through association. Eric approached Kirsten years later when he ran into her in the halls at the local community college. They met for coffee that afternoon and dated for close to a month. Unfortunately, Kirsten was forced to move out of state for work and the potential for a relationship was ruined. Kirsten and Eric kept in touch, and Kirsten even visited once in a while. The two managed to fall in love despite their distance and had planned a holiday evening alone to celebrate Christmas and Kirsten’s homecoming. Eric rented a cabin on a nearby mountain and Kirsten was going to rent a car straight from the airport and meet him. It was only a visit, but she was also planning on doing preliminary job-hunting so she could move back west.

It was thirteen minutes after she was supposed to arrive that Eric heard the knock at the door. Eric bounded out of his chair so quickly that he nearly knocked it into the fireplace; his reflexes barely saved the day. Kirsten did not even bother to say hi when Eric opened the door. She simply hurled herself at him into a tight embrace.

After a few moments Eric whispered into her ear, “I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too…God I missed you.”

Kirsten explained how her trip went and the two chit-chatted about events over the past few days. Both sipped on hot chocolate as they made dinner – a classic holiday turkey. The bird was probably too large for the two to eat alone, but they did not care. The time spent together was all that mattered.

Eric uncorked a bottle of wine for dinner. Throughout the evening, the two managed to finish one full bottle and were working on their second once they curled up together in front of the fire. Eric spooned himself behind Kirsten and whispered sweet compliments in her ear. She giggled and blushed at his comments and she snuggled herself back into him. It was not long before Eric’s comments turned to action. He nuzzled into her neck and began to softly kiss the top of her shoulder. Kirsten’s eyes closed reflexively and she sighed as she leaned Ataşehir Escort her head back to allow him better access. Eric gently kissed her neck slowly from the base to her jawbone, alternating closer to her front and to her back. Every other kiss turned into a nibble as he worked his way back down. The two almost simultaneously placed their wine glasses on the floor and let themselves completely into the moment.

Kirsten rolled over and met Eric’s lips with hers. The kiss led to a passionate embrace with hands exploring the backs of the other. The passion and romance in the air seemed to fuel itself like oxygen with a fire. Though the two were completely lost in the throws of sexuality, each kiss, each touch, each lingering look was filled with love and trust. Eric slowly began to slide Kirsten’s sweater and shirt over her head. He was amazed at her beauty silhouetted against the flicker of the fire. Kirsten used the opportunity to roll Eric onto his back and straddle him. Their roles now reversed, Kirsten unbuttoned Eric’s shirt and proceeded to kiss and lick a trail down to his pant button. As she worked past his nipples, Eric began to stroke her hair lovingly, offering both encouragement and appreciation. Once she reached his jeans, she slowly unzipped and removed them. Their lips met again, this time with them both sitting upright. Eric guided her back down to the ground in front of the fire and their session continued. Mimicking Kirsten’s actions, Eric worked his way down her belly and removed her pants as well.

The two now lay grinding each other in their underwear. The pace of their breathing had increased and both were reaching nearly uncontrollable levels of arousal. Both had made an almost ritualistic event out of removing each other’s underwear. Kirsten had purposefully brushed near and barely against Eric’s penis as she removed his boxers from the inside out. Eric used his teeth to slide Kirsten’s panties down around her ankles. He took a more conservative approach with her bra and simple removed it with his hands. Eric laid himself on top of Kirsten, her legs spread to assist entry. He leaned over hear braced by locked arms over her head. Then he took a moment to stare into her eyes.

“I love you, Kirsten. You are the best thing that’s happened to me in years, and I couldn’t imagine what life would be like without knowing you were out there…somewhere.” A tear began to trickle down Kirsten’s cheek and she reached up to him to hold him. Eric let himself down and they met in an embrace. Both were Ataşehir Escort Bayan physically ready for the next step. Kirsten’s vagina was saturated with her juices and Eric was harder than he could imagine. It took no assistance for him to slowly slide into her. The two held on to each other tightly as Eric slowly entered and exited her hole.

