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They were both naked in the bed, touching and kissing each other, their hands roaming, exploring one another’s bodies. She had her hands on his shoulders as she kissed him, pushing her tongue between his lips. His hands were holding her to him, squeezing her supple breasts into his strong chest and caressing the smooth skin of her back, her neck and down to her firm, round buttocks.

She felt his hardness pressing into her tummy. She ran her hand down his side, until she reached his hip, and then rolled back away from him just enough to fit her hand between them. He moaned into her mouth as her fingers wrapped around his erection and put his hand on her full breast, gently squeezing and massaging it.

He pushed her onto her back and broke their kiss, only to kiss her forehead, her eyes and around her ears. He slowly made his way down her neck, to the hollow at its base. She smiled and moaned in pleasure.

He continued down her chest and between her breasts, tracing their contour with his tongue. When he reached the underside of her right breast he kissed it and started licking and nibbling up to its peak, then he circled her aroused nipple. Her breathing became laborious, causing her breasts to heave.

She ran her fingers through his hair as he bit little love bites, licked and kissed her breast, until finally he closed his lips around her hardened nipple, teasing its tip with his tongue. A long, low moan escaped her lips and she pressed his face into her breast.

He took the hint and sucked as much of her breast into his mouth as he could, using his tongue to play with her nipple all the time.

He rolled onto her and moved his attention to her left breast, giving it the same treatment he gave to her right. She was moaning quietly, urging him to keep up with his ministrations, but after a few bursa escort minutes of this, he started making his way down her body. He put his hands on her breasts and massaged them gently, tweaking her sensitive nipples every now and then as he moved down her prone body towards her pleasure center.

He licked and nibbled his way south, tracing his tongue over her rib structure, and down over her stomach. He spent some time exploring her navel with his mouth before he continued his journey.

During his entire journey his hands never ceased massaging her succulent breasts and tweaking her nipples.

Finally he reached her pubic mound. He opened his mouth wide and sucked as much of her mound as he could, causing a gentle pulling, tingling sensation for her that spread outwards from her mound, down her thighs and up her belly, making her feel suddenly warm all over. Instinctively, she spread her legs a bit more, giving him access to her sex.

He teased her by running his tongue around her pleasure center, but never touching it. He licked and tickled her inner thighs and her mound with his lips, his tongue and his teeth, slowly, teasingly moving closer and closer to her sweet center, but never quite touching it. It was driving her crazy with lust and expectation and soon she was begging him to eat her.

Finally, after what seemed to her as ages, he touched her in the sensitive area between her anus and her pleasure hole. She cried out and bucked her hips. When she lay back down, he ran his tongue around her puffy, swollen labia, driving her wild. She was whimpering, thrashing her head from side to side, her arms clenching his hair, pushing him into her sex and lifting her knees up towards her chest, giving him full access to her. He ran his hands down her thighs from her breasts, dragging his fingertips bursa escort bayan along the insides of her thighs.

He ran his tongue over her hole and her labia, and up to her hard, blood-filled love button, which was poking out of its hood. As he finally touched it with his tongue, he pushed his index finger into her hole. He closed his lips around her engorged nub while he explored the interior of her hole with his finger. This was more than she could take and with a long, drawn out wail, she exploded In a gut wrenching orgasm, pouring her sweet juices onto his face and hands, her hips and legs spasming as wave after wave of pure pleasure crashed over her entire body.

He licked her sweet, sticky juices eagerly, trying to taste as much as he could of her, and continued to pump his finger in and out of her hole, slowly, gently bringing her down from her explosive climax, until she was finally at rest.

He looked up at her and pulled his finger out of her. He licked off his finger as she watched him, a satisfied grin on her face. He crawled back up her body and kissed her. She could taste her own juices on his lips and tongue as they kissed.

She rolled him over, still kissing, wanting to give him the same pleasure that he gave her. She slowly moved down his body, letting him feel her smooth skin on his, running her fingers down his sides and over his chest. Kissing all the way. She gently sucked each of his nipples, and looked up at him, just to see his smile, her long, silky hair cascading over his torso.

When she finally reached his pubic area, she wrapped his erection in her delicate fingers, stroking it lovingly. She sat up, letting her hair tickle his testicles and his smooth, hard erection. She bent down to lick off the small drop of precum from its tip. She looked him in the eyes as she engulfed escort bursa his shaft with her lips. Her tongue circled his glans, feeling its smoothness, gently probing the small slit at the top, then it slid down the back of his pole as she took his entire shaft down her throat. He groaned out his pleasure as her throat tightened around his erection, a spasm jerking his pole.

She drew her luscious lips over his pole, now wet with her saliva, then turned around and straddled him, never letting his erection escape her mouth. She could feel his hot breath on her soaking labia. His hands reached around her and pulled her close, squeezing her bottom cheeks in his hands. He pushed his tongue as far as he could into her while she took his entire shaft down her throat again and again. Finally he could take no more, and pushed her off. He wanted to come inside her.

He turned her around and sat her on his torso, straddling him. She had her hands on his chest, her hair fell around her face, smiling down at him. She slid her wetness down him until she could feel his hardness poking in her bottom. She reached around and guided him to her waiting opening, taking him in. He felt her entire body pulling him inside her, her head arched back and a guttural groan escaped them both as she engulfed him like a sheath, until their pubic bones were grinding together.

Her back was arching, her pelvis moving back and forth, trying to take all of him inside her and more. He pushed up into her, trying to reach the same goal.

They looked each other in the eyes, their hands on each other’s chests, panting, moaning, breathing, groaning, straining. Their bodies sliding together, mingling, binding, blending, merging into one.

Then they exploded together, lights flashing, sparkling, dizzying, blinding, deafening.

Then they lay silent, side by side, panting and caressing, sweat covering their entwined bodies, and they were kissing again, gently nipping each other with lips and teeth, until finally sleep engulfed them. Peaceful, dreamless sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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