Lovely Rita Ch. 02

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Susan invited Bob and Rita for dinner last night and it was hard to look at Rita in the same way after what had happened two weeks ago. Every time I looked across the table at her perfect makeup and devilish smile, I saw her face and breasts splattered with my cum, her tongue eagerly cleaning her full red lips.

After dinner, Bob and I went to the den for a drink. He talked about his job and the pain of having to travel so much attending conferences and businesses to sell his products. Trying to be sympathetic and conversant, I was having trouble keeping my thoughts on his problems. My mind kept undressing his wife. I felt bad about what had happened between his Rita and me but, thought it best to just put all that in the past and not dwell on it. Susan and Rita soon joined us and that didn’t make my dilemma any easier.

I excused myself and went to the bathroom, then to the kitchen to freshen my drink. Rita was already there mixing fresh drinks for herself and Bob. I thought of turning and leaving but I couldn’t bring myself to escape her sirens grasp.

“You’ve been awfully quiet Jack,” she said without looking up.

“It’s hard to return to our original relationship after…well you know,” I replied in a hushed tone.

“I don’t want to go back to the old relationship, do you,” she said turning to face me? Her hand found my crotch and squeezed the bulge in my pants, making it come alive with a jerk. I stepped back and stared at her.

“Are you crazy?!” I hissed. “Do you want to get caught?”

“No, Just horny.” Her voice had slipped back into that throaty, sultry tone she had used that lusty night.

She lifted her skirt to show me that she was wearing those same pink panties already damp in the crotch, that I had seen in her bathroom. With a smile, she slid her fingers under the leg band and brought them out glistening to tease me.

“See how hot you make me, Jack!” Her delicate fragrance graced my nostrils sending waves of passion through me and straight to my crotch. I felt myself harden and throb. Pulling her fingers back from under my nose, she slipped them into her mouth and sucked them seductively, her eyes locked on mine.

“It would taste much better if you were mixed in,” she teased.

God, I wanted this woman! I quickly mixed my drink and rushed out of the kitchen as Rita followed handing Bob a drink after kissing him on the lips. I wondered if Bob could taste her on his lips. His expression gave nothing away. Another reflexive jolt struck my groin as I imagined her taste.

The three of them sat on the sofa chatting as I lounged across from them in a chair quietly sipping my drink. Rita opened her legs slowly, maneuvering covertly to a position that gave me an unobstructed view up her dress. I could plainly see that she had removed her panties. She must have slipped them off in the kitchen when I left. She smiled devilishly over the rim of her glass as she teased me with the show. Rita talked sweetly and demurely with Susan about all the things that they usually talked about as she continued to flash me her naked sex. I was having difficulty keeping my eyes from staring only at her as she shifted and moved frequently, exposing more of herself to me from changing directions. Her pink Ataşehir Escort inner lips now clearly visible and swollen. I was uncomfortably snug in my pants and was having trouble keeping the bulge from showing as I envisioned my cock head sliding up and down between those wet lips.

Bob excused himself to go to the bathroom, and she eased her knees together. When he came back he never saw what I had been staring at for twenty minutes.

The evening finally over, we walked them to the door. Susan and Bob led the way, Susan’s arm wrapped around Bob’s. Rita and I followed them, as we stepped outside as a cool breeze lifted Rita’s dress. “Oh, my! That breeze feels cool,” Rita said as she gave me a big wink. She turned on the pretense of asking me a question, grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand to her, allowing me to feel the wet heat issuing from between her thighs. I nervously jerked my hand back but Bob and Susan were facing away and lost in their own conversation. I looked down at Rita. She smiled that sexy smile and once again seductively ran her tongue across those full, red lips. God, I was so hot for her!

That night in bed to my surprise, Susan, stimulated by the drinks and closeness with Bob, initiated sex and was more randy than usual. During which, she mentioned our neighbors and I found that she indeed had an attraction to Bob. I tried to stay nonchalant about what I thought of Rita so as not to raise suspicions, but inside I too was thinking of her. Susan was a bit more candid, saying that she thought he was attractive, and she would like to know them both ‘better’.

One thing that came out of our dinner was that Susan and Rita became closer, going shopping or just visiting each other during the days while Bob and I were at work. The four of us went to dinner a few times during the next couple of weeks as our friendship blossomed.

One of Bob’s many sales trips came up, and he was to be going across the country for two maybe three weeks. After the first week, as expected, Rita called with a problem.

As before, Susan asked me to help Rita out while Bob was out of town. I tried to make excuses so as not to be put in the position of having to say no to Rita since I, deep down, wanted nothing more than to get this woman in bed. Susan wouldn’t hear of it and said that as a good neighbor, I should happy to do whatever Rita needed while her husband was away. I acquiesced.

When I arrived at Rita’s, she was dressed in a clingy, see-through nightgown. Her feminine attributes could be seen as erotic shadows in the dim lighting. She took my hand before I could back out and half dragged me into the house. I was having a battle with my conscience and felt guilty I had cheated on my wife with her before, but now this! My brain was screaming “NO” but my body steadfastly held me for ransom. All the sexual thoughts I had had since that first encounter with Rita were filling my brain, dissolving my ability and desire to say no.

This nearly naked beauty led me to the sofa where she had drinks waiting and God did I need a drink right now!

“I’ll have a drink with you Rita, but that’s all. I can’t cheat on Susan again, she would kill me,” I plead.

“Oh, I doubt that. If that’s what Ataşehir Escort Bayan you really want, but I think you’re missing out,” she countered.

“It’s not what I really want but you can see my side of this can’t you?”

