Luisa Ch. 03

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She gets evaluated by Group Members


This is an ongoing series and you should read the prior chapters.


Luisa and I fucked the day away and we were relaxing in bed when the phone rang. It was Diane.

She wanted to know if Luisa wanted to take a tour of the area. I asked Luisa and she said she did. I told Diane yes and that Luisa would be ready in an hour.

Well, we did one more fuck and Luisa took a shower and went to meet Diane.

A couple of hours later, Diane and Luisa came in and I gave them some wine and asked how the tour went.

Luisa said she loved the area and community and wanted to stay here.

I congratulated her on her decision and told her she could stay with me until she got something.

We celebrated her decision.

As we drank the wine, Luisa told Diane that I told her about her social group and that she was interested in joining.

Diane looked at me and then said to Luisa, “So, Tony told you about our group and its activities and you are ok with it?”

Luisa told her she was.

Diane asked her if she was ok with being fucked and played with by others while everyone watched.

Luisa said she is ok with all of it.

Diane then told her to undress. Luisa got up and removed her clothes until she was naked. I just watched.

Then Diane went to her and started Pendik Escort feeling her up and playing with her tits and sucking her nipples.

She then turned to me and said, “Tony, fuck her now, in front of me.”

I got up and took her to my bed, undressed and laid her on the bed. I mounted her and in a second, my hard cock was pounding her cunt until I shot my cum load in her. I then got up.

Diane got on the bed and, with Luisa’s legs still spread, and started sucking my cum out of Luisa’s cum filled cunt. When Diane finished, she got up and told us that she would recommend Luisa to be a part of the group.

Then she left.

I got on the bed and hugged and kissed my love.

Over the next couple of days, I took Luisa around and showed her the sights and we went to the beach.

She said she had a great time and thanked me for being so nice to her.

The phone rang and it was Diane. She asked to speak to Luisa. I handed her the phone and all I could hear was Luisa saying “yes” or “ok” and nothing else.

When she got off the phone, she said that Diane wanted us to join her and two other member couples tonight at her place so the members could evaluate her before they make a decision on her entrance to the club.

Luisa told her we would be there at 8:00 p.m.

We showered and Luisa got ready for her big night. Kurtköy Escort As Luisa got ready, I called Diane to find out what members were going to evaluate Luisa.

Diane told me that Donna and David and Cathy and Richard would do the evaluation. I thanked her and told her I would see her later.

As Luisa got dressed, I told her who was going to evaluate her. I told her that the two fellows were in their 60’s and have big cocks and love fucking cunts and asses and the two women were bi.

She said she was ready for anything.

We arrived at 8:00 and Diane led us into her living room. The two couples were already there.

Diane poured us some wine and Diane introduced Luisa to Donna & David and Cathy and Richard. We all sat around and chatted.

After about an hour, Diane stood up and said it was time.

Diane looked at me and told me to start off the fun evening.

I got up and went over to Donna who I had fucked many times. She was about 65, brown hair with some grey, big tits that sagged a bit, but with nipples that were always erect and had a smooth pussy.

I eased her off the couch and hugged and kissed her. Her hands went straight to my hardening cock.

In a few minutes, we were both naked with our bodies pressed against each other.

I soon had her lying on her back with her legs spread wide and my Tuzla Escort cock slipping inside her cunt. As my cock disappeared into her treasure, I glanced back and saw Luisa watching.

Then I saw David get up and go over to Luisa. As I fucked Donna, I saw Luisa removing her clothes and soon she and David were naked and laying besides me and Donna.

Then I saw David sliding his cock into Luisa’s wide open cunt. I watched as his big cock was fully seated in her.

As David started fucking her, Donna’s hand was feeling Luisa’s tits and nipples and Luisa did the same to Donna.

Then I saw Cathy get up and remove her clothes. She went over to Luisa and lowered her cunt onto Luisa’s mouth. I watched as Luisa started eating Cathy’s pussy.

Richard got up, removed his clothes and over Louisa. He knelt beside her and took her hand and placed it on his cock. Luisa started jerking him off while she was eating Cathy’s pussy.

I heard Diane exclaim, “God, Luisa, you are extraordinary…so talented and so beautiful.”

Soon, all I heard were people moaning that they were cumming.

First David shot his load in Luisa’s cunt. Then Richard came, shooting his cum on Luisa’s face. Donna screamed that she was cumming then it was Cathy’s turn.

Everyone just fell to the side, completely spent.

The fun continued well into the early morning hours. Luisa got fucked again by me and the two fellows and the four women played with each other when the men rested.

By the end of the evening, Luisa was a big hit and welcomed into the group.

Luisa and I walked home and collapsed in bed and fell asleep almost.

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