Half in a cry, Kirsten said into his ear, “I love you too…so very much. I have never felt this way about anyone…not like I do with you. I wish we had taken the time to know each other so many years before. It seems like we’ve wasted the past few years when we could have spent it like this.” A moment passed and she repeated an “I love you” back to Eric.

Their lovemaking continued slow and with a purpose. Eric took a moment from their embrace and looked into Kirsten’s eyes and smiled. “I’m so lucky.”

A half hour passed. Whispers of love and commitment were shared between the two lovers. Lust overcame them and Eric’s tempo quickened. Moans began to slip from Kirsten’s lips. Eric tried to drive the pleasure he felt from being inside of her from his mind. He wanted them to come together, but he knew he was not going to be able to hold out for much longer. The extended love making had tried his stamina substantially. Deciding to make the best of it, he went for broke. His quickened love making sharply turned to an almost animal-like fucking. Through the commotion of pleasure in his mind, he could hear Kirsten’s moans and sighing become quicker and more urgent. The slight mixture of pain and pleasure that Eric was all too familiar with tickled his balls. He began to moan as well and a few seconds later he threw his head back, pulled himself from her and came onto her belly with a powerful orgasm. Mixed gasps and moans were all the two could actually emote. They took a few moments to linger in a kiss and offer each other another “I love you.” Eric relieved himself to the kitchen for a towel and Kirsten took a sip of wine and let herself collapse back to the ground. Slowly and lovingly, Eric cleaned his seed from Kirsten. They pulled some blankets from the couch and fell asleep in each others arms while watching the fire simmer down to nothing.

The following morning they woke to a deep kiss. The kiss led to more, and the two made love again. Not wanting to fail Kirsten her orgasm again, Eric made a point to orally pleasure her for some time before their lovemaking began. Even her taste was sweet, he thought. As planned, the two climaxed with each other a while after. Escort Ataşehir They took turns cleaning up in the hall bathroom and began to make breakfast.

While cooking breakfast they both played like lovers normally do. One would swat the others behind and one would bite the other person in jest. It was closing in on noon when the two finally cleaned up after breakfast. Kirsten’s parents were going to meet them at the cabin to exchange presents and enjoy a quiet Christmas Eve. Eric was feeling the twinge of horniness as he thought about Kirsten showering. He played with himself patiently while he waited for her to finish.

The master bedroom in the cabin had two closets that divided the bedroom and the master bath. The closets faced the bed which was against the opposite wall. Eric slid into one of the closets after her heard the water turn off in the shower. He watched as Kirsten walked from the bathroom to the bed to get her clothes. She was drying her hair as she walked, and barely noticed Eric rush her from behind. He playfully knocked her over face-first into the bed, causing her to drop the towel and cover her head. He promptly used his hand to massage her pussy and help shove his member deep within her. There was no change in their emotion, but the sex was definitely different. Eric fucked Kirsten as fast and as hard as he could. It was an action of pure lust and excitement, and Kirsten was not complaining. She moaned like a whore as Eric slammed himself repeatedly into her. He had added stamina now from already having ejaculated once earlier. They rutted like dogs in heat for some time before Eric grunted, pulled out, and masturbated his load all over Kirsten’s back. He then forcefully pulled her from the bed, twirled her around, and planted a deep kiss onto her lips.

Kirsten giggled, “You know I’m going to need another shower now, right?”

“No worries, I needed one anyway!”

“You realize it’s going to be your fault when my parents arrive and we’re not ready, don’t you?”

“I know…” Eric replied in mock shame. He then playfully swatted Kirsten on the

ass and raced towards the shower, Kirsten right behind. The washed each other off with smiles on their faces. Once clean, they began to get ready for the evening.

Christmas came and went and so did the week Kirsten had set aside to visit. Soon she was back east again and Eric returned to masturbating to emails and phone conversations. Kirsten had made plans to move back the middle of February, and it was painful for Eric to wait those two months. When the day finally came, Eric met Kirsten at the apartment they had chosen to live in. They did not bother to unload the U-Haul as soon as she arrived, though. The first thing they both noticed was a perfectly good couch sitting all alone in the corner of the truck just waiting to be warmed up…

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