She snuggled closer to me as I downed half the drink in one gulp. Her hand found mine and pressed it to her breast. She was so soft and warm I couldn’t pull away. The other half of the drink disappeared as she lowered my hand to her thigh all the while staring into my eyes with those dark liquid pools reflecting the dim lighting. I poured another double and felt my hand seemingly of its own accord begin to trace the crease her thigh made between her leg and her mound. The woman moaned softly and her legs relaxed slowly to allow access to her.

“I really shouldn’t be doing this,” I confessed as I pulled my hand away.

“But I want you to Jack,” she whispered seductively.

Rita turned her head up to look at me and I bent to kiss the offering. Soft, full lips met mine, and I was lost. We kissed deeply for a few minutes until together, we found ourselves prone on the sofa. The thin nightgown rode up to expose her smoothly shaven and manicured pussy. Taking my hand, she placed it on her and I slipped my fingers along her wetness, feeling her growing clit throb under my touch.

“I guess it’s only right that it’s my turn,” I whispered as I planted kisses over her breasts lingering a few moments with each swollen nipple. My lips kissed a trail over her stomach, as they made their way down her luscious body. I lifted her leg, placing it on the back of the sofa. She cooed softly as my lips brushed the little patch of soft pubic hair just above her crevice. Lingering there, I took in her intoxicating aroma and felt the damp heat emanating from her. I kissed one of her outer lips and then the other as I teased her, pulling on them with my lips, gently nipping at them with my teeth. Rita groaned with pleasure as I taunted her. Making little circles around her growing clitoris with my tongue, I let it slip along the soft inner lips, tasting the nectar she loved so well. I could see why. It was sweet to the taste and abundant. My face quickly became wet with her delectable juices.

“We might get your sofa wet at this rate,” I said looking up from between her thighs. She suggested we go to their spare bedroom where we could be as messy as we wanted.

I lifted her in my arms and carried her giggling, to the bedroom. It had a queen-sized bed already turned down for the purpose. Gently, I deposited her in the middle of the bed and proceeded to undress. I must have looked like a giant standing over this petite young woman as I pulled the shirt over my head revealing my muscular, well-toned body. Slowly and deliberately, undoing my belt allowed my pants to fall to the floor exposing my tumescent penis as it swayed back and forth. Rita gave a delighted growl as she came to the edge of the bed and wrapping her small hand around her prize, pulled me closer by my lengthening appendage.

“Ooh, I love it, you have a nice one,” she said with a laugh, her voice deep and breathy. Rita squeezed me and ran her tongue around the head ready to devour me, but I stopped her, it was my turn Escort Ataşehir to do the devouring. With a smile, she jumped back to the center of the bed and spread her legs. I followed, grasping her under the knees, pushing her legs up and together so that her butt was nearly off the bed. From this position, I could tease her slit with my tongue from ass to clit. Her body shuddered as my tongue began its journey, following the natural canyon up to her pulsing clit. It was clear, there would be no need for lubricant. Rita quaked as my tongue played against her.

Turning her over to lie face down on the bed, her ass in the air like a modified ‘downward dog’, she reached back, spread herself open and pushed against my hungry mouth. Her ass worked in a slow twerking motion wetting my face with her sweet, clear ambrosia. After several minutes, I had the need to be inside her. Rising to my knees, I plied my cock head up and down her wet slit until I watched it spread her swollen inner lips to slowly disappear into the wet warmth beyond. She felt so good, I could only take a minute or two of deep strokes before I felt that unmistakable feeling begin to well up inside me. I needed to calm down or I would too quickly reach orgasm. Reluctantly, I pulled myself from her and turned her over onto her back. Rita complied by spreading her legs expecting me to fill her once again with my hard cock but instead of re-entering, I returned to sucking on her now very erect clitoris. She writhed with pleasure, moaning softly as she forced my head tight against her, barely allowing me to breathe. The dark-haired woman began a rhythmic rocking of her hips, fucking my mouth in time with my thrusting tongue until she suddenly stiffened into an all-consuming orgasm. Her thighs tightened around my head and a copious amount of fluid filled my mouth as she ejaculated like a man. Once her moans had died away, and she had calmed from her long climax, I pulled away.

“Oh Jack, you shouldn’t have, I wanted to feel you inside of me when I came,” Rita said breathlessly.

“I’m not done yet, Baby. You’re still going to feel me inside you,” I said lustily, rising to my knees again. I pushed my way into her warmth, now filled with her own orgasmic juices. She greedily accepted my cock, now bloated and rock-hard, pulling me as deep into her as she could manage. I knew that I had to be careful with her as Rita was a small woman and I could feel that I was touching bottom at times. She began a rocking, squeezing motion that suddenly forced my orgasm to explode through me with no thrusting on my part. Rita’s vaginal muscles were, to say the least, athletic, as they milked me into extraordinary spasms in sync with her flexing pelvic muscles.

“Oh my God, oh my God,” was all that came from me as I shuddered through a lengthy and powerful orgasm. We lay quietly coupled for several minutes regaining our breath and composure until my deflating cock slowly withdrew from her.

Once again I found myself in her bathroom cleaning up, feeling drained yet satisfied, at the same time angry with myself for not being able to control my own desires.

Rita walked me to the door and before opening it, kissed me deeply and said, “Bob will be home in a couple of days, we need to get together for dinner or something when he gets back.”

I mumbled some agreement and headed down the street admonishing myself for such lack of control around this woman. I wanted to blame Susan for getting me into this dilemma, but the blame was on me. All I had to say was “NO”.